Gluten Free Green Pea Muffins with Poppy and Mozzarella | © 2013 |

A gluten free muffin recipe using dried ground green peas, poppyseeds and buffalo Mozzarella. Dried peas, a small but nutritionally mighty member of the legume family, are gluten free, low GI, low in fat and high in protein. They contain soluble fibre that helps to optimise cholesterol and rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

  • 300 g Dried shelled green peas
  • 40 g Poppy seeds
  • 1 tsp Dried curry leaves
  • 1 tsp Sea salt
  • ½ tsp White pepper powder
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 500 ml Sparkling water
  • 12 Mini buffalo Mozzarella
  1. Grind the dried shelled green peas into flour-like consistency. Prepare a 12-cup muffin tin and line with paper or silicone liners.
  2. Whisk together the pea flour, poppy seeds, dried curry leaves, sea salt, white pepper powder and baking powder in a mixing bowl.
  3. Gradually whisk in the sparkling water until well combined and smooth. Divide the batter into the prepared muffin cups. Top each muffin with a mini Mozzarella. Bake in the cold fan-assist oven at 140C/280F for 40 minutes. | © 2013 |


Mich Piece of Cake 9/4/13 07:40

I love the colour of these muffins. The green is so gorgeous. I can imagine the flavour of the peas going with the aromatic curry leaves and crunchy poppy seeds.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 9/4/13 08:10

A great idea! Those muffins must taste wonderful.



The Café Sucré Farine 9/4/13 08:43

Green Pea muffins, wow, they look delicious and I think I HAVE to make them not only because I love peas but also they match with my kitchen! :)

OohLookBel 9/4/13 09:26

I didn't realise that you can grind up green peas like this. It's a great idea for gluten-free, and the color is lovely, as well.

Medeja 9/4/13 09:26

What a lovely color! I don't think I have seen dried green peas shelled, or is that some kind of lentils?

Angie Schneider 9/4/13 09:33

@MedejaThey are just like green split peas.

Top Cuisine avec Lavi 9/4/13 10:06

Looks delicious! Great recipe!

Rita Bose 9/4/13 11:01

Muffins look divine and so cheesy! Awesome clicks! :)

Katerina 9/4/13 11:34

Beautiful green muffins! They must be very tasty with the poppy seeds!

StephenC 9/4/13 12:03

This is the coolest idea for baking I have seen in a long time.

Belinda 9/4/13 12:05

A gluten free, savory muffin! This is most unusual!

Lite Home Bake 9/4/13 12:10

A very unique muffin, besides being gluten and eggs free, there is curry leaves too. Love the color and how fluffy they look!

Anne Regalado 9/4/13 12:30

Angie , those muffins are so pretty ! Just love the green color :D They are savoury as well . drooool !

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 9/4/13 12:46

The green of the peas and the black of the poppy seeds just pop on this pretty muffins Angie. And savory, which I prefer. Yum, yum.

Joanne 9/4/13 13:28

I love that these have a savory edge to them! And that they are so gorgeously green!

Esther Lau 9/4/13 14:18

Angie, I love your idea of using green pea for muffins. The colour is beautiful and must be tasty :)

Anonymous 9/4/13 14:20

What a great idea!

lena 9/4/13 15:01

such pretty colour! i'm delighted to see that the grinded green pea being used for making muffins! they look so attractive!

Velva 9/4/13 15:35

Angie, what a great idea! Beautiful.


wok with ray 9/4/13 15:59

I am looking at the ingredients and I thought. . . what a great combination. The green peas gave the muffins nice colors. :)

Golubka 9/4/13 16:00

Wow! You are a genius! I have 2 bags of dried green peas in my pantry left from making multicolored snacks with my daughter. Now I know what to do with them, thank you. Not sure where to buy curry leaves yet, perhaps Indian store? Anyway, I'm so glad that I stopped by, such a wonderful blog you have here!

Gina Stanley 9/4/13 16:17

I love the natural green color on these Angie. I too am a carb lover and this is so great they are gluten free. Hope you week is going good.

ahu 9/4/13 16:35

How cute! I love all the savory baked goods popping up recently...

Pam 9/4/13 16:56

They look like spring to me!

Veena Theagarajan 9/4/13 17:35

must try recipe :-) so yummy

Tricia @ Saving room for dessert 9/4/13 17:58

Hey Angie - I'm not sure who gets to enjoy all your beautiful creations but they are very lucky! This is so creative and beautiful and healthy. You are my hero!

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today 9/4/13 18:24

Healthy muffins, so one does not feel bad about eating 6 of them :)

Mr. & Mrs. P 9/4/13 18:32

What a great idea.. Love the green color with the tiny speckles of the poppy!!

Mr. & Mrs. P

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 9/4/13 18:45

These are so pretty--I love the cheese baked in the middle!

Angie Schneider 9/4/13 19:13

@Golubka Yes, it can be found in Indian stores, but other dried herbs will work great too.

Dara Reppucci 9/4/13 20:56

What creative muffins! The color is fabulous.

RavieNomNoms 9/4/13 22:01

These look super tasty! I love the color and I just adore poppyseeds :-D. I love savory muffins, I will have to try this one

Finla 9/4/13 22:50

I am in love with the color of those muffins.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 9/4/13 23:04

I love how we were both seeing green this past week I love peas, both dried and fresh. These beautiful muffins sounds delicious and I love bit of curry in them too. Great recipe!

Anonymous 9/4/13 23:12

You come up with the most amazing creations! These are lovely my friend!

Priya Suresh 9/4/13 23:46

The colour of the muffin itself is very pleasing and attractive,delicious.

Claudia 10/4/13 01:40

Dried peas! What a grand idea. I feel healthy just reading this and green is very appealing today. We are bracing for a snowstorm. (Love the mozzarella in it - but that's a given.)

Kitcheninspirations 10/4/13 01:59

What an interesting recipe, I had no idea green peas were so high in nutrition. You are very creative to come up with such a unique muffin.

Jasna Varcakovic 10/4/13 03:25

Interesting looking and healthy...Love all ingredients!

Liz Berg 10/4/13 03:29

Such beautiful, savory muffins! Love the mozzarella balls in each of them...visually interesting as well as yummy!

Barb Bamber | Just a Smidgen 10/4/13 04:08

Wow.. this is the most creative gluten free muffin I've seen. I love that you used dried peas as your "flour" base.. and the savory flavor must have been just wonderful. Not to mention.. they're so pretty!! xx

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 10/4/13 04:39

This is one of the best gf ideas for a muffin I´ve seen! I see pea flour in the store and never know what to do with it. Great recipe Angie!

Juliana 10/4/13 04:41

Very creative Angie...I love the color and the combination of poppy seed and the mozzarella in the center...beautiful pictures.
Hope you are having a great week :)

Tessa 10/4/13 05:39

What beautiful savory muffins! Love the color and the choice of ingredients!

Koko 10/4/13 05:40

Ahhh! I love the colour- perrrrfect for Spring! These are so cool. Gluten-free, too, it doesn't get any better!

Jess @ Bakericious 10/4/13 06:15

Angie, did I see wrongly no sugar added in? oh this is so suitable for me if I am going to start my diet plan, thanks!

TasteHongKong 10/4/13 07:09

Great! Won't have any guilt to eat more then : ).

Jeannie Tay 10/4/13 08:30

Wow! That looks good! I love the color too and using green bean flour is very interesting! got to try this too!

Scrambled Megs 10/4/13 09:03

i love these - they are different and look so funky as well! hope all is well x

Grubarazzi 10/4/13 11:19

What a COOL recipe! Gotta try this.

easyfoodsmith 10/4/13 11:53

What a creative healthy recipe!! Thanks for sharing.

Bread and Companatico 10/4/13 12:24

incredible!!! I often have problems with legumes but peas are different. will look for dried ones next time I go to the market. amazing recipe!!!

kitchen flavours 10/4/13 13:14

Delightful muffins, Angie! I like the look of the vibrant green!

Rauf Arshad 10/4/13 14:09

Truley like the Pea Muffins its a healty and currently safe for the diet persons , a fan of Angies recipes from UK

The Squishy Monster 10/4/13 17:14

Ooh YUM! love the lush color too!

Rosita Vargas 10/4/13 18:57

Delicioso y lindo me encanta...Genial Angie...hugs,hugs..

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 10/4/13 19:40

Just with the pic I thought it was matcha, but peas are a lovely surprise in a muffin. Would go great with the sweet pea cocktail I made at easter lol.

teresa 10/4/13 20:52

i'm all about a cheesy center, YUM!

Gourmet Getaway 10/4/13 22:25

Oh my god!!! These look so delicious! At first I thought it was going to be a spinach muffin but the pea and mozzarella was a complete surprise!!! I HAVE to make these :) Gorgeous photo too :)

Stephanie @ henry happened 11/4/13 03:01

These sounds so delicious! The color is beautiful too!

motherrimmy 11/4/13 03:34

You have the most creative recipes. I'm a muffin fiend, but have never made a savory type muffin. It's time I gave it a try.

Abbe@This is How I Cook 11/4/13 06:19

Angie, how do you come up with this stuff and make it look so good? I might try the wasabi peas for this!

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes 11/4/13 08:30

Hey, Angie, this is a unique recipe.... never thought of making muffins with green pea powder! You're a genius!

Ann@Anncoo Journal 11/4/13 10:11

Angie, these little free green pea muffins look very pretty. I've never thought of adding green pea powder into muffins. Good job!

Caroline - All That I'm Eating 11/4/13 12:11

These sound so good. I'd love to make some to take to work, love the colour of them too.

Gloria Baker 11/4/13 15:47

When I saw these I think, delicious, beauty, perfect and yummy!
I love green peas and these look amazing Angie:)

Beth 11/4/13 18:11

What a healthy muffin alternative!

Karen (Back Road Journal) 11/4/13 19:42

What a beautiful shade of green and they must taste as good as they look.

Nisa Homey 11/4/13 21:27

Love, love, love the color of muffins....did I mention earlier that you-are-a-genius...wish I could taste one :(

Reeni Pisano 12/4/13 02:28

These are so inspired Angie! What beauties these are with the green pea flour and the mozzarella! Irresistible.

Dawn Yucuis 12/4/13 04:54

Sounds very interesting. They look like they would be very tasty!

EA 12/4/13 06:20

I am so intrigued by these muffins! Love peas (had pea fritters tonight), so will definitely have to try!

Sanjeeta kk 12/4/13 11:03

Such an innovative recipe this is, the colors and the green speckled muffins!

Mary Moh 12/4/13 11:07

Love the colour of your green and beautiful, dotted with the poppy seeds. They just freshen up my computer screen :D

Anonymous 12/4/13 11:09

MMMM, Angie! these special muffins look very apart, alternative & must be very appetizing & tasty too!

Kathy 12/4/13 15:33

Oh Angie, These are gorgeous and look delicious. I love the mozzarella balls popped into the middle. I’m sure the flavor is wonderful. I will have to give these a try!

Anonymous 12/4/13 16:20

You've always surprised me with your food combination angie,
green pea is veggie on my old school brain and you've twist it into a muffin....
btw why the oven should be cold temperature? is't it make the muffin dried out?

Daniela Grimburg 12/4/13 18:19

Angie, they look so pretty and I'm sure they taste as good as they look!
Didn't know that dried peas had so many health benefits, a big additional plus.
Thanks for sharing!

Angie Schneider 12/4/13 18:35


I don't know whether cold oven baking makes the baked goods dried out or not, I did so because I didn't want to waste the energy and it's even quite common for pound cakes to start in a cold oven.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 12/4/13 22:41

These crumbly little muffins look so springy and cute, Angie! I could totally go for one for an afternoon snack. Thanks for sharing!

Julia | 13/4/13 02:35

I would've never thought to use green peas in a muffin. But now that you explained it (gluten free, etc.) it makes sense. And muffins look pretty, too!

Jenn Kendall 13/4/13 03:29

i'm in love with that gorgeous color! these are so ridiculously creative, i bet they taste absolutely wonderful!

Amy 13/4/13 05:56

These pea muffins are so much fun. I love the green color in them. :)

Klasik Mobilya 13/4/13 10:59

This look soo delicious!Thanks for sharing!

Lisa H. 13/4/13 12:13

and I thought it was green tea when I first look at it, hehehe... but muffin made from green peas.
Fantastic photos and I am sure muffins tasted good too :D

Elisabeth Foodandthrift 13/4/13 15:37

Never in my wildest dreams have I ever seen, or tasted such a creative and delicious muffin with green peas?...amazing, and genius!

Toni | Boulder Locavore 13/4/13 16:50

Angie I was so excited to see something gluten free pop up on my latest subscription email to your blog! I have always loved your food (starting with those Bacon Pistashio Cookies so long ago; remember that?) but love that you have a baked good I could eat! Fantastic. And so creative.

Susan 13/4/13 18:12

I'm so into cooking with veggies (after all, I made the sauerkraut cake!) and these look like something to try. Love the colour, XOXO

mjskit 13/4/13 23:03

What interesting flavors in one bite! This is one of those muffins that you would bite into a get a burst of flavors that you weren't expecting. WOW! Sounds uniquely delicious!

Alida 14/4/13 00:26

They look lovely! These are great to take as packed lunch. I think my daughter would love them. Lovely presentation as usual!x

All Clad Cookware 14/4/13 06:03

he foods are really healthy and easy to make. I’m gonna try cooking this at home. This makes me excited! Thank you so much.

Kiran @ 15/4/13 07:55

I've never had a savory muffins before. And this has curry leaves in it?! Bravo my friend :)

Amy 15/4/13 22:49

I didn't realize you could use dried green peas as flour -- that's so creative and brilliant! They sound so healthy and look so vibrant, and I'm sure the mozzarella gives them the perfect finishing touch. Yum!

Roz Corieri Paige 15/4/13 23:31

Perfect for spring Angie! Muffins with sweet spring green peas! With the mozzarella, they must be heavenly!


Terra 16/4/13 04:10

Green is my most favorite color, and these are truly the prettiest muffins! What a gorgeous recipe, I need to make them:-) Hugs, Terra

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 16/4/13 20:53

These are gorgeous Angie! At first I thought it was matcha creating that beautiful color; love the peas and would have never thought to add mozzarella here - such a great idea!

Geni 17/4/13 19:02

These lovely savory muffins are such a verdant green!

My Little Space 20/4/13 15:06

My goodness, you're simply genius. These muffins are gorgeous & healthy. Something new to try on. Kudos!

Patty Price 20/4/13 18:16

Angie-your green pea muffins have to be the prettiest green color I've seen in a muffin!

Amy (Savory Moments) 23/4/13 13:27

Angie - these are so creative and look really spectacular!

tigerfish 23/4/13 22:52

Very creative to use ground dried green peas for muffins. I only remember them being used in cookies.

The Experimental Cook 26/4/13 04:28

I love this green. It is a good alternative from green tea green.

Jeremy Sandor 1/12/13 23:07

What exactly is a cold-fan assist oven? Would a regular oven require a different temperature/cooking time?

Angie Schneider 2/12/13 05:11

@Jeremy Sandor
To bake those muffins, you don't have to preheat the oven...bake them with cold oven, but with fan on. My oven is a regular one..but you can also try to preheat the oven to 160C/320F and bake 20 minutes.


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