Strawberry Pine Nut Mirror Cake (with Natreen sweetener)

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Artificial sweeteners used in this recipe were to avoid sugar and calories. Sugar adds calories, and that cause weight gain with no end. But let's face the cruel reality: removing sugar from cakes and desserts doesn't automatically make them low-calorie and healthier. The cake tastes lighter, but I ate twice much more than usual. Next time, I will just use the real sugar or honey. No more sugar substitutes.
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  1. Whip together quark, yogurt and sweetener in a mixing bowl until blended. Soak the gelatin sheets in water until soft, about 5 minutes. Stir over the low heat until dissolved. Combine 4 tablespoons of quark mixture with the gelatin, then blend it with the rest of the quark mixture. Add in the roasted pine nuts and chill for 10 minutes. Whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form and fold into the quark mixture.
  2. Place the 9-inch cake in the bottom of the cake ring lined with a cake cardboard. Surround the cake ring with sliced strawberries and scrape the mousse onto the cake layer in the pan and smooth the top with a spatula. Covered with a plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 4 hours until filling is set.
  3. Put the strawberry glaze powder and sweetener in a small pot filled with water. Stir to blend and bring them to a boil over the medium heat until smooth. Cool glaze until barely lukewarm, about 15 minutes. The glaze should be thick but still with a pourable gel consistency. Take out the mousse cake from the fridge and cover with a layer of strawberry slices in the desired pattern. Gently pour over the strawberries and refrigerate for 1 hour or until glaze is firm. Unmold mousse cake with the help of a hot towel. Slice and serve with strawberries if desired.


Anonymous 19/4/09 14:02

How gorgeous is this cake! I have to try the strawberries and pine nuts together - sounds like a fabulous combination!

Anonymous 19/4/09 15:56

this looks FREAKING beautiful! wow! the mirror is amazing, and I never would have thought of pine nuts and strawberries as a combination!

Anonymous 19/4/09 21:07

That looks like a piece of art. Wonderful!


Reeni♥ 20/4/09 03:17

What a pretty cake!! I would eat twice as much, no matter what! It looks positively delicious!

Geanina Codita 20/4/09 11:57

Thanks for the pictures are superb. So long and do not forget you are welcome anytime on

Tangled Noodle 20/4/09 15:03

This cake is so stunning! I love how the strawberries look like they're embedded in glass! I agree that using sugar or honey is just as well - I sometimes substitute fruit puree in place of butter or oil in baking but the texture changes. As you said, it may be more enjoyable to have a smaller piece of the full-calorie dessert than eat a lot more than usual because it's 'healthier'!

Sophie 20/4/09 23:07

This is a beautiful cake! It's perfect for Spring :).

Dajana 21/4/09 14:59

It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

homeladychef 22/4/09 07:08

This looks wonderful! I wish I could have your baking skills! :((

carmenpiva 22/6/09 20:45

Looks fabulous! And such a good idea using Natree instead of sugar!! I should do the same!!

Donna-FFW 23/6/09 13:16

This cake looks fabulous. I would so love a piece right now. Im going to grab your button for my blog:)

carmenpiva 23/6/09 19:22

Hi, Angie! Of course I didn´t make the pastry myself!!I haven't got either the ability or the time!! I bought it at Lidl, sure you've got it there, don't you?

Parita 24/6/09 14:47

Gosh this cake looks gorgeous, beautifully presented!

nora@ffr 24/6/09 16:50

wow ..angie that cake is just fabulous .. its got that 5 star look and sure it would taste even better

Angie's Recipes 24/6/09 17:03

@5 Star Foodie,Reeni♥,burpandslurp,Geanina Codita,ericriveracooks,Dajana,homeladychef,Nora
Thank you!
I believe that you have no time, but no skill? I have seen those cakes you have created, the skill wouldn't be the cause.
Welcome my new foodie friend! Are you also in Germany?
That's very sweet! You are on my fav. too!

A Full-Timed Housefly 3/11/09 17:25

Wow , your baking skill are brillant and I love the colour and decoration of this cake , so beautiful !

udit 19/4/10 05:59

umm. looks tasty ..
i really love strawberry, I will try to make it .. thanks for the recipe.


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