Quark Oatbran Bread

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http://schneiderchen.de | © 2014 | http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com

http://schneiderchen.de | © 2014 | http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com

A delicious and healthy bread with Magerquark (German fresh cheese, almost fat-free), oat bran, and eggs. Dense, moist, gluten-free friendly and a perfect compliment to salads and soups.
Oat bran is the outside casing of the oat grain and contains soluble fiber, which helps lower your cholesterol and provide a number of other health benefits.

Gluten Free Quark Oatbran Bread

adapted from Fitness Dessert
  • 500 g 0.2% Magerquark (German fresh cheese)
  • 50 ml 1.5% Milk
  • 2 Large eggs
  • 2 Large egg whites
  • 250 g Gluten-free oat bran
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1 tbsp Fresh thyme leaves
  • 3 Thyme branches
  • Herb salt
  • Black pepper
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line a 25-cm loaf pan with parchment paper.
  2. Stir together the Magerquark, milk, eggs, and egg whites in a mixing bowl. Add in oat bran, baking powder, thyme leaves, herb salt and black pepper. Combine all the ingredients with a hand mixer until well combined.
  3. Spoon the thick batter into the prepared loaf pan. Garnish with thyme branches. Bake in the center of hot oven for about 35 minutes.

http://schneiderchen.de | © 2014 | http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com

http://schneiderchen.de | © 2014 | http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com


Caroline Taylor 27/6/14 15:13

This sounds like such an interesting loaf, great with the tomatoes too.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 27/6/14 15:37

An interesting recipe. This bread is perfect for making open sandwiches.



Emma @ Fork and Good 27/6/14 15:57

Love the colours of the tomato on the bread. Looks amazing. I could quite happily munch down on a slice of this right now!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 27/6/14 17:11

As always, beautiful and I'm sure good for you!

Ann Low 27/6/14 17:18

Angie, All your breads are so heathy and pretty. I must learn from you :D

Nammi 27/6/14 18:20

looks good as always :) have a nice weekend

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 27/6/14 19:45

Lovely and the bread looks so pretty with the tomato topping. I hope you have a nice weekend Angie.

Sweet Posy Dreams 27/6/14 21:10

Looks great. In fact, I'm getting hungry!

grace 27/6/14 21:51

nice loaf, angie! you're the only person i know who ever uses quark well. :)

Kiran @ KiranTarun.com 27/6/14 22:45

Interesting use of flavors and ingredients here.

Priya Suresh 27/6/14 22:56

Very gorgeous bread, this is something extremely irresistible..

sangeeta 27/6/14 23:16

wow this is one healthy protein rich bread. I can imagine the taste with some sharp rocket pesto with it :-)

Beth 28/6/14 00:57

The bread sounds great, and the tomatoes are so beautiful on it. Gorgeous photos!

Jasna Varcakovic 28/6/14 01:37

Gluten free, full of protein and fibre...good looking!

Kelly 28/6/14 05:06

You always have the most creative bread recipes Angie :) Love this healthy loaf with oat bran and I'll bet the thyme smells great baking up and gives this such amazing flavor!

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes 28/6/14 05:23

This bread is so beautiful Angie - love the shot of the unbaked bread! You can just see how delicious it's going to come out.

Gloria Baker 28/6/14 06:27

What lovely loaf Angie look delicious!

Angela @ My Golden Pear 28/6/14 08:08

I love bread with a bit of substance to it and this looks just perfect and healthy too :-) Great shots!

Elzbieta Hester 28/6/14 10:41

Baked to perfection, Angie...lovely texture and flavor...

ela h.
Gray Apron

My Little Space 28/6/14 11:03

Beautiful texture of your gluten-free bread. So smooth. Is it possible to replace the cheese with cream cheese? Thanks again for sharing another lovely recipe.
Enjoy your weekend dear.
Blessings, Kristy

GG 28/6/14 13:51

I must try this it looks delicious and so pretty with the thyme sprigs. Perfect for a dinner party. GG

Lite Home Bake 28/6/14 15:52

A very unique and beautiful loaf, amazing as always!

Cristina 28/6/14 18:26

Such a pretty and healthful bread, Angie. I'm luvin the breads you've been featuring and their healthy aspects! ;)

Gourmet Getaways 28/6/14 18:35

A healthier bread option means healthier, happier family! This goes in my list. Thanks for sharing!

Gourmet Getaways

lena 28/6/14 19:35

oh angie, i wished i could get hold some slices of your bread too, am curious about the taste of quark and the loaf looks so gorgeous!

Tze @ Awayofmind 28/6/14 19:37

Angie, this bread is so healthy with oat bran in it! Love it to go with salad too!

Kari Lindsay 28/6/14 21:34

Mmm... good, dense, fresh bread! All it needs is a slice of good cheese, or a slathering of some more quark! Love it Angie!

Bel | Ooh, Look... 28/6/14 23:31

Such beautiful colours in your photos, Angie. And nothing better than a cholesterol-lowering bread!

Elisabeth Pregadio 28/6/14 23:58

Angie, your bread recipes are always so unusual, creative, and super healthy delicious. Love the addition of the Quark in the bread, and I would gobble up those lovely slices with the sliced tomatoes on them in a 'heart beat'...we sure could use a great bread at the 'picnic'!

Chris Scheuer 29/6/14 00:57

I wish we could find quark here, such a great product. I love that you used in for bread Angie!

Liz Berg 29/6/14 01:30

You make the BEST breads! The thyme makes this perfect for summer tomato sandwiches :)

Monica 29/6/14 02:59

Looks great with those tomatoes!

Nippon Nin 29/6/14 06:33

Love your pics! The color of tomatoes pops! Very pretty and unique bread recipe.

Jeannie Tay 29/6/14 07:57

This bread looks so healthy and the thyme must have made this loaf of bread really fragrant!

Choclette 29/6/14 09:54

That looks superb Angie, just my sort of thing. I do love your breads, they are always so interesting, look good, sound as though they taste good AND good for you too. Adding thyme to the top is a tip I shall try and remember.

Sharon D 29/6/14 11:54

What a beautiful loaf, Angie. I have to try this! :D

Medeja 29/6/14 13:06

This bread sounds great! I wish I could try at least a little corner :D

Debra Eliotseats 29/6/14 14:52

Really beautiful bread---especially with that bruschetta topping!

Sue/the view from great island 29/6/14 16:34

Angie when are you going to write a book on all your unique breads? I'll buy it!

Chrissy 29/6/14 16:41

This looks heavenly and I love quark! Can't wait to try it!

Cheri Savory Spoon 29/6/14 17:59

Hi Angie, love that this is a quick bread and good for you too!

mjskit 30/6/14 00:34

I bet this smells cooking baking!! There is nothing more delicious than a warm herb bread. Love the combination of the thyme and the cheese in a bread!

Ashley 30/6/14 02:43

I've had a whole box of oat bran just sitting in my pantry for the longest time ... I really need to put it to use! This sounds fantastic!

ami@naivecookcooks 30/6/14 05:19

such a unique recipe!! Love all the different kinds of bread recipes you post!

Jess Bakericious 30/6/14 06:02

I need some healthy breakfast lol.

kitchen flavours 30/6/14 08:29

Such a lovely and healthy loaf of bread! And I like it that you serve it with tomatoes!

noobcook 30/6/14 09:27

I love cheesy bread like this, looks lovely.

Alida 30/6/14 13:28

Delicious bread Angie. Love the addition of quark. It makes it filling and nutritious. Have a fab week x

Jeanette 30/6/14 14:50

I would love to have a loaf of this to serve for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. The tomato topping is a great idea.

Raven Cauthon 30/6/14 16:50

Wow, that looks so great Angie! YUM

Kathy 30/6/14 18:19

This looks and sounds like a wonderfully tasteful and hearty bread! Lovely photos!

Kathleen @ My Trader Joe's 30/6/14 18:30

This bread looks incredibly delicious and healthy. Love the idea of using Magerquark. Can’t wait to make it..thanks!

Anonymous 30/6/14 20:35

Yet another beautiful loaf of bread! You can't go wrong with cheese bread...sounds fabulous!!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 30/6/14 21:09

I love the thyme branches baked in the bread, Angie! It looks delicious with those lovely tomatoes, arugula and dill.

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl 30/6/14 21:37

I can smell the herbs from here! Delicious!

Joanne 1/7/14 02:45

I wish quark were more readily available here!! I bet it makes this bread so deliciously moist!

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert 1/7/14 02:50

Love the herbs Angie - saw this on Facebook and knew it would appeal to me! Your photos and food styling is amazing - love it all!

Reeni 1/7/14 03:36

This has such great texture Angie! And, as always it's beautiful and delicious sounding! I want to jump into the screen and eat it.

Dawn Yucuis 1/7/14 04:39

Your bread looks like it has very nice texture to it. Sounds delicious.

Katerina 1/7/14 08:47

I have to get my hands on quark someday! I've heard about it and I am so curious! This bread looks perfect Angie!

lenia 1/7/14 08:50

Ohhh, what a fantastic bread!Amazing pics as always!

Amy (Savory Moments) 1/7/14 12:23

This loaf looks beautiful. I bet it's really delicious topped with the fresh tomatoes like you show in your photos - complimenting the quark and thyme nicely.

Barbara 1/7/14 14:08

That must have been delicious with those lovely tomatoes, Angie. One of my favorite lunches in the summer. Now I'll have to try that bread!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 2/7/14 00:29

Great bread recipe, I love how moist it looks and full of cheese protein. Grat pics with the tomatoes.

Guru Uru 2/7/14 01:29

This bread looks wonderful my friend, with some old pesto spread, it could be my lunch :D

Choc Chip Uru

The Yum List 2/7/14 02:06

I truly am amazed at the variety of breads you are able to make.

Rebecca Subbiah 2/7/14 06:06

looks great and moist love your recipes :-) you should garden even just a few containers :-)

Pilar. Cook and Spoon 2/7/14 10:24

I can imagine it in a vegetable sandwich. Delicious!

Emma @ Bake Then Eat 2/7/14 13:58

I love that you used quark in this recipe, I discovered it a few years ago and loved the fact it was almost fat free but beyond making German chocolate cake and topping fresh fruit with it I never really new what to do with it, great inspiration looks lovely :D

Mary Frances 2/7/14 15:11

This is such an interesting way to use quark. Very cool!

Shashi @ Runnin Srilankan 2/7/14 18:07

Angie - you have some of the best gluten free recipes! This bread is so so beautiful with those herbs in it!

fimère .b 2/7/14 20:27

un pain parfait et délicieux j'adore
bonne soirée

Ann Jones 3/7/14 01:28

Your bread recipes always look so delicious! This looks like a bread I would love!

Anonymous 3/7/14 10:34

I made your delectable bread this morning, Angie! Just wonderful & oh so tasty too! xxx

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com 4/7/14 01:55

Angie, what a beautiful loaf! And with those tomatoes! (Plus, I just made homemade mayonnaise today and am absolutely craving a really good tomato sandwich.)

Kelly 4/7/14 12:09

Love all your breads, this one is another creative combo. The tomatoes look so fresh and delicious and sound perfect with the flavors!

Roz Corieri Paige 6/7/14 15:36

What a beautiful bread, Angie! Love all of the veggies that you included that makes the flavor pop in the simplest way! I love to eat bread in such simplicity to taste all of the layers of flavor!

motherrimmy 7/7/14 21:05

You make the most delicious looking breads. I'm afraid if I made this I would eat the entire loaf by myself. It looks wonderful topped with tomatoes and greens.

Geraldine Saucier 10/7/14 05:15

Love this bread. The tomatoes look wonderful.

Chaya Selig 10/7/14 17:07

I would very much to like this for us to have with dinner.

Asmita 10/7/14 17:30

Would love to taste this! Sounds so unique and amazing! Your pictures are gorgeous!!

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 13/7/14 18:49

So beautiful Angie and I love the summer fresh presentation with the tomato. Quick always works for me! ;-). Especially in the summer when we'd all rather be doing something else in the great outdoors. This is a keeper.


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