Mango Curd Bread

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A lightly sweetened yeast bread filled with homemade mango curd. Perfect to go with a cup of tea for a satisfying and delicious breakfast. Mango curd filling can be replaced with lemon curd or vanilla custard. If you fancy a richer bread roll, use cinnamon roll dough instead.

  • 300 g Refined spelt flour
  • 5 g Dried yeast
  • 40 g Raw sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 180 ml Milk, 35C/95F
  • 35 g Butter, softened
  • 120 g Mango curd
  • 1/2 Egg, for glaze
  1. Combine flour, dried yeast, raw sugar, salt, warm milk, and butter in the bowl of a stand mixer. Attach the dough hook and turn the mixer on to the lowest speed and mix until flour is incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. Increase speed to medium and knead for 5 minutes until soft and elastic.
  2. Transfer the dough to a lightly greased bowl and cover with a towel or plastic wrap. Let rise in a warm, draft-free place until doubled in size, about an hour.
  3. Grease a 6-cavity jumbo muffin tin with butter. Remove the towel or plastic wrap and gently punch down the dough. Divide the dough into 6 portions. Shape each into a ball. Cover with the damp cloth for 10 minutes.
  4. Flatten each ball and roll into a disc. Place 20 grams of mango curd in the middle of the disc. Pinch the seams to seal. Place it in the muffin cup. Repeat with the rest of dough balls.
  5. Cover with a towel or plastic wrap and let rise for 45 minutes at room temperature. Preheat oven to 190C/375F. Brush the tops with bread with egg. Bake the bread for 20 to 22 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. | © 2018 | | © 2018 |


Simone | Real food blog 19/7/18 08:19

O wow Angie... These look fantastic. I think I'll make these with lemon curd (big big lover of lemon curd!)

Julie 19/7/18 08:36

beutiful bread dear..looks delicious

Amrita Roy 19/7/18 08:48

wow ...they look beautiful from outside and inside

natalia20041989 19/7/18 09:47

Mango curd seems so amazing,it just has to be good, would love to try this☺

Izaa 19/7/18 10:04

they look delicious !!! I love mango

faithy 19/7/18 10:08

Looks fabulous and delicious!!

Nancy Chan 19/7/18 10:11

I love mangoes but I would love to dip the plain bread into hot coffee!

No Spoon Necessary 19/7/18 12:59

This bread is just brilliant and perfect for summer, Angie! That mango curd filling is EVERYTHING!

Evelyne CulturEatz 19/7/18 13:21

My new favorite bread.Wow with mango right in there, this is a winner recipe Angie!

Tricia Buice 19/7/18 14:18

Oh my goodness Angie - these are the most gorgeous rolls I've ever seen! You are a food artist and I want one right now!

Kitchen Riffs 19/7/18 15:45

I haven't had breakfast yet, and these are calling out to me! Good recipe. And love the mango curd idea!

2pots2cook 19/7/18 17:32

Love it Angie ! This is just what I prefer for my office brunches ! Thank you !

Pam 19/7/18 18:46

Delicious! Cute too!

Roz Corieri Paige 19/7/18 20:33

This has to be amazing! With the in-season fresh sweet mango flavor in the curd, it must be heavenly Angie!

Pam 19/7/18 21:31

Looks and sounds great, Angie! Delicious, for sure!

Juliana 19/7/18 22:27

Oh...I never had mango curd and the funny thing is that I just made a jar of lemon curd...the bread looks delicious with a touch of mango in it.
Have a wonderful rest of the week Angie!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 20/7/18 00:02

They are beauties! So puffed up they almost look like popovers :) I've never tasted mango curd but it must taste so summery and delicious. Lovely recipe!

Vicki Bensinger 20/7/18 11:36

Wow these are so pretty and sound so unique. I love mango and lemon curd. I’m going to have to try making my own mango curd now and then use it for this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Koko 20/7/18 17:20

These look DELICIOUS - I haven't had anything like this! I want to slowly incorporate eggs back into my diet but I find them gross....I bet I would enjoy them in a curd. Maybe that's a good way to start haha ;)

Cook With Manali 20/7/18 20:14

what an interesting bake, would love to have a bite!

Liz Berg 20/7/18 21:05

These breads look fabulous! I've never had mango curd, but I've loved all the other curds I've tasted, so these have got to taste as good as they look!

GiGi EatsCelebrities 20/7/18 22:02

Okay, I am def going to need to see a FAIL recipe one of these days because everything you make always looks so perfect!

Neha 20/7/18 23:17

Mango is my favorite! These look so yummy!

My Little Space 21/7/18 09:29

I bet the curd tastes really good.
Blessings, Kristy

Królowa Karo 21/7/18 10:42

Wow! It must be great! I love mango!

Jeff 21/7/18 14:34

You come up with the most amazing delicacies! The dough sounds delicious. I've never had Mango curd, but I love mango. Lemon curd, though - that sounds great as well.

Geraldine Saucier 22/7/18 04:58

Lovely bread. Never have seen mango curd. It sounds wonderful.

Jean | 22/7/18 15:39

Angie, what beauties! I love bread and mango but have never combined the two.

claudia lamascolo 22/7/18 20:34

Wow I love Lemon Curb I bet these are spectacular! Thanks for the visit and I have no idea what happened once HTTPS kicked in everything went to heck! Thanks Angie

Reeni Pisano 23/7/18 01:47

What beautiful golden bread Angie! Each one so perfect! Love that you paired them with mango curd! I never had it before but it sounds delicious for breakfast.

Abbe@This is How I Cook 23/7/18 04:20

These look absolutely perfect! And I adore mangoes!

Alida 23/7/18 11:09

Wow! I love this! They look really good these little breads and they are perfectly made. Have a lovely summer Angie.

Eva Taylor 23/7/18 12:02

What an unexpected recipe, a stuffed sweet bread! Very creative indeed. I have a bun recipe using sweet potato but it’s not stuffed with it.

Judee Algazi 23/7/18 12:49

I can't even imagine how good those little breads are with that mango filling. My family loves anything mango , but we have never tried mango curd. It's on my radar now.. thanks

Monica 24/7/18 02:44

What a fantastic surprise inside these little breads. Love that!

Rafeeda AR 24/7/18 07:53

I really wouldn't mind having a couple of those for my morning coffee... sounds totally delicious!

mjskit 25/7/18 04:53

What a cool bread! Love how you wrapped the dough around that deliious curd. Very clever and what an outcome!

Anca 25/7/18 09:42

I love the idea of the bread filled with mango. It must be delicious. I have some mango puree I could use. Love the way they look too.

Sharon D 25/7/18 13:30

Wow ..Angie, cute bread! I love that it's paired with mango - one of my favourite fruits. ^.^

Christine Ho 25/7/18 13:46

The bread is perfect for a cup of tea, Angie! Can I have one?

Sue/the view from great island 25/7/18 16:09

Loving these Angie, what a sweet surprise to bite into one of these perfect rolls and find tangy mango curd!

Catherine 26/7/18 02:58

Dear Angie, This bread looks wonderful! I do love spelt. The mango curd must be delicious! Take care my dear friend. xoxoxo Catherine

grace 26/7/18 20:54

i don't have much experience with mango, but these look LOVELY!

Gloria Baker 26/7/18 22:13

I love mangoes !! These look delicious and perfect what nice with a cup of tea! xo

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies 29/7/18 17:59

Delicious, Angie! I've never had mango curd, but I imagine that would be the perfect filling in these treats!

Zaza 31/7/18 23:39

This is so good, Angie. It's to die for!

noobcook 2/8/18 05:41

Mango is one of my fav food. Loving the mango curd filling :)

tigerfish 6/8/18 23:34

Love this cutie bread that looks like "ice-cream on a cone"

Emma @ Bake Then Eat 21/8/18 08:57

Mango curd sounds amazing, what a perfect breakfast.

Nadel Paris 15/10/18 14:14

It looks delicious. Deserves a try...

mary anderson 13/4/19 22:24

this looks like scones. does these bread hard in eating ? because of the round hard shape.


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