Baked Green Pea Falafel - Vegan, Gluten-Free

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This delicious traditional Middle Eastern favourite dish is vegan, gluten free and packed with flavour, perfect for a weeknight dinner. You can use them to fill pita pocket or tortilla, or enjoy them on a bed of seasonal salad with either yoghurt dressing or tahini sauce.

  • 200 g Dried green peas, shelled
  • 2 Shallots, chopped
  • 2 clove Garlic, minced
  • 1 bunch Flat leaf parsley
  • 1 bunch Mint leaves
  • 1 tsp Coriander powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp Chilli powder
  • Sea salt to taste
  • 1 tsp Baking soda
  • 1-2 tbsp Coconut oil, melted
  1. Place the shelled peas in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Set aside overnight to soak. Drain well.
  2. Preheat oven to 200C/400F. Place the drained peas, chopped shallots, minced garlic, parsley, mint leaves, spices and baking soda in the bowl of a food processor and process, scraping down the side of the bowl regularly, until smooth. Set aside for 30 minutes to develop flavours.
  3. Line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Divide the mixture into 18 to 20 portions. Roll each portion into a ball and flatten slightly. Place on the prepared tray and brush with melted coconut oil. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until light golden brown. Serve with yoghurt or tahini sauce. | © 2017 | | © 2017 | | © 2017 |


Anne@ASaladForAllSeasons 3/8/17 03:39

Wow, Angie! What a great twist on falafel! I'm a huge fan of peas and this is such a wonderfully unique way to use them! :)

Unknown 3/8/17 04:04

You are so creative Angie. I love falafel but would never have thought to put them together with peas. Such a pretty color too!

Mindy 3/8/17 06:54

I have never had falafel, I'm going to have to try them someday. These look and sound yummy!

Rafeeda AR 3/8/17 06:58

What a lovely variation of the falafel! That too baked, making it even more healthy... lovely recipe..

Hester @ Alchemy 3/8/17 07:42

Yum, a super healthy version of felafel. Great idea to bake it!

Rosa 3/8/17 08:12

They look so delicious! A wonderful idea.



kitchen flavours 3/8/17 08:29

These look fabulous! Healthy and tasty, a winning combination!

natalia20041989 3/8/17 08:42

Wow, that seems so interesting, what a lovely and healthy idea, yum☺

Anonymous 3/8/17 09:33

Falafels are my nephews favourite treat. This is such a great recipe Angie.
Have a wonderful day.
:-) Mandy xo

All That I'm Eating 3/8/17 13:58

Really like the sound of these being baked and the colour is fantastic.

Tricia Buice 3/8/17 14:46

I was just thinking about falafels the other day - but this is a wonderful and creative twist on the same old recipes. Love that these are baked. Thanks for sharing Angie! So pretty too!

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 3/8/17 14:48

Oh I LOVE falafels, Angie! But, I've never had a pea falafel!! These are genius! And I just love that they are baked.. that means I can eat a few dozen and still feel good about myself. ;) Cheers, friend!

Nancy Chan 3/8/17 15:06

A very healthy snack and I love green peas. Have a beautiful day!

Tania | My Kitchen Stories 3/8/17 15:31

Love this recipe Angie. Green peas make a perfect Falafel

Evi @ greenevi 3/8/17 16:33

What a great idea using green peas instead of chickpeas! Also love that these babies are baked here :)

Cheri Savory Spoon 3/8/17 17:19

Love everything about these pea falafels, I can tell these are delicious, love the color.

Pola & Cleme 3/8/17 17:27

Woww look very delicious this falafel!

Pam 3/8/17 17:31

They look & sound tasty!

Jean | 3/8/17 17:53

Angie, I love falafel, though it's been a long time since I had it last. Your version with peas sounds wonderful!

Unknown 3/8/17 18:29

This is the recipe I’ve been waiting for. I love Falafel but I hate that they are usually always deep fried. It takes the joy out of eating it for me. Who wants to snack on deep fried foods? I know I don’t. Your Vegan BAKED Falafels look amazing. I can’t wait to try them.

Balvinder 4/8/17 02:43

Yum! Love falafal. These baked ones look amazing!

mjskit 4/8/17 04:23

What a great twist on the delicious falafel! I notice that you rehydrate the dried peas. So, would fresh peas work? I'm sure the texture would off, but do you think you could still get it to hold together? I've always wanted to make falafel at home and I do love your recipes.

Abbe@This is How I Cook 4/8/17 06:38

Who would think of such an easy switch? Great idea Angie! I like peas better than chickpeas!

Angie's Recipes 4/8/17 07:38

@mjskit I haven't tried it with fresh peas, but don't see why it won't work. The difference is that dried green peas I used are shelled, so the fresh one might be a bit crumbly, but with the help of a little bit of flour might do the trick.

noobcook 4/8/17 08:34

cute and tasty looking nibbles!

Nava K 4/8/17 10:26

This is my recipe. We have green peas flour over here, which means I can save time in making and I think a fried version should be good? Of course, baking is healthier, can I pop one in my mouth right now please?

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 4/8/17 14:03

I've never seen a more beautiful platter of falafel! I want to dive in head first!!

Unknown 4/8/17 14:08

I love falafel, I lived off them when I worked in the Middle East. These look perfect Angie.

Shashi 4/8/17 14:57

Love the spices used in these, Angie - sounds so delicious!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 4/8/17 16:51

I love how you've adapted this with dried green peas, Angie! Simple and easy to make any time of year. Just a little dipping sauce and I'd be a happy gal :) Great pics!

Kelly 4/8/17 21:36

These look incredible, Angie! I love falafels and could easily finish the whole batch myself :) Love the dried green peas! Such a great idea!

fimere 4/8/17 22:50

excellente idée avec les pois vert j'aime les falafels
bonne soirée

Susan 5/8/17 13:38

We love Falafel and this recipe looks so good!

Evelyne CulturEatz 5/8/17 17:51

How brilliant Angie to make falafel with dried green peas, wish I had some for lunch.

The Yum List 6/8/17 04:21

Oh dear. I really shouldn't look at these pics before lunch. Tummy rumbling.

Sharon D. 6/8/17 16:17

Angie, you are so creative with food! This looks amazing. ^.^

Amy 6/8/17 21:10

I've never made my own falafel before and these looks delicious! :)

Nammi 7/8/17 05:19

I like this new idea of using peas for falafel, looks yummm

Alida 7/8/17 09:35

I have never made falafel. I really love yours and the fact that they are gluten free too. Lovely recipe Angie (as always! Love your recipes)

grace 7/8/17 19:31

what a wonderful bite! i like that it's accessible to people on every diet!

norma chang 8/8/17 00:33

Love the fact that these are baked and not fried, saving recipe, thanks for sharing.

Lana_SHON 8/8/17 02:10

Geat and delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 8/8/17 05:04

These falafel sound very flavorful and yummy. You always have healthy tasty food.

Katerina 8/8/17 10:13

I love, love falafel and these with peas look perfect Angie!

Anca 8/8/17 12:23

I love falafel, but I never heard of pea falafel. I want to try it, it must be delicious.

Catherine 8/8/17 22:45

Dear Angie, Looks great to enjoy with a nice salad or as appetizers with family. xoxox Catherine

Kitchen Riffs 9/8/17 02:01

What a creative recipe! Don't think I've ever seen peas and falafel together -- sounds really tasty, though. Thanks!

Jeff the Chef 9/8/17 03:13

Well, I love falafel, and I love peas, so I'm sure I'd love this. I've never encountered it before. I bet it'd make a delicious hors d'oeuvre.

Reeni 9/8/17 03:28

Such a creative spin on falafel Angie! One of my favorite things ever - they look so delicious!

Easyfoodsmith 9/8/17 07:45

How lovely are these! I like the veggie twist you gave to the chickpea falafel.

Eva Taylor 9/8/17 13:32

A dear friend gave me a felafel press a couple of years ago and I've never used it! The last felafel recipe I tried was dry so I'm interested in trying your recipe. Are dried green peas the same as split peas? Can I substitute frozen green peas and not have to rehydrate them?

GiGi Eats Celebrities 9/8/17 19:35

OMG I LOVEEEEEEEE this variation on FALAFEL!!!!! I must must must try it!! :D I am OBSESSED with middle eastern cuisine - OBSESSED I tell you!

Monica 10/8/17 02:38

I've wanted to try baking falafel but didn't know where to start. Your version looks super tasty.

Adina 10/8/17 08:17

I adore falafels, I could eat them every day, but it is difficult to find a baked version that works. I am so trying these, the fact that they are made with dried green peas makes them very interesting as well.

nadia 10/8/17 16:45

Falafel is one of my go-tos when I don't know what to make for dinner. Never tired adding peas, but love the idea :D

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies 11/8/17 02:36

This sounds so good! I've never branched out to far in different ways to use my dried peas. I'll have to try this :)

Chitz 11/8/17 11:00

This looks and sounds so much like the tikkis that we make here in India .. yummy it looks and since baked healthy too 😊👍

Julie 11/8/17 14:18

wow..that's a great variation from chickpeas..yummy falafel and baking makes it even more healthier,yummy pics !!

tigerfish 15/8/17 03:50

I recently baked (instead of fried) falafel and simply love this version. Using dried green peas is a great idea!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 16/8/17 14:41

wow baked not fried? thats a true bonus for healthy eating! Awesome!

Sophie 16/8/17 17:46

Ooh Angie! You had me at the lovely deep green color! Green pea falafel! I know that I you would come up with something tasty & fab like this recipe! All spiced up nicely too!

I can't wait to try it out! :)

Agness of Run Agness Run 17/8/17 14:07

I love felafel but I've never prepared it at home, Angie! Your post is so motivating. Do they go well with hummus?

Geri Saucier 18/8/17 05:41

I love Falafel. I would never have thought of using peas. Great recipe thanks for sharing.

Fibroid Removal Surgery in India 18/8/17 15:02

One of my favorite things ever - they look so delicious! Angie! Your post is so motivating. Do they go well with hummus?

Marcelle 21/8/17 16:19

I haven't had falafel in ages and I can't wait to try your version with peas. By just looking at the ingredients I know this recipe has a ton of flavor, Angie! :)

Choclette 22/8/17 14:05

Homemade falafel are so much nicer than any I've ever bought - apart from the real deal street food in Egypt of course. Love your green pea variant.

Unknown 5/9/17 14:27

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