Steamed Aubergines With Pickled Chillies

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Aubergines, native to India, are a favourite ingredient in kitchens all over the world. They are a perfect vegetarian main dish because of its meaty texture. An aubergine with flabby skin will probably taste bitter. Gently press it with your thumb, the indentation should return fast if it is fresh.

  1. Wash eggplant, remove caps and cut into stripes like French fries. Place them in a heat-proof plate. Steam for about 10-12 minutes over the high heat.

  2. Mix all the sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Set aside. Spread the sauce over the steamed aubergine. Garnish with the shredded spring onion and serve immediately.


KennyT 24/6/09 22:39


Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) 24/6/09 22:53

I'm not a aubergine fan(infact I guess you can say I hate it),but this looks great!!
Do you know it's called "brinjal" in India! There's a awesome dish called 'brinjal bhartha' wherein you roast the whole aubergine over a flame,skin it and use the pulp-that's about the only brinjal dish I eat!! This sounds interesting enough for me to try out though :)

Dajana 24/6/09 23:11

That's definitely a healthy way to eat aubergines. Though I usually sautèe or grill them. Looks so lovely

Cookin' Canuck 24/6/09 23:25

Your photos are lovely. This looks like a very flavorful recipe.

chow and chatter 24/6/09 23:49

this looks great Angie like the new look of your site LOL

chow and chatter 24/6/09 23:49

this looks great Angie I love the look of your new site Rebecca

Christo Gonzales 24/6/09 23:52

this dish looks great and nice photos too----

Anonymous 25/6/09 00:06

Wow...I would love this recipe...I would just sub the chicken flavoring for veggie. Great recipe...I adore aubergines!!!

Chef E 25/6/09 00:49

I love this dish, and have eaten it many ways...yours is so pretty with the array of color!

I would love to eat in your kitchen...

♥peachkins♥ 25/6/09 01:22

This looks like it would be nice paired or as a side dish to steak or rice..

My Asian Kitchen 25/6/09 02:07

this salad cound interesting!! I never have eggplant salad,wonder how it's taste? when I see you add in chilli I know it's must taste great!! I'm a chili freak! lol!

Anonymous 25/6/09 02:11

wowie! neat recipe..I will probably sustitute the chicken looks absolutely delicious

Anonymous 25/6/09 02:37

I don't think I've ever had a steamed eggplant, sounds delicious with the pickled chillies sauce, i will have to try it.

Heather S-G 25/6/09 03:36

This is so petty!! Sounds delicious Angie :D

Ann 25/6/09 03:45

Awesome recipe and looks so lovely. Great pictures.

Heather S-G 25/6/09 03:59

I meant to say pretty, not petty... :D

Reeni 25/6/09 04:03

I've never had eggplant prepared this way! It's very refreshing to see it like this. It looks so light - a perfect summer time meal!

Anonymous 25/6/09 04:40

wow, guess what? my mom just made this dish, very similar! Haha! Great minds think alike!

Ivy 25/6/09 06:43

I've never had steamed aubergines as well before but I like the whole idea. The salad sounds delicious.

nath 25/6/09 06:49

sound easy, delish and healthy too..
I'll try steam eggplant ;)

Angie's Recipes 25/6/09 08:37

@Kenny, Sweta, Dajana, doggybloggy, Ivy, Cookin'Canuck, Rebecca, Nath, girlichef,
5 star foodie, ChefE, Ann, Amanda, peachkin, Sophie, Reeni, munchcrunchandsuch
(I hope I didn't miss out anyone)
If gratitude is the soul of nobles, YOU have made me a Queen!
Thank you! Xiexie! Danke!

nora@ffr 25/6/09 09:18

wow angie!! ive never tried eggplant this way. vat a healthy way to have them. the colour of the dish is making it more pretty :) perfect meal for the summer :D

Crazy Pants 25/6/09 12:37

Delish, I love aubergines, or eggplants as we call them here in Oz.

Anonymous 25/6/09 14:00

Steamed Aubergines, one of my favorite recipes!

Parita 25/6/09 19:42

Wow this is new way of enjoying one of my fav veggie!

lisaiscooking 25/6/09 22:43

The sauce sounds delicious with the pickled chiles!

nora@ffr 26/6/09 07:20

cudnt get eggplant from near by store :( have t try smtime later.

ICook4Fun 27/6/09 14:37

Great and healthy way for cooking eggplant :)

nora@ffr 30/6/09 04:59

angie got some eggplants yesterday :) m definitely gonna try this out :D


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