Banana Rolled Spelt Cookies with Fresh Stevia Leaves

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These banana cookies are free of sugar and so healthy that you can even enjoy them with a glass of milk as the breakfast. Feel free to replace rolled spelt flakes with old fashioned oats and fresh stevia leaves with other sugar substitutes or honey.

  • 3 Overripe bananas
  • 240 g Rolled spelt flakes
  • 120 ml Skim milk
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp Peanut butter
  • 10 Fresh stevia leaves, chopped

  1. Preheat the oven 160C/320F, fan forced. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
  2. Mash overripe bananas and mix with rolled spelt flakes, skim milk, egg, vanilla and peanut butter. Fold in chopped fresh stevia leaves.
  3. Place heaping tablespoon-sized batter onto the prepared baking sheets and cook for 20 minutes until lightly golden brown. Makes about 2 dozen of cookies. | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Munatycooking 22/7/12 06:08

Looks delicious, I like when you give us other options and substitutes for the ingredients. Thanks for sharing :)

Nammi 22/7/12 06:26

looks delicious, I have never used spelt :) have a nice week end

Mélange 22/7/12 06:51

Splendid.I loved the entire idea of converting it to a cookie..Must try !

Ellen B Cookery 22/7/12 06:59

Oh my goodness! You are so talented. Love your blog and posts like this!

wok with ray 22/7/12 07:51

I'm not sure if I can eat just a few of these cookies. Look delicious, Angie. :)

Guru Uru 22/7/12 07:53

You are amazing my friend, what a beautiful creation :)

Choc Chip Uru

Vimitha Anand 22/7/12 07:57

These look so yummy. Perfect with a glass of milk

OohLookBel 22/7/12 08:36

So stevia leaves are sweet? I've only seen the powdered stevia, so this is a very interesting recipe. And delicious, of course!

Ivy 22/7/12 09:22

Oh these look wonderful. I want to get some seeds and plant stevia. I will have your recipe in mind for the future.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 22/7/12 11:11

Mmmhhh, delicious! I bet they are quite addictive. I've never used fresh stevia leaves...



Jasna Varcakovic 22/7/12 11:23

Oh, you've got stevia plant! I'm using stevia sweetener where-ever I can ...
great taste no extra calories ;-)

Debra Eliot 22/7/12 11:23

I am so excited. I bought some spelt! This is the first recipe I've seen that uses stevia leaves. I love it.

anne 22/7/12 11:49

These look deliciously good ! I've seen stevia leaves/ plants while watching this travel segment were they featured Japan :D

Belinda @zomppa 22/7/12 12:58

What an unusual cookie, bug one that not only looks amazing but one you don't have to feel much guilt eating!

Anonymous 22/7/12 13:17

I have never heard of stevia leaves before but I am loving this recipe.
:-) Mandy

Michiko Johnson 22/7/12 13:57

Hi Mei,
I never thinking about your help to coming see me..I was all the time to see you will be one days.
Thank you very much to help me, I admire your courage keep going you can see by the photo with Name/uri yours I was all the time to remember...
I will be back all the time.

Hotly Spiced 22/7/12 14:22

That's a very good recipe for over-ripe bananas. And I can see these being fabulous for school lunch boxes xx

Kat 22/7/12 15:37

These look amazing. And great use for overripe bananas!

Parsley Sage 22/7/12 15:57

Gorgeous! I love it when you make healthy food look like naughty, yummy, full fatty food :)

Honey Bee Sweets 22/7/12 16:18

These cookies are real healthy! I bet they taste real good too. Thanks for always coming with all these great healthy treats. :))

Melinda (cookingalamel) 22/7/12 16:21

I love stevia, but I've never actually used the leaves! These cookies look great.

Lyndsey Chapin 22/7/12 16:52

I love your recipes Angie! They always look so good, and I love how healthy they are. I really want one of these right now!

Mythreyi 22/7/12 17:04

Looks DElish and creative combo for healthy plate....

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Cathleen 22/7/12 17:43

What a combination!! I'm always looking for healthy cookies, so that I won't feel THAT bad about eating cookies almost everyday. These look SO good!

Gloria 22/7/12 19:16

ANgie amazing like always you make, I know I told you before LOL but is true ! I love the pictures:))

Rebecca Subbiah 22/7/12 20:35

wow cool natural way to sweeten and they look cute

Angela 22/7/12 22:10

This is the first time I have ever seen fresh Stevia leaves.

Robyn 23/7/12 00:18

What delicious looking breakfast bites! I would totally enjoy a couple of these with milk in the morning. I've heard of recipes that use stevia in the granulated or extract form but I never thought of using the leaf itself!

Elisabeth 23/7/12 00:40

What a genius idea to add Stevia leaves to the already healthy, crunchy, and yummy cookies. Stevia leaves are naturally sweet in their own right, except there is 'no' way that we can find these exotic, and amazing leaves...even in our organic supermarkets!
Thanks for sharing the lovely recipe:D

Rosita Vargas 23/7/12 02:34

Siempre me sorprendes Sngie exquisita combinación,me encanta abrazos y abrazos.

Pam 23/7/12 04:32

You are always so creative with your recipes. These look fantastic.

Pola M 23/7/12 05:36

What an interesting recipe! I'd never thought of using bananas like this!

Janine 23/7/12 05:46

wow your bakes are getting more and more healthy but yet still as delicious looking! i can't get stevia leaves fresh here, but I'm thinking I'll just put some dried ones to try :D

Cass @foodmyfriend 23/7/12 07:46

These look amazing Angie :) When you commented on my competition, I was thinking, why isn't Angie's blog in my blogs I love roll?! You are there now! Haha. Hope you have a great day :)

Cheah 23/7/12 10:09

These cookies sound healthy enough, no sugar, but don't have any idea what are stevia leaves! Admiring your clicks!

The Café Sucré Farine 23/7/12 11:05

What a delicious and healthy snack, you make them look so wonderful!

sally 23/7/12 14:45

Cookies for breakfast sounds good to me!

Norma Chang 23/7/12 16:01

Healthy cookies for breakfast, great idea.

Lora 23/7/12 16:09

These are such a great nd creative combination of flavors. Inspired!

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 23/7/12 17:02

I tried growing Stevia from seeds but they never came up. Gardener error I am sure! These look wonderful and would make a great breakfast. Feel free to bring them with you and come for a visit! I'll make the coffee :)

Emma @ Food, Fork and Good 23/7/12 17:05

These are fab, I love banana & oats and all things like this! Beautiful pictures too

rita cooks italian 23/7/12 17:32

Healthy biscuits???This is my type of recipe. I love biscuits, in Italy we eat biscuits for breakfast...uhm.. no very healthy, but now these great healthy biscuits! Perfect

Eva 23/7/12 17:46

I had no idea stevia was a plant, it's very cool that you used it as the sweetener in this recipe. I think I would like this cookie as I am not much into sweets.

Lizzy 23/7/12 17:56

Wow, I'll have to find out if I can grow a stevia plant in my garden! Great looking cookies...I love the option of making them with oats :)

Kumi 23/7/12 18:39

I love treats that are healthy without tasting healthy! These look absolutely satisfying for any sweet-tooth!

Foodie Stuntman 23/7/12 20:10

Cookies for breakfast? Cookies for breakfast! I love it...

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 23/7/12 20:30

Anything with ripe bananas I love but I have never seen stevia leaves or seen them in a recipe. Where does one get that? Very col cookies.

Monet 23/7/12 20:46

These look fabulous. Especially since I have a few over-ripe bananas sitting in my fruit bowl. Thank for sharing with me!

The Sweet Chick 23/7/12 22:27

I have never used spelt, but the oatmeal version sounds good.

MaryMoh 23/7/12 22:30

Looks very healthy and delicious. Love it. I have not seen spelt flakes here. Maybe I have not looked hard enough. This would be lovely for afternoon tea with friends. Thanks very much for sharing.

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 23/7/12 22:46

I love the look of homestyle country cookies like these - hardy, whole grain, goodness!

Jenn Kendall 24/7/12 00:04

these are gorgeous cookies! i've never tried stevia before...wonder if i can track some down

Awkward Kitchenette 24/7/12 00:07

Yum! Look like my kind of breakfast :) And beautifully photographed as usual.

Anh 24/7/12 00:18

These look awesome! And I read the ingredients, so wholesome!

Cucina49 24/7/12 00:20

I am always in awe over your use of ingredients. Note to self to look for stevia leaves when shopping somewhere more cosmopolitan than my local grocery.

Heidi @ Food Doodles 24/7/12 01:55

How creative! I love that you used fresh stevia leaves! Cool!

Lauren @ Part Time House Wife 24/7/12 02:10

Love that you came up with a healthy cookie that still tastes great! Those are hard to come by! Buzzed ya! ;-)

Yudith @ Blissfully Delicious 24/7/12 03:55

I have never seen or heard of stevia leaves, thanks for sharing! Love getting to know new ingredient to bake with.

Ilke 24/7/12 04:12

Now I have to go look up stevia! Thanks for the different ingredient, at least for me.
And I love the quotes at the end of your posts:)

Geri Saucier 24/7/12 04:37

I love these cookies! Bananas and peanut butter go great together. A great way to use overripe banas - I will be making these delicious and heathy cookies soon;)

mjskit 24/7/12 04:53

Just learned something new - stevia leaves. Have never heard of them and certainly have never used them. Interesting. I read that they have a licorice aftertaste? I could like that especially with banana. These cookies look quite addicting!

Juliana 24/7/12 07:12

Angie, these cookies look awesome and I sure would love to have them for breakfast...yum!
Thanks for the recipe and hope you have a nice week ahead :)

Baker Street 24/7/12 07:30

Oh what a fabulous combination, Angie! PB and stevia leaves are both excellent combinations. :)

Tya @ Note Etc. 24/7/12 08:36

that looks delicious rolled spelt and banana are bet to combine!

Jeannie Tay 24/7/12 09:45

I thought my oat cookies are healthy but yours are even better without sugar! and with bananas too! Looks delicious, but where to get stavia leaves? hmmm...

Дани 24/7/12 11:14

Mmmm, looks delicious! :)

Online wine sales 24/7/12 12:41

Looking delicious. I must make it this weekend. Thanks for the recipes..:)

Barbara 24/7/12 12:56

Peanut butter and bananas? Elvis returns! Couldn't be a tastier combo, Angie. Love that you've dipped them in spelt...

Joanne 24/7/12 13:47

With all the healthfulness in these, sounds like they'd be great for breakfast!

Jenn 24/7/12 14:31

I wish I could get as creative as you do in the kitchen! This is a great recipe that I never would have even dreamed of! Thanks so much for sharing.

RavieNomNoms 24/7/12 15:01

Oh my, these look amazing. I am totally in the mood for bananas too. So glad I found another banana recipe to try!

Jen @ Savory Simple 24/7/12 15:03

What a great, healthy cookie! I've never worked with fresh stevia, only the liquid extract.

Amanda 24/7/12 15:34

how cool! i love how you used fresh stevia leaves!

Faith 24/7/12 16:07

These look so good! I LOVE how you used fresh stevia leaves -- I would love to find them!

Vicky (Sweet and Healthy Living) 24/7/12 16:31

Mmm... what a great recipe! I have been wanting a stevia plant. Now I really need to get myself one!

lena 24/7/12 16:53

bananas and peanut that! never seen stevia leaves here but thanks for letting us know an alternative! wonderful pictures!!

Katerina 24/7/12 18:10

Very innovative idea using stevia leaves Angie! Beautiful cookies!

Lubna Karim 24/7/12 20:23

So yum and delectable looking cooking...they have everything I carve for....

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 24/7/12 23:46

Wow, I had no idea you could bake with stevia leaves! That is so cool! The cookies look so moist & delicious too.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 25/7/12 03:40

I love your healthy initiative, Angie! These would make a healthy and delicious breakfast or afternoon snack.

Amelia 25/7/12 08:20

Hi Angie, yummy healthy cookies, perfect for snack or anytime of the day.
Beautiful presentation.

Have a nice day.

Kit @ i-lostinausten 25/7/12 14:22

Looks & sounds yummy! Bookmarking this recipe! :)

Sandra Lee 25/7/12 18:24

I would love to have these for breakfast everyday. Your recipes are always so creative!

Pacheco Patty 26/7/12 06:29

I still have a small stash of rolled spelt that I need to use up and I have a stevia plant growing in my garden(just planted it for fun and have never used it!) -this is a cookie recipe that I need to try;-)

Biren @ Roti n Rice 26/7/12 16:05

These cookies look healthy and delicious! I do use stevia. Are the leaves slightly sweet?

Cake Duchess 27/7/12 04:14

Now I'm curious to find stevia leaves so I can try these flavorful cookies. I may substitute with oatmeal and have them for the idea:)

Sue 27/7/12 18:42

You seem to have some of the most innovative recipes! These look so awesome; I want one right now!

The Squishy Monster 27/7/12 22:07

I've never tried fresh stevia leaves before..very interesting, thanks for sharing!! =D

Cakelaw 28/7/12 00:51

These cookies sound like a tasty way to use up overripe bananas. I have never cooked with spelt or stevia before, so I found this an interesting recipe.

Reeni 29/7/12 02:41

This is the first time I've ever seen a recipe using fresh stevia leaves! I would love them for breakfast!

My Little Space 31/7/12 13:39

Oh my, did you plant your own stevia as well? I enjoy having dried stevia tea. Very delightful but have never thought of using them in baking. Maybe I have only limited leaves. haha.... My relative bought it from North Thailand months ago.


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