Ginger Sherry Braised Pork Trotters

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These pork trotters are really succulent, and truly a delicious combination of sweet, sour, and piquant flavours. Well, it's not everyone's cup of tea as they are high in cholesterol, but I do enjoy them once in a while, you know, in moderation.

  • 1 kg Pork trotters, cut into smaller pieces
  • 1 large chunk Ginger root, peeled and shredded
  • 5 Dried chillies
  • 6 clove Garlic, smashed
  • 1/2 tsp Szechuan peppercorns©angiesrecipes
  • 80 ml Rice vinegar
  • 12 slices Dried Chinese haw
  1. Blanch the pork trotters in a pot of boiling water. Remove and rinse with cold water. Drain and place them in the inner pot of your electric pressure cooker.
  2. Add in shredded ginger, dried chillies, smashed garlic cloves, peppercorns, rice Vinegar, dried haws, Maggi, sugar, caramel colour if used, oyster sauce, chopped spring onion and sherry. Pour in the chicken stock to cover the trotters.
  3. Cover and secure with the lid. Plug in the pressure cooker and turn the knob to pork cooking cycle. Once it is done and cools down, then open the lid and transfer the pork trotters into a baking dish. Strain the soup into the baking dish. Bake at 180C/350F for 15 minutes. Sprinkle the top with some spring onion and garnish with a tomato rose if desired.


The Duo Dishes 14/9/10 18:58

Exactly what part of the pig includes the trotters? It sounds like it's an area centered around the legs or feet. :) The braising sauce sounds like a winner though.

thepenandthepear 14/9/10 19:00

nicely kind of the flavor combo!

Anncoo 14/9/10 19:19

Mmm...this braised pork trotters sound so delicious and my husband loves this dish very much.

Abhilash Pillai 14/9/10 19:21

wow they look delicious. I already had my dinner but I still think there is some space to try this. :)

Happy Cook 14/9/10 19:25

I don't like pork trotters, but my inlaws just love it, they mostly use it when they make pea soup.

Fimère 14/9/10 19:46

un plat savoureux et delicieux bravo
bonne soirée

Ananda Rajashekar 14/9/10 19:48

wow this sounds like whole bowl of taste bud kicking recipe....oh love addition of Sherry :)

Joy 14/9/10 19:50

That looks so good. My husband would love that.

Yummy Team 14/9/10 19:52

This looks delicious!! I have never prepared pork before, you have inspired me to try it!! Loved the presentation..

Emily Z 14/9/10 20:08

I love braised pork. This looks and sounds oh so delicious!

Radhika 14/9/10 20:09

Looks gorgeous and inviting

Anonymous 14/9/10 20:31

How beautiful!

tigerfish 14/9/10 20:40

You do all kinds of dishes so well! Such an all-rounder. And pork trotters? Yes. I do take them. I am not fussy in face of delicious food.

Priya 14/9/10 21:46

Very interesting dish.

Dishesdone 14/9/10 22:24

Braised pork looks delicious! Never had it, but I love the flavors in your recipe!

Belinda @zomppa 14/9/10 22:48

This must be so wonderfully sweet. I've never cooked with haw before - love haw wafers - devoured them as a kid, but never cooked with them!

MaryMoh 14/9/10 23:21

I like this. Really delicious with rice. Never mind about the cholesterol. My Chinese Dr told me that we must eat these every now and then cos the trotters are full of ligaments too which is important to our joints. Give me every excuse to eat more :D

natural selection 14/9/10 23:37

Angie these are the kind of recipes that make me hope your not married. It's the best chance I have to be able to eat your food on a daily basis.
moderation?? who is telling you this nonsense? Dee-licious! ;)

kitchen flavours 15/9/10 01:32

Wow, stunning! Looks absolutely delicious! After all your delicious salad, you do deserve to indulge once in a while!

Faith 15/9/10 01:50

All the spices in this dish sound fantastic! I love your tomato rose, it's really beautiful!

Catherine 15/9/10 01:59

Wow Angie this sounds and looks delicious! Very yummy recipe!

3 hungry tummies 15/9/10 02:07

I must try your version! Looks fantastic!

Silence Sings 15/9/10 02:25

Looks juicy and tender....lovely snap...

Reeni 15/9/10 02:46

I don't even know what pork trotters are Angie! But you sure do make them look delicious! Your tomato rose is so pretty.

Anonymous 15/9/10 02:48

Mmm... this sounds absolutely fantastic, amazing sweet and sour flavors!

Jeannie 15/9/10 02:56

Oh wow! that sure looks good! Been a while since I had pork trotters, my mom used to cook this when were kids because it was my dad's favourite...this brought back memories of him....thanks for sharing, Angie:D

Pegasuslegend 15/9/10 03:06

this is very delicious with all the perfect flavors nicely done

Anonymous 15/9/10 03:10

That looks like art!

Jenn 15/9/10 03:22

I LOVE coming to your site. First, your pictures make EVERYTHING look so delicious. Second, I've stopped by numerous times now and found a new food item I want to try. High in cholesterol did you say? Looks like it is well worth the risk :)

Kitchen Corner 15/9/10 03:28

This sounds like very flavorful dish and very appetizing one!

Chow and Chatter 15/9/10 04:26

good to have a treat once in a while yep i am finally back good to be home

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 15/9/10 05:14

ya, no harm to take this once in a while, life is so short, enjoy first..this look so delicious and yummy! more rice please..hehehe..

KennyT 15/9/10 05:33

I love pork trotters so much!!!

OohLookBel 15/9/10 05:52

This dish looks like a bit of effort, but VERY worth it! The sauce looks incredible, and I love the tomato rose on top.

Biren 15/9/10 06:11

I have not eaten these in a while but they can be quite tasty. Some use black vinegar instead of rice vinegar.

Angie's Recipes 15/9/10 06:42

The Duo Dishes, Reeni: Pork trotters are, as you might have imagined, the feet of a pig. They are typically sold with part of the shank attached, although it is also possible to find pig's feet sold alone.

web design preston 15/9/10 13:17

I think with the taste of Ginger it would be a spicy recipe.I think that for this recipe it needs more preparation and it will take some time to cook it.

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 15/9/10 16:45

I'm not quite sure if I've ever seen trotters in my market, I love the flavors in this dish, I wonder how if would be using another cut of pork?

Magic of Spice 15/9/10 17:49

Wow, these flavors are just amazing...and what a gorgeous dish :)

Food For Tots 15/9/10 17:50

This dish is a "die-die must have" for my hubby. He will be very happy if I serve him this dish one day. ;)

Anonymous 15/9/10 18:13

what are trotters....sorry I have never heard...but will look it up. What ever part its from, I would like a piece. This looks quite tasteful

Joudie's Mood Food 15/9/10 18:20

I adore pigs trotters. They are very poplular over here, especially by me, but i do not eat them enough. The flavours just look grogeous. I would normally make them completely different to this, but i think i may have to change my ways.... I wish i had some right now. YUMMY!

Angie's Recipes 15/9/10 18:37

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines: How about some brisket?

Gulmohar 15/9/10 23:07

Never had them...but your pics are killing me...

aipi 16/9/10 00:43

Gorgeous n interesting..lovely dish !!

US Masala

Jess @ Bakericious 16/9/10 05:33

wow this dish looks salivating, my fil sure will love it!

alwayswinner786 16/9/10 09:14

That's too tempting Angie! Delicious click!

London Escorts 16/9/10 11:57

I like ginger's taste in recipe as it makes any food quite spicy.There is something new combination for me so I will make this Ginger Sherry Braised Pork Trotters recipe in weekend.

maameemoomoo 16/9/10 12:10

Got pork trotter, what cholesterol?!?!?! :P

I want some NOW!

Mary 16/9/10 15:04

I have never had a trotter! Yours look wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Cocina Savant 16/9/10 15:33

I should not be hungry for pig trotters at 9:30 in the morning, but now I officially am. They are one of those proteins that I have yet to make, but one that is on the to do list. Your recipe is one of the most fantastic I have seen.


I'm a total pork-aholic! This looks SUBLIME!

Sarah Naveen 16/9/10 17:46

oh my..oh my..mouthwatering pork recipe....

Ivy 16/9/10 18:21

Love the flavours in your dish. Have never tried pork trotters before although I remember my mom using them in a few recipes. We can indulge once in a while and eat something we like, in moderation, as you say.

The Comfort of Cooking 16/9/10 18:35

This looks so mouthwatering, Angie! An absolutely beautiful dish with rustic, fall flavors. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and recipe!

mysimplefood 16/9/10 21:10

You make everything so pretty and so delicious! I want to come your house for dinner! :)

Joanne 16/9/10 22:02

I've never seen pork trotters look that good before. The flavor sounds intense!

Jagruti જાગૃતિ 16/9/10 22:29

This is new to me as I'm vegetarian..but I must say pork lover will be very happy!

Foodessa 17/9/10 00:29

I was just told the other month that my blood analysis showed a line of cholesterol! I was in total shock because I'm so incredibly careful. Now, I know that it's related to my thyroid issue. Hence, a few delicious trotters could be sent my way after moderation of course ;o)

Ciao for now,

Velva 17/9/10 02:32

This would be definitely "my cup of tea" these look awesome. This is a beautiful dish. Love your recipes/dishes.

Stella 17/9/10 03:58

Hey Angie, I don't eat pork but this does look and sound really delicious. I don't think I know what is a trotter though? Is that a particular cut of meat, etc.?

Claudia 17/9/10 04:27

Sigh.I do love my pork I have never had anything like this - it does sound llike something yoiu need to have once in awhile to keep your mental health. And oh does it look succulent!

Workers Compensation Lawyers 17/9/10 04:49

i can cook this dish presentation is not good

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney 17/9/10 04:51

I guess most western people need to be brave enough to try this dish. it may a lit bit fat

Shandy 17/9/10 06:05

What a delicious looking pork dish and the tomato flower is perfect! So pretty. Your photos are always beautiful! =)

Christine@Christine's Recipes 17/9/10 07:31

The pork looks sooooo gooood~ With the sour and sweet taste, this dish can be a big hit in my family for sure.

noobcook 17/9/10 13:16

It's great to indulge in sinful foods once in a way, I believe everything in moderation. Your photos are beautiful, normally I think it's quite difficult to capture a dish like this :)

A Canadian Foodie 17/9/10 19:09

now, why are they high in cholesteral? Trotters are not easy to find around here, Angie, but your recipe looks like a keeper and like it would be great on a variety of meats!

Caroline 18/9/10 00:56

Looks delicious! I made trotters as well but fried it, guess that has more cholesterol ;) but it's ok to indulge once in a while right?

tasteofbeirut 19/9/10 17:24

I have never cooked pork trotters before; but I love the spices you used here and I am certain it is absolutely delicious!

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 20/9/10 03:13

Wow! You've really stirred up memories for me. My grandma used to cook pig's trotters often when I was a child, but I haven't cooked any in years! I've never used haw slices when cooking pork though - very inventive and definitely something for me to think about! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Chef E 22/9/10 15:55

We had some pig trotters many times, and some the other night in Barcelona at a Tapas place- was great! Yours look wonderfully delish!

web design preston 31/10/10 16:53

I adore pork trotters :-) So nice to see such a lovely recipe :-)

qrcode 23/12/10 07:39

This must be so wonderfully sweet. I've never cooked with before haw - haw love waffles ... All the spices in this dish sounds good! I like your pink tomato is really beautiful!

SEO Preston 22/1/11 14:17

Wow! I'd guess the trotter of a pig is a fairly under-utilised part of the animal, although this recipe certainly tempts me to go out and buy some!

Anonymous 23/9/13 20:58

wow, luscious cukiok (pork trotter)
i like it when it's tender and suckedable!


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