Spicy Radish Pickles / 腌萝卜

  • 1 / 650 g White radish, 2 / 350 g Carrot
  • 100 g Rock salt, 3-4 tbsp White sugar
  • 12-15 g Chilli flakes, 4-5 clove Sliced garlic
  • 2 stalk Pickled pepperoni in chunks (optional)
  • 1根/650克 白萝卜, 2根/350克 胡萝卜
  • 100克 粗盐, 3-4大勺 白砂糖
  • 12-15克 辣椒面, 4-5头 蒜片
  • 2根 泡椒,剪小段(随好)
  1. Rinse radishes under cold water. Pat them dry. Cut radish into 1x 5 centimeter pieces. Place them in a glass container, sprinkle rock salt over and combine together. Cover with a polyethylene bag and weigh it down with a brick a full cola bottle. Store in a cool place and keep it in a cool and dark area for a week.
  2. Squeeze radishes with hands as much water out. Blend together with sugar, chilli flakes, pickled pepperoni and sliced garlic in a container. It should be ready in 10 days. Alternatively, rinse, chop the marinated radishes and stir-fry with spring onions and garlic.


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