Beetroot Carpaccio with Apricot and Brie

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This is clearly not something everyone will enjoy, but beetroot is so healthy and should be part of your diet. Thinly sliced kitchen-ready beets lay the foundation for this simple and tasty recipe. It is low in calories, fat and features one of my favorite root vegetables in a beautiful way. Soft-ripened Brie can be replaced with Feta or goat cheese.

  • 2 Beetroot, trimmed and thinly sliced on a mandoline
  • 1/3 Lemon, juiced
  • Sea salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • White Balsamic vinegar
  • 1-2 tbsp Walnut oil
  • 2 Apricots, stoned and diced
  • 50 g Brie
  • Rucola
  1. Using a mandoline, slice the beetroot into a bowl. Add the lemon juice, a little salt and pepper, a large tablespoon of walnut oil and the balsamic vinegar, and mix.
  2. Cut the apricots in half, remove the pits and dice. Cut the Brie into cubes.
  3. Arrange the thinly sliced beetroot onto two serving plates. Scatter the diced apricot, Brie cubes and rucola over. | © 2013 | | © 2013 |


Ilke 1/7/13 05:01

I love beets and goat cheese together but never tried adding apricot like sweet fruit. Definitely new to me. But beets are so sweet, it would not surprise me a bit if this passes for dessert!

Bel | Ooh Look... 1/7/13 05:09

Wow, Angie, the plate of beetroot, apricot and cheese looks absolutely beautiful.

Torviewtoronto 1/7/13 06:34

delicious colourful presentation hope all is well in your end Angie

Anne ~ Uni Homemaker 1/7/13 06:35

What a pretty dish Angie! I can eat a plateful of this. Yum!

Jeannie Tay 1/7/13 07:54

Looks like a very delicious way to eat beetroot, very nicely plated I love those in stacks in the bowls.

Foodycat 1/7/13 07:56

I can just imagine how well the earthy beetroot would work with the salty cheese and sweet fruit! And it is so pretty!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 1/7/13 07:56

Scrumptious! That is a great idea and combination.



Guru Uru 1/7/13 08:42

I am not brie's biggest fan, but this looks way too delicious :D


Mich PieceofCake 1/7/13 08:51

Agree that everyone should try to eat beet root. I enjoy having it as juice. This beet root salad looks delicious and tasty.

Anonymous 1/7/13 09:49

Can't wait to try this when our weather has warmed up again Angie.
:-) Mandy xo

Violeta Pasat 1/7/13 10:46

This dish is so vibrant and has such a lovely presentation!
I didn't eat beetroot before but I must try your recipe,looks so delicious.

Ann Low 1/7/13 10:51

Love this healthy, simple and pretty salad. Great combination!

Beth 1/7/13 11:46

Your photos are always lovely, but these are exceptional! What a beautiful salad, and you've staged it perfectly with the flowers.

Belinda 1/7/13 11:56

You always find the most gorgeous combination!

Veena Theagarajan 1/7/13 12:43

nice colorful salad.. looks so healthy

Man Ridwan 1/7/13 13:09

I just made beets apple salad yesterday,your version sound delicious, i would love to try this recipe soon :)

Cacahuete 1/7/13 13:21

Amazing beet salad, full of colour. Looks absolutely delicious.

Alida 1/7/13 13:25

I just bought lots of beetroot. This fresh and summery recipe is very inspiring. I want to try it. X

Joanne 1/7/13 13:35

What a lovely summer salad! The colors are just gorgeous

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 1/7/13 13:58

Absolutely stunning presentation Angie. I don't think I've ever tasted beetroot.

Susan 1/7/13 15:18

I have never thought of combining beets and apricots, but this looks wonderful and will be so refreshing for summer, XOXO

Daphne Bryson 1/7/13 17:12

Good Afternoon Angie, Thank you so much for visiting Ivy, Phyllis and Me! also for leaving your lovely comment and becoming a follower.
I adore fresh beetroot and I am always looking for a new way to eat it. I love this recipe and I will certainly be trying this.
I feel beetroot is underused and it is such a shame, because it has a nice flavour. I roast beetroot in the oven, slice and sprinkle with sea salt, just lovely.
I have enjoyed my visit Angie and I am following you on g+ and GFC.
I look forward to reading more of your recipes.
Best Wishes to you,

Asmita 1/7/13 17:46

I could go through that plate in a minute. Looks stunning!

GG 1/7/13 17:56

I love beetroot, this looks really stunning. Definitely one to add to the repertoire. Beautiful pictures as usual. GG

Shirley Tay 1/7/13 17:56

I'm a fan of carpaccio, but usually order beef, squid, or fish. In fact, I've just posted some Japanese carpaccio. Would love to try vegetarian style next time :)

Tricia Buice 1/7/13 18:28

This is a must try recipe for me Angie. We adore beets and apricots and honestly all the ingredients. What a creative and beautiful combination!

Angela Darroch 1/7/13 18:30

What a gorgeous combination of colours and flavours.

Mr. & Mrs. P 1/7/13 18:33

We have been on a beet kick lately... Need to try this wonderful combination!

Monica 1/7/13 19:09

Adore the vibrant colors and your healthful recipes, Angie!

Pilar. Cook and Spoon 1/7/13 19:42

This dish is full of colour and flavour. I love beets so This is perfect for me.

Priya Suresh 1/7/13 22:13

I dont mind inviting myself to ur place to have this health carpaccio.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 1/7/13 23:53

I love beef carpaccio so I know I'd enjoy this tremendously! It's gorgeous, Angie!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 2/7/13 00:55

Gorgeous dish! I just started eating beets this year--I don't know what took me so long!

Julie 2/7/13 02:52

This is beautiful. I love beets, I am pinning this one to try soon!

Liz Berg 2/7/13 03:12

I adore beets and this is one terrific salad! I wish I could find decent fresh apricots, but I'd be happy to use peaches in their stead :)

Anonymous 2/7/13 03:13

I have not had beet root believe it or not. It's usually not available here. I must look for it though. This dish sounds amazing!!

Daniela Grimburg 2/7/13 04:01

What an elegant summer dish.
I love the creative combination of flavors and textures!

Amy 2/7/13 05:09

Love your delightful carpaccio. So refreshing and easy to prepare. :)

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes 2/7/13 05:16

I'm not sure whether I'll like this dish but I certainly like the pictures :)

Juliana 2/7/13 06:01

Angie, this beetroot dish looks so pretty, although I never had it raw, like the combination with Brie...perfect during summer days.
Have a lovely week :D

Abbe@This is How I Cook 2/7/13 06:06

Angie, Love this! I'm getting out my mandolin! This is not only a showstopper, I'll bet it tastes heavenly!

Lite Home Bake 2/7/13 09:32

Ok, i will be a good girl and finish up those beets if they come looking as pretty as yours :))

Blog do Chocolate 2/7/13 11:33


As a matter of fact I like beetroot, its flavour and colour... pure seduction when included is certain dishes like yours !
I loved your carpaccio, fantastic ! :)



Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen 2/7/13 11:40

I'm not really that fond of beets but I will try this flavor combination!

Anonymous 2/7/13 12:53

MMMM, Angie! I love it so much too! I am a big beetroot lover! Your salad looks fabulous, sweety! xxx


jehanne@thecookingdoctor 2/7/13 15:20

i wasnt a big fan of beets until recently, now i love its splash of red esp in salads! Love your pics Angie!

bellini 2/7/13 15:58

Such gorgeous colours and a kaleidoscope of flavours for a well balanced salad.

Emma @ Fork and Good 2/7/13 16:16

I actually really like beetroot - i even juice it! So this looks great. so colourful and pretty. Love the addition of brie as well, so tasty! I love your photography, something to aspire too :)

motherrimmy 2/7/13 19:00

I'm hosting a craft party next weekend. I know exactly what will be on the menu. Lovely appetizer!

Tammy 2/7/13 19:31

Hi Angie! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
This dish is so pretty and elegant looking. I don't think I have ever tried beat root before but the way you fancied it up I would love to try it!


Anonymous 2/7/13 19:56

Impressive vegan"carpaccio"
simple ingredients with a WOW factor
good job Angie!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 2/7/13 20:17

I do enjoy (as a grown up) beetroot. I think this carpaccio looks amazing. I had a delicious similar appetizer a while back in a restaurant. Yours looks even better.

Rebecca Subbiah 2/7/13 23:45

looks great to me love the tangy beetroot with the apricot

Rosita Vargas 3/7/13 00:23

Estupenda receta de remolacha se ve muy exquisita me encanta,saludos y abrazos.

Erica 3/7/13 01:43

What a beautiful dish,Angie! Healthy, colorful and wonderful flavors!

Elisabeth Foodandthrift 3/7/13 02:17

I love beets in any salad, or by itself as a side-dish. Yours Angie, is divine! Love the addition of the apricots, and the white balsamic vinegar which I always have on hand. Beautiful presentation, as always! Photos are superb...but you knew that:)

Norma Chang 3/7/13 02:51

Cool idea with beets, apricots and cheese. My beets are growing well so will be making your dish.

Julia | 3/7/13 04:52

I love beets!!! Very creative recipe! I usually just eat it in a salad with mayo but your dish looks restaurant worthy! Pinned!

Karen Harris 3/7/13 05:14

I love beets! What gorgeous recipe. I can't wait to try it.

Kiran @ 3/7/13 05:15

Looks way too pretty to eat, Angie!! Wow :D

Gloria Baker 3/7/13 06:04

this look amazing and delicious I love beets!!

kankana 3/7/13 07:02

That is a lovely light beetroot dish! Quick and easy too.

Cass @foodmyfriend 3/7/13 12:07

I adore beetroot. I had a beetroot juice this morning! It makes Tyler literally gag though - random. I love the look of this salad and will be adding it to the lunch list :)

My Kitchen Stories. 3/7/13 12:32

A lovely combination Angie...oh how I love beetroot. Perfect raw and with a touch of walnut oil

Brooke Schweers 3/7/13 12:58

Beautiful and elegant dish. Perfect to serve at a dinner party, yours looks very professional. I only worry about getting beetroot EVERYWHERE which tends to happen every time I try and cook with it. Oh well will be fun trying to slice it on a mandoline!

Katerina 3/7/13 13:17

I love beetroot and I would definitely enjoy this!

The Yum List 3/7/13 13:26

Beetroot is one of my favourite veges!

Barbara 3/7/13 14:25

My mother used to make something like this, Angie, but she used eggs and not apricots. I imagine beets and apricots are marvelous together. Lovely salad!

Tasty Trix 3/7/13 16:36

Love this - and what excellent knife skills!!!

Nancy/SpicieFoodie 3/7/13 17:06

I love beets and this is a fantastic way of preparing and enjoy them. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie G 3/7/13 17:22

So fresh and healthy, I love this!

Ivy 3/7/13 17:33

I love beetroots and the combination sounds amazing!

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 3/7/13 20:32

What a gorgeous starter or side -- I love beetroot so I would be all over this one. The touch of brie sounds just perfect too. Lovely complimentary ingredients here Angie.

Roz Corieri Paige 3/7/13 22:18

As you said Angie, beets aren't for everyone, but that just leaves more for beet fanatics like me! What a beautiful beet salad and your presentation is so artistic and beautiful! Pinned and google+'d for you!!!


Amelia 4/7/13 04:52

Hi Angie, your food presentation always look so attractive and beautiful. Love the yellow flowers, so cute and pretty.
Very inviting appetizer, great combination.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Dawn Yucuis 4/7/13 05:05

What a beautiful dish. I do like beets and this looks amazing.

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes 4/7/13 06:05

Every single ingredient in this salad is AWESOME! Really great recipe Angie.

Christine Ho 4/7/13 08:36

Love having beetroot to go with any sandwiches or make salad. It's very yummy and healthy.

Lenia 4/7/13 09:34

I love the way you turn humble ingredients to wonderful dishes!
Sheer magic!!!And most important:I love your blog because your recipes are REALLY healthy!
Congrats,dear Angie!

Helene Dsouza 4/7/13 11:53

mhmm and topped with Balsamic Vinegar!! what a feast Angie, I can imagine how well the brie and apricots go with the beetroot. Super healthy whole dish too!

Anne Regalado 4/7/13 14:37

I love roasted beets but haven't tried it in a salad yet . This salad look really great ! Love the flavor combo . Gorgeous presentation and photos as always !

Hema 4/7/13 17:04

I don't know what rucola is, but the dish looks awesome..

Jean | 4/7/13 17:33

Angie, what a beautiful combination of colors, flavors and textures!

lisa is cooking 4/7/13 18:56

I love the color of the beets with the apricots and brie! Looks light, healthy, and tasty.

lena 5/7/13 18:40

i think anyone who doesnt really like beetroots would not mind to eat your beetroot carpaccio...too pretty!!

Reeni Pisano 6/7/13 02:43

I am one who would enjoy this Angie - I love beets! Never had them with brie - sounds like a wonderful combo!

Oksana 6/7/13 06:25

You're right, now everyone likes beets but how can they not? They are so good and so good for you! Love this, I imagine the combination with slightly tangy apricots is amazing.

Christie Daruwalla 6/7/13 15:11

This recipe is soooo for me! I love all the ingredients in it. So happy to have seen it this morning.

Gina 6/7/13 18:06

Lovely! Local markets always red and yellow beets. This is a definite to do for me. Thanks.

Balvinder Ubi 6/7/13 19:00

What a great looking appetizer!

Gourmet Getaways 7/7/13 00:27

Oh Yum! Beetroot and goats cheese is one of my favourite flavour combinations :) This looks so good :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 7/7/13 16:26

I always look forward to fresh beet season when I can buy them from the farmers' market. I grew up eating beets at home so no need to twist my arm :) Love this beautiful salad!

Terra 8/7/13 06:17

So beautiful! Love the flavors combined in your recipe:-) What lovely recipe, and I love how I can grab most of the ingredients at our local farmers market! Beautiful, Hugs, Terra

Jeanette 8/7/13 14:37

Angie - love your presentation - looking forward to trying beet carpaccio when I get some beetroots in my CSA Box - always looking for new ideas.

Vicki Bensinger 9/7/13 04:54

This does look wonderful. I use to hate beets with a passion then one day I fell in love with them and can't seem to get enough of them. Great recipe and perfect anytime of year.

Pachecopatty 9/7/13 19:23

Great combination of beets and apricots-never would have thought of this one in a salad-looks delicious ;)

Viviane Bauquet Farre 13/7/13 01:12

Love, love, love this salad, Angie! And by the looks of how many comments you got, I'm not the only one!

Stephanie @ henry happened 18/7/13 17:57

your recipes are always mouthwatering! I love the look of beetroot, that's such a yummy color!

The Duo Dishes 24/7/13 06:51

The beets are gorgeous on that plate!

Pola M 25/7/13 05:27

Have to try this beetroot! Looks delicious!

Ann Jones 26/7/13 14:38

This looks so bright and inviting. Plus I love brie, yum :) Great recipe!

Yvette 23/9/13 09:42

This beetroot carpaccio with apricot is one of the easy and best carpaccio recipe you can make at any special occasions like birthday.


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