Strawberry Yogurt Cake

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A fresh and delectable summer cake layered with Joconde sponge and yogurt mixture that has been lightened up with whipped cream and elegantly finished with fresh strawberries and pistachios as topping. It’s perfect for people who enjoy creamy and light desserts.
Adapted from Das Neue Blatt magazine (No.29 13.July 2011)

  • 2 slice Square Joconde sponge cake (9-10 inch)
  • 10 sheet Leaf gelatine
  • 150 g Strawberry jam
  • 1000 g 3.5% Wholemilk yogurt
  • 1 package / 8 g Vanilla sugar
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 250 g Whipping cream
  • 350 g Fresh strawberries
  • 2-3 tbsp Pistachios, finely chopped
  1. Soak the gelatine in a small bowl of cold water until softened. Spread half of the strawberry jam on one piece of sponge cake and place it onto the bottom of a 9-inch square springform pan.
  2. Beat together the yogurt, vanilla sugar and sugar in a bowl until well-blended. Gently squeeze the softened gelatine to remove the excess water and place the gelatine in a saucepan. Over a very gentle heat, allow the gelatine to melt slowly, stirring once or twice. Once it has melted, stir about 3 tablespoons of yogurt cream into the melted gelatin, then pour it back to the rest of yogurt mixture. Stir until smooth and blended.
  3. Whip the cream until firm and fold into the yogurt mixture. Pour 2/3 yogurt mixture onto the sponge. Top with second sponge cake, then spread with the rest of strawberry jam.
  4. Attach a pastry bag with a star tip and fill in the rest of yogurt cream. Pipe the cream on the top of cake. Chill the cake for at least 2 hours until set. Decorate with chopped pistachios and fresh strawberries. Slice and serve. | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Anncoo 21/8/11 14:07

WOW! This looks so perfect and stunning. Wish I could have a slice :)

Pegasuslegend 21/8/11 14:50

Elegant like you would find in very expensive resturants~

Maris (In Good Taste) 21/8/11 14:50

Absolutely beautiful!The photos are gorgeous

Nisrine M. 21/8/11 15:00

Very creative and totally delish, Angie!

Megan 21/8/11 15:10

Good morning Angie! What a beautiful blog post to wake up to! Not familiar with jocomde sponge cake. Assuming it is made with egg whites? Gorgeous!

Cathy at Wives with Knives 21/8/11 15:38

What a beautiful summer dessert, Angie. The chopped pistacheos are a colorful contrast to those luscious strawberries.

Eva 21/8/11 15:51

Looks delicious, Angie. Is Jocand sponge like a genoise batter?

Sharmilee! :) 21/8/11 16:02

Looks yummy....soft and spongy. Strawberry and yogurt sounds like a nice combination

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter 21/8/11 16:38

wow great cake :-) and pretty pictures, have a restful sunday Angie

Vimitha Anand 21/8/11 16:49

Yummmm... Looks so tempting and flavorful

Junia 21/8/11 17:18

angie, this looks fabulous! you should totally add this to our cake bloghop!

lisa is cooking 21/8/11 17:20

I do enjoy creamy and light desserts! The strawberries and pistachios on top look delicious.

Rosa's Yummy Yums 21/8/11 17:29

Refreshing, light and delicious! I love that combo.



foodtravelandwine 21/8/11 17:34

FANTASTIC!....delicious and the pictures are amazing!!........Abrazotes, Marcela

Gloria 21/8/11 17:35

Love your post Angies, and this look amazing and delicious,love your strawberries!! gloria

lena 21/8/11 17:39

angie, forever breathtaking photos!! Love everything that you displayed here and of course, the lovely cake!

yummylittlecooks 21/8/11 17:39

So refreshing and delicious!!

wenn 21/8/11 18:19

i would love the strawberries!

Cheah 21/8/11 18:29

Breathtaking pics, Angie. Lovely cake,especially encriched with the fresh strawberries.

Jill @ Dulce Dough 21/8/11 18:52

How beautiful! Perfect for summer.

Cook with Madin 21/8/11 19:07

May I have a slice. Looks awesome.

Kumi 21/8/11 19:12

Angie, this looks so refreshing and delicious! I could totally inhale a couple of slices! :-)

Ah Tze 21/8/11 19:19

It definitely brighten up the summer with this beautiful dessert!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 21/8/11 19:30

Beautiful Angie. I love the idea of strawberries and pistachios together.

Mary 21/8/11 20:05

This looks wonderfully light and refreshing. It has beautiful color and the pistachios add an interesting and unexpected element to your gorgeous dessert. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Biren @ Roti n Rice 21/8/11 20:53

What a lovely looking cake...light and summery! I also like your berries in the vases. They look very pretty!

Barefeet In The Kitchen 21/8/11 21:09

Angie, this is simply beautiful!

The Procrastobaker 21/8/11 21:29

Beautiful Angie. I really love creamy desserts and cakes like this at the moment, i think they just taste so comfortingly summery, and this just looks picture-perfect!

Michael Toa 21/8/11 21:34

The cake looks so good and I love the pistachios on top. They're my favourite. Very summery indeed. Yum.

Spoon and Chopsticks 21/8/11 23:04

Absolutely stunning. Your yoghurt cake looks really delicious.

Hasna 21/8/11 23:19

wat a luvly luking dessert to ve ths summer!!! luv it a lot!!

Kelly 21/8/11 23:51

Just beautiful - I love the combination of richness and levity in this cake. The pistachios are glorious with the strawberry.

Three-Cookies 22/8/11 00:10

This looks divine. Great idea to use yogurt, healthier and delicious

Anonymous 22/8/11 02:00

Angie this looks AMAZING! Light, delicious - and your photos are incredible (as always!).

Jo 22/8/11 02:19

Angie, the cake is absolutely gorgeous and a work of art in itself. I would love to have a slice for tea that's for sure.

OohLookBel 22/8/11 02:28

That cake looks very summery and luscious.Ich liebe Erdbeeren!

Rosita Vargas 22/8/11 05:38

Dear Angies l love strawberries,fantastic pictures are amazing,look wonderful nice recipe,HUGSSSS.

Torviewtoronto 22/8/11 05:40

beautiful cake and presentation Angie

Marguerite 22/8/11 07:09

What a gorgeous dessert! So luscious and light, and I just love the strawberry yogurt combination! Great photos, too!

peachkins 22/8/11 07:25

my daughter will love this!she loves anything strawberry...

Angie's Recipes 22/8/11 07:37

@Megan It's simply an almond sponge. But you can use other types of foam cakes too.

Lisa H. 22/8/11 08:33

Superb... I love it :D

Sutapa 22/8/11 08:34

Woooooooow stunning gorgeous!

Anonymous 22/8/11 09:43

What a decadent cake. That would be perfect with a cup of tea.
Have a happy week.

Karen 22/8/11 11:37

I LOVE Schnitten with yogurt and fruit fillings! Yours look spectacular, Angie. I'd love a piece (or two) for afternoon coffee. :-))

Foodycat 22/8/11 11:51

I don't know what joconde sponge is but this cake looks gorgeous! I wish I could get desserts that look this good in most restaurants.

AK 22/8/11 13:59

Pistachios add a brilliant touch! Lovely cake!

Beth 22/8/11 14:16

Just gorgeous! What a perfect summer cake.

bonnie at sweet life 22/8/11 14:22

stunning summer creation!! love the pictures!!

Anonymous 22/8/11 14:39

Beautiful recipe & great backdrop for the picture!

kitchen flavours 22/8/11 14:41

Your cake looks delicious and your photographs simply gorgeous!

Honey Bee Sweets 22/8/11 15:14

This cake look so pretty and refreshing! A perfect summer desert. :D Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful recipe. ;)

Roxana GreenGirl 22/8/11 15:23

looks amazing, hubby would love a big piece!

Faith 22/8/11 15:32

What a lovely cake, Angie! It looks so light and refreshing!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 22/8/11 15:50

What a beautiful cake, Angie, and so perfect for a hot, late summer dessert. It looks so light and airy and perfectly topped with strawberries and pistachios.

Parsley Sage 22/8/11 15:59

I can totally do creamy and light. This yogurt cake looks spectacular!

Anonymous 22/8/11 16:22

A delightful treat! The topping with strawberries and pistachios sounds excellent!

Geni 22/8/11 18:46

Angie, are you a caterer? EVERYTHING here always looks professional, beautiful, difficult and delicious! Seriously...this cake is spectacular.

Anonymous 22/8/11 19:00

That cake looks divine! Great presentation, too. Love the idea of whole strawberries, rather than sliced, on top.

Choclette 22/8/11 21:56

That looks totally delicious and sounds like an upmarket trifle - how lovely. What exactly is a Joconde sponge, is it similar to a Genoise or trifle sponge?

kankana 22/8/11 23:23

The yogurt cake looks so fancy and delicious. That glass bottle prop you used .. LOVE it! :)

nancy at good food matters 23/8/11 00:18

Brilliant combination of tastes, beautifully presented. Like some of the other commenters, I am not familiar with Joconde sponge cake---likely it is not available in the States? Perhaps it is like a genoise?

tigerfish 23/8/11 00:36

Soft spongy cake, anytime for me, please. This looks gorgeous too!

Zoe 23/8/11 02:33

These cakes are very beautiful! The strawberries and cream combination is fantastic!

My Little Space 23/8/11 04:52

Ooooo...lovely lovely lovely! My mouth is watering. Aren't they gorgeous! Errr... how I wish I can have a slice or two right now. :o)
Hope you're having a fabulous day, Shuling.

Elisabeth 23/8/11 05:02

Angie-Such an elegant and light summer cake. Love the filling, and the whipped cream topping with the pretty strawberries. You have the first choice, to get all those amazing German recipes to chose great!

Thanks for your kind concern, and caring. You're a wonderful friend for recommending acupuncture. Problem is, I'm scared of needles! (such a baby!)
My chiropractor/physical therapist really tortured my arm to exercise it, and massage. Plenty of rest also helped, so now I'm finally able to use the arm much better!

Sue 23/8/11 05:28

Everything about this cake is stunning! Love it!

Miriam 23/8/11 05:34

Strawberry Yogurt Cake?? I'm in heaven!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Lisa 23/8/11 05:36

I love every single component of this cake, from the joconde with jam, to the yogurt cream, to the beautiful strawberry topping! Plus, very easy on the eyes - gorgeous presentation and photos!

Gina 23/8/11 05:42

Whip cream Angie, this is good for sure. I love that little vase you have too, I just got something similar. I will have to try some berries in it like you did. Wish I had a piece right now. Hope you have a great week.

Rita D K Simmons 23/8/11 09:16

That looks amazing, your blog is inspirational and the food is exceptional, huge fan already!

Priya 23/8/11 10:38

Feel like having a slice..yumm!

Sissi 23/8/11 11:39

I have seen so many strawberry cakes with the whipped cream or butter cream filling (or worse, a mixture of both) that reading "yogurt" is a real pleasure. Combining yogurt with whipped cream must give wonderful results. At least it looks divine!

Joanne 23/8/11 12:38

This is such a pretty, elegant dessert!

Pachecopatty 23/8/11 15:19

I love this cake for the strawberry lovers in my family! I like the way you've topped it with pistachio nuts and whole berries- a stunning presentation;-)

Ananda Rajashekar 23/8/11 17:37

wow the whole setup looks stunning, vibrant colours!! wouldn't mind for both of those slices!

Devaki @ weavethousandflavors 23/8/11 18:18

That is truly a sight for sore eyes. You could serve this at the Four Seasons Angie :)

Lovely lovely flavors.

chow :) Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Erica 23/8/11 21:59

Beautiful looking cake!!!Love strawberries.

blackbookkitchendiaries 23/8/11 22:10

so beautiful! they look really nice and light! such a fancy looking cake! thank you for sharing this and have a great day.

Claudia 24/8/11 02:44

I love yogurt cakes - but this sponge cake stuffed with yogurt and strawberries puts the traditional American strawberry shortcake to shame. It couldn't be prettier - or more welcoming.

Reeni 24/8/11 03:16

That is one spectacular cake Angie! Your pictures are gorgeous!

Rosita Vargas 24/8/11 05:11

Excellent cake dear Angie, looks absolutely amazing, I love your post is great, hugs.

cookingvarieties 24/8/11 08:58

hi angie's recipes. this strawberry yogurt cake looks so delicious.
must be great for tea. i was really looking very hard at your recipes, where i may miss the cherries part. ha ha cos both fruits looks so yummy with attractive colors.

Christine@Christine's Recipes 24/8/11 13:45

Aw, your strawberry yogurt cake look soooo delicious. Very attractive colours. Love it very much.

Sandra 24/8/11 20:20

This looks incredible...what a great combination of flavor, and very pretty dessert! I love it!!!

Priscilla-ShesCookin 24/8/11 20:34

Lightened up with cream ;) Love this beautiful, summer dessert! Gorgeous photos, too!

Raina 24/8/11 21:37

Gorgeous cake! It looks perfectly delicious:)

Heavenly Housewife 24/8/11 22:16

Wow, this is a real beauty. What a fantastic seasonal dessert! Where is my piece dahling?
*kisses* HH

Sylvia@peachesanddonuts 24/8/11 22:49

This looks too good to be eaten!!

tartedujour 24/8/11 23:02

Beautiful! My mouth is watering!

Victor 25/8/11 07:02

This is such a beautifully decorated cake. So mouthwatering!

Lizzy 25/8/11 15:03

How did I miss this stunning cake??? The perfect summer dessert!


Looks like the perfect thing to serve at a tea party. :)

Tanvi@Sinfully Spicy 25/8/11 17:16

Oh my..I can have this cake for breakfast..right? Strawberries & yogurt- tow of my favs!

Megan 26/8/11 00:47

hello dear - thank you for the joconde explanation. now to make it!

Deborah 26/8/11 06:16

What a gorgeous cake!!

Jenn 26/8/11 15:00

Angie, that looks heavenly!!

Barbara Bakes 28/8/11 04:34

Such an elegant summer dessert. It looks fabulous!

Ilke 28/8/11 21:46

Beautiful Angie. I am always finding great things here, lovely recipes and presentation. I need to try one of your beet recipes before I make this cake though! Everything looks delicious!

Samual 7/9/11 08:15

Hi, I really enjoyed this beautiful cake. Can you please give me one slice, ha ha. I wish I could get one of this. Thanks for sharing this great post. I really appreciate you for this. Keep it up.

MaryMoh 21/9/11 15:10

I ove this. They look so pretty! Would be great for parties :D

Rosamond Kim 23/9/11 23:02

I'm sure you don't need another comment saying how amazing your blog is...but...everything really looks heavenly. The way you plate it and photograph, you really are talented. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I truly appreciate it!


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