Vegan Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies | © 2014 | | © 2014 |

Brownies made with black beans might sound quite unappealing to some of you, but I can assure you these are really delicious. No, I am not saying that they taste exactly like regular brownies, but still pretty delicious and nutritious as beans are a good source of protein and fiber. I used Happy Herbivore's recipe as inspiration, but slightly tweaked it by adding a little coconut oil and a mix of white and dark chocolate chips, but you can leave them out if you want to.

  • 280 g Cooked black beans, homemade or can
  • 2 Small bananas
  • 30 g Dutch-process cocoa powder
  • 70 g Maple syrup
  • 20 g Coconut oil, melted
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 40 g Quick oats
  • 100 g A mix of white and dark chocolate chips
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Line an 8-inch pan with parchment paper and set aside. Drain and rinse the cooked black beans.
  2. Combine all the ingredients, except the oats and chocolate chips, in a food processor and blend until completely smooth. Stir in oats and chocolate chips.
  3. Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Allow to cool before slicing. | © 2014 | | © 2014 |


Rosa's Yummy Yums 5/4/14 16:18

They looks so luscious! That is something I haven't tried yet.



Anonymous 5/4/14 20:22

I know that I will love them! I have made her recipe before too & loved it! I also have used white butter beans in brownies before & you didn't taste them at all,..they were superb too! xxx :)

Hema 5/4/14 20:27

Angie, I am going to surely try this, I am having all the ingredients in hand..

Rosita Vargas 5/4/14 20:44

Angie muy buena receta y saludable tengo una amiga totalmente vegana ,tomo nota,abrazos

Melissa 6/4/14 00:11

These look fantastic! I love the idea of using black beans

Belinda 6/4/14 00:12

Hard to believe that's black beans!

Jasna Varcakovic 6/4/14 00:16

I made them once, and I know how good they are. Best of all - guilt free, when eating them!

Monica 6/4/14 03:03

I've yet to meet any brownie I didn't like and I like black beans and I have a feeling I would really enjoy these. It looks so moist and I like the contrast w/ the dark and white chocolate chips.

Lite Home Bake 6/4/14 05:26

Hi Angie! This is really unique and it sure sounds much healthier than regular ones :)

Yelena Strokin 6/4/14 06:34

Another perfect recipe! Always a pleasure to visit your blog, so many amazing ideas!

Medeja 6/4/14 08:39

I have tried many brownies, but haven't tried with beans yet.. :) they really look worth trying.

Elzbieta Hester 6/4/14 09:11

I'm very interested, Angie. Your bean brownie is on my to-do list. :) ela

Mich PieceofCake 6/4/14 09:45

Wow I didn't know we can bake with black beans. These look so moist and delicious!

Sam Hoffer @ My Carolina Kitchen 6/4/14 12:35

Such pretty brownies and I adore black beans. How creative.

My Kitchen Stories 6/4/14 13:15

You kidding me Angie?. Wow girl!

Susan 6/4/14 13:43

I NEED to make these! I used baked beans in a quick bread that I absolutely flipped over and had 2 pieces right away. I think people underestimate the addition of beans to their baking; healthy way to get protein, especially with kids! XOXO

Anonymous 6/4/14 15:10

I've always been a little suspicious of bean brownies but now they have your seal of approval I must give them a try.

Anne Regalado 6/4/14 15:44

Angie , I never knew that we can use black bean for baking :D Those brownies certainly look moist and yummy !

Gina 6/4/14 17:00

Once again I will say "chocolate cures everything!" I love the addition of maple syrup. Does this add a hit of maple flavor as well?

kitchen flavours 6/4/14 17:43

Hi Angie,
An interesting ingredient, black bean used in brownies! Looks wonderful!

Nammi 6/4/14 17:51

If you hadnt mentioned the black bean I would have thought there were regular brownies.

The Squishy Monster 6/4/14 18:26

I've been meaning to try out the black bean brownie craze and your recipe has inspired me to go for it. It looks so fudgy and rich!

Shelia 6/4/14 19:26

Hi Angie and thank you so much for popping in to see me. Oh, those brownies look so good! I can't imagine using black beans so I'll have to check these out! I'm sure they are pretty healthy too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

mjskit 6/4/14 19:57

I never would have thought of making brownies with black beans, but knowing the natural sweetness of the beans, I can certainly see that it would work. Great idea and fabulous recipe! These look quite moist and chewy - the best kind!

motherrimmy 6/4/14 20:45

What a terrific idea to use black beans to add fiber and nutrition to this well loved treat.

Amy (Savory Moments) 7/4/14 01:22

I'd really like to try these brownies to see how they taste! I have seen brownies and cookies made with beans before and find them very intriguing! These also look very chocolaty - yum!

Beth 7/4/14 02:08

I'm a huge fan of black beans in savoury dishes … I'm not sure how I feel about using it in a dessert!

The Yum List 7/4/14 02:30

Ooh, I have all of those ingredients in my kitchen. I'm going to make a batch today!

foodtravelandwine 7/4/14 02:58

I have to try this!.....absolutely delicious!.......Abrazotes, Marcela

Just a Smidgen 7/4/14 03:55

I'm making more vegan dishes for my daughter these days! I will show her these brownies, it's hard to imagine they started out with black beans! Very cool!

Esther Lau 7/4/14 04:37

Wow, brownies with black beans! I salute you Angie :)

Abbe@This is How I Cook 7/4/14 04:42

I have seen these out there and I will take your word for it. They definitely look yummy!

Gloria Baker 7/4/14 05:42

These look really good Angie I love your brownies:)

Veena Theagarajan 7/4/14 05:58

Angie, yours looks so great.. I hv tried with black chick pea but didn't come out well even after 40 mins of baking it didn't get cooked fully .. hv to try again

tigerfish 7/4/14 11:09

Black beans in brownies? Interesting :)

Barbara 7/4/14 13:34

This is a new one on me, Angie. Can't quite imagine it, but willing to give them a try. They sure look good!

Alida 7/4/14 14:44

WOW. How exotic! An interesting recipe Angie and they must be really tasty indeed. Brava brava as always X

What's Baking?? 7/4/14 15:51

Angie, you managed to get me drool over a much healthier brownie version.. Can indulge without feeling guilty. Thanks fir sharing this wonderful recipe!

Ashley 7/4/14 16:19

I keep seeing recipes for black bean brownies and I am so intrigued by them! I really need to just give it a try - these look great!

Pam 7/4/14 17:20

Only you could make black bean brownies look so pretty and delicious!

Shashi Charles 7/4/14 19:38

These look incredible! Love the melty chips peeking through!

Joyti 7/4/14 21:53

They DO look incredible, not strange at all. Very luscious, yum!

Elisabeth Pregadio 7/4/14 22:38

Angie, I love the banana, the maple syrup, and oats in this amazing brownie recipe. Had you not mention the addition of the black way that anyone could taste the difference. Just makes it more moist and give extra flavor and protein! Looks and tastes super declicious!

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl 7/4/14 22:40

These look incredible and oh so rich! I love me some black bean treats!

Mary Frances 7/4/14 23:40

It's great that these brownies have some nutritional value. A healthy(ish) indulgence!

Liz Berg 8/4/14 01:45

My sister has made a black bean version, I can see why she loved them! Wow!

Norma Chang 8/4/14 02:16

What do you think about using adzuki beans instead of black beans? Keeping the chocolate.

Debra Eliotseats 8/4/14 02:37

I've had a version of these before and I don't think I would know they contained black beans unless someone told me. I love to fool people with food! :)

Reeni 8/4/14 03:10

I would never guess black beans as your secret healthy ingredient Angie! They look so super fudgy and irresistible!

Daniela Grimburg 8/4/14 05:13

I've never tried black beans in sweets but it sounds like o fantastic and creative idea.

Katerina 8/4/14 09:38

They look so smooth inside and so, so tasty!

Shiran @ Pretty. Simple. Sweet. 8/4/14 09:59

Angie, I love the idea of black beans! I'm gonna try these. They look pretty!

Emma @ Fork and Good 8/4/14 12:49

They look so gooey and decadent! Brilliant :D

Priya Suresh 8/4/14 13:36

Brownies looks absolutely gorgeous and simply delicious.

Anonymous 8/4/14 15:17

These black bean brownies sound scrumptious Angie.
have a lovely day.
;-) Mandy xo

Vicki Bensinger 8/4/14 16:29

Angie you come up with some of the most unusual recipes but I have to say I love the sound of these. Who cares about brownie calories with this recipe. You can be sure to eliminate whatever you've eaten, keep all the good nutrients while having enjoyed the great taste. (I know that must sound disgusting). These brownies definitely look moist. I have all the ingredients on hand and plan to try these later today. I can't wait to hear what my family thinks of these. Thanks for sharing.

Angela @ My Golden Pear 8/4/14 21:06

You always have such good ideas and everything always looks so delicious.

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 8/4/14 21:24

This is such a great idea with black beans actually. The brownies look even creamier than the 'normal' kind. Great shots too.

Kitchen Belleicious 8/4/14 22:14

i have heard of black bean brownies! I have never tried them before. I guess I am scared but yours looks so good I can't wait to take that step and give thema go!

Juliana 8/4/14 22:58

OMG Angie, this black bean brownies look amazing...I can only imagine the creaminess of this treats...I love it!
Enjoy your week my dear :D

Man Ridwan 8/4/14 23:06

Wow I never thougt beans in brownies, you always come up with the idea,looks so moist and yummy ;)

Soni 9/4/14 00:46

Oh I'd love to try your recipe since I'm looking to cut down on my saturated fat intake :) Looks delicious!

noobcook 9/4/14 05:33

beautiful set up and photography. they look healthily delicious!

[Reply] 9/4/14 15:38

I love black bean brownies however I have never made them w/ bananas. Great thinking :-)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 9/4/14 20:59

They look so moist and delicious, Angie. A great gluten free treat!

My Little Space 15/4/14 05:50

This recipe sounds really really interesting. Have to bookmark it. Thanks for sharing such lovely post.

Mary Callan 17/4/14 02:22

These are amazing! what fabulous ingredients!!
mary x

Kelly 17/4/14 19:08

These brownies look wonderful - I would never think they were made with black beans and love the healthy alternative. Can't wait to give these a try, thanks for sharing Angie :)

Terra 17/4/14 22:46

I have talked about adding black beans to brownies for way too long. Now with my diet restrictions, I believe it is time to try out this lovely recipe! Hugs, Terra

Kiran @ 19/4/14 19:05

One of my favorite brownies ever. Looks so moist :)

Miss Meat and Potatoes 22/4/14 17:14

Leave it to you Angie to make black beans in a sweet look mouth watering. Super excited to try this as I've really gotten into healthier flour alternatives lately. Thanks for sharing!

[Reply] 24/5/14 22:21

Your killing me softly with all these wonderful recipes.


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