Chocolate Peanut Crumble Cookies | © 2011 | | © 2011 |

A classic and divine combination of chocolate and peanuts. These buttery cookies simply melt in the mouth. Drizzle across the cookie top with some melted white chocolate if you are feeling sugar high and decadent.

Chocolate Peanut Crumble Cookies

adapted from Delicious
  • 30 g Unsalted butter
  • 40 g All purpose flour
  • 30 g Caster sugar
  • 60 g Unsalted peanuts, half roughly chopped
  • 115 g Unsalted butter
  • 115 g Caster sugar
  • 20 g Smooth peanut butter
  • 1 Large egg
  • 160 g All purpose flour
  • 20 g Dutch cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp Baking soda
  • 100 g 70% Semisweet chocolate, chopped
  1. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F and line two baking trays with parchment paper. Make the topping. In a large mixing bowl, rub the butter into the flour and sugar with your fingertips, until a soft, crumbly dough is formed. Add the chopped and whole peanuts, then set aside.
  2. Prepare the cookie dough by creaming cream the sugar, butter and peanut butter in a separate mixing bowl. Add the egg and beat again. Sift in the flour, cocoa, and baking powder and add the chopped chocolate. Mix well to form a soft dough.
  3. Roll the mixture into 20 small balls and divide between the baking trays, spacing well apart. Press each cookie down and top with a little crumble mix. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the crumble topping is golden, then remove from the oven and leave for 5 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Gloria Baker 5/12/11 21:03

Look amazing like all you make ANgie:)
tempting cookies:)

Melanie @ Melanie Cooks 5/12/11 21:11

Peanut butter crumble is such a unique cookie topping! These cookies look awesome, so tasty!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 5/12/11 21:34

Irresistible! I really love that topping.



Lynda 5/12/11 21:42

I want these cookies now to go with my afternoon coffee! I'm bookmarking to try soon; my husband will be crazy for the chocolate and peanutbutter combo.

Erika K @ Best Food Processor Info 5/12/11 21:54

These look fantastic, and I'd be adapting this to be gluten free. Cookies do pretty well with this kind of adjustment, as long as I remember what I've done with past recipes that really worked.

We can't resist most things involving chocolate and peanut butter :) Will save this and maybe try this during the Christmas season.

Cinnamon and Thyme 5/12/11 22:07

Can I have one please? :) They look so good :)!

Eva 5/12/11 22:27

What a lovely cookie, and chocolate and pb are a perfect combination.

Unknown 5/12/11 22:59

Never seen this look on a cookie, loving it.

Steph 5/12/11 23:06

I love that these cookies actually have PEANUTS on them!! Can't go wrong with these babies!

Elisabeth 5/12/11 23:15

Love the crumbled peanut streusel on the top of these yummy cookies, Angie.
You should link your cookies up at Lora's for the Cookie Love this month. I should bake some cookies soon too!

Maggie 5/12/11 23:42

Mmmm...I love crunch in my cookies and this topping is perfect for that. Yum yum! And you can't beat peanut butter/chocolate combo ever!

Veronica's Kitchen 6/12/11 00:07

These cookies look so crunchy and packed with flavours! They should be gone in a flash at the party!

jasna varcakovic 6/12/11 00:37

I love cookies...and season for them (a lot of them) is Coming ;-)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 6/12/11 00:47

This is inspired! I'd never thought to add crumble to cookies before :).

Belinda @zomppa 6/12/11 00:53

Feeling the sugar high for sure. Beautiful!

Heather @ 6/12/11 00:55

Doesn't get much better than the combination of chocolate and peanuts...these look fantastic!

Anonymous 6/12/11 01:06

Perfectly decadent, Angie! These cookies are showstoppers. x

Monet 6/12/11 01:11

Oh yum! I love how you added such a great topping to these cookies. What an inspired idea. Thanks for making my stomach growl :-) I hope you had a lovely Monday. I'm ready to get baking! I have a banana bread recipe that I'm excited to try tonight. Much love from Austin!

Lisa H. 6/12/11 01:43

awwww.....with all your beautiful bakes, I am moving next door ;P

Anonymous 6/12/11 01:58

Okay - that is COOL! Cookies with a muffin streusel type of topping?! I'm in L.O.V.E!

Velva 6/12/11 02:40

Delicious! Chocolate and Peanut butter a flavor pairing made in heaven.

noobcook 6/12/11 03:14

looks very chocolaty, what a perfect treat for the holidays

wenn 6/12/11 03:42

wow. so irresistible!

Amy 6/12/11 04:09

These sound amazing! I love the peanut topping, it makes them even yummier :)!

peachkins 6/12/11 04:59

Amazing cookies!Love that peanut topping too!!

vianney 6/12/11 04:59

the topping really makes me crave these, yummy!!

Anne@frommysweetheart 6/12/11 05:03

Angie..I love chocolate cookies that just melt in your mouth...even more so when paired with peanuts! Beautiful photos! : )

Unknown 6/12/11 05:07

awwwww The cookies look great.

Treat and Trick 6/12/11 06:17

Gorgeous and delicious cookies!

Christine's Pantry 6/12/11 06:20

Looks so good. I'd like some cookies. :-)

Jeannie 6/12/11 06:50

Beautiful photos! I love the 2nd one on top of the glass:) I must start collecting cookies recipes for the next cookies baking frenzy lol!

Alessandra 6/12/11 09:51

Hi, I saw your avatar on Mary's blog and I came to have a look! Lovely recipes in this blog, I am now following you!


Cheah 6/12/11 10:13

Can't go wrong with Angie's recipes. Love all the clicks!

Dajana 6/12/11 10:49

I already know I'll love these. They look so scrumptious and delicious.
p.s. I've posted the recipe for the Spinach bread you were interested in.

Cherine 6/12/11 11:04

Oh my those cookies are a killer!

Finla 6/12/11 11:34

Looks so yumm and morishly delicious.

Von 6/12/11 11:52

I've never seen crumble cookies before, but the idea sounds amazing! Especially with the chocolate and peanut flavour combination ;)

[Reply] 6/12/11 12:05

These look fantastic and the photos are cool

TasteHongKong 6/12/11 12:13

Adorable ideas for cookies, as always : )!

Dude for Food 6/12/11 12:48

Wow, these cookies will be great with my coffee! Good stuff!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen 6/12/11 13:12

My husband would grin from ear to ear if I made these for him. He loves peanut butter. The contrast in the colors in these is very attractive Angie.

Barbara 6/12/11 13:13

We're definitely in cookie mode around here! These are really unusual, Angie. The crunch on top would be delicious! Clever idea.

Priya Suresh 6/12/11 13:50

Seriously feel like munching some,love that peanut crumble..

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 6/12/11 14:08

They look fantastic! Chocolate and peanuts, count me in.

Unknown 6/12/11 16:12

Chocolate and peanut is a yummy combo...Delicious and tempting cookies

Jocie's Mom 6/12/11 16:34

These are totally a new favorite! I love peanie butter and choco combos, and your cookie just looks lovely!

Reem | Simply Reem 6/12/11 17:19

These are THE COOKIES....
I am drooling now.

Unknown 6/12/11 18:41

These chocolate peanut cookies look like they would absolutely hit the spot, what a great lunch box cookie, yum!

Taste of Beirut 6/12/11 20:40

I could easily gobble a dozen of these with several cups of good coffee!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 6/12/11 21:05

I wouldn't be able to eat just one! This chocolate peanut butter combo must be irresistible!

Erica 6/12/11 22:40

Wow! What a delicious treat!!! I would love a dozen of those!!!

Rachana 6/12/11 23:51

Those cookies look so attractive and delicious.

Lorraine 7/12/11 00:25

One of my favorite flavor combos! These look delicious:)

Ilke 7/12/11 01:29

I love the crumble topping idea. I know these would be gone in a heartbeat at my office. They might be in for a treat. Will let you know how they turn out if I can have some time to bake them. And your cinnamon spelt bread is on the list for Christmas breakfast.

Catherine 7/12/11 02:20

Dear Angie, Chocolate is a favorite. A perfect cookie for a good cup of coffee. Blessings, Catherine xo

Christy 7/12/11 04:08

These look good for parties and any festive occasion ;)

Elin 7/12/11 05:01

Angie...these cookies look good for the coming festive celebration! Thanks !

Miriam 7/12/11 07:37

I am totally and completely in love with these cookies!!!!!!!!
Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse 7/12/11 10:19

This cookies is perfect for Christmas!

Unknown 7/12/11 13:37

I love the peanut topping on these cookies! They look divine!

Anonymous 7/12/11 14:40

yum! anything chocolaty and you get me. the crumble topping is very original.

Mary Bergfeld 7/12/11 14:44

Your cookies sound delicious. I can't resist the chocolate and peanut combo. I'll wager these disappeared quickly. I know I'd love to have one with my coffee. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Gourmandelle 7/12/11 14:56

These look so good! I can't wait to try them myself!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 7/12/11 16:40

Oh my, these look delicious, Angie. What a wonderful addition to the Christmas cookie tray they would be.

lisa is cooking 7/12/11 16:58

I love chocolate and peanuts together, and these look fantastic! I have to try these cookies

Simones Kitchen 7/12/11 18:18

Some pretty goodlooking cookies these are! And well, what's not to love about that flavor combo!

Hornsfan 7/12/11 21:00

Beaufitul as always Angie! These would be welcome at any Holiday Cookie platter, although I'm not sure they'd make it to the table ;)

kelly @ inspired edibles 7/12/11 22:06

Oh, now you're not playing fair... chocolate AND peanut butter? I simply cannot resist such a delectable combination!! YUM.

Magic of Spice 7/12/11 22:18

Love the topping...scrumptious cookies! Peanuts and chocolate are a fantastic combination :)

sally 8/12/11 00:33

Mmm...peanut butter and chocolate! So good!

Ana Regalado 8/12/11 02:54

Very yummy cookies ! Love that topping idea ;) Gorgeous photos as always !

Honey Bee Sweets 8/12/11 04:02

Oh yah! I've been thinking what cookies to bake to give away in I know! Two of my most favourite ingredients...peanut & chocolate! Goodie! Thanks Angie. 8D

Anh 8/12/11 04:18

a very inspiring recipe!

Rosita Vargas 8/12/11 04:34


Words Of Deliciousness 8/12/11 04:37

These cookies look divine! You can't go wrong with a chocolate and peanut butter combination.

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour 8/12/11 12:32

Wow.... these looks delicious! Chocolate and peanut butter... my two favorite ingredients together!

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) 8/12/11 12:38

I'm really intrigued by these cookies, looks great. I thought I was following you, but I wasn't. Now following you :)

Anonymous 8/12/11 12:55

I like the peanut crumble on top, yummy!

lena 8/12/11 13:16

i'm loving the peanuts on top!

Joanne 8/12/11 13:33

I am always feeling sugar high and decadent, how did you know? Delicious cookies!

Shaheen 8/12/11 13:53

My goodness two of my husbands favourite ingredients: chocolate and peanut butter.

Kim 8/12/11 14:22

angie, these chocolate peanut cookies look HEAVENLY. i love the combo together. :D totally link up your recipe to my #cookielove bloghop so others can find this post too :). have a wonderful week!

Only Fish Recipes 8/12/11 14:32

wow...those cookies look awesome dear....just drooling over those pics !

fimere 8/12/11 14:53

un mariage entre fondant et croquant; j'adore
bonne journée

Faith 8/12/11 16:00

Mmm, I can't imagine a tastier combination that this! Lovely cookies!

chow and chatter 8/12/11 16:15

adore melt in your mouth cookies so good

Barbara Bakes 8/12/11 16:18

The topping is such a fun addition to these cookie. The look fantastic.

kitchen flavours 8/12/11 16:28

Lovely cookies! Definitely perfect with that glass of milk!

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 8/12/11 17:18

Angie - I should never read your blog just before lunch! I bet these are amazing. Thanks for another great recipe.

Kiran @ 8/12/11 22:24

Mmm.. so drool-worthy. Especially the crumble bits :)

Reeni 9/12/11 02:44

I never saw crumbles on a cookie like this and I like it! What a delicious and unique idea!

JasmyneTea 9/12/11 06:30

These would taste great, and I love the colour contrast :)

Vicki Bensinger 9/12/11 10:00

Wow, chocolate with peanut butter and a struesel topping sounds outrageously delicious!

Beth 9/12/11 12:05

What a gorgeous variation on chocolate cookies!

Kavi 9/12/11 13:44

Did I mention how awesome you are? :)

Kavi | Edible Entertainment
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Unknown 9/12/11 13:54

Chocolate and peanut butter is one of the most delicious combinations, I just know these cookies taste fabulous!
*kisses* HH

Javelin Warrior 9/12/11 15:28

This post is absolutely fetish-worthy and I've been inspired to include it in my Friday Food Fetish blog. If you have any objections, please let me know

30AEATS 9/12/11 15:58

Classic and Divine! A delicious combination for #NellysBigDay and for these yummy cookies! Follow along today on twitter, to join in Nelly's Virtual Bridal Shower!All are welcome!@fromagechick

Shoutforfood 10/12/11 04:49

chocolate peanut butter cookies... i love it. i could have it everyday.

Biren @ Roti n Rice 10/12/11 06:07

These cookies look irresistible! Love the peanut topping.

claudia @whats cookin 10/12/11 12:11

my boys will love these` they looks amazingly great~!

Anonymous 13/12/11 06:43

I am a huge fan of chocolate, so I absolutely love this Chocolate Peanut Crumble Cookie recipe. I can't wait to try making this. Thanks for sharing this with us

The Duo Dishes 13/12/11 14:31

This is an easy fun cookie for chocolate and peanut lovers. It combines two great elements. A little salt or salted caramel on top would be nice too.

grace 15/12/11 09:01

i've never seen a crumble atop a cookie! this is an amazing idea, angie, and the flavor combination is not to be beaten.

Buy Caviar 15/12/11 15:00

Thanks for this delicious recipe, and most of all for proper instructions. My first ever cookie batch was ruined, because the recipe didn't say I should wait between taking the baking tray out of the oven and putting the cookies on a cooling tray, so, because after 10 minutes I saw the cookies were still soft, I left them in for about 17-8 minutes, and the got totally dry. I ate them, but they were nowhere near proper cookies. Now I know it was okay for them to be soft because they harden while left sitting for 5 minutes.
Hugs, Flora

Ashley@Bakerbynature 15/12/11 16:56

Angie, these are seriously dream town!

Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything} 18/12/11 14:55

Chocolate and peanut butter is an irresistible combo on its own. Add more peanuts and mix everything in the form of a cookie and it's addictive!
Your cookies look amazing Angie!
Happy Holidays!

Asmita 20/12/11 00:00

These look divine! I think I could eat the whole plate of cookies.

Cindy 27/12/11 16:29

Two of my favorite flavors, looks yummy.

Terra 29/12/11 04:34

What a fun cookie! I love love the topping:-) My hubby would really enjoy this delicious cookie:-) Hugs, Terra

sare 1/1/12 13:51

Angie, I made them yesterday for an early new year party at our friend's office. They were excellent. All the compliments came to me and your delicious cookies. Thank you.
See you.

Jo 5/1/12 15:28

These cookies look AMAZING!!! :)


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