Roasted Hokkaido Salad with Green Bean and Feta

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Pumpkin, red onion, green bean and Feta are a great combination of flavours, textures and colours and simply drizzled with a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze---this makes a healthy, tasty and budget friendly salad that's great with roasted chicken, or on its own as a main.

  • 1 Hokkaido pumpkin, seeded and cut into thin wedges
  • 2 Red onions, cut into wedges
  • 2 tsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 tsp Dried chilli flakes
  • 200 g Green beans, trimmed
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp Pepitas, toasted
  • 50 g Feta, crumbled
  • Balsamic glaze / reduction
  1. Preheat oven to 200C/400F. Line a large baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Place the pumpkin and onion, in a single layer, on the prepared tray. Sprinkle with the coriander and chilli. Spray with oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for 25 minutes or until tender and golden.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the green beans in a saucepan of boiling water for 2 minutes or until bright green and tender crisp. Rinse under cold running water. Drain.
  3. Gently combine roasted hokkaido pumpkin, onion, green beans, and pepitas in a large bowl. Divide among serving plates. Sprinkle with feta and drizzle over balsamic glaze. | © 2014 | | © 2014 |


Jeanette 25/8/14 05:15

Love the combination of roasted squash and green beans here Angie - can't wait for fall/winter squash to come into season here in New England so I can try this!

lenia 25/8/14 08:18

A beautiful. healthy and delicious salad! Love it!
Kisses,dear Angie!

Jess Bakericious 25/8/14 08:34

roasted salad, looks really delicious.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 25/8/14 08:54

Scrumptious, colorful and healthy! A great idea.



Ann Low 25/8/14 10:21

Love this healthy salad. Looks pretty and delicious!

Gourmet Getaways 25/8/14 10:35

This is a new salad for me and I wanna try it! Looks filling and satisfying, too!

Gourmet Getaways

Shashi Charles 25/8/14 10:40

Wow - what a colorfully gorgeous warm salad! Love the texture and variety in taste the feta and pepitas add to the pumpkin and crisp green beans! Beautiful photos as always Angie! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xx

Alicia Foodycat 25/8/14 11:00

That sounds wonderful! What a brilliant salad!

Couscous & Consciousness 25/8/14 11:46

This looks beautiful, Angie. Wonderful combination of colours and flavours. This is the kind of salad I could happily make a meal out of.

Veronica Ng 25/8/14 11:53

Another one of your superb healthy salad. Loved all your salad Angie.

Jasna Varcakovic 25/8/14 12:03

I love salads with feta cheese - lots of colourful vegetables and a bit of tasty protein; yum!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 25/8/14 12:35

A great fall salad with vibrant color and so good for you too.

Choclette 25/8/14 13:04

That looks beautiful and delicious. Japanese pumpkins are some of the best. Sadly we left it to late this year to plant any and as I've never seen any for sale, we'll have to wait another year :(

Donalyn@TheCreeksideCook 25/8/14 13:57

That is as beautiful as I imagine it is delicious - our pumpkins have a few weeks to go before they will be ripe, but I am keeping this recipe handy for when they are!

lisa h. 25/8/14 14:15

Colourful and delicious looking summer salad :D

Mich PieceofCake 25/8/14 14:52

I love pumpkin. Have never thought of having it with beans... looks good, will try this combination sometime.

Beth 25/8/14 14:53

I bake with pumpkin, but have never made a savoury dish from it. This salad sounds delicious, and like all your recipes, looks gorgeous!

Martha@SeasideSimplicity 25/8/14 15:11

What a beautiful dish and it sounds delicious!! Then again, your recipes are always beautiful and delicious :)

Caroline Taylor 25/8/14 15:19

Love the sound of the squash with the beans and salty feta, lovely mix of colours too.

Sweet Posy Dreams 25/8/14 15:47

Great combination of colors in this dish!

Priya Suresh 25/8/14 16:21

Salad looks absolutely stunning, awesome and delicious..

Ely 25/8/14 16:28

Colours, taste, healty... all qualities in this super salad! :D I like it very much!

Mijú 25/8/14 16:36

Que colorido un plato estupendo.
Un saludito

cristina 25/8/14 18:21

A beautiful and colorful salad, Angie. Just about anything with feta makes me happy...fantastic for fall/autumn season!!

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert 25/8/14 18:34

One of my all time favorite meals is roasted butternut squash and red onions - so I know I would love this. The addition of feta will make me very happy! Love the creaminess. Beautiful as always Angie :)

Gloria Baker 25/8/14 18:34

Look beautiful and sooo good Angie!:)

Raven Cauthon 25/8/14 18:38

Oh wow! That looks awesome!!!

Erica 25/8/14 21:47

What a delicious salad, Angie!Wonderful combination of flavors, colors and textures.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 25/8/14 23:33

I love orange vegetables! In the fall I can't get enough of them. This is a strikingly beautiful and delicious salad, Angie!

Mary Frances 25/8/14 23:37

This is so pretty and it looks perfect for fall!

ahu @ ahueats 26/8/14 02:03

Utterly beautiful! This makes me crave fall. i would probably add some pomegranate seeds on top too!

Liz Berg 26/8/14 02:35

I'd love this for my lunch! So colorful and delicious!!!

Juliana 26/8/14 03:35

This is such a nice sure brings a warm touch with the roasted pumpkin...beautifully done Angie.
Have a wonderful week :D

The Yum List 26/8/14 04:20

I love roasted veggies! This dish looks fantastic.

My Inner Chick 26/8/14 05:23

Gorgeous combination.
This is like a birthday party inside one's mouth! LOVE! xx

Katerina 26/8/14 08:54

I love the contrast between the pumpkin and the feta cheese! Delicious salad!

easyfoodsmith 26/8/14 10:10

The combination of beans, feta and pumpkin is very interesting indeed. The salad looks so pretty and I am sure it will be great to taste.

emma @ Bake Then Eat 26/8/14 11:22

Your salads are always so beautiful and appetising I wish I had this for my lunch today lovely ingredients and it looks so fresh.

Medeja 26/8/14 13:06

I would like to have such salad for lunch.. looks very good :)

Kitchen Belleicious 26/8/14 15:39

roasting pumpkin in my opinion is the best way to cook it and I love that flavors going on in this salad! Just simply divine

Balvinder 26/8/14 16:01

Oh it's so colorful and healthy salad!

Claudia 26/8/14 16:17

Angie! It's low-carb! I am going to make this. It's almost pumpkin season and husband adores it. Plus the photos are too pretty. Who wouldn't want this on your plate?

Cheri Savory Spoon 26/8/14 17:29

Hi Angie, love roasted squash and green beans. Another wonderful salad. Well done!

Sue/the view from great island 26/8/14 18:19

Absolutely gorgeous, I would love this, and I'm determined to branch out into other varieties of winter squash this year!

tigerfish 26/8/14 18:25

I always like the combination of squash and green beans. Nice :)

Hema 26/8/14 18:47

Such a colorful and delicious salad, beautiful presentation..

Pam 26/8/14 19:01

I could eat just this salad for a meal and be perfectly happy!

Ashley 26/8/14 19:37

Between the green beans, feta and balsamic glaze .... this sounds so so good! And the colors are just gorgeous!

Kari Lindsay 26/8/14 19:39

Oooh, I looove roasted squash! Such a pretty and yummy salad Angie!

Kelly 26/8/14 22:40

This looks absolutely gorgeous Angie! I love savory squash and pumpkin dishes and it sounds wonderful with the green beansand feta!

Geraldine Saucier 26/8/14 23:37

A very interesting and tasty salad. I love the combination of ingredients.

Anonymous 27/8/14 00:52

Sounds fabulous!! Roasted squash is delicious, and I'm a sucker for feta cheese. :-)

Norma Chang 27/8/14 01:06

Noticed you did not peel your pumpkin, I am going to do the same next time I roast my pumpkin.

Rebecca Subbiah 27/8/14 04:07

this looks amazing and its nearly pumpkin season here

mjskit 27/8/14 04:52

What a scrumptious looking salad! This is a wonderful idea for a meatless main dish. Thanks!

The Duo Dishes 27/8/14 04:54

Is it already time for pumpkin/squash? :) It's always great to see it used in a savory way, instead of dessert. Sounds like a great appetizer salad!

Priscilla @ Homegrown Delight 27/8/14 08:14

That's an interesting and gorgeous salad with pumpkins. I also love green beans and feta cheese. Your food is making me hungry. But I'm always hungry reading your posts!

Barbara 27/8/14 13:22

That looks spectacular, Angie. I could eat that for dinner every night!

Joanne 27/8/14 15:20

I have to admit, I thought I wasn't ready for squash season...and then I saw this! So good.

kitchen flavours 27/8/14 15:36

Hi Angie,
Roasted pumpkins are my favourite! I could eat a plateful of this salad as my meal! Looks really delicious!

Alida 27/8/14 16:39

This salad is really delicious Angie. My mouth is watering. I love the colours too!

Sokehah Cheah 27/8/14 16:43

After looking at all the mooncakes, yours is a winner .... light and refreshing!

Catherine 27/8/14 18:41

Dear Angie, A beautiful dish, perfect for the fall dinner table and very healthy. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

lena 27/8/14 19:35

angie, everything you make looks so good! nutritous and healthy too !

Lisa Lin 27/8/14 20:28

LOVE this roasted pumpkin recipe! So glad that fall is approaching!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 27/8/14 21:13

From last year I am really seeing a Hokkaido pumpkin pattern here ;-) Great salad, there is a lot of taste and texture here for sure.

Monica 28/8/14 04:45

Gorgeous colors, great ingredients, healthy & wholesome = big winner! Looks delicious!

[Reply] 28/8/14 04:53

These truly looks fantastic. I am not much of a pumpkin person but I would totally love to try this salad. I love the colors!!

Marcela 28/8/14 09:18

wow! look at these colors! This salad looks insane! I love the taste of roasted pumpkin!

Emma | Fork and Good 28/8/14 13:34

I'm always really envious of your salads, they are so creative. This is a fantastic creation, love all the flavours Angie!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 28/8/14 23:52

I hear ya! Fall is here and it is lookin' good!

Anne Regalado 29/8/14 05:39

I never tried pumpkin cooked this way yet :P It looks certainly delish ! Love the flavor and texture combo .

rika@vm 29/8/14 06:28

I had roasted and stuffed hokkaido at a restaurant last year and it was pretty tasty! What a great way to use them in a salad!

Helene Dsouza 1/9/14 15:12

Another dish that brightens up my day. Love colorful food, especially when it's cold and raining outside. Angie your food is always one of the best!

Reeni 3/9/14 04:36

What a gorgeous and delicious salad Angie! This would be a stunner on my Thanksgiving table!

Terra 6/9/14 05:19

I love this time of year, it means lots of lovely squash recipes. The colors in your salad are stunning, and the flavors sound wonderful! Hugs, Terra

Lucy @ Bake Play Smile 19/9/14 03:46

I got so excited to see this - it's one of my favourite salads and seeing it has reminded me that it's time to make it again! xx

Anita 24/9/14 10:09

Hello Angie!
Your Roasted Hokkaido Salad With Green Bean And Feta looks delicious and all healthy ingredients. Yummy!

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 25/9/14 03:16

This has to be one of the prettiest salads I've ever seen Angie and what an interesting combination of ingredients too. You're putting me in an autumn mood ~ and that's a good thing :).


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