Gyro Greek Sandwich

Gyro (yee-roh) is a Greek sandwich specialty. It is typically made of pork meat rolled into a large piece of flatbread or pita. Other versions made with beef, lamb, chicken, and sometimes turkey, are adaptations of the Turkish "Döner Kebap" or "Shawarma", which is a popular fast food across the Middle East and NEVER made with pork. Inside the pita, salad, pickles, hummus and even French fries are added.

I am sending this to WIN S365s SANDWICH CONTEST!

Gyro Seasoning
  1. In a small bowl combine all the ingredients of the gyro mix
    . Slice the chicken of the grain and add in the seasoning mix. Rub it into the meat with your hands. Cover with a plastic wrap and chill overnight or at least 3 hours.
  2. Remove meat from the refrigerator and grill in a roasting pan in the oven until crispy. Or dry fry (without any oil) in a non-stick skillet until browned and slightly crisp.
  3. Slice the pita from the top open to create a pocket. If it is a long oval pita, then slice each pita open in half so that it forms 2 small pockets. Gently open the pocket and fill with the tzatziki, salad and meat.


KennyT 7/9/10 12:25

This looks so yummy, is there any way that I can vote for u?

Angie's Recipes 7/9/10 12:44

Hey! Kenny: Thanks! I am not sure...maybe the administrator will use "random pick", but I will let you know if it is open for the voting. Thanks again!

Sharmilee! :) 7/9/10 12:45

I luv sandwiches....these make me drool and crave for some


Dr.Sameena Prathap
7/9/10 12:48

Hi Angie,

Well,what more can i say...You rock!!!!

All the best for the contest!!!


Happy Cook 7/9/10 13:38

I am gonna make this , looks so so good, i am sure you will winn the contest with this.

Belinda @zomppa 7/9/10 13:52

I hope you win!! This if fantastic!

Eileen 7/9/10 13:59

That looks delicious. We've have been going to make those for awhile now. This inspires me. Thanks for the seasoning recipe!

sangeeta 7/9/10 14:00

Yummy looking sandwich with gorgeous fillings. Shawarama has become a popular fast food in Delhi too .
Best of luck for the contest n let me know if it's open to voting....i'd love to eat/vote...:)

MaryMoh 7/9/10 14:01

Oh Angie, I really hope you win! This sandwich looks fabulous....mmm

jelena 7/9/10 14:13

I love gyros and there is no better dresssing then tzatziki. You reminded me that I should make them soon. I also make my own pita, a bit different and also in the oven. I tried on the stove in the skillet like in some recipes but they only got burned! You had a great lunch!

Kristen 7/9/10 14:32

Your Gyro seasoning mix sounds out of this world! Good luck in the contest.

Nostalgia 7/9/10 14:39

Good luck with the entry. I think you will be the winner because the pictures are awesome and a great recipe. Good luck.

aipi 7/9/10 14:52

Sandwich looks so well made..super good n delish!!
Good luck for the contest :))

US Masala

Raina 7/9/10 15:08

Wow..yum! This looks wonderful. I have seen these in Greek restaurants but never tried homemade. Thanks for sharing this beautiful recipe:)

Jenn 7/9/10 15:17

I just made gyro's last night...though yours look WAY better then mine did! Delicious!

Biren 7/9/10 15:31

Your sandwich look so good. All the best for the contest!

Anonymous 7/9/10 15:45

Simply fabulous! I remember the first time I saw "Gyro" on a sign in Philly and was like what is a "GUYROW", haha! My dad politely corrected me "hero"...these sandwiches are so good though! Thanks for sharing!

Heavenly Housewife 7/9/10 15:48

I love gyros! This looks absolutely spectacular. I hope you win the contest!
*kisses* HH

Sarah Naveen 7/9/10 15:55

i love this..nice clicks..looks so delicious..


Oh Angie, I could eat this everyday! Love the seasoning!

Foodessa 7/9/10 17:00

Angie...if I'd make this at home...Hubby would never want to go eat out at our favourite Greek eateries. I do need my break from the for this time...I'll gawk at your scrumptious photos ;o)

Ciao for now,

May Ling Wu 7/9/10 17:11

Pictures are fantastic! I love how simple the spices are. Will have to try.

Susi 7/9/10 17:22

Looks incredible mouthwatering and amazing! You should win just for the pictures alone! Gyros is one of our favorites and your pitas look amazing. I will have to check out the recipe :o)

natural selection 7/9/10 17:25

I had my share of Döner shops when I visited Dusseldorf we ate them in order to sustain our beer consumption throughout the night. Ange I would have taken your Gyro over those Döner anytime!


Jeannie 7/9/10 17:26

Wow! Once again, very lovely photos! That's a perfect looking sandwich! Good luck in your contest!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 7/9/10 17:37

Hope this sandwich wins! If it tastes as amazing as it looks, it's a winner for sure!

My Little Space 7/9/10 17:37

Oh my, I'm drooling! This looks absolutley divine. Have to make this soon. yumm...yumm... Hope you're enjoying your day.
Cheers, kristy

Joy 7/9/10 17:38

This a great sandwich. You are a shoe-in to win.

The Cilantropist 7/9/10 17:47

oh WOW you have a recipe for homemade pita too! Awesome!!! love this recipe!

Keri 7/9/10 17:54

Angie, thank you for entering this incredible looking Gyro into the Sandwich contest at S365. You're photos and descriptives are amazing. Contest ends on Sept. 12th. Hope you win, good luck and thank so much again for participating.


Julie 7/9/10 18:08

You're making my mouth water! I just had a gyro at the state fair yesterday, and I'm already craving more. :)

Satya 7/9/10 18:22

wow sandwich looks very inviting the things stuffed in it ..delicious n filling too ..


Priscilla - She's Cookin' 7/9/10 18:22

This is a winner! Now I know what I'm having for lunch! The last time I had one was a the OC Fair - it's one of the healthier options at the fair :) Your photos are delicious, too!

Marisa 7/9/10 19:16

These look incredible. There is so much good stuff going on inside that pita! Good luck with the sandwich contest, I hope you win!

Dishesdone 7/9/10 19:36

Definitely a winner. Definitely!

Chow and Chatter 7/9/10 19:47

oh wow would love this right now, still in India fly to the UK tomorrow I had the salmon recipe in drafts LOL

Emily Z 7/9/10 19:48

Mmmm, I love Gyros! Although I can't say I have ever tried to make them... We have a Greek place right up the street from us, so sometimes on a night I am not cooking we get Gyros there. So good. Yours look fantastic! I like that you made them with chicken. I can eat lamb when I purchase Gyros somewhere else, but I don't know that I have the heart to cook with it myself.

Anonymous 7/9/10 20:33

Yummy gyros! Fantastic with homemade pitas!

Priya 7/9/10 21:54

Sandwich looks absolutely divine,makes me hungry.

Joanne 7/9/10 22:07

Do these EVER sound tasty! I love gyros. The seasoning is just spot on delicious.

Juliana 7/9/10 22:11

Angie, nice looking gyros...they sure look very tasty, love the ingredients in it...and good luck in the contest :-) By the way, the photos are awesome!

Terrianne, Call me Ree 7/9/10 22:14

These look absolutely delicious! I love chicken this way. =)

Faith 7/9/10 23:26

Good luck with the contest, I think this definitely looks award-winning! Delicious!

Pegasuslegend 7/9/10 23:43

fabulous looking and one of my favorite sandwiches!~

Tanvi 8/9/10 00:46

What a hearty sandwich.I love anything with chicken and this one is tempting me so much !

Reeni 8/9/10 02:10

You have no idea how bad I want one of your delicious gyros right now Angie! It looks so fresh and so delicious! Completely irresistible - a winner for sure.

TREAT AND TRICK 8/9/10 02:21

Looks healthy and delicious, love that gyro seasoning...

Chef Dennis 8/9/10 02:24

that is one great looking gyro! I am so glad you posted the seasonings for gyro's, I made them for my girls last year but had no real idea what spices to use!
your sandwich does look delicious!

Cooking with Coley 8/9/10 02:52

This looks fantastic! I love gyros and never make them at home. Thanks for the inspiration.

Elin 8/9/10 06:35

Angie..this looks so delicious that I am hungry just looking at it. My lunch hour :p Beautiful sandwiches ! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

busygran 8/9/10 06:46

This is jolly good! I'm picking this up and keeping it!
All the best to you and hope you'll win!

Mary 8/9/10 07:04

Wow! I want this... like, right now!! :) Your pictures are incredible! Mmmm

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

Satrupa 8/9/10 07:05

Dear Angie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. It is truly encouraging. I hope you like the flavor of Indian food.
First time here and I am in love with your recipes ..... the clicks make me drool :) Super yummilicious.

Cheers n Happy Cooking,

Anncoo 8/9/10 07:05

I want this right now too! Now is lunch hour my stomach is calling already ;DD

Jess @ Bakericious 8/9/10 07:06

Angie, you are making me so hungry now! This is absolutely delicious!

Rumana Rawat 8/9/10 07:12

I love it , looks so tempting:)

Nate @ House of Annie 8/9/10 07:24

I adore gyros! Usually take either the beef or lamb versions (prefer the lamb). Never had one with fries inside, but that sounds like fun :-)

Thanks for coming and commenting on our blog!

Olive 8/9/10 09:58

oh, it looks so mouth-watering..making me hungry!! Yum!

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more 8/9/10 12:18

The first time I heard about this sandwich was when I was playing Cafe World on FB. Hahaha!!!
And now I know how it looks like. thanks!

kitchen flavours 8/9/10 12:56

Oh my! My tummy is growling now... Looks absolutely delicious! Wish you all the best in the contest!

Velva 8/9/10 13:28

I love these sandwiches. I know Germany has some great places to enjoy these gyros. Love it.

Christine@Christine's Recipes 8/9/10 13:34

Delicious gyros. Love the homemade one as yours, with lots of ingredients that I love.

Amy @ cookbookmaniac 8/9/10 13:34

Thank you for showing me how to Gyro. I was being such an aussie and saying it like "guy-row". your photos are gorgeous, makes the pockets look so enticing

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 8/9/10 13:56

These seasonings, sauce and this sandwich idea all look mouth-watering. I'm now inspired to create a vegetarian version though it may be blasphemous to the true gyro lover ;p.

Bob 8/9/10 16:23

I love gyros! I grew up in a town with a large Greek population and every pizza shop sold them. Good times.

Joie de vivre 8/9/10 16:26

Thanks for visiting Angie, I've missed everyone!

Stella 8/9/10 17:29

Yum, I can't look at this for too long. I used to be a gyro feign. It looks absolutely wonderful, Angie.
Hey, I didn't know have a blog button. Hmm...

alison 8/9/10 19:21

looks fabulous,angie!

Cristina 8/9/10 20:00

The pita in the second image looks crispy and golden, just delicious! Looks so good...what is the white creamy sauce?

Nithu 8/9/10 23:57

Wow! Looks so refreshing and tempting. I have bookmarked it.

Krishnaveni 9/9/10 00:13

looks yummy, tempting clicks

Kamalika 9/9/10 00:16

So tempting....feeling like to have it now....

Sergio Calzado 9/9/10 00:49

Angie, once again you amaze have such a way of presenting your recipes and dishes, by the way I love this gyro. Good luck in the competition, have a feeling you will win.

Fimère 9/9/10 02:17

trop gourmand ce sandwich et appétissant même à cette heure aussi tardive
bonne soirée

Pacheco Patty 9/9/10 02:55

The photos of your gyro Greek sandwich look so delicious, they are just beautiful to see, I think it's a winner:)

Katie@Cozydelicious 9/9/10 03:16

This looks fantastic! I love that you make your own seasoning. Yum!

My Asian Kitchen 9/9/10 04:43

look really good!! my hubby will like it!! too bad I'm too lazy to make him this type of meal:(

Evan @swEEts 9/9/10 04:45

You have no idea how happy this recipe makes me.. there is no where to get greek food where I live in central Texas (sad I know) and I've been craving I can possibly make some thats just as good myself!

faithy, the baker 9/9/10 05:04

i havent had lunch this is making me hungry!! you're no good! :) All that mouthwatering goodness in there! Yums!

TasteHongKong 9/9/10 06:38

You have already won at least such responses, please count me in. Good luck : ).

Joudie's Mood Food 9/9/10 09:53

I love all things Greek, and especially gyros. My husband took me to Greece for our honey moon and introduced me to this and it was ALL that we were eating. I love the bread they use. It is in between a naan and pita bread. I made it fresh from Vefas cook book and will post it up so you can see. The bread makes all the difference. I love this post. Took me back to somethign very speacial.....

Mary 9/9/10 14:57

This really looks delicious. I love a good gyro and this one surely seems to be. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Sanjeeta kk 9/9/10 15:01

Mouth watering clicks, No doubt had to scroll a lot to reach out to comment :)

lucy 9/9/10 15:48

this look very good.very interesting recipe!

Carla and Michael 9/9/10 20:28

You made my absolute most favorite sandwich. I could eat tzatziki sauce on anything. You DO rock and you SHOULD win the contest with this beauty!

Keri 9/9/10 20:42

Hi Angie

Just an FYI, your sandwich has been posted on Sandwich in a sneak peek for the world to see. Go and check it out. Contest winner to be announced on Sunday the 12th. Thanks again for participating. Keri

Yummy Team 9/9/10 21:23

Love gyros...I am drooling over your pictures, Angie..Superb recipe n pics..Thanks for sharing...

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 10/9/10 11:40

That's a beautiful sandwich! I didn't know that Gyros in Greece are made with pork! I always thought it had lamb! I guess the Middle Eastern Doner Kebap has eclipsed the Gyro and given that impression! I hope you win the contest - best of luck! :)

Chef E 10/9/10 15:53

Thank goodness I am having Mediterranean food tonight for dinner, because I keep seeing Greek dishes on the blogs, so now I am wanting this so bad! Looks great!

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet } 11/9/10 03:45

This is one my FAVORITES! To now have a recipe - I am thrilled. Thank you for sharing!

A Canadian Foodie 11/9/10 07:48

What a great way to season up a nutritious homemade meal. YUMMMMMMMM

theUngourmet 11/9/10 07:53

Yum! Yum! Gyros are my most favorite sandwich/wrap on the planet! The tzatziki just puts it over the top for me! I love your recipe. Maybe I will make these over the weekend.

grace 11/9/10 08:48

i like gyros made with any meat, but the most important part for me is usually the bread. your pitas look AWESOME--crisp yet chewy and even a bit buttery! gorgeous work, angie!

Cherine 11/9/10 12:14

Oh my, this is mouthwatering!

OysterCulture 12/9/10 05:05

Love gyros, this sandwich looks amazing.

Dajana 12/9/10 18:32

Totally mouthwatering, I'd looooooove some for dinner.

Melanie 13/9/10 00:27

This sandwich looks so fresh, so yummy! Just want to bite into it right now :)

Pushpa 14/9/10 07:08

Hi Angie,

Recipe is simple and easy to make.Delicious and Flavorful.


Jan/Thella @ I Love. Therefore, I Cook. 19/9/10 00:43

wow, this really looks good and flavorful. i hope i can source some of the foreign-looking ingredients you got there. oops and btw, thanks for letting me know how it's said. been pronouncing the word Gyro differently for a long time :D

Anonymous 20/6/12 08:22

Made this tonight for dinner. My husband says its the best gyro sandwich he's ever had. I especially loved the Tzatkiki sauce. CBishop


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