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A distinctive homemade pearsauce with chai, an Indian black tea combined with natural spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper). It's delicious over pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal. And you can apply it in the baking to replace some or all of the oil, just the way you would with the applesauce.

  • 10 Ripe pears, peeled, cored and coarsely chopped
  • 5 g Chai
  • 100 ml Water
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  1. Fill a tea filter with chai leaves. Combine pears, chai, water, and lemon juice in a large saucepan. Bring it to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, until pears are cooked down to your desired consistency.
  2. Discard chai. Use an immersion blender to process the softened pears until smooth. If you prefer a chunky pear sauce, mash with back of fork or a potato masher. Return the chai to the pureed pear sauce.
  3. Spoon the pearsauce into sterilized jars. Wipe rims clean and seal jars. Cool pear sauce on wire rack to room temperature. Store in refrigerator. Use within 3 weeks. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Kiran @ 31/10/13 06:39

Chai flavors with pears goes so well. Lovely :)

Anne ~ Uni Homemaker 31/10/13 07:00

I love the flavor of this! You certainly don't see a lot of pearsauce in the store, especially with chai. Delicious Angie! :)

Anonymous 31/10/13 09:20

I reckon I could eat this all on it's own Angie. What a brilliant sauce!
:-) Mandy xo

Sokehah cheah 31/10/13 09:52

Think I'd like this to be spread on a slice of toast.....some new taste!

Dajana 31/10/13 10:43

Gorgeous photos, Angie, and your pear sauce must be fantastic

Alicia Foodycat 31/10/13 10:46

That sounds really delicious! I can think of so many ways to use it, too.

Tertúlia da Susy 31/10/13 11:06

Excelente sugestão!
Kiss, Susana

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes 31/10/13 11:11

So simple and perfect for fall Angie! I always thought it strange that there was so much hype about applesauce and not pear.

Veronica 31/10/13 11:43

I would like it spread on my toast for breakfast. Yum!

Ashley 31/10/13 11:49

I definitely do not use pears enough. I've been meaning to recreate this pear bread that I had a few weeks ago and this would be perfect in it!

Lenia 31/10/13 12:08

A delicious sauce! Beautiful pictures as always!

Anonymous 31/10/13 12:29

This is a MUST try!

Jeanette 31/10/13 12:47

Angie, I love the warming spiciness of chai. What a nice addition this would make to oatmeal or on top of some pancakes!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 31/10/13 13:08

I envision lots of uses for this pretty pear sauce.

Unknown 31/10/13 13:20

Ooohhh.... Angie, this sounds delicious... perfect on a nice piece of toast!! YUM!

Vicki Bensinger 31/10/13 13:23

Angie this sounds wonderful. I've actually never purchased chai leaves but the combination of the chai and pear sounds sensational.

I use applesauce when making my banana bread but I think I will try it with your pear sauce. I can wait to try this. Wonderful and creative. Thanks for sharing.

ann low 31/10/13 14:47

Angie, I love your pearsauce. Definitely good to spread on bread :)

Unknown 31/10/13 15:52

This sounds so..... good Angie, I love that chunky version.

RavieNomNoms 31/10/13 16:09

Pear sauce!!! That looks awesome!!

Food For Tots 31/10/13 16:22

Definitely yummy on bread! A good option to substitute oil too. :)

Rosita Vargas 31/10/13 16:31

Ohhh Angie es una crema de pera estupenda, me encantan las compotas de frutas,abrazos.

kitchen flavours 31/10/13 16:37

This is just so beautiful, Angie! I've never thought of using pears! Love it!

Pam 31/10/13 16:49

Oh my - I think I would love this even more than applesauce.

Gloria Baker 31/10/13 17:01

I love these , and love pears look delicious!!

Tricia Buice 31/10/13 17:09

I love pears more than apples so this is going on my 'must make soon' list! You know I adore Chai too so I am thrilled to give it a go!

Shashi 31/10/13 17:47

Wow - pear sauce is delish sounding on its own, but mixed with chai - double wow!
Thanks for sharing

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 31/10/13 18:06

Pears are one of my favorite autumn treats! Your sauce sounds amazing!

Angela 31/10/13 19:20

Oh my goodness - I can just taste how good this is. Nice change from apples.

ela@it's better when I make it myself 31/10/13 20:38

We love warm fruit sauces, especially when it's getting cold and dark out. Thanks for sharing!

Alida 31/10/13 20:47

This is completely new to me. An interesting recipe and very healthy too. It must be delicious and packed with nutrients!

Evelyne CulturEatz 31/10/13 21:18

So lovely, a nice change to boring apple sauce. The spices are perfect with pears.

tigerfish 31/10/13 22:29

Such a unique pear sauce! Speaks autumn to me :)

Gerry @Foodness Gracious 31/10/13 22:30

I haven't used pears this years as much as I'd have like to, but this sounds fantastic. Pears are awesome!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 1/11/13 00:44

I love anything that's spiced with chai! This looks delicious!

Betty 1/11/13 01:58

Chai with pears would be so good! Looks perfect. :)

Abbe@This is How I Cook 1/11/13 03:04

Angie, I love this recipe! Pears and chai seem like a great combo. Pears are such a good price right now, that I can't wait to try this. Great idea!

The Yum List 1/11/13 03:09

Oh my this looks scrumptious and I love your packaging too!

Elisabeth 1/11/13 03:22

Angie, this certainly is the 'pear season'...and pear and chai in a yummy sauce are a 'dream team'...absolutely loving this super yummy sauce! xo

Koko 1/11/13 05:45

This looks DIVINE! Are those a particular type of pear? I've never seen pears so green! I could eat this by the jar!

Unknown 1/11/13 07:18

The smooth and pleasant taste of pears with the spices sound delightful! I would love to have it over pancakes!

My Kitchen Stories 1/11/13 07:37

Beautiful flavours ( and photos). I love using applesauce in baking, but this would be so good

GG 1/11/13 10:47

I love the flavour of chai and it gives a fresh new flavour to the pears. Time to get doing something with all my windfalls. Perfect. GG

Joanne 1/11/13 12:01

The chai spice is so warming and perfect!

Asmita 1/11/13 13:28

This is such a unique flavor combination. I will have to give this a try. Love it!

Susan 1/11/13 15:03

My Kelly just loved Chai and I bet this is just the best thing ever. I make lots of applesauce, but will now make the Pear Sauce. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe, XOXO

Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction 1/11/13 15:11

Love the combination of pear and chai! I would love to try baking with this pearsauce!

Erin | Well Plated 1/11/13 16:47

This is the second homemade pear sauce I've seen this week! It's a sign--I need to make it ASAP :)

Amelia 1/11/13 17:00

Hi Angie, very interesting, look so delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Have a nice weekend.

Daniela Grimburg 1/11/13 17:34

What a cool idea, Angie!
Pears and Chai - sounds like a match made in culinary heaven.

Anonymous 1/11/13 20:23

Oooo this sounds incredible, Angie! I've gotta make this soon!

The Squishy Monster 1/11/13 20:44

I've never had anything like this, it sounds amazing, Angie!

Unknown 1/11/13 21:38

Very interesting and looks so simple Angie. This would be so great for all the baking for the holidays ahead, great job dear. You know I'm pinning this.

Ana Regalado 2/11/13 15:02

Angie , this sauce sounds interesting ! Haven't seen chai yet or maybe I haven't looked hard enough lol

Karen (Back Road Journal) 2/11/13 18:39

Your pear sauce sounds wonderful. Hopefully there will still be some pears in our orchard when I return home from vacation.

Kathy 2/11/13 19:36

Oh what a lovely flavor combination! I’m sure it is heavenly!

My Inner Chick 2/11/13 20:13

beautiful combinations.
lovely presentation!
MMmmm. I want some. Xx

Barbara 3/11/13 13:11

Delicious! I'm going to make that! Lovely photos too.

Erica 3/11/13 13:35

I love pears...this sounds delicious with the chai flavor!

Beth 3/11/13 15:54

Applesauce is so common, and I wonder why we don't see pear sauce more often. Your version with chai looks amazing!

motherrimmy 3/11/13 22:23

What a wonderful use for pears. I love the warming flavor of chai. You had a terrific idea to add it to this sauce. It would be wonderful topping Greek yogurt.

Tessa @ Feral Kitchen 3/11/13 23:58

What a wonderful pear sauce! I love the addition of the chai!

Terra 4/11/13 00:55

I love applesauce, but I am thinking a pear sauce with these flavors would rock! Adding the chai would give the sauce some much love, what a fun addition! Hugs, Terra

Anonymous 4/11/13 06:43

i love chai cheese cake and i guess ilove your pearsauce with chai flavour even more...
well done Anggie!

Monica 4/11/13 15:08

Great idea. I never thought about pears enough. I've been enjoying them right now since they're in season and I love learning all these ways to cook and bake with it.

Ivy 4/11/13 16:13

A great idea. I've made applesauce but never pear sauce. I am definitely going to try it soon.

Angie's Recipes 4/11/13 19:51

I just went to the supermarket and double checked the type of pears..they are called Alexander Lucas, a local produce.

Soni 4/11/13 20:28

Love the Chai flavor here and bet they taste amazing :)

Debra Eliotseats 4/11/13 23:20

Excellent flavor combo. I love the spiciness of chai with lots of things. Great post.

Ann Jones 5/11/13 00:21

Pears are one of my favorite things about the fall. Your sauce looks absolutely delicious!

Reeni 5/11/13 03:03

I love chai - it sounds perfect in this pear sauce Angie! I would love a bowl for dessert!

grace 5/11/13 20:10

i would never eat regular applesauce again if this was in my fridge--what a great combination!

Choclette 5/11/13 21:42

Ooh Angie, what a fab idea to use chai as a flavouring in this sauce. I've never made pear sauce, but think I might try this next time I make apple sauce - sounds delicious.

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 6/11/13 02:33

What a great idea! I have to try this Angie, and the flavours sound so perfect too... chai is ideal for fall. My sons love apple sauce but strangely, I have not made pear sauce. Thank you for the inspiration.

mjskit 7/11/13 04:17

This sounds like a wonderful sauce! Love pears and chai tea and the combination sounds quite tasty. I bet pears poached in Chai tea is quite tasty as well. Love this! Thanks Angie!

Blog do Chocolate 7/11/13 15:32

This sauce must be fantastic, an excellent idea ! :)


Anonymous 8/11/13 22:59

I come just back from my Sea side Holiday & look what I have missed: your tasty recipes! This easy peasy to make chai pear sauce looks smashing, Angie! Beautiful too! xxx

Helene Dsouza 11/11/13 12:16

I want the whole jar NOW! =D

Hema 15/11/13 17:18

Never thought chai and pears would go together, this looks awesome Angie..

Cooking Rookie 21/11/13 07:04

This is how I make applesauce, except that has apples and I don't add anything. Love the touch of adding Chai. And now I also learned a fancy name that makes this simple treat sound much fancier: I will call my applesauce "applesuance" from now on ;-)

Jaime 29/8/15 22:03

Can I water bath can these so they would last longer than three weeks?


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