Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Black Forest Bacon Bits

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Chunky cauliflower florets and salty, smoky black forest bacon meld together so well in this satisfying creamy cauliflower soup. Make this warming and comforting soup for lunch or supper that's sure to warm you up on the chilliest nights. The soup thickens as it stands, so if you make it ahead of time, thin as needed with extra stock.

  • 600 g Cauliflower, stalks discarded and cut into smaller florets
  • 1 Large potato, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 1 Leek, white part only, chopped
  • 2-3 tbsp Olive oil
  • 600 ml Vegetable stock
  • 250 ml Soya milk
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 125 g Black forest bacon bits
  1. Put the cauliflower, potato and leek in a large saucepan with olive oil. Gently heat the vegetables until they start to sizzle, then cover with a lid and sweat at low heat for 5-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. The vegetables should be softened but not coloured. Reserve a few florets to garnish finished soup.
  2. Pour in the vegetable stock and soya milk. Bring to a simmer, then gently cook for 10-12 minutes until the cauliflower is tender. Purée until smooth either with a stick blender or in batches in a food processor. Add in the reserved cauliflower florets and nutmeg, reheat gently, and adjust seasoning if necessary. | © 2011 |


OohLookBel 3/12/12 06:44

How fantastic that you can use soy milk (great for those lactose-intolerants). I've been to the Black Forest but missed out on their bacon :( It looks very delicious!

Susan 3/12/12 06:54

I'm definitely going to try this! My mother loved cauliflower soup and the use of soy milk will keep it vegan sans the bacon! Beautiful presentation:-D

Mich - Piece of Cake 3/12/12 07:31

Love the idea of using soy milk for the creaminess. And those bacon bits look extremely inviting...

Rosa's Yummy Yums 3/12/12 07:33

A wonderful soup! So flavorful and enjoyable.



Anonymous 3/12/12 08:23

This would be a huge hit in our home Angie - delicious.
:-) Mandy

StephenC 3/12/12 08:32

Obviously delicious, truly marvelous.

Unknown 3/12/12 08:47

the bacon is definitely a must... stunning photos!

Baker Street 3/12/12 10:18

Love the bacon bits on top! What a delicious recipe, Angie!

Finla 3/12/12 11:42

Super delicious soup and i would love to hav those bacon bits too :-)

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 3/12/12 12:14

Love the pinch of nutmeg and the bacon on top would make it all the more special. You need something warm in the Black Forest. We've been there in December. Beautiful, but burr.

Alicia Foodycat 3/12/12 12:21

How perfect! I love black forest ham but I haven't tried black forest bacon.

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 3/12/12 12:43

This is the perfect cauliflower soup, no cream and some bacon! Love this recipe Angie

Heather S-G 3/12/12 12:46

That looks ridiculously good, Angie. good that I'm going to dream about it. YUM!

Belinda @zomppa 3/12/12 13:06

This is a perfect autumnal/winter soup! Warms the belly.

Priya Suresh 3/12/12 13:45

Super comforting soup,will definitely keeps me warm.

rita cooks italian 3/12/12 15:55

This soup looks warm and tasty !! I am not a big fun of cauliflower because of its slightly mild flavour, but it works well in your recipe combined with leek and bacon.....

RavieNomNoms 3/12/12 16:18

I love how you served this in a mug! I eat soup out of a mug all the time, something comforting about it!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 3/12/12 16:19

I love cauliflower soup and this looks like a beautiful one! So creamy and delicious. :)

Ana Regalado 3/12/12 16:52

Angie , bacon ?! I'm shocked ! lol One of your gorgeous looking soup so far ! Thinking of that delectable black forest bacon bits makes me drool :D

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 3/12/12 18:20

I think this is made for me! I love everything about it. And bacon to boot - not something you find here everyday!

Kitcheninspirations 3/12/12 18:30

An absolutely wonderfully comforting soup. I can see how the smokey salty bacon would just take it over the top. Of course, just a cup wouldn't satisfy me.

Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself 3/12/12 20:27

Your soup looks divine my friend :)

Choc Chip Uru

Suzie 3/12/12 20:36

I have been on a soup kick lately and this one sounds fantastic. I must make it soon! :)

Nancy 3/12/12 21:45

Sounds like a great combination of flavours! Love your photos and they make me want to dig right in.

Pam 3/12/12 22:28

It looks creamy and delicious - I especially love the bacon bits on top!

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 4/12/12 01:39

Looks so good, love the contrast of the bacon with the creamy cauliflower.

Karen (Back Road Journal) 4/12/12 02:12

This sounds like a delicious and warming soup for this time of the year.

FiSh 4/12/12 02:19

wow that's a creative soup you have! at the first glance, i thought it was some custard with toppings :) thats so thoughtful of you!

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Anonymous 4/12/12 02:35

What a great way to make use of Cauliflower! I find cauliflower to often be bland of flavor. Have you ever tried a Cauliflower mashed "potato"?

Kathy 4/12/12 02:50

This soup looks so creamy and delicious!! Love it!!

Velva 4/12/12 03:14

Cauliflower is so creamy when blended...very comforting the black forest crumbles perfect.

Happy Holidays to you Angie.


mjskit 4/12/12 05:22

What a delicious soup! Love the combo of cauliflower, potato and leeks, and then the Black Forest bacon bits - perfect!

Jennifer Kendall 4/12/12 05:52

so wonderfully creamy and flavorful! absolutely perfect for a dreary day like today!

Cass @foodmyfriend 4/12/12 06:28

Everything you make looks so amazing!

The Duo Dishes 4/12/12 07:35

That potato really helps to add the creamy texture to the soup. Lovely!

Anonymous 4/12/12 09:22

Healthy and comfort soup.

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Happy to follow you. I hope you'll follow me back.

Katerina 4/12/12 09:26

These little bacon bites on top made me so hungry for this soup!

Beena 4/12/12 09:44
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beena 4/12/12 09:47

Good soup . Am following u .Glad if u follow me back

Barbara 4/12/12 13:14

That looks delicious, Angie. Super recipe and I love the bacon bits!

What's Baking?? 4/12/12 13:21

Lovely creamy soup. Look so good.

Rumana Rawat 4/12/12 13:50

I can bet!! this must have tasted awesome...

Norma Chang 4/12/12 13:51

A big bowl of this soup and a thick slice of your homemade bread slathered with butter, heavenly. I am drooling just dreaming about it.

Bread and Companatico 4/12/12 15:30

I love your kitchen towels! want some for Christmas. beautiful shots and that bacon on top of a yummy creamy soup sounds just like heaven. creaminess and crunchyness combined...

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 4/12/12 16:07

Love the addition of leek to the cauliflower here... and, oh yeah, the bacon sounds pretty wonderful too! ;-).

GG 4/12/12 16:39

your soup looks great, I love cauliflower and the Black Forest Bacon bits would be amazing. GG

QembarDelites 4/12/12 16:45

Looks so delicious! those bacons bits sure add extra flavor to the soup huh!

Sue 4/12/12 18:42

Perfect comfort food for winter weather!

Parsley Sage 4/12/12 20:10

All you gotta do is say 'bacon' and I'm knocking on your door for a helping! This soup looks wonderful :)

Swathi 4/12/12 21:29

I haven't tried cauliflower soup yet, this one is really tempting. Yumm.

Asmita 4/12/12 23:06

This soup sounds heavenly! Please send me some!

Yasmeen 4/12/12 23:59

Looks delicious, Angie! My husband is the king of cauliflower - he absolutely loves the stuff. Here in Melbourne our weather is insanely unpredictable. Yesterday was 38c, today is somewhere around 17 and rainy! So, if this weather sticks around, this beautiful recipe will be on the cards!

Amy (Savory Moments) 5/12/12 01:24

We love cauliflower and your soup looks wonderful. Perfect for a cold day!

Amelia 5/12/12 01:35

Hi Angie, this soup look interesting. As usual excellent photography and presentation. :)

Have a nice day.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 5/12/12 02:19

I made cauliflower soup for dinner tonight. I added mussels, but bacon would have been just as wonderful! Looks fantastic!

Juliana 5/12/12 02:56

Oh Angie, this soup just look and sound perfect for me now...especially with the little pieces of bacon on top :)
Have a wonderful week!

Amanda 5/12/12 04:08

oh yummy! this looks soooooo good!

chow and chatter 5/12/12 04:37

this looks wonderful and love the use of soy milk

My Little Space 5/12/12 09:41

And not to miss out garlic bread....Slurppppp....
Hope you're enjoying your day dear. It's rainy season here. Too lazy to go anywhere.

Alida 5/12/12 11:04

great way of of using cauliflowers. A very well presented soup. A love the cup you have used!

motherrimmy 5/12/12 15:49

This is definitely the way to get your family to eat cauliflower. How can you miss with bacon on top, right?

lena 5/12/12 17:30

creamy but no cream? this is brilliant!those bacon bits sounds like a good addition !

lisa is cooking 5/12/12 17:41

This is such a great winter soup! I've been craving cauliflower lately.

Geri Saucier 5/12/12 20:45

This soup looks so warm and inviting. I am always in the mood for soup especially now that it is getting colder out. The Black forest Bacon Bits delicious. I am going to give this recipe a try soon. Thanks for sharing:)

Jessica@AKitchenAddiction 5/12/12 20:47

There's nothing quite as comforting as a bowl of thick, creamy soup on a cold evening!

Kare @ Kitchen Treaty 5/12/12 21:22

This looks so cozy and wonderful! Love it in the mug. And I also love that it has soy milk and would totally work for my vegetarian diet (sans bacon). And then my guy can have all the bacon (gosh, he'd really hate that ... not).

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 5/12/12 21:57

What a beautiful cup of soup for all of us bacon-lovers out here :) This sounds so delicious, Angie!

Unknown 6/12/12 02:31

I love cauliflower soup- it's one of my favorites and your version looks just perfect;-)

The Squishy Monster 6/12/12 07:34

Sounds like an incredibly delicious mouthful! you make the best things, Angie!

Amy 6/12/12 08:07

So yummy and pretty. This makes me want to cuddle up on the sofa, dive into this cauliflower soup with my favorite show on TV! :)

Shannon @ JustAsDelish 6/12/12 08:29

never had cauliflower soup, sounds lovely and comforting on rainy days

Adrian (Food Rehab) 6/12/12 10:46

I like the healthy vs imma indulge in some bacon now dammit ratio here! LOL

Roz | La Bella Vita Cucina 8/12/12 15:45

What a comforting soup Angie! Where in the world do you purchase Black Forest bacon? The bacon takes this soup to a new high level!

EA-The Spicy RD 8/12/12 16:55

It's not even 8:00 in the morning yet, and this soup is calling my name! Love the healthful aspect, plus a little bacon topped decadance-fabulous!

Reeni 9/12/12 02:23

This gets me right in my soup loving heart Angie! Looks so insanely good! Cauliflower and bacon make beautiful music together.

[Reply] 9/12/12 02:52

Really a nice post and a lovely can you go wrong with bacon bits...

tigerfish 14/12/12 00:17

I made a similar soup with leek, potato, cauliflower recently and enjoyed it a lot. NOw I look at yours with the bacon bits, I know I will enjoy it even more!


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