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A French-inspired fresh cherry tomato tartlet recipe, baked in a buttery spelt-cornmeal crust with fresh goat cheese, thyme and served with balsamic syrup. An excellent way of using up an excess of home grown tomatoes.

Pâte BriséeFilling
  • 200 g Whole grain spelt, ground
  • 50 g Cornmeal
  • 125 g Butter, cut into small pieces
  • 5 g Salt
  • 10 g Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbsp Cold milk
  • 150 g Fresh goat cheese
  • 500 g Cherry tomatoes
  • 4 tsp Breadcrumb
  • Black pepper
  • Fresh thyme
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  1. Heap the flour and cornmeal on a counter and make a well. Put in the butter, salt, sugar and egg. Using your fingertips, mix until it has a grainy texture. Add in milk and incorporate gently with your fingertips until the dough begins to hold together. Gently knead 4 or 5 times until smooth. Roll it into a ball and flatten slightly into a thick disk. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour before working with it.
  2. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the dough to a 2-mm thickness. Using a 18-cm cutter or plate as a guide, cut out 4 circles. Use them to line 4 individual loose-bottom tart pans, 12-cm in diameter and 3-cm deep. Chill for 30 minutes.
  3. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F. Prick the tart shell bases. Line the tart shells with baking parchment and fill with a layer with dried beans to weigh the dough down and prevent it from rising unevenly. Bake for 15 minutes. Lower the oven setting to 170C/340F. Remove the beans and paper and return the pastry shells to the oven for 5 minutes. Remove and leave them on a wire rack and let cool.
  4. Sprinkle each tart shell with one teaspoon of breadcrumb, then divide the fresh goat cheese onto the tart shells, and season with freshly ground black pepper and fresh thyme leaves. Fill in the tomatoes and drizzle the olive oil over. Bake in the center of the hot oven for 20-25 minutes. | © 2011 | | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Rosa's Yummy Yums 5/9/12 07:14

Delicious tarts! That is something I really love. Goat cheese is so tasty.



Mich - Piece of Cake 5/9/12 07:15

I love how beautifully those cherry tomatoes are baked on the bed of goat cheese... it looks simply delicious!

baker in disguise 5/9/12 07:18

You can never go wrong with goat cheese and tomatoes... but what i like is that pate brisee recipe with spelt.. thats a keeper!!! always on the lookout for recipes that can substitute plain flour..this is it!!

Guru Uru 5/9/12 07:19

What beautiful looking tarts my friend with classic flavours :)

Choc Chip Uru

Jeannie Tay 5/9/12 07:59

You grew those cute tomatoes? Awesome! The tartlets look so scrumptious!

Happy Cook / Finla 5/9/12 08:35

My daughter loves goat cheese but i don't, but the tarts look so beautiful.

Ann@Anncoo Journal 5/9/12 08:43

WOW! The pictures of the tomatoe tartlets looks so pretty and delicious! Can I have a slice for my tea now? :)

kitchen flavours 5/9/12 09:03

Wow, love this! I love cherry tomatoes in any bake! Looks so delicious and so pretty!

rita cooks italian 5/9/12 10:55

'using up an excess of home grown tomatoes'??? I harvested 4 cherry tomatoes (I'm not joking) this sad. Your brisee is an interesting alternative to the usual shortcrust.

Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez 5/9/12 12:10

These are beautiful, Angie....and two of my favorite tastes together - ripe summer tomatoes and goat cheese. I want one!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 5/9/12 12:21

I adore tomatoes. I bet every bite of this delicious tart must burst with flavor.

Barbara 5/9/12 12:53

I made something similar that I had seen on Barefoot Contessa. We absolutely loved it. Makes for a perfect lunch! Love the use of cherry tomatoes.

Rosemary 5/9/12 13:08

Oh, how I love every. single. picture. Tomatoes make me drool all by themselves. Add some pastry and goat cheese. Nirvana! Well done!

Belinda @zomppa 5/9/12 13:44

Fresh summer tomatoes never looked so good. Simply gorgeous!

Eva 5/9/12 13:51

Im hoping my tomatoes will ripen before our holidays in Europe which ate fast approaching; this recipe would make the perfect dish for them. Goats cheese and tomatoes are the perfect pairing of the tomatoes acidity and the creamy slightly tarty goats cheese. What a perfect fall lunch.

Ridwan's kitchen/Asian spice mix 5/9/12 14:21

What a beautiful and delicious tart,Iove the combination of got cheese on this tart,sound great together !!

Emma @ Food, Fork and Good 5/9/12 15:00

Gorgeous Tart and another beautiful set of photos! You have some serious talent!

Munatycooking 5/9/12 15:06

Lovely tarts, I can imagine the sweetness of tomatoes combined with rich flavor of goat cheese, Yum!

anne 5/9/12 15:09

That tarts look pretty delicious ! Presentation is gorgeous as always ! Now , throw some of that extra cherry tomatoes over here ! lol

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 5/9/12 15:13

Wonderful tart Angie! I would love to try that crust. Nice recipe!

Asmita 5/9/12 15:20

Absolutely love the flavor and texture of goat cheese. It's so light.
These tarts look so delicious and pretty!

[Reply] 5/9/12 15:28

I simply love this tart and all your pictures...

motherrimmy 5/9/12 15:58

These are absolutely lovely!

Faith 5/9/12 16:07

Really gorgeous tartlets! Tomato and goat cheese are the perfect pairing!

Jenn Kendall 5/9/12 16:11

these are stunning! absolutely stunning! such wonderfully classic flavors here!

Katerina 5/9/12 16:29

Tomatoes become so sweet when roasted and this rustic tart combines all the flavors of summer that is leaving us!

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 5/9/12 16:35

That is one gorgeous tart. And delicious!

Susan 5/9/12 16:48

We can grow lots of yummy things here in the Pacific Northwest, but tomatoes are not at the top of the list. I think because our soil is too acidic from all the evergreens. However, your tomatoes and especially this tart look absolutely gorgeous and my mouth is watering. I just love goat cheese paired with tomato:-D

Nicole Waterman 5/9/12 16:50

These look delicious, i was just discussing today how these cherry and vine tomatoes are so sweet and tasty at the moment. Will give this a try in the week! Thank you!

Reeni Pisano 5/9/12 17:20

Stunning! Goat cheese and tomatoes are one of the most delectable pairings!

Tricia 5/9/12 18:39

So gorgeous! You know this speaks to me. What a wonderful, beautiful recipe. Have a happy week!

Juliana 5/9/12 19:06

Angie, what a beautiful and tasty tomato the idea of mixing different tomatoes :)
Have a wonderful week!

Pilar. Cook and Spoon 5/9/12 19:12

Absolutely delicious! For me the combination of tomatoes and goat cheese means summer.

The Café Sucré Farine 5/9/12 19:38

I saw the name before I saw the picture and I knew it was going to be fantastic! I wasn't disappointed, this looks just amazing! Reading the recipe, my mouth is watering - I love that the goat cheese stays so fresh!

RavieNomNoms 5/9/12 19:45

I am in love with these!!! They look so tasty and fun and just so frekkin' cute!

Cake Duchess 5/9/12 20:43

Such pretty tarts, Angie. I love baking with goat cheese. Savory tarts are perfect for summer dinners:)

Kathy 5/9/12 21:39

Oh Angie, these tartlets look fabulous! I have cherry tomatoes going crazy in my garden…this would be an excellent way to use some of them up!

MaryMoh 5/9/12 22:09

Healthy, beautiful and delicious....mmmm. Love your tart tins :D

Alida 6/9/12 00:14

you are a professional now. Really excellent photographs and a beautiful dish which can be presented in a good restaurant.

Curts Delectables 6/9/12 01:11

omg you got me with this one... mesmerizing.. love the look and ingredients but the tomato and goat cheese wow I am a huge fan of both!

Pegasuslegend 6/9/12 01:13

I absolutely love this tart... it should be on the front page of a magazine.. PICTURE PERFECT!!!!! Bet it was fabulous too!

Anonymous 6/9/12 01:56

This looks delicious! I love goats' cheese, especially in tarts.

Rosita Vargas 6/9/12 02:12

Muy hermosas tartaleta me encantan lucen absolutamente deliciosas,abrazos hugs,hugs,

Russell at Chasing Delicious 6/9/12 02:57

I love the combination of tomato and goat cheese here! I almost exclusively use goat cheese on pizzas and savory tarts. Yum!

Anonymous 6/9/12 03:49

These are very pretty with different color cherry tomatoes!

Reem | Simply Reem 6/9/12 05:19

what a beautiful looking tart!!...

Shabitha Karthikeyan 6/9/12 06:40

That looks so pretty. Some bold colors and awesome flavors love it !!

Priscilla | ShesCookin 6/9/12 06:48

My favorite summer tart! I love the cornmeal crust and the individual servings are so cute - pinned :)

Cass @foodmyfriend 6/9/12 07:03

This looks so amazing Angie. Goats cheese is my favourite cheese ever! I have it most mornings with my breakfast :) Beautiful tomatoes too, I can never find green tomatoes!

Baker Street 6/9/12 10:03

Goat cheese and tomatoes very just meant to be! These tartlets look amazing, Angie!

Priya 6/9/12 10:35

Pretty looking fabulous tartlets..loving it.

My Little Space 6/9/12 11:19

Howdy Angie darling, gosh you always have such wonderful recipes here & there. Super love your little craziness ideas.
Hope you're having a lovely day, dear.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 6/9/12 12:59

very pretty and colourful! healthy too..

Beth 6/9/12 13:34

Your tartlets are absolutely adorable! What a great way to use a bounty of tomatoes.

Kathryn Kovandová 6/9/12 13:54

This is such amazing idea! Totally love it!

All That I'm Eating 6/9/12 14:32

This is stunning and I bet it tastes amazing.

Kayte 6/9/12 15:44

Oh, these are stunning beautiful and I can just taste the deliciousness!

petite nyonya 6/9/12 15:54

hi Angie, another beautiful tart here! i love the colors and combination with goat cheese. the flavor must be simply delicious!

Joanne 6/9/12 16:14

This is definitely a perfect timing kind of situation because I was JUST looking for a savory cornmeal pastry crust recipe! Love these little tartlets!

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 6/9/12 16:48

So beautiful! I love how the flavor of tomatoes changes when you bake them.

Spicegirlfla 6/9/12 17:31

So very pretty! Love the little "balls" of tomatoes! and that these are prepared in small tart pans. I'm a big fan of goat cheese, so all around this is a fabulous recipe!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 6/9/12 18:48

You always make healthy recipes look so inviting. just stunning. I would add a bit of balsamic vinegar in there too a bit maybe. Just beautiful

wok with ray 6/9/12 19:07

Goat cheese and tomatoes are always a perfect pair. Looks very refreshing and delicious. Have a good weekend, Angie!

Devaki 6/9/12 21:28

Oooh I am craving a tomato tart - goat cheese, tomatoes, balsamic = heaven. You rock Angies and the pics are as good as the food :))

chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 6/9/12 22:43

I am far behind on your posts since I've been away so I hope you'll forgive me for not commenting on each one. I absolutely love these little tarts and, since my cherry tomato plant is still giving me plenty of little red beauties, I can't wait to try this. The crust sounds wonderful!

Geni 6/9/12 22:57

Wow, Angie! I would trade you just about anything for one of those tarts. Holy cow...those are gorgeous and LOVE the flavor profile!

Elisabeth 7/9/12 01:34

Love the tartlet and adore the goat cheese and tomatoes...a 'match made in heaven'. Tweeted it, pinned it, and also google 1 posted it!...amazing, and delicious:D

Balvinder Ubi 7/9/12 04:22

What a pretty tart! We still have good sunny days to enjoy this.

Biren @ Roti n Rice 7/9/12 06:56

These little tarts look beautiful and tasty!

3 hungry tummies 7/9/12 07:03

Fabulous! Summer on a page!
I can't wait for our tomato season to try this.

Koko 7/9/12 07:54

Mmm...simple flavours that work perfectly together! Tangy, creamy goat cheese (my fav!) and sweet cherry tomatoes, bursting with juice. A winning recipe, no doubt!!

lena 7/9/12 15:35

really interesting to know that it can be served with balsamic vinegar along! angie, i want to eat everything you make!!

Anonymous 7/9/12 16:37

Your tomato tartlets look amazing, wonderful & well-flavoured too, my friend! :)

Georgous, stunning to look at & so tasteful too! :)

Waw! :) xxx

Alice 7/9/12 17:58

very pretty and looks so yummy, Angie! :)
your creations always make me stunned :)

Gina 7/9/12 20:33

I wanted a tomato tart, but was being too lazy when I made the pizza. But now I'm kicking myself, I should have made a yummy tart like yours. Yours is so pretty.
Happy Friday.

Hotly Spiced 8/9/12 00:23

Tomato and goat's cheese tart is one of my favourite tarts. I love the look of your pastry Angie. I haven't made a spelt pastry before and I'd like to give this a try xx

Norma Chang 8/9/12 01:47

Very unusual crust, cornmeal and ground spelt. Adding to my "to make" list which is getting very long.
Did not plant cherry tomatoes this year but will certainly do so next year.

Gloria 8/9/12 05:08

I love these ttomato tarts Angie look lovely (the funny is I made a pates brisee tarts too haha) but with zucchini:))

Francesca 9/9/12 19:45

This recipe is very nteresting. My name is Francesca and I'm Italian. I like your blog. if you want to also visit my page. Thank you. Francesca.

Spicie Foodie 9/9/12 23:15

Three of my favorite words, tomato, goat cheese and tartlets. Wait I think that's four words;) Your tartlets look so so beautiful and scrumptious! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to try your pastry recipe soon.

P.S. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my muffins. You made my day Angie:)

Pacheco Patty 10/9/12 00:21

Beautiful tartlets and photos-now I'm missing the tomatoes of Summer;-)

Lizzy Do 10/9/12 00:32

Mmmmm...just fantastic! I love tomato tarts and this is no exception! So yummy with the goat cheese and thyme :)

Kiran @ 10/9/12 07:43

These tartlets looks amazingly delish -- almost too beautiful to eat!

Helene Dsouza 10/9/12 17:40

Oh my they look so adorable. Love your pictures Angie. What a master work! =D

Jenny 10/9/12 22:59

I want one of these soooooooo bad!! I'm sure they taste as gorgeous as they look. Have a great week!!

Roz 12/9/12 02:50

Angie, these are the most beautiful little tomato tarts I've ever seen. The combo of goat cheese with the tomatoes is PERFECT! Just one more of your recipes going on my 'must make' list! You're an amazing cook!

Roz 12/9/12 02:53

PS: Angie, I forgot to let you know that I submitted this recipe on Stumble Upon for you!

Viviane Bauquet Farre 12/9/12 21:37

A dish with poise, elegance and sophistication - the quintessential Angie! A remarkable creation as always.

Debra Eliotseats 12/9/12 23:34

I am sitting here trying to think if I have goat cheese in the fridge. I am certainly hoping I do.

Amelia 13/9/12 06:47

Hi Angie, wow.... lovely tartlets. Very elegant and classy presentation.
You're excellent! Have a nice day.

Apu 19/9/12 04:00

These look so tempting!!

Shannon 21/9/12 15:36

love home-grown tomatoes :) pairing with goat cheese and pate brisee? fabulous.

glutwin 28/9/12 03:21

Exquisite offering! ...Question..Is "farine d'épeutre complet" here in France the same ingredient as the "whole grain spelt...ground" you mention in the recipe for the pâte brisée?...I want to do your creation justice!..Thank you for any clarification!

Angie's Recipes 28/9/12 06:32

@glutwinI assume that "Farine complete d'epeutre" is wholewheat flour? Spelt (it's also called Dinkel here in Germany) is different from wheat. But if you don't spelt in your pantry, wholewheat flour will work just great. You might need to add one or two more spoons of milk as wheat flour absorb more water than spelt. You can either grind the grain yourself or just get some wholewheat flour from the store.

Magdalena 1/11/12 23:56

Tomato tart is my favorite, yours looks very nice; but still I have problems with whole flour (I do not like it too much - the taste of the dough is different). Kind regards !


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