Avocado Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Garlic

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The avocado gives this mashed potato dish extra taste and creaminess, and increases the nutritional value of the dish. The caramelized garlic cloves do the trick and give the dish a real punch! Recipe adapted from Essen&Trinken--Kartoffel Avocadopüree mit Knoblauchkaramell.

  • 20 g Sugar
  • 20 g Butter
  • 10 Garlic cloves, peeled
  • 300 g Potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 80 ml Milk
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 1 Ripe avocado
  • 1 tsp Lemon juice
  • 50 g Wholemilk yogurt
  • 2 tbsp Curly parsley, chopped
  1. Caramelize the sugar in a small skillet over medium heat until golden brown. Add in butter and garlic cloves. Cook until the garlic cloves turned a beautiful golden brown.
  2. Place diced potatoes and 1/3 teaspoon of salt in a large pot. Fill with encough water to cover the potatoes. Bring it to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes until cooked through. Drain.
  3. Half the avocado and scoop out the flesh and place in a large bowl along with lemon juice, yogurt, salt and pepper. Reserve the avocado shells. Use an immersion blender to puree the mixture until smooth.
  4. Warm the milk in a pot over the low heat. Mash the drained potatoes through a sieve into the hot milk. Remove, then add in avocado puree and chopped curly parsley. Warm up the mixture over the low heat. Season with salt and pepper. Fill the avocado shells with potato puree, and top with some caramelized garlic cloves.


OohLookBel 2/1/11 12:27

Thanks for sharing this recipe - the avocado in the mashed potato is a fantastic idea (like warm guacamole!). I'm going to make it tomorrow.

Priya Suresh 2/1/11 12:37

Wat a delectable mashed potatoes that too with avocado,sooo tempting!

Carolyn 2/1/11 13:03

Okay, I love everything in this...avocado, potato and garlic! It sounds like an amazing combination!

Shirley @ Kokken69 2/1/11 13:08

Angie, this is so clever, merging avocado with mash! I can already tastes the creaminess!

Sharon 2/1/11 13:13

That is simply too delicious looking for words! Extra creamy mashed potato is always good by me! Mmmm YUM. And the caramelized garlic tops it off and definitely makes the dish!

Angela 2/1/11 13:24

That is really brilliant--and a great way to combine two of my favorite foods. I will definitely try this!

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse 2/1/11 13:39

Avocado and mashed potatoes! A great new idea for me to try cook for my son.

Cherine 2/1/11 13:50

What an original tasty recipe. Avocado and mashed potato, a great combo!

Joanne 2/1/11 14:12

What an intriguing and inventive dish! I would never have thought to do this!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 2/1/11 14:24

Sehr lecker!!!! That is one terrific combination.

Happy New Year!



Stephanie 2/1/11 14:33

Yum! I'm always looking for a new way of using avocados and this sounds just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Katrina (Betty Ray) 2/1/11 14:49

This looks so delicious. Can't wait to try it.

ann low 2/1/11 15:00

I also made salad with avocado yesterday but yours look definitely better than mine, so delicious and healthy.

Belinda @zomppa 2/1/11 15:10

I don't think I've ever seen mashed potatoes look so elegant!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 2/1/11 15:13

I almost always have avocados in the house but would have never thought of adding them to mashed potatoes. Brilliant!

Kate @ Diethood.com 2/1/11 15:29

Oh wow - avocado in mashed potatoes - insanely awesome idea! This has to be finger-licking good. Great great job!

Blog is the New Black 2/1/11 15:50

This is such a unique recipe- def need to try this one!

Beth 2/1/11 15:57

What a gorgeous, rich side dish! Love the unique combination.

My Little Space 2/1/11 16:01

Angie, what a great combination! I'm still trying to imagine the actual flavour. Must be so tasty! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you're enjoying the day. Happy New Year!
Blessings, Kristy

Elisabeth 2/1/11 16:10

What a lovely way to start the new year. Such a gorgeous presentation, with the avocado-mashed potato in the avocado shell. I'm such a potato lover, but never made potatoes this way. So delicious, unique, and trendy enough to serve in an elegant restaurant!
Thank you, for continually sharing the best, of your best throughout the year, Angie!
I wish you the best of everything, in the new year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear friend!

busygran 2/1/11 16:27

WoW! This is awfully good and creamy! My kind of potato dish!

Faith 2/1/11 16:59

This is such a delicious, unique dish! The caramelized garlic sounds like the perfect addition!

Diana's Cocina 2/1/11 17:06

Happy new year my dear! Now this sounds incredible and it could just be the main course for me!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 2/1/11 17:09

I don't hitnk I have every wanted something like this for breakfast until now! wowow!~

Unknown 2/1/11 17:11

Oh my goodness, that looks so good! I love the ingredients, and your presentation is just beautiful.
*kisses* HH

Lora 2/1/11 17:34

This looks incredible! I love the way you served it in the avocado shell. Gorgeous!

Torviewtoronto 2/1/11 18:46

healthy and delicious avocado

mariatem 2/1/11 18:51

Una rica combinación, se ve exquisito.
Besos y Feliz 2011

Claudia 2/1/11 19:35

And I could have this for breakfast and lunch and snacks and dinner and midnight eating - the combination is uunbeatable.

Julie 2/1/11 19:35

Fascinating! I've never been an avocado fan, but this sort of recipe might be a good way to try easing back into the idea of it. :)

Unknown 2/1/11 20:38

Yum... I bet those are so creamy!!! Happy New Year to you!!

Sue 2/1/11 20:46

Oh boy, everything I love...potatoes, avocados, and garlic! Sounds delicious too! I must make this! Happy New year!

Megan @ Foodalution 2/1/11 20:59

super inventive Angie.... love it.. the roasted garlic is what catches my eye! - nice job and happy new year to you! Fill it with love and goodness! - xoxo meg

Peggy 2/1/11 21:36

Never would have thought to add avocado in mashed potatoes, but it looks stunning! Love the fact you served it in the avocado skin!

Jagruti 2/1/11 21:43

Delicious avacado mashed potato..so tempting ! I've posted avacado recipe too........

Chef E 2/1/11 21:45

YUMMMMMMMM! I could go for some of these right now...but too busy eating my leftover collard and hoppin johns!

Going to try this soon...

Carol 2/1/11 22:23

This looks delicious, avocado adds creaminess, and I never would have thought to add it to potatoes!
Happy New Year!

Rachana 2/1/11 23:10

Happy New Year dear Angie :-)

This looks so inviting and love your clicks...

Unknown 3/1/11 04:19

Awesome divine combination...looks pretty and tasty


WOW! The avocado must be THE popular ingredient at the moment because I keep seeing it in EVERYTHING. This sounds fantastic, Angie. I would have never thought of avocado mashed potatoes!

Jo 3/1/11 05:59

Looks good and definitely a first for one. All the best for 2011 as well.

noobcook 3/1/11 06:03

what a gorgeous and unique way of making mashed potatoes. love the presentation too in the avocado skin. happy 2011!

Sutapa 3/1/11 08:19

Wow..it's delicious! That's great to mix avocado with mashed potato!
Wishing you a very...very...very prosperous 2011.

Kitchen Boffin 3/1/11 08:38

looks sooo yummy n creamy.. love the clicks!

Ivy 3/1/11 10:13

Lovely presentation and surely looks delicious. Happy New Year.

Anonymous 3/1/11 11:48

WOW - what a yummy idea.
:-) Mandy

Kristen 3/1/11 12:43

I love seeing avocados used in unusual ways. This sounds amazing.

Anonymous 3/1/11 14:36

What an interesting combination, with the potatoes and avocados. The caramelized garlic on top sounds excellent and I love your presentation in the avocado shells.

nora@ffr 3/1/11 15:38

it wud be soo nice to start this new year with these lovely recipes!! seriously love the unique combo of potato avocado garlic and caramel :)and the idea of using an avocado shell to fill up with puree is just brilliant!!

Puja 3/1/11 18:16

My hubby will go crazy over it.. lol..awesome recipe !

US Masala

Unknown 3/1/11 18:31

I love avocado full stop. But this with caramelised garlic I'm sure it was heaven. Happy new year to you. :)

Heather 3/1/11 20:29

My god, that looks so amazing.

Flick 3/1/11 20:35

This really sounds good...I wonder how it would be with mashed cauliflower instead of the potato?

Emily Z 3/1/11 21:08

I feel like I say this almost every time I comment on your recipes, but you have outdone yourself yet again. I love coming over here because you always have such unique things, such great presentation, and great photos to top it off. You are so talented! I am bookmarking this one, too!

Chef Dennis Littley 4/1/11 01:33


what a beautiful presentation of a truly amazing mashed potato! I can see how the avocado works with this dish, just perfect! I also like the use of yogurt to cream it up a bit....It must have been so very tasty!

Unknown 4/1/11 03:47

That is such a unique combo.

chow and chatter 4/1/11 04:47

wow what a cool idea I am going to add avocado to J's potatoes love it

sweetlife 4/1/11 04:54

how genius, I love this...yummy


kitchen flavours 4/1/11 05:26

Wow, Angie, you never fail to amaze me with all your yummy food! Love this!

Kitchen Corner 4/1/11 05:39

Very special mashed! I believe the avocado makes a lot different for the mash potatoes. I would like to give it a try, thanks for sharing!

Monet 4/1/11 06:22

I have so enjoyed adding avocado to bread recipes, but I've never thought about mashed potatoes. What a great idea! I can't wait to give this a try. I'm sure it makes each bite extra creamy...and there is such good fat in Avocados. Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you have a happy Tuesday!

FOODESSA 4/1/11 14:01

I love both of these individually...yet, I would never truly have thought of putting them together like this. I guess, I'll need to try it in order to appreciate the appeal of such a combo ;o) Anyhow, it does look tempting ;))

Angie, here's wishing you the very best in the New Year.
Flavourful wishes,

Stella 4/1/11 14:53

Angie, I love this! So smart to add avocado instead of cream for fat and then just a bit of milk-that's nice! The garlic flavor sounds like it would be so nice in there too...

Biren @ Roti n Rice 4/1/11 15:21

I love the idea of avocado in mashed potatoes. Lovely presentation!

lisaiscooking 4/1/11 16:12

What a great idea! I never would have thought to add avocado to mashed potatoes, but it sounds fantastic.

Mother Rimmy 4/1/11 17:04

This is a keeper! Health ingredients and terrific flavors. Even better, the presentation is gorgeous!


Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 4/1/11 17:18

Caramelized garlic sounds amaaaazing, Angie! And the green color from the avocado is really eye-catching. Love your creative dishes. Happy New Year!

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 4/1/11 18:03

You couldn't have combined more of my favorite ingredients in this delicious dish, Angie - I love avocado, mashed potatoes, and of course, lots of garlic! This looks delicious and comforting. Thank you for sharing! I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I can’t wait to see what’s next from you in the year ahead!

Namitha 4/1/11 18:20

That's such a cool combo...looks wonderful...Happy New year,Angie !!

Unknown 4/1/11 20:16

Awesome recipe! I will surely try this soon. Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany 4/1/11 23:20

This is such a great idea for adding richness to potatoes!

Tanantha @ I Just Love My Apron 5/1/11 01:16

This look delicious! Love the green color on the mashed potato. I'm pretty sure you can't find anywhere else but here!

Reeni 5/1/11 01:32

This is a combination I would of never thought of putting together but I love it! I can just imagine how naturally buttery and creamy the potatoes must be - delicious!

Christine Ho 5/1/11 01:37

I like your way of how to serve mashed potato in the avocado shell too. :)

Magic of Spice 5/1/11 05:14

What a wonderful and unique dish...love it!

She's Cookin' 5/1/11 06:13

The addition of avocado absolutely increases my desire for mashed potatoes ten fold! And the caramelized garlic on top, is the ultimate finishing touch. Gorgeous, Angie!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 5/1/11 09:57

Angie - you are TERRIBLE!!! I've just started a diet and exercise routine and I want so badly to believe this is NOT fattening, but I know I would only be fooling myself ROFL

My word, I cannot tell you how delicious this looks and sounds *sigh*

Raks 5/1/11 10:23

Sounds really yummy,awesome combo!

Raina 5/1/11 15:14

Oh wow! Awesome mashed potatoes! I definitely will make these. I love that you used avacado; it must give it a wonderful flavor, and using carmelized garlic sounds great too:)

Unknown 5/1/11 20:46

so creamy and combo of avocado and potato looks so yum and the caramelised garlic sounds so flavourful :)

Anonymous 5/1/11 21:42

I say WOW! This is gorgeous and looks soooo gooood!

Brian Samuels Photography 6/1/11 02:21

I love this idea... AND I have an avocado in the fridge!!!

Sanjeeta kk 6/1/11 13:22

What an innovative & healthy breakfast option. Love Avoccado with mashed potato. This is going to be on my dinning table this weekend.

Anonymous 6/1/11 21:19

What a great idea! I looooooooove this! I adore mashed potatoes, garlic, AND avocado...there is absolutely nothing to not love here.

Adventures in the BigAplle 6/1/11 23:07

It looks like a great dish, but 10 cloves of garlic is too much in my opinion. The garlic will overwhelm all other flavors. You may want to go with one clove of garlic or two at the most.

Amy 8/1/11 00:03

Great idea to pair potatoes with avocadoes! I will definately have to try this!

Dimah 8/1/11 18:18

This looks awesome, yummy!

Lindsay 8/1/11 18:29

Wow, these look absolutely amazing. Great idea to put it in the avocado skins.

Unknown 9/1/11 20:02

Oh my goodness, that looks SO incredibly delicious. Avocado, mashed potatoes and caramelized garlic? What a mind-bowing combination! The presentation is lovely, too.

Miss Meat and Potatoes 11/1/11 23:35

This presentation is a knockout. And I can only imagine how creamy the avocado makes already creamy and luscious mashed potatoes. What an amazing idea!

theUngourmet 12/1/11 05:45

I've never thought of combining avocado and potatoes. It looks amazing! I just have to give this one a try!

grace 12/1/11 06:58

mashed potatoes are my favorite side dish, no doubt about it, and i love the creaminess of avocado. i never would've thought to combine the two without you, angie--many thanks!!

Unknown 18/1/11 13:08

That looks fantastically delicious - Am definitely going to try this one!

manju 21/1/11 16:36

We will have to try this! Just discovered you via FoodBuzz. Love your take on food! Tschuess!

Elizabeth 23/1/11 07:43

This is gorgeous. What yummy ingredients and stunning presentation. Would never have thought of this one! Well done.

Lauren 2/2/11 12:48

I am avocado obsessed so love this idea. Lots of fiber from the avocado too. Very creative.

Rachel {Eaternal Bliss} 12/4/11 02:17

This is awesome! I love this spin to the boring ol' mashed potatoes. Definitely have to give this a try! Bookmarking it now.


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