Chinese Cabbage and Leek Salad with Goji Vinaigrette

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This Asian-inspired cabbage salad, packed with vitamins A and C, and full of antioxidants and fiber, combines a half head of thinly sliced Chinese cabbage and leek with a quick vinaigrette prepared with peanut oil and goji berries. You can add some roasted sesame seeds or peanuts for extra crunchiness.

  • 500 g Chinese cabbage, finely shredded
  • A handful of radicchio, finely shredded
  • 120 g Leek, thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp Roasted peanut oil
  • 1 tbsp Sunflower oil
  • 2 tbsp Rice Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Soya sauce
  • 1 tsp Honey
  • 15 g Dried goji berries
  • White pepper powder
  • Sea salt
  1. Finely shred the Chinese cabbage and radicchio. Cut the leek in half lengthwise and wash in water, being careful to check all the layers for hidden dirt. Drain and thinly sliced the leeks. Place the cabbage, radicchio, and leek in a large bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
  2. Meanwhile, make the dressing. In a glass jar, add in peanut oil, sunflower oil, rice vinegar, soya sauce, honey, goji berries, salt and pepper. Put the lid on the jar and shake until well blended. Refrigerate for about an hour. Shake well before using. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss gently to coat. Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds over if using. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Rosa's Yummy Yums 30/12/13 19:34

Colorful, tasty and healthy! A wonderful salad.

Happy New Year!



Alida 30/12/13 19:34

So many beautiful colours in this cabbage. Something heathy during these festivities. We are all eating far too much. Very nice Angie!

Ashley 30/12/13 20:42

I love the sound of this vinaigrette! I need more salads in my life right now : ) Happy New Year friend!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 30/12/13 21:38

This is a really nice salad, like a modern (and way more appealing) coleslaw. Curious to try the goji vinaigrette too. Happy New Year!

Erin | The Law Students Wife 30/12/13 21:56

GORGEOUS Angie! Pass the fork--I want to dig in!

Rebecca Subbiah 30/12/13 23:42

looks so good love the Asian flavors

Bel | Ooh, Look... 30/12/13 23:50

Love the fresh colours in this salad, and good for you, too, as usual.
Hope you have a happy new year, Angie. =)

grace 31/12/13 00:33

i like the beautiful colors in this salad, and the dressing sounds delicious and unique! very festive, angie!

Sam Hoffer @ My Carolina Kitchen 31/12/13 02:43

I love this and it is very similar to a cabbage salad that I make all of the time. Hmm, where I am going to find the goji berries ....

Happy New Year Angie.

Jasna Varcakovic 31/12/13 03:11

Love that combo! All the best in New year!

Geraldine Saucier 31/12/13 03:31

Love the vinaigrette. The salad is so colorful. Great post. Happy New Year.

Velva 31/12/13 03:39

This would be delicious!

Happy New Year Angie! Looking forward to enjoying your posts in 2014.


Abbe@This is How I Cook 31/12/13 04:16

This has healthy written all over it-which is exactly what I need starting January 2nd!

The Yum List 31/12/13 04:34

Happy New Year! Wishing you a great 2014. :-)

Jeanette 31/12/13 05:55

Love the idea of goji in the salad dressing - such a festive looking salad Angie. Happy New Year!

Jeanette 31/12/13 05:56

Love the idea of goji in the salad dressing - such a festive looking salad Angie. Happy New Year!

Ivy 31/12/13 06:38

The salad sounds delicious and very healthy. I just realized that I have never eaten raw leek. Wishing you and your family A Happy New Year!

tigerfish 31/12/13 06:55

Love the Asian spin on this salad!

Medeja 31/12/13 07:15

Sounds like a real vitamin bomb! :) and so colorful!
Happy New Year, Angie!

Lite Home Bake 31/12/13 08:07

Hi Angie! This is really pretty, nice vibrant colors to usher the new year :) Wishing you and your loved ones an amazing year ahead. Happy New Year!

Cass @foodmyfriend 31/12/13 08:49

Goji in salad! Loove it. Such pretty colours too :) Happy New Year Angie.

Alicia Foodycat 31/12/13 11:35

I've had so much rich food over the last week or so, this fresh salad looks like just what my body needs!

Liz Berg 31/12/13 12:03

Oh, my, this is one gorgeous salad, Angie! Perfect antidote to all the holiday sweets!

PS...I think you could use dried cranberries in my cranberry bread. You could keep them dry or reconstitute them. Fresh cranberries are so tart that you might need to adjust the sugar in the loaf...or just plan on it being a dessert :) Happy New Year! Thanks for all the sweet comments this year...much appreciate all your visits!!! xo

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today 31/12/13 12:48

Super healthy and yummy. Perfect beginning of a new year.

lena 31/12/13 14:22

salad sounds superb! all the best for the coming new year!

Jeannie Tay 31/12/13 14:36

You certainly take your salad seriously huh! I don't think I can eat as much salad as you do! Got to pick up this healthy way to eat! Happy New Year to you Angie:D

Amy (Savory Moments) 31/12/13 15:35

This is a really pretty salad, Angie. I love the creative vinaigrette, too!

Chris Scheuer 31/12/13 16:47

This looks so fresh and delicious Angie. I'm totally ready for this kind of food after all the holiday indulging :)

motherrimmy 31/12/13 16:49

What a nice refreshing salad. I don't have goji berries readily available. I'll have to see what I might substitute. Have a wonderful New Year Angie!

My Inner Chick 31/12/13 17:47

Lovely. Healthy. Perfection.

Happy 2014!! LOVE!! xxx

Natalie @ Tastes Lovely 31/12/13 18:54

This salad looks delicious! Will definitely be craving this tomorrow after all the champagne I'll be drinking tonight. Happy New Year!

Elisabeth Foodandthrift 31/12/13 20:08

Angie, such a colorful, vibrant and delicious cabbage salad, and pasta dish to bring out the BEST for the New Year! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xo

Ilke 31/12/13 20:47

Just what I needed to see after two months of non stop carb marathon :)
Wonderful colors.

lisa is cooking 31/12/13 21:22

The goji berry vinaigrette sounds delightful! What a nice, healthy dish for winter.

Sara @ Saucy Dipper 31/12/13 21:29

What colors! I definitely don't have enough cabbage in my life, so this I'd like to try. Happy New Year!

Ann Jones 1/1/14 00:33

Beautiful colors! I love salads, this looks like something I would love :)

Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl 1/1/14 01:11

Beautiful dish! Happy New Year, lots of good luck and cheer to you and your family!

Jessiker 1/1/14 01:27
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes 1/1/14 01:30

This looks so delicious! I love the bright colours and looks like a great way to refresh all those Christmas goodies! Happy New Year when it comes!

the Squishy Monster 1/1/14 02:01

What a fabulously festive salad--love all the colors, flavors, and textures!! A VERY Happy New Year to you and yours, Angie!!

Ann Low 1/1/14 02:18

Hi Angie, I'd definitely love to have this beautiful and healthy salad for our new year holiday after having too much meat in the last few days.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

Layla @ Brunch Time Baker 1/1/14 02:54

This is such a beautiful and colorful salad!! Have a happy new year Angie!

What's Baking?? 1/1/14 14:05

Tasty, yummy, healthy and a sight to behold.. A wonderful salad, Angie. Happy new year!

DaintyMeetsME 1/1/14 14:06

That is so colorful, i love the way it was done

Anonymous 1/1/14 14:36


Amelia 1/1/14 14:54

Hi Angie, your salad look so delightful and refreshing. Lovely combination.
Happy New Year to you and all the best to you in 2014.

Mich PieceofCake 1/1/14 15:23

Love your Asian salad with wolfberries! Colours are so pretty. Wishing you a happy new year!

Gloria Baker 1/1/14 17:16

Angie your salad look wonderful like all your dleicious food!
Happy New Year and delicious récipes :)))))

Cailee Joy 1/1/14 17:39

Wow this looks so amazing!! Fresh, healthy and delicious!! Triple threat!! YUM! Thanks for sharing! Also, happy 2014 :)

Debra Eliotseats 1/1/14 18:51

Love that vinaigrette! Happy New Year!!!!!

Fimère 1/1/14 20:10

une salade rafraîchissante et gourmande
bonne et heureuse année

Joanne 1/1/14 23:51

I've never thought to do much with goji berries besides just eating them the idea of turning them into a dressing!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 2/1/14 00:30

I am very dry for lots of healthy salads to kick off the New Year, Angie and this salad looks beautiful! I've never had goji berries and can't wait to try them.

Happy new year to you!

Gina 2/1/14 00:31

Happy New Year Angie. This salad looks like a perfect way to start a healthy new year. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

Norma Chang 2/1/14 00:56

A novel way to use dried goji berries. Planted goji berries last year hope the plants bear fruits this year.

Anne@FromMySweetHeart 2/1/14 02:02

Beautiful and healthy salad Angie! While I love Chinese cabbage, I've yet to try goji berries! Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of your beautiful creations! : )

noobcook 2/1/14 04:36

nice colours! happy new year!

Asha Shivakumar 2/1/14 06:17

Lovely salad my dear, I need more of this after 2 months of crazy eating.

kitchen flavours 2/1/14 06:40

Hi Angie,
This is such a lovely and healthy salad!
Happy New Year! And a Great 2014!

Anne ~ Uni Homemaker 2/1/14 07:04

I'm intrigued by the goji berry vinaigrette, how creative! My Mom used to use goji berries in soups and I find it a bit odd. I love this way of using them. Gorgeous salad Angie. Happy New Year, my friend. :)

Christy 2/1/14 07:35

This is really simple enough to make, and I like the sound of it! Ingredients are just simple and the recipe is easy enough for even non-cooking folks like me!
Thanks for sharing this tasty and flavorful salad recipe....I am sure it tastes as awesome and colorful as it looks! :-)
Happy New Year Angie, and to cheers to many great things to come! :-)

Anne Regalado 2/1/14 12:53

Angie , the goji vinaigrette sounds delicious ! The salad itself is so colorful and I'm sure it tastes fantastic as it looks !

Wishing you and your family a Happy , Healthy and a Bountiful 2014 !!!

Beth 2/1/14 15:19

A perfectly healthy way to start the New Year!

Claudia 2/1/14 15:48

It's winter and I turn to cabbage. You make this salad so beautiful, I need it on my dinner table. Love the crunch. Happy 2014, Angie! May it bring magic.

Monica 2/1/14 17:55

Angie, I have a head of cabbage in my fridge ready to be cooked up with some carrots and shiitaki mushrooms. It won't be nearly as pretty as your salad though. Looks awesome!

Elzbieta Hester 2/1/14 18:27

I can't get enough of cabbage this year. Time to make a salad. Yours looks fantastic! Thanks, Angie! Happy New Year :) ela

Shashi Charles 2/1/14 19:28

What a beautiful and colorful salad!

Raven Cauthon 2/1/14 19:59

Oh I just love cabbage! It is so delicious! Your salad looks utterly refreshing

Catherine 2/1/14 21:09

Dear Angie, A delicious and healthy salad to begin the year. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Anonymous 2/1/14 21:34

It is dark, cold and wet outside, but your recipe, your pictures make me forget all about that! So gorgeous!

Rosita Vargas 2/1/14 21:49

Exquisita,linda y colorida ensalada me encanta,saludos y Feliz Año 2014,abrazos y abrazos.

wok with ray 3/1/14 03:55

I love the beautiful and vibrant colors of your salad. This is also a great idea to start the new year. Happy New Year to your Angie! :)

sprinklesandsauce 3/1/14 05:35

Beautiful Salad! Love the goji berries!

Katerina 3/1/14 09:09

Goji berrries are my husband's latest love. He will love this vinaigrette! Very Happy New Year to you Angie!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 3/1/14 13:35

Added goji berries in this Chinese cabbage salad, beautiful touch! Happy New Year Angie!

Kathy 3/1/14 15:56

Vibrant, beautiful and healthy…sounds like a perfect salad! I love the goji berries! Happy New Year, Angie!

Michael Toa 3/1/14 16:22

Happy New Year Angie! I hope you had a fantastic celebration and best wishes for 2014!
The salad looks gorgeous and very refreshing. So nice to see a salad after over a month of indulgence. We love goji berries in our house. Mom adds it to her chicken soup and it's so good.

Eva Taylor 3/1/14 17:19

Hi Angie, after all that glutinous eating over the holidays a salad like this is the perfect solution. The Goji berries sound like a great addition too. Happy New Year to you.

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 3/1/14 19:43

I totally overdid it in December, so salads sound really good to me right now! :) Happy New Year!

lily ng 3/1/14 23:23

a very refreshing salad. A very happy new year to you and family

Priscilla | ShesCookin 4/1/14 00:23

Beautiful salad, Angie! I crave salads and love the crunchiness of Chinese cabbage. Happy New Year!

Koko 4/1/14 01:38

Stunning to look at and healthy, too! Sounds like the perfect post-new years meal....happy new year Angie!!

Reeni 4/1/14 03:11

Another gorgeous and tasty salad Angie! I am craving the freshness and crunch! Happy New Year again - wishing you the best in 2014!

mjskit 5/1/14 06:30

What a great salad! I don't remember ever having used uncooked leeks which is weird since I love leeks, but I've always cooked them. I've never had goji berries either. Thanks for sharing this! Hope your new year is off to a great start!

Helene Dsouza 5/1/14 12:55

I like the idea of this salad with radicchio. Plus it looks so inviting with the pretty colors. This is a salad that we will enjoy during the hot summer time. Thank you for sharing Angie! =)

Mary Frances 6/1/14 16:43

Beautiful colors! Sounds delicious!

Our Neck of the Woods 6/1/14 20:21

It sounds delicious and looks so beautiful! I love all the vibrant colors. Great photos!

PS - Thank you for stopping by my blog. Happy New Year to you as well! :)

Karen (Back Road Journal) 6/1/14 21:01

Such a pretty salad, Angie. I haven't seen goji berries in our markets but I heard they have a taste similar of dried cherries which I do have. I'll try using them in your salad. I hope this new year will be a good one for you.

Erica 6/1/14 21:57

Love the combination of flavors and textures,Angie! beautiful dish!

Barbara Bakes 7/1/14 15:02

What a beautiful, colorful salad.

Hema 7/1/14 17:19

Very colorful salad, I am always amazed at the variety of ingredients you use, now these goji berries, I don't know where I can find them now..

Jenn S 8/1/14 13:19

That looks simply divine! It's beautiful, health and I bet it tastes outstanding!!

realrawkitchen 9/1/14 20:36

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful salad!! I love the goji vinaigrette idea.. Happy to have found you!

[Reply] 11/1/14 22:02

I could eat the entire bowl right by myself. I love all of the ingredients in this. I love cabbage!!


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