Blood Orange Spelt Loaf Cake

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A delightful blood orange loaf cake with a moist light texture, mouthwatering freshness and an irresistible burst of citrus flavour.

Blood Orange Spelt Loaf Cake

- inspired by Taste of Home
  • 190 g Spelt pastry flour
  • 80 g Light brown sugar
  • 40 g White sugar
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 120 ml Corn oil
  • 250 ml Freshly squeezed blood orange juice
  • Zest of one orange
  • 2 Large egg whites
  • Orange caramel sauce to serve, optional
  • Powdered sugar to serve, optional
  1. Line a 30x11x7 cm loaf pan with baking paper. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the spelt pastry flour, sugars, baking powder, and salt. Add in corn oil, blood orange juice and the zest. Beat with a hand mixer until smooth.
  3. In the bowl of your stand mixer, beat the egg whites until stiff. Fold into blood orange-oil mixture in 2-3 additions until blended and smooth.
  4. Bake in the middle of hot oven for about an hour or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the loaf comes out clean. Cool for 10 minutes before removing from pan to wire rack to cool completely. Dust with powdered sugar or drizzle with caramel sauce if desired. | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Sharmilee! :) 31/3/12 13:00

Spelt Cake Loaf looks absolutely tempting and gorgeous pictures

OohLookBel 31/3/12 13:24

The cake look so lusciously moist you would not need the sauce. Lovely food styling, too!

Lizzy 31/3/12 13:30

That dripping caramel sauce sold me! Fabulous cake, Angie!

anne 31/3/12 13:47

The orange caramel a nice touch , Angie ! Fantastic cake as always ;)

Robyn 31/3/12 13:49

This cake looks so moist and delicious! The caramel sauce sounds like the perfect thing to serve over it! Love the photos too, as always!

Nisrine 31/3/12 13:57

Delightful cake, Angie. Blood oranges are my favorite. I will have to try this recipe.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 31/3/12 14:00

Delicious! A wonderful combination.



Joanne 31/3/12 14:24

Man, I WISH I had had this for breakfast! The best!

Baker Street 31/3/12 14:29

Love the way the caramel is dripping down. Excellent combination and gorgeous presentation.

ping 31/3/12 16:06

I adore blood oranges! The last time I saw them was in Italy and I had my fill of fruit and juices. Haven't seen any since :)
Don't mind me while I ogle at your cake and gorgeous pictures.

Heather 31/3/12 16:16

This sounds SO good! I just used up all of my blood oranges...but I think this is worth going out for more. Super tempting!

Belinda @zomppa 31/3/12 16:45

Oh gee, this is not right - the texture and density look perfect, not to mention that perfect citrus!

Munatycooking 31/3/12 17:03

Blood orange is rare to find where I live, but I enjoy them whenever I get the chance to get them. The pictures are beautiful, It's on my to bake list ;)

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 31/3/12 17:07

Looks delicious, especially with the caramel drizzle! Blood oranges are so delicious, what a color!

Pegasuslegend 31/3/12 17:46

As always a mouth watering delight!

Elin 31/3/12 18:32

Angie...look at that orange caramel...slurp slurp...I bet it taste good on the cake. That gorgeous loaf of looks delish alright !

Dining Alone 31/3/12 19:20

That looks amazing, blood oranges are one of my favorites!

Beth 31/3/12 20:35

Your cake is gorgeous! Any kind of citrus cake is a winner, and this one looks lovely.

Choc Chip Uru 31/3/12 21:35

Another insanely beautiful and delicious blog post - blood orange is one of my favourites so no surprise this cake is calling to me :D

Choc Chip Uru

Asian-spice mix 31/3/12 22:16

Angie,You are so Great,,,,,Your post is always Amaze me,I'm a big fan of orange and That orange caramel sauce make my mouth watering,,,looks so Yummy !!

Helene 31/3/12 22:32

Beautiful pictures. I like blood oranges but haven't baked with them before.

Catherine 31/3/12 23:38

Dear Angie, blood oranges are my favorite. I cannot imagine how wonderful this bread tastes! Blessings for a beautiful weekend my dear, your friend, Catherine xo

Bananamondaes 1/4/12 00:45

That orange caramel sauce....AM-AZ-ING!

Tobias @ T and Tea Cake 1/4/12 00:54

Mhhh, isn't that just the right cake for a cosy Sunday Kaffeekränzchen? ;)

I'm sure a nice cuppa coffee would go well with it and beautiful photography (and blood oranges!).


Gerry @Foodness Gracious 1/4/12 01:20

Wow, you really can't get a better name for an orange, it looks like blood and is an awesome color, as is this loaf cake. Fantastic!
Take care..

Shabitha Karthikeyan 1/4/12 01:32

Loaf looks so moist and perfect !! Nice flavors and awecome clicks !!

lena 1/4/12 09:48

this must be so wonderful delicious with the orange sauce, i like that it sounded light!

Kimberly (Unrivaledkitch) 1/4/12 09:52

beautiful cake! thanks for sharing

Kit @ i-lostinausten 1/4/12 13:03

I love blood orange & only done one recipe with it which was a soufflé. This blood orange cake looks great & what I love most was the orange caramel oozing down , looks so tempting! Bookmarking this recipe! Have a lovely day, Angie! :)

Parsley Sage 1/4/12 13:55

So beautiful! Light and delicious and fabulous colors. I am officially your #1 Dinkelkuchen fan!

Ah Tze 1/4/12 13:58

I can imaging how refreshing the taste of this cake will be!

sally 1/4/12 16:14

The cake and orange caramel sauce look like the perfect combination! I'd like a slice right about now.

tasteofbeirut 1/4/12 17:34

I have been enjoying blood orange juice lately from a street cart vendor and realized how much these oranges are special and wonderful; this cake makes such good use of these citrus and would be delightful with a cup of coffee.

Umm Mymoonah 1/4/12 21:16

Yummy! Love the aroma and flavour of oranges, beautiful texture too.

Anonymous 1/4/12 22:30

Beautiful, Angie, and the colour of the blood oranges is simply amazing. What a lovely treat for afternoon tea.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 1/4/12 23:18

The caramel sauce dripping down the slices of orange cake - oh my! I love citrus-flavored cakes. This sounds wonderful!

Carmen Anderson 2/4/12 01:28

Hi Angie,I really like your blog and I am pleased to tell you that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out my latest post to receive your award! Have a great day! Carmen

Faith 2/4/12 02:51

What a treat this is, Angie! Such a stunning cake!

Asmita 2/4/12 03:04

Hi Angie,
That is such a gorgeous cake. I love the photographs!!!

Vicki Bensinger 2/4/12 03:30

I've yet to cook with spelt but from the looks of this loaf it's about time I did. Those blood oranges by the way are beautiful!

Cheah 2/4/12 09:41

Gorgeous cake with the caramel sauce. Perhaps I can try to subsitute with grape fruit.

FOODESSA 2/4/12 09:51

I always enjoy what you come up with Angie...especially when color is bursting out smiling at us;o)

Have a great week,

Jeannie Tay 2/4/12 11:00

I have yet to see blood oranges in my town, it has such a beautiful color! Makes your cake so bright! I like the fact that your cake stayed so flat and even!

Barbara 2/4/12 13:10

That looks fabulous, Angie! And I love the orange caramel sauce.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 2/4/12 15:40

What a beautiful cake to use up one of my favorite seasonal fruits! I love the color in it. You did a great job on this delicious looking loaf, Angie!

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 2/4/12 17:29

Very pretty and I love the bright citrus flavor! Very nice. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Namitha 2/4/12 18:30

Awesome ! I have a blood orange cake in my drafts, but with normal flour:)Lovely pics, Angie

Reeni 2/4/12 20:29

Citrus cakes always catch my eye! This looks bright, refreshing and delicious! Love the caramel sauce.

Tina 2/4/12 20:45

This cake does look amazing, I am inspired to try spelt flour. There are so many flour variations out there and they all impart something unique to a baked good. The texture of this cake is that moist tight crumb that I love so much. Also, the drizzle is something that would be a requirement-yum! Great post!

Lyn @LovelyPantry 2/4/12 20:57

I can't get over how beautiful your photographs are. Angie, because you're so awesome, please check out the awards I've given you :-)

Elisabeth 2/4/12 21:09

Amazing and gorgeous blood orange cake. Love the orange-caramel dripping down on the cake. So mouthwatering, and delicious:DDD

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 3/4/12 02:54

I always love your blood orange recipes Angie and this spelt loaf is no exception. Gorgeous photos.

OysterCulture 3/4/12 03:05

I love blood orange anything so you nabbed me with the title. I'll have to see if there are any blood oranges still in the market- I think we're close to the end of the season here, but this is a winner.

Anonymous 3/4/12 03:30

Blood Orange AND spelt? you are a genius!

Ilke 3/4/12 04:35

I love orange smell in the cake and the taste!! And Why dont we have blood oranges in South Carolina??!!!
The colors are so good, you have great light in your photos..

Christy 3/4/12 07:36

This looks awfully good, just my type of cake!:) I am impressed with the use of the blood orange; and I can already get a whiff of the citrusy scent in the air now...the cake just looks so tempting!

Loveforfood 3/4/12 08:30

Omg i want to try that is so delicious

tania@mykitchenstories 3/4/12 09:10

It looks wonderful and that sauce is the bomb!

Kitchen Boffin 3/4/12 10:07

Wow! fabulous! just so tempting that i don't feel like going anywhere from here..gawk n drool! gawk n drool :)

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 3/4/12 11:25

that orange caramel sauce, look so tempting and good!

Lenia 3/4/12 13:00

Once more your pictures make my mouth water!I could not resist to such delicious and aromatic cake!Blessings,dear!

Cathy at Wives with Knives 3/4/12 15:15

You got my attention with that beutiful orange caramel sauce, Angie. This would be wonderful with a cup of afternoon tea.

Erica 3/4/12 16:26

What a beautiful cake,Angie!Delicious recipe for Easter brunch!

Magic of Spice 4/4/12 01:46

Beautiful cake, and that sauce sounds divine!

Miriam 4/4/12 07:34

I LOVE blood oranges and spelt, what an awesome combination! Thank you! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

My Little Space 5/4/12 02:37

Gosh, that sauce sounds incredibly good! Must try making it some day. Wish I live nearer. haha...
Have a great day.

Pam 5/4/12 17:07

It looks irresistible!

Cinnamon and Thyme 5/4/12 19:02

I really love to bake with spelt flour. It has that nutty taste. Loaf looks fantastic, must try it :)!

Shri 6/4/12 04:18

The pictures are simply drop dead gorgeous! Orange hinted cakes have always left me craving for more!

Helene Dsouza 6/4/12 18:47

dinkle cake, yumm! Didnt have that in years and I surely never had it flavoured with blood orange. awesome treat angie!

Anonymous 9/4/12 05:39

HI, the cke look so pretty and delicious! can i check with you, what is spelt pastry flour? any substitute for it? thank you!


Angie's Recipes 10/4/12 15:14

@AnonymousSpelt is a hexaploid species of wheat. You can substitute it with cake or pastry flour in this recipe.

Anonymous 10/4/12 19:36

This pound cake looks so darn delicious and so appetizing. I think my mother and I would love to make this recipe. Definitely saving this :)

Terry 11/4/12 20:04

Fabulous recipe.... Love spelt flour ...can 't wait to try it!

Jean | Delightful Repast 15/4/12 15:26

Angie, I'm really into loaf cakes lately, for some reason. And this one looks great! AND I just happen to have some spelt in my freezer. I know, because just yesterday I decided to sort through all my various gluten-free baking products to see what needed using up. Can't wait to try it!

DinnerHero 16/4/12 09:39

Thanks for sharing Blood Orange Spelt Loaf Cake recipe. It is really easy to make and delicious. This post is helpful for professional chefs.

Alana Lowes

Pilar. Cook and Spoon 13/10/14 16:35

Oh, that orange caramel sauce looks delicious! I must try it.

Shibi Thomas 13/10/14 21:21

The loaf looks soft and airy. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Shu Han 14/10/14 00:59

Angie that looks amazingly light and fluffy! I'm not the best at baking but often do loaf cakes because they are usually a mix all in bowl kinda recipe. The cakes come out dense (still delicious and moist) but would love to be able to make this kind of fluffy light cakes soon. Love that you use spelt flour (you already know I always rave about this grain!). x

lisa h. 14/10/14 04:28

Gorgeous bake and photos Angie :D
We have no blood orange in the market this year :(

fimère .b 15/10/14 21:05

un délicieux cake parfumé à l'orange j'adore
bonne soirée

Catherine 16/10/14 02:31

Dear Angie, This cake would be perfect with my coffee for breakfast. Catherine xo

Hema 16/10/14 14:41

Soft and delicious cake and the orange caramel sauce looks so good..

Ann Jones 17/10/14 01:04

I love blood oranges, your cake looks stunning! Another delicious looking recipe :)


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