Nudelsalat German Noodle Salad

Noodle salad will perfect your picnic basket, as it makes feeding a crowd as easy as it is tasty!

  • 80-100 g Gemelli or fusilli
  • 150 g Cornichons
  • 50 g Bierwurst (or Jagdwurst)
  • 2 Cherry radishes
  • 70 g Green peas, canned
  • 2 tbsp Homemade mayonnaise
  • 2 tsp Brine, saved from cornichons
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1. Cook gemelli according to instructions on box and cool. Chop the cornichon and radish. Dice the sausage.
  2. Mix the cooked pasta with the rest of the ingredients. Refrigerate salad in a tightly covered container for several hours before serving.


carmenpiva 15/6/09 09:41

Hi, Angie! I'm really pleased to be in contact with someone not Spanish. If are interested in any of my recipes, just let me know and I'll send you the translation.
Your blog's really nice and I'll pop in to see what you are showing us.

Fearless Kitchen 15/6/09 16:27

This really is a great picnic dish! It's not too fussy, so you can certainly make it for a last-minute gathering.

foodcreate 15/6/09 19:14

Perfect salad for my Thrusday night friend patio partie.

Thanks for sharing your recipe!

And you can visit if I can visit you :)


homeladychef 16/6/09 04:55

Wow, so simple & nice! i have never tasted Cornichons & Bierwurst (or Jagdwurst) before. I don't know how they taste like. :( I want to buy and do it!!!

Chef E 16/6/09 12:25

Oooh this looks good. I love good flavorful potato salad with a crunch! Hey I left a comment on the blog about the 'dogboning' reference...

Chef E 16/6/09 12:27

PS Not sure if others are having a problem, but it was tricky to get to this section, it kept going to a page with no comment area? But I love the new look :)

Angie's Recipes 16/6/09 14:08

hallo ChefE, thank you for letting me know the problem....I am still trying to figure it out what it is....
Anyone else has encountered the same problem?

Heather S-G 16/6/09 14:17

Oh, this is a great salad! I definitely want to bring this along on my next picnic!

Angie's Recipes 16/6/09 14:28

Thanks for stopping by..I hope you guys had no problem with my new template.
Got your email, Thanks!

lisaiscooking 16/6/09 16:46

The radishes and peas sound great in your salad!

♥peachkins♥ 17/6/09 02:20

looks really creamy and delicious..but I guess there's no picnic for me in the coming days.It's the rainy season here...

Anonymous 17/6/09 07:00

I love this noodle salad! Sounds excellent and the addition of radish is awesome!

Sutapa 17/6/09 11:49

Simply delicious!
I am not waiting for a picnic to have this. I will try it as soon as possible.
Keep sharing.

nora@ffr 17/6/09 12:19

the salad looks delicious and creamy .. am gonna put it up in my list .. havent tried making German dishes yet .. would be exciting to try


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