Chickpea and Cucumber salad with Yoghurt Dressing

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Starring homegrown cucumber, this refreshing Greek-style salad is perfect for a fast and fresh side. It is simple to make and packed with flavour and freshness.

hickpea and Cucumber salad with Yoghurt Dressing

adapted from taste
  • 500 g Chickpeas, fresh cooked or canned
  • 2 Mini cucumbers, halved and sliced
  • 1/2 Red sweet pepper, diced
  • 2 stalk Spring onions, sliced
  • 1/2 cup Mint leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 cup Greek style plain yoghurt
  • 1 clove Garlic, minced
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Combine chickpeas, cucumber, diced peppers, spring onions and mint leaves in a large bowl.
  2. Mix yoghurt and garlic together and season with salt and pepper. Fold through chickpea mixture. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. | © 2016 | | © 2016 | | © 2016 |


Kelly 17/8/16 07:14

This is such a pretty salad, Angie! Looks so fresh and flavorful! Perfect for using up some garden cucumber!

Rosa 17/8/16 09:28

A fresh, summery and delicious salad!



Sophie 17/8/16 09:53

Home-grown cucumbers are the best! Your cat looks cool too! What a truly wonderful fresh Summmer's salad this is! Yummmm! My lunch for today! yum!

Anonymous 17/8/16 10:12

Absolutely adore you kitty - guarding the cucumbers. :-)
Divine salad Angie. I have just starting planting my Spring veggies - think I must also grow some cucumbers.
Have a beautiful and happy day.
:-) Mandy xo

Veronica 17/8/16 10:12

Wow, you are lucky to have home grown cucumbers. No doubt they taste wonderful. Your salad looks very inviting too, love the yogurt dressing.

Nava K 17/8/16 10:16

I love such a salad we usually pair with rice. I also have make my version, pretty much with similar inviting flavours.

Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen 17/8/16 12:18

Awww, your kitty is adorable. Your home grown cucumbers look awesome. And this chickpeas and cucumber salad look so full of amazing flavors. And that yogurt dressing is a lovely addition to this salad. :)

Tania | My Kitchen Stories 17/8/16 12:30

Wow you grow your own cucumber?. Anything with chickpeas is puuuurfect in my your cute kitty!

Adam @ Round the World we go 17/8/16 12:40

Nice, light and tasty - A perfect summer lunch!

Tricia Buice 17/8/16 13:03

Angie I love this salad! I love that you grew your own cucumbers too. We are covered up with them and have given away so many - wish I could share with you! I can't wait to try this yogurt dressing - it sounds wonderful. Have a lovely week!

Unknown 17/8/16 16:00

This is a wonderful way to use all those summer cucumbers. Love all the textures and flavors going on!

Monica 17/8/16 18:43

Great lunch for sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine. Homegrown cucumbers to boot! Very nice!

Evelyne CulturEatz 17/8/16 18:57

Oh wow your cucumbers look great, in a pot on the balcony? Got to try next year. And that salad looks perfect for lunch.

Shashi 17/8/16 19:21

Angie this sounds delicious, reminds me of a tomato, cucumber and yogurt salad my mom makes often - delightfully delicious!

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 17/8/16 20:51

Your cat is so cute! I love cucumbers and chickpeas together! This salad sounds delicious and so fresh!

Cheri Savory Spoon 17/8/16 22:32

What a beautiful, crunchy, sweet and perfect salad Angie, summer at it's best. Love your cucumber plant!!!!

Pam 17/8/16 23:38

Great job on the cucumber plant! This salad looks summery and delicious.

fimere 18/8/16 00:06

les saveurs me tentent beaucoup
bonne soirée

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 18/8/16 04:12

I could eat a whole cucumber in one sitting---so this salad is right up my alley! Perfect for my lunches this week. Thanks, Angie!!

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness 18/8/16 04:22

Sounds like the perfect salad. I love the dressing that you added to the salad. Really yummy!

Kushigalu 18/8/16 05:18

beautiful and delicious salad. perfect summer recipe!

nadia 18/8/16 12:42

Simple and refreshing salad, perfect for summer. :D

Nancy Chan 18/8/16 13:29

Healthy and delicious salad. I am inspired to grow cucumber in a pot too!

grace 18/8/16 14:43

fantastic ingredients, and i'm loving your simple but satisfying dressing! hello kitty! :)

Jean | 18/8/16 14:58

What a great idea for a salad! I think the crunchiness of the cucumbers would help my husband (with texture issues) not notice the texture of the chickpeas, and then he could just enjoy the flavors as much as I do.

Mindy 18/8/16 15:39

What a lovely salad, and so healthy. I love that you grow your cucumbers in a pot. I kill just about every plant I come near. I love the kitty also!

Linda @thedutchbaker 18/8/16 16:40

I absolutely love this salad! It's so refreshing and looks beautiful! :) My family ate major salad people and anything with yoghurt is loved. Thanks for sharing xx

Vicki Bensinger 18/8/16 17:01

This is such a lovely and light salad perfect for brunch, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner.

By the way I have not been receiving your email updates when a new post comes out. I'm not sure why. Any idea?

Pam 18/8/16 19:57

Great cucumber recipe and great cat too, Angie! Your salad looks and sounds delicious. Good for you with growing your own cucs, we did that for years until the yard was too shady. Have a great day!

Angie's Recipes 18/8/16 20:16

@Vicki Bensinger So sorry, Vicki. I wish I knew what happened to your email sub. Maybe you can try to resub..sometimes it works.

Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary 18/8/16 22:55

Oh my goodness, I'm completely jealous of your cucumber plant!! I can only imagine how delicious those homegrown beauties taste! This salad is fabulous, Angie! I am addicted to chickpeas and I love cucumbers, so this is calling my name!! Cheers, friend!

ann low 19/8/16 02:28

I love chickpeas and cucumber! Would definitely want to make this healthy salad for sure!

Unknown 19/8/16 03:10

such a refreshing salad! love it!

Amy 19/8/16 10:58

I'm not even a fan of chickpea but your salad looks so delicious! I guess I have to give the chickpea a second chance! ;)

Gloria Baker 19/8/16 14:02

I love chickpeas Angie!
And my daugther too.

Hema 19/8/16 18:56

For once, I have all the ingredients, colorful, healthy and delicious salad..

Megan - The Emotional Baker 19/8/16 20:36

This salad looks perfect for summer. I love this chickpea cucumber combo :)

Alida 20/8/16 00:48

Very fresh, the perfect summer salad!

Geri Saucier 20/8/16 04:53

I love the flavors in this salad - cucumber,chick peas, red pepper. Delicious. Beautiful cat.

Anca 20/8/16 08:36

This is perfect for a hot summer day. It must be lovely, I will try it.

Barbara 20/8/16 13:23

Love this Angie. And what's great is I usually have all the ingredients in my pantry or fridge to make it!

Mother Rimmy 20/8/16 20:23

Adore the cat! Fantastic looking salad too. I'm a chickpea fan. You can toss them into almost anything to make a meat-free meal.

Marcelle 21/8/16 01:15

Yum, this salad looks so good. Can't get enough of the chilled salads this summer and I can't wait to try this!

Nammi 21/8/16 10:12

Oh wow you grow your own cucumbers and in a pot too! Salad looks great.

Unknown 21/8/16 17:12

Great, fresh seasonal salad! Looks wonderful. Indians make a very similar salad with a bit of spice and it's wonderful too. I like having this for breakfast instead of sweet yoghurt.

mjskit 21/8/16 22:48

Love everything about this salad, but what I love the most is that 1/2 cup of fresh mint! It's becoming one of my favorite ingredients.

Beth 21/8/16 23:59

Chickpeas are a great addition to any salad.
Love your cat!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen 22/8/16 00:36

This salad looks absolutely delicious! I love chick peas.

Unknown 22/8/16 06:18

This looks like such a fresh and creamy salad all at the same time!! Really loving that yogurt.

Eva Taylor 22/8/16 12:02

I am having trouble commenting with my iphone6 on your lovely blog. At first it was only Safari that would allow me to leave a comment but now it too is acting up.
This salad looks like the perfect combination of vegetables. It looks pretty darn delicious!

Natalia 22/8/16 12:09

what a georgeous, healthy salad, I love it! And your cat is so cute<3

All That I'm Eating 22/8/16 13:32

I bet chick peas and cucumber are really good together, even better that it's homegrown!

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy 22/8/16 15:05

I love adding chickpeas to a salad for a vegetarian protein boost. This dressing sounds like it would go perfectly with it too.

norma chang 23/8/16 00:32

Your cucumber plant is so healthy looking and I see you have quite a few cukes on the vine.

Sweet Posy Dreams 23/8/16 00:38

Great for summer. I'd better try it soon. Fall will be here before I know it!

Gourmet Getaways 23/8/16 00:48

I love chick pea in salad but I have never tried a combination like this! I can't wait to try.
be to discover in a village like that!
Thanks so much for sharing
Gourmet Getaways

Sue/the view from great island 23/8/16 01:02

I'm jealous of your giant patio cuke --- and the salad's pretty sweet, too :)

Katerina 23/8/16 09:27

This is my type of meal during summer!

Evi @ greenevi 23/8/16 12:51

So simple, yet such a stunning salad! I could eat this every single day :)
Pinned of course!

kitchen flavours 23/8/16 15:55

Delicious salad! Your homegrown cucumbers are gorgeous! I'm waiting for mine to fruit!

Claudia 23/8/16 15:57

Our cucumbers are in (and the mint is a bush) so this is perfect. I love the kitty and the cukes (of course).

Alida 23/8/16 16:52

Just forgot to say: I love the photo of your cat! I am a real cat lover myself too.

Rahul 23/8/16 19:15

This sounds so fabulous, light and refreshing! I love it!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 23/8/16 19:38

What a great salad! I see you have lots of cukes, too! Mint is a perfect companion, is it not?

Harriet Emily 24/8/16 00:42

This is such a delicious, light summer salad! Great recipe Angie, I can't wait to try it! Your cat is beautiful too! <3

Reeni 24/8/16 04:39

Nothing like picking cucumbers that you grew yourself! They don't get any fresher than that - I bet they made the salad extra delicious. I love seeing your kitty! Sending him smooches.

Jeanette | Jeanette's Healthy Living 25/8/16 17:26

What a beautiful summer salad - I love the fresh mint!

Sharon D. 26/8/16 09:23

I am so admiring your cucumber plant! This is a great salad, Angie and nothing beats homegrown! ^.^

Anne@ASaladForAllSeasons 28/8/16 16:15

Angie...I'm so envious of your cucumbers! I didn't get around to planting a garden this year. Only herbs on my deck. But I have plenty of chickpeas on hand. And so I'm eager to try this salad! :)

Kiran @ 28/8/16 17:34

One of my fav salads ever. So filling and yet fresh :)

Muna Kenny 29/8/16 17:02

Wow! This salad is so refreshing.

Merryn 30/8/16 02:07

Very nice, fresh and wholesome, I love the addition of garlic to the yoghurt dressing, thank you for sharing 8)

Kathy 30/8/16 14:25

So delicious looking, Angie! A yogurt dressing and mint are great flavor accompaniments. How cool to grow cucumbers in a pot on your deck. Lovely!

noobcook 1/9/16 08:04

Loving your home-grown cucumber and the cute kitty :)

tigerfish 3/9/16 04:20

So fresh with home-grown cucumber, and this is the kind of salad (and dressing) I hv been making these days.

Rafeeda AR 4/9/16 10:34

This could easily be my favorite salad... so delicious! I made something similar too with some pomegranate arils and apple added... :)

Marcelle 6/9/16 13:32

Homegrown veggies are the best and your cucumber plant is such a success! That's really exciting! I've got baby poblano peppers growing for the first time and I can't wait to use them when they're ready. This salad looks really fresh and delicious, Angie! Yum :)

Ria Samuel 4/10/16 08:16

Feast to the eyes and tongues - especially when the cucumber is homegrown.

Roz / La Bella Vita Cucina 25/10/16 18:45

I just bought a few cucumbers, so I'll be trying this salad! Love the protein of the chickpeas added. Great salad, Angie!! I've recovered from my 2 surgeries now, so I'll be commenting again! Thanks for your patience!


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