Chilled Ping Pei Mooncakes / 花色冰皮月饼

Those are the non-baked modern mooncakes. They resemble the traditional one with modifications. Traditional mooncakes are made with oil (usually lard), and plenty of sugar. "Ping Pei" means "chilled crust", which is comparatively easier to make than the baked ones.

  1. Stir together rice flours, wheat starch, sugar, sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk in a bowl. Steam the mixture for 30 minutes on high heat. Remove and cool briefly aside. Rub in the shortening and mix until the dough is smooth and soft.
  2. Divide the dough into two portions and divide one of them again into half. Mix cacao powder with one and matcha with the other until combined. Divide each flavour of dough into 28 portions. Prepare the filling too into 28 portions. Microwave two tablespoons of glutinous rice powder with strong heat for about 1 minute until cooked.
  3. Dust the mooncake mould and tap to remove excess rice flour. Take one portion from each 3 colours of dough and combine them into a round. Flatten out the dough and center the filling. Seal and shape into a ball. Lightly coat the surface with prepared cooked glutinous rice flour. Press each into mooncake mould and then push lightly out on a serving plate. Cover tightly with plastic film and chill for 1-2 hours.
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Elin 14/9/09 15:41

That was nice...chilled ping pei mooncakes are nice to eat. I love both the traditional and modern ones. Thanks for sharing the recipe Angie. Are the unsweetened condensed milk same as evaporated milk ?

Happy cook 14/9/09 16:45

Wow tha tlooks beautiful do you think we will get the mould in chinese grocerry shops.

The Little Teochew 14/9/09 17:06

My favourite type of mooncake and you are super! These look even better than some I've seen at stores. Angie, you are really fantastic!

Anonymous 14/9/09 17:45

These look gorgeous! I've never had mooncakes & would love to try!

Parita 14/9/09 18:05

So cute and colorful :)

Angie's Recipes 14/9/09 18:09

@Elin: yes, they are the same thing.
@Happy cook: I am not sure...because I ordered the moulds from China.
@The Little Teochew: Thank you :-) That's very kind of you to say that.
@Natasha: I think the mooncakes can be easily found in China town. :-)

Vrinda 14/9/09 19:04

Totally new to me,loooks cute,nice design,liked the ingredients...

Palidor 14/9/09 19:08

They are really cute, and I love the color patterns on them!

Mythreyi Dilip 14/9/09 20:45

Very nice and cute, excellent click!

Chow and Chatter 14/9/09 21:27

wow these babies are beautiful

Abhilash 14/9/09 21:43

This looks roarsome... I am tired using the word awsome so this new usage...

The cakes looks roarsome... really great as a lion who roars and let everyone greet his arraival... so "Roarsome"

Cookin' Canuck 14/9/09 21:50

You make the most beautiful mooncakes! The colors and patterns are beautiful.

pigpigscorner 14/9/09 22:11

THey are so pretty! well done! I don't have the courage to make mooncakes yet.

nora@ffr 14/9/09 22:20

this is super cool!! soo pretty. i would love to taste a home made moon cake rather than the ones available in stores :) y dnt you send me one of ye moon cake ;) hehe

doggybloggy 15/9/09 00:57

I have only had this shape as a baked cake - these look so good!

KennyT 15/9/09 02:52

Angie, do you know where these mooncakes were invented? Hahahaha

Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ 15/9/09 03:52

These are so beautiful!! That would be so neat if we were neighbors, Angie! I would love it!

Nila Rosa 15/9/09 06:31

Beautiful! I've never had mooncakes before. I just bought 2 boxes of rice flour the other day too.

Smokeydoke 15/9/09 07:47

Wow, that's amazing, I've never seen anyone make their own mooncakes. I've been sampling mooncakes recently, but yours look much better! Love the design.

Dajana 15/9/09 09:25

They're so beautiful. You make me really curious because I've never tried these.

Sanghi 15/9/09 10:01

Wow.. angie cake looks colourful perfect@!!

girlichef 15/9/09 12:16

Awesome Angie!! These are adorable and it is out of this world that you MADE them!! Such cool little molds/presses....I love this post :)

Ivy 15/9/09 13:37

Sorry for being so late to visit but I am having problems with my internet connection and most of the time do not have any internet. What a great presentation!! They look beautiful and wish I had some of those molds!!!

Pete 15/9/09 14:52

Nice, love ping pei mooncake, just had one in the afternoon!

carmenpiva 15/9/09 15:39

Angie, I think you are a professional cook! I had never heard of these BEAUTIFUL mooncakes. Amazing!

Southern Grace Gourmet 15/9/09 15:51

These are so beautiful, and I am sure tasty too. I have never had them, but maybe I could use candy molds from the craft store? Great Post!

Anonymous 15/9/09 16:32

Angie, when are you opening a bakehouse in USA? I promise I wud do all the marketing needed..

Angie's Recipes 15/9/09 21:21

@Vrinda, Palidor, Mythreyi Dilip, Rebecca : Thank you. I am glad that you guys like them too. :-)
@Abhilash: Thank you, the new word sounds logical :-)
@Cookin' Canuck: Yep, I like the pattern more than the cake itself.
@pigpigscorner: You are just being modest, aren't you? I know how good you can cook!
@Nora: Where are you actually? Wish you live the next door...
@doggybloggy: Didn't know that you like the mooncakes...they are usually sweeeeeeeeeeet.
@KennyT: 香港大班 HK Da Ban
@Reeni : Yep. That would be awesome, right? !
@Nila Rosa:
@Smokeydoke: Mooncake tasting is part of activities in August.
@Dajana, Sanghi, girlichef, Pete, Ivy: Thank you my friends.
@carmenpiva: That's very kind of you!
@Southern Grace Gourmet: I think they shall not be a problem.
@munchcrunchandsuch: Definitely let you know when I am ready. ;-))

Thank you once more, all my friends. :-))

lisaiscooking 16/9/09 01:31

The shapes and colors are so pretty! Would love to taste one.

Tuty 16/9/09 01:33

Alamak... those are pretty mooncakes. One of these days when I gather enough courage to try, I will order the moulds. Thanks for sharing the recipes and step by step pictures. Definitely, bookmarked :-)

Katy ~ 16/9/09 01:57

Too beautiful, just too beautiful...

Sophie 16/9/09 13:33

I have never heard from these beauties before!! They look fantastic!! Well done!!

Now, I want to try at least 3 of them!!

Janet @Gourmet Traveller 88 16/9/09 20:35

I have seen Chilled mooncake many times but your multicolor is the first time, very unique!!! Really a nice surprise. Great job!

Mel @ 16/9/09 23:30

Amazing! Can't imagine attempting these at home but moon cake is one of my most favoritest things in the world.

Beachlover 17/9/09 02:29

what a beauty colorful mooncake there!! wish I can get the mould here..

My Little Space 17/9/09 09:54

I've also made some chilled mooncake but I'm using 'Koh Fun', without steaming process. Save a lot of times! But I'll also wanted to try your version later on. I wonder how long can it last? I've try the other steamed chilled mooncake version too but the skin can only last for 2 days and it became hard & chewy.

Quinn 20/9/09 16:11

Dear Angie,

May I knwo what is short grain rice flour?
Can I just use normal rice flour (asian style, the one in red packet) like the one shown here:

Thank you very much. Your ping pi recipe is the first that I see that doesn't require koh fun (cooked glutinous rice)!

petite nyonya 20/9/09 17:00

Angie, these are really pretty mooncakes and I truly love the marble effect of the color.

Angie's Recipes 20/9/09 17:51

@My Little Space: yes, just a couple of days...but they can be re-steamed.
@Quinn: I am really happy to know that you like it. :-))
Short-grained rice powder should be this one:

Quinn 21/9/09 05:09

Thank you very much!!!!!

Quinn 29/9/09 15:57

I've finally make your mooncakes.
I link you back already, thanks a lot.

p/s: mine stayed soft for 2days but the texture is a little chewy. Is it supposed to be like that?

Angie's Recipes 29/9/09 17:28

@Quinn: If you find them slightly chewy, then use slightly less starch, and more glutinous rice powder. That helps. However, I would not leave too much of starch away, or the dough would go too soft.
Btw, they can be re-steamed if you find them slightly dry after 2 days.

Quinn 30/9/09 05:14

Got it, thanks Angie!
Love the idea of resteaming them!

Judy 14/10/09 07:14

sooo cute! i love moon cakes!

A Full-Timed Housefly 5/11/09 08:45

Oh wow ! My son love 冰皮 mooncakes alot , think he will marry the girl who can bake these as good as you immediately...LOL

hasegawa maya 17/9/10 18:49

i wanna ask bout the pingpi. i ttried to rub it with oil into smooth dough after stemmed,but it was too sticky no matter how i rub it with oil.
how's come? isnt what i done was wrong?

Angie's Recipes 18/9/10 07:00

hasegawa maya: You said the dough is smooth after should not have been so sticky that you couldn't work with it. I, and a few other foodies, have tried the recipe, so if you used this recipe, it should work. However, the ingredients you used might affect the final I would like to know what exactly did you use for the pingpi? Have you taken some pictures?

mujeres 3/6/11 18:26

How cool! Those cakes look so delicious. I want to try this recipe!

MissA* 3/9/11 09:54

I've just tried your recipe and it's great. I used potato starch instead of wheat starch since I couldn't find it here. The dough turned out to be perfect and is still soft today (4th day). Thanks for sharing ;) Now I'm going to try your streusel damson plum cake since we've plenty of them this year.


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