Orange and Fennel Salad

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This simple, refreshing salad features the fragrant, and slightly sweet fennel, fresh and juicy orange, crunchy Romaine lettuce and carrot. Make it as a side salad, or enjoy it as a light lunch with some homemade bread.

  • 1 heart Romaine lettuce leaves
  • Oranges, peeled and sliced
  • 1 Fennel bulb, trimmed and sliced
  • 1 handful Carrot strips
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp White wine vinegar
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1. Rinse, dry, and tear the lettuce into bite-sized pieces. Remove the peel and pith from the oranges. Cut the orangees into slices.
  2. In a large bowl, place the lettuce pieces, carrot strips, sliced fennel and oranges. Drizzle with olive oil and white wine vinegar. Taste with salt and black pepper. Gently toss and serve.


briarrose 23/2/11 21:05

What a lovely, quick salad. I love the citrus.

Elisabeth 23/2/11 21:08

I love fennel in any dish, but especially in a salad...fennel, and orange is such a lovely and refreshing combination...good for you salad, that no one can resist. Lovely photos of it, as well. Angie!

Belinda @zomppa 23/2/11 21:14

As you know, I don't usually use fennel, but love the lightness and freshness of this!

aipi 23/2/11 21:16

What a light, flavorful n refreshing salad! Awesome pics :)

US Masala

Anonymous 23/2/11 21:19

Yummy! I love fennel salads. It's really great when you caramelize it too!

ann 23/2/11 21:20

That salad looks so wonderful. It has some light, beautiful flavors!

Indonesian In Turkey 23/2/11 21:28

Glad I can find another Salad recipe :) Yours looks so tempting to try..hmmm

Rosa's Yummy Yums 23/2/11 21:33

A glorious salad! What flavors! Fenel has such a refined taste, especially raw.



Jennifer 23/2/11 21:49

YUM! Your salad looks great!

ceecee 23/2/11 22:13

I love the colours and the freshness in this salad. thx for sharing. -ceecee

Magic of Spice 23/2/11 22:17

I love fennel combined with citrus, so refreshing :) Beautiful salad Angie, hope your week is going well!

Barbara 23/2/11 22:19

I'm crazy about fennel, but have never cared for it raw. I love it roasted and in stews etc.

But the idea of serving it with citrus is calling me. Think I should give it another try!

Sharon @ Fun and Life 23/2/11 22:31

Fennel! I've never cooked with fennel. But I had it in soup once and loved it! This salad sounds so refreshing! The citrusyness (that's not a word is it?) must give it such a punch!

Kate @ 23/2/11 22:58

Oooooh that looks gorgeous! I love the idea of using orange and fennel together in a salad.

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) 23/2/11 23:37

healthy n delicious salad recipe with amazing pics...yummmm

tigerfish 24/2/11 00:22

Easy salad to put together. Will try it when the weather gets warmer.

Shirley @ Kokken69 24/2/11 00:27

This is so summery and refreshing!

tasteofbeirut 24/2/11 01:15

I have never had fennel in a salad and would love to try! Thanks Angie for the great idea.

Claudia 24/2/11 01:16

I love this salad - really like the added carrot for color and sweetness. A winter-salad pick-me-up! Lovely to look at, scrumptious to eat.

Wen 24/2/11 02:31

I love fennel in salad. This is so light & refreshing!

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook 24/2/11 02:34

Love fennel in a salad, yours looks delicious paired with orange! So fresh and flavorful!

Rosy 24/2/11 04:26

What a great salad for winter. I love recipes with citrus...

Treat and Trick 24/2/11 05:20

Tempting click! It's a great accompaniment to any meal, looks fabulous...

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet } 24/2/11 05:25

What a beautifully simple salad that is FULL of flavor. Nice job!

Priyanka 24/2/11 05:31

Wow..........its lovely :)

Pacheco Patty 24/2/11 05:46

I love raw fennel in salads, it's fresh, flavorful and adds a nice crunch! The citrus adds just the right brightness and contrast to the fennel, really a lovely salad;-)

Monet 24/2/11 05:51

This would be such a bright salad to serve on a winter table. The flavors and the textures are perfect! Thank you for sharing such a tempting salad. I hope you are doing well. Stay warm and enjoy the end of your week!

Ivy 24/2/11 05:56

I've never made a fennel salad and I would love to try it.

MaryMoh 24/2/11 06:47

That's a very healthy salad. I have yet to try fennel in salad. So far only used it in juice and soup.

Bridgett 24/2/11 07:14

Your picture is gorgeous but I love the bright flavors of this salad. It is a very elegant looking dish as well.

Lisa H. 24/2/11 08:00

I can imagine the wonderful flavours orange and fennel.. :D

Cherine 24/2/11 09:11

I love fennel! Your salad looks delicious!

Priya 24/2/11 10:00

Orange and fennel in salad, thats truly interesting..

Ana Rita 24/2/11 10:33

Never tried fennel, but your salad is inviting!


Happy Cook 24/2/11 10:53

I should come and live with you as you make so much healthy salade ans I hardly make variety of salade, this looks so so good.

Nammi 24/2/11 11:04

looks nice and fresh and light :), although i am yet to try my first taste of fennel bulb

Karen 24/2/11 11:54

This is lovely, Angie! A much needed burst of color and fresh flavors in a winter that has already been way too long...

Mei 24/2/11 12:19

Another veg keep saying we want to try, yours look so refreshing, thanks for sharing! I never try it before, it can be cook too? Mei

peachkins 24/2/11 13:10

i haven't encountered real fennel only fennel seeds....hmmnnn.. I have no idea how this tastes but it looks really good...

Reeni 24/2/11 14:04

What a fresh and delicious salad Angie! I have been seeing fennel everywhere the last few days! I think it's a sign...

Jenn 24/2/11 14:12

Another beauty, Angie! I love fennel but rarely seem to cook with it. Need to change that.


Angie, this is truly one of my favorite combos. Mmmmm!

Faith 24/2/11 15:56

Fennel and citrus is such a lovely fresh tasting! Looks like a beautiful salad!

Sara @ Saucy Dipper 24/2/11 17:05

I've recently started experimenting with fennel. LOVE the smell when you're chopping it up. It's delicious in so many ways...

Joanne 24/2/11 17:14

This makes me wish I liked raw fennel! It looks so refreshing.

lena 24/2/11 18:37

beautiful and healthy salad! i dontthink i've seen fennels bulbs near my area here.

Mei 24/2/11 20:00

Thankyou for your kind words. Mei

Yummy Team 24/2/11 20:20

Colorful n delicious salad..Lovely clicks, Angie..

arthi 24/2/11 21:03

healthy and yummy salad!!!

kitchen flavours 25/2/11 00:09

Looks refreshing and gorgeous! Would love to have a plate of this for my lunch today!

Honey Bee Sweets 25/2/11 00:56

I have only used fennel for roasting. Your refreshing salad sure looks like another delicious way of eating it, yum!

Raina 25/2/11 02:36

Wonderful salad. The flavors must taste so good together:)

Now Serving 25/2/11 02:42

First time on your blog and I learned something - What fennel actually looked like! I love this salad and I am certainly going to buy fennel ( our house is perpetually filled with oranges - and whip this up... Thanks for sharing - lovely post, lovely blog! Priya

Jess @ Bakericious 25/2/11 03:17

this salad looks so refreshing, yummy!

Min {Honest Vanilla} 25/2/11 03:57

hmmm~ such a great plate full with anticipation of spring ;) love colours!

Joy 25/2/11 04:17

That looks wonderful. Orange and fennel goes so well.

A Canadian Foodie 25/2/11 06:35

Stunning, melodramatic photos, Angie. The black with the vibrant green and orange just sings flavour and crunch and yum!

Abhilash 25/2/11 10:51

ah! every time I get to see a new recipe here.. never tried orange in salad.. interesting.

Heavenly Housewife 25/2/11 14:27

How fresh and pretty! I bet this would go great with some grilled chicken.
Have a wonderful weekend.
*kisses* HH

Victor 25/2/11 15:57

I have to admit that I never use fennel as raw. It is worth a try! Looks refreshing.

Fimère 25/2/11 16:53

fenouil et oranges!!!
une belle association, j'adore
bonne journée

Cake Duchess 25/2/11 18:05

Hi Angie-This salad is gorgeous! I love fennel with just a little salt and olive oil. Now I will make it the way you did. Refreshing.:)

Stella 25/2/11 21:00

Angie, I'm about to go to the store and I just put fennel on my list. I want to make this. Yum!!!

Velva 25/2/11 21:02

Love, love raw fennel. beautiful fresh salad. There is a lack of appreciation for this mild anise flavored bulb in the U.S.. I think its fabulous.


Chow and Chatter 26/2/11 04:48

first class salad Angie as ever love it :-) have a great weekend

Anonymous 26/2/11 05:33

A very light & elegant salad, nice!

Kitchen Butterfly 26/2/11 11:10

I haven't ever had fennel raw - I should give it a go - the salad looks healthy and juicy, full of crunch yet sweetness

Lauren 26/2/11 15:10

Love fennel. I thinking maybe larger pieces fennel/oranges would be good snack. What a great simple salad. I will be making it this week. Thank you.

Peggy 26/2/11 16:04

I love the combination of citrus and fennel! This salad looks amazing!

pigpigscorner 26/2/11 17:32

Lovely flavours and textures! It's always nice to have some citrus fruits in salads.

Cooking Gallery 26/2/11 18:33

I never knew what to do with fennel but to give it to my rabbits ;), thanks for sharing this recipe, Angie...

Maria 26/2/11 21:59

This is one of my favourite combinations, great flavours!

Chef Dennis 26/2/11 22:31

what a gorgeous salad, oranges and fennel together are such an imaginative combination.....I don't think I would have thought of it, but now I can't wait to try it!

Chris's Gourmet Fashion 27/2/11 16:53

This looks like a very interesting twist on how to present fennel. Will definitely give it a try. Lovely Blog!

Anna Cioccio 28/2/11 15:20

Angie, I love serving fennel salad with an orange vinaigrette. It's the perfect side served with duck breast.

Terrianne, Call me Ree 1/3/11 00:25

This looks wonderfully fresh, light and tasty. And, one of the few things that has been able to appeal to me since being pregnant. Yummy! I've never had fennel. Not fresh, anyway. Just the seeds. But I'd really love a dish of this salad! =)

denise @ bread expectations 3/3/11 11:16

I love fennel - seed, powdered, bulb, and this is so beautiful!

tobias kocht! 15/3/11 19:04

I do this one a lot too. Love the combo of the orange and the fennel.

weirdcombos 17/3/11 17:46

This is favorite way of eating fennel shaved thin with citrus juices, oils, citrus wedges....
I call it my vegan ceviche.
I agree pinots are pricey. We haven't had much of French Burgundys. We will eventually :)
Thanks for stopping by weirdcombinations!


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