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Poppy Seed Spelt Loaf With Old Dough

Bread made with an old dough / pâte fermentée has a more complex flavour and texture. Use an old dough (Pâte Fermentée) saved from the previous baking, or simply mix together 105 grams of flour, 70ml of water, 2 grams of salt and tiny tiny bit of yeast until a dough forms and leave it, covered with a plastic film, at the kitchen counter overnight. You can double the portion and save the rest in the freezer for up to 3 months.
Aromatic bluegray tiny Poppy Seedsangiesrecipes are used to flavour breads, cakes, cookies, and many other dishes in European and Middle Eastern cooking. Poppy seed is generally recognized as safe for human consumption as a spice or a natural flavoring.

Another loaf baked with an old dough and wholemeal flour.

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, salt, sugar and instant yeast. Add in milk, egg and olive oil. Mix the ingredients until combined. Add in old dough in portions and baking soda. Knead until a soft and smooth dough ball forms. Stir in the two thirds of poppy seeds and mix on the slow speed until incorporated. Alternatively sprinkle all the poppy seeds over the bread before baking.
  2. Shape the dough into a ball and place it in a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with a plastic wrap and let proof until doubled in size. Press the dough down and divide it into 4 or 6 even portions, each about 260 grams or 175 grams. Shape each dough into a ball and let rest, covered, for 10 minutes. One alternative is to divide the dough into 16 even portions for the individual buns.
  3. Flatten each dough and roll out into an oval shape. Fold it into thirds, overlapping them in the center, press the dough down firmly. Turn over and roll out into a 30-cm long strip. Turn over, roll up and pinch seam to seal. Place 3 rolls, seam side down into a greased and floured loaf pan or lined with parchment paper. Cover and let rise until almost to the seam of the baking pan.
  4. Once the dough has risen, brush the top with egg wash and sprinkle the rest of poppy seeds over. Bake in the middle rack of a preheated 200C/400F oven for 15 minutes. Adjust the oven temperature to 175C/350F and bake 18 minutes further or until done. Immediately remove loaves from the pans and cool on a wire rack.


Balvinder 11/11/19 03:54

Your loaf looks gorgeous with perfect soft texture!

Evi Erlinda 11/11/19 07:37

Beautiful loaf with poppy seeds and for sure yummy!

Iwona 11/11/19 07:58

Great recipe :) have a nice day :)

Nancy Chan 11/11/19 09:45

Looking at your beautiful loaf, I feel like I want to try baking one.

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 11/11/19 12:22

you are the Queen of breads this is perfection

Paul 11/11/19 14:40

Hi Angie, great recipe, thank you!

I tried to contact you using the contact form, but it doesn't work, it gives an error. Please write back, you can see my email address, just a quick question.

Angie's Recipes 11/11/19 14:56

@Paul HI Paul, I don't see your email address in your profile. Here is mine:

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 11/11/19 15:35

Oh, this looks wonderful, Angie! I've never tried the old dough method but with those beautiful results, I need to give this a try soon! I do love poppy seeds too :)

Kitchen Riffs 11/11/19 15:47

I haven't made bread in ages, and you're tempting me. Haven't tried the old dough type of bread -- looks interesting. Love poppy seeds on baked goods -- they look so pretty. And taste SO good! :-)

Jeff the Chef 11/11/19 15:54

I almost always use this "old dough" method when baking bread, but I've never tried to keep the dough alive longer than overnight. How do you do that?

Angie's Recipes 11/11/19 17:15

@Jeff the Chef Maybe the weather at your side is too warm? Try to leave it in the fridge.


The bluegray poppy seeds look decorative as well as flavoursome. I will try and find some and use them on my sourdough bread.Thanks Angie. This is also an economical way to make bread.

Pam 12/11/19 02:43

Hi Angie! I've never made bread that way but it turned out good for you! Bet it's delicious, and I love poppy seeds on bread!

Unknown 12/11/19 04:48

you're an expert in baking breads..the loaf looks so light and puffy, super :)

Vicky Cahyagi 12/11/19 05:13

Nice recipe & good article

Rafeeda AR 12/11/19 06:09

This is so interesting! I never knew that old dough can be used to make such a beautiful looking loaf of bread, sounds similar to sourdough for me... I am just gawking at that bread, so very lovely...

savorthebest 12/11/19 12:02

This is definitely the best way to develop flavor in bread. It is remarkable what a little time can do to a loaf. Beautiful bread Angie.

Mae Travels 12/11/19 14:13

Looks like a delicious bread.

best... mae

Suja Manoj 12/11/19 15:03

Gorgeous loaf..using the old dough sounds interesting technique,looks so soft and yummy.

Amina Creations 12/11/19 16:09

wow.. your bread looks perfect...So soft and delicious...

foodtravelandwine 12/11/19 16:38

What a delicious bread!!....I love it with poppy seeds~!!......Abrazotes, Marcela

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 12/11/19 19:05

There's nothing like freshly home-baked bread! Great recipe that I'd love to nibble on alongside a bowl of soup! Thanks Angie!

Ruxana Gafoor 12/11/19 19:25

The bread looks so perfect even with the old dough...Interesting!

Juliana 12/11/19 20:38

Great recipe Angie, and perfect texture...loving the spelt bread flour and the olive oil...thanks for the recipe.
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Gloria Baker 12/11/19 21:55

I love this loaf with poppy seeds!! looks amazing ANgie!! xo

Kathy Leonia 13/11/19 08:48

this bread looks just amazing so tasty omom:) Follow;) hope U follow back:)

Amy (Savory Moments) 13/11/19 16:06

I have never heard of using old dough before in bread baking! What a neat idea and way to not waste. This bread looks marvelous!

Pam 13/11/19 17:25

Another beautiful loaf! You need to open a bakery!!!

Alida@mylittleitaliankitchen 13/11/19 18:05

How do you manage to make your bread rise so well? It looks incredibly soft and delicious. Well done!

fimere 13/11/19 19:41

très belle brioche bien aérée j'en mangerai avec plaisir
bonne soirée

Natalia 13/11/19 20:22

Absolutely beautiful! I have baked spelt flour buns today☺

mjskit 14/11/19 04:19

Beautiful bread Angie! Love that it's breadmaking time again.

Abbe@This is How I Cook 14/11/19 06:03

That's so funny! I have used the pate fermentee method but I had no idea it also went by old dough!I like that name! Thanks Angie!

Valentina 14/11/19 07:54

WOW! That photo of the two loaves separating! Brilliant, and I'm certain SO delicious. :-) ~Valentina

Kathy Leonia 14/11/19 09:25

i look again on those jummies and i am hungry now;)

2pots2cook 14/11/19 14:40

Definitely loos so delicious ! Thank you for sharing it :-)

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 14/11/19 14:44

Wow, this loaf is absolute perfection!!! Sky high and it looks so tender!!! I'm literally drooling!! This is perfect for weekend baking!!!!

Marissa 14/11/19 21:02

You make the most beautiful breads! Love that pretty, crunchy poppy seed top!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 15/11/19 01:47

Oh, my gosh, the texture of this bread is incredible! How I'd love a thick slice smeared with butter!!

Reeni 15/11/19 02:09

This appeals to the poppy seed lover in me! It looks wonderful Angie! I bet it's great toasted.

GiGi Eats 15/11/19 04:10

Poppy Seed Bagels were my favorite!! You have me JONESING one of this Angie!!!!!!! Can you make this bread so that I can eat it hahahaha! ;)

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 15/11/19 14:47

I can never get enough of homemade bread! This looks awesome!

coconut chutney 15/11/19 15:13

I always wanted to bakes breads ...this looks tempting

Evelyne CulturEatz 17/11/19 23:58

Gorgeous bread, so is there a difference between this bread and a sourdough?

Angie's Recipes 18/11/19 04:35

@Evelyne CulturEatz Sourdough takes much longer to develop that unique tangy flavour. If you are interested, here is my sourdough starter recipe.

Anca 18/11/19 16:27

This is so interesting, I haven't heard of baking with old dough before. Your loaf looks amazing, so well risen and with a lovely texture.

Kelly | Foodtasia 26/11/19 09:18

Angie, such a beautiful loaf! So pretty with the shiny tops and sprinkled with poppy seeds! Great idea to use a piece of the previous dough!

Noob Cook 11/12/19 05:48

good looking bake as always :)


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