Asparagus with Wolfberries in Stock

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Wolfberry, (other names like Chinese Wolfberry, Goqi ) a Powerful Antioxidant, has been highly regarded as one of the foremost nutritional and therapeutic plants in China. It can be used to nourish a weak body, improve vision, and promote longevity. Chinese Wolfberry contains compounds known as "lycium polysaccharides", which is highly effective in promoting immunity. TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) uses Chinese Wolfberry to treat diabetes, hypertension, fever, malaria, and cancer. It's also used for improving circulation, erectile dysfunction, dizziness, an eye tonic for blurred vision and tinnitus.
If you interested in TCM and wants to know more about Goqiangiesrecipes, check Traditional Chinese Medicine Health out.

  1. Peel the rough skin off the asparagus and trim them into even stalks. Rinse and put them in a pot of salted boiling water. Blanch briefly and remove. Slice the ginger, onion and garlic. Clean the Chinese wolfberries with water. Drain.
  2. Heat the corn oil in a skillet until hot. Add in sliced ginger, onion and garlic, stirring until aromatic, and pour in the stock. Bring it to a boil. Put the asparagus into the stock, and season it with the salt.
  3. Transfer the asparagus into a serving dish, discard the ginger, onion and garlic. Add in Chinese wolfberries and let cook briefly. Dissolve the cornstarch in water and drizzle into the soup. Cook on strong heat until it thickens. Pour over the asparagus and serve immediately.


Finla 7/6/09 14:35

I love asperagus. I don't know what wolf berries are they are new to me. Are the similar to Gojuberries we get in the health shops here.

Angie's Recipes 7/6/09 15:09

Yes, they are Gojiberries.

Christo Gonzales 7/6/09 16:13

how was it? with such a powerful berry I would want it everyday.

Angie's Recipes 7/6/09 16:19

I just know they taste sweet and good. :-)

Dajana 7/6/09 16:40

It's the first time I hear about these.
Very interesting. As usual, i love the composition of your dishes, beautiful colour contrast, and combination of flavours

Heather S-G 8/6/09 02:18

Very unique!! I've heard of Goji berries, but hadn't ever seen them fresh. I love learning about new (to me) foods! Thanks for this!!

Reeni 8/6/09 03:39

I have been wanting to try these berries! Now I know their good and worth trying. I love how you used them in a savory dish, this look so good!

Beachlover's Kitchen 8/6/09 06:20

this is an interesting dish:gojiberry wt asparagus!! must try one day soon!!

lisaiscooking 8/6/09 16:35

What a great combination! And, it looks so pretty on your platter. The green and white asparagus are lovely together.

Anonymous 8/6/09 19:34

something totally new to me..I am seeing the wildberries for the first time.

Anonymous 8/6/09 19:36

sorry meant to write wolfberries and not wild berries.

nora@ffr 8/6/09 19:59

yummm!!! asparagus i love them soo much.. as its been soo healthy and delish :) m sure this ones gonna taste sooo gooodd. a must try for this week :)

Angie's Recipes 8/6/09 21:26

@Dajana,girlichef,Reeni♥,Beachlover's Kitchen, lisaiscooking, munchcrunchandsuch,nora@ffr
A big "Thank You" to each of you!

Sara 8/6/09 21:32

I have never seen wolfberries, they look so interesting! Sounds like a great dish.

Lavanya 9/6/09 00:27

new to this..i never heard of wolfberries too :(
but it looks fantastic :)

♥peachkins♥ 9/6/09 01:37

Hmmnn..First time I've sen and heard of wolfberries.How does it taste?

Chef E 9/6/09 01:46

We eat these, whole foods carry the dried version, and I used them in my cafe in salads and smoothies...we love them, love the name, sounds so 'wild'!

Anonymous 9/6/09 05:17

oh! how creative! My mother makes medicinal drinks for me out of wolfberries...but I've never heard of eating it with asparagus!

Angie's Recipes 9/6/09 06:22

@Sara, Lavanya, ♥peachkins♥
They taste sweet.....
Yes, wild and natural...I used them to bake bread, to make savoury and sweet soups.
Now I remember I even used it to cook with rice! They taste even better with food.

Ivy 9/6/09 08:13

I've never seen wolfberries before but I've heard of its properties in a drink which contains this fruit.

Anonymous 9/6/09 14:00

Wow, wolfberries! I've never had those before, such a pretty dish with asparagus!

Fearless kitchen 9/6/09 16:11

I've never seen wolfberries before, but I've at least heard of them. If I should find some, I'd love to give this a try!

Stumptown Savoury 9/6/09 16:26

What a beautiful and simple idea. I love wolfberries, but never thought about adding them to asparagus. Thanks for another excellent recipe.

chow and chatter 10/6/09 03:46

wow never heard of wolfberries look wonderful oh and you are on the top 9 today on foodbuzz lol

Angie's Recipes 10/6/09 05:47

@Ivy,5 Star Foodie, Fearless kitchen,Stumptown Savoury, Chow and Chatter
Guys, thank you for dropping by! p.s Wolfberry can be found in the Asian stores.

Oh, really! top 9!? I gotta check it out....didn't notice that. Thanks, Rebcca.


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