Chickpea Butternut Pumpkin Patties

Chickpeas have a delicious nutty taste and buttery texture. Pumpkins are naturally low in calories and fat, rich in vitamin A and an excellent source of fiber. The match of chickpeas and pumpkins, for me, is the match made in heaven.
Not only are they delicious, healthy, and loaded with nutrients, but they could also be used to make a variety of healthier holiday or daily treats. These patties are very easy to make and bursting with flavours.

  1. Place butternut pumpkin puree, chickepea puree, glutinous rice flour and honey in a bowl. Mix with your hand until you have a smooth dough. Add more glutinous rice flour if needed.
  2. Divide it into 35 portions, each about 26 grams. Shape each into a ball. Divide the poppy paste into 35 portions too. Roll each pumpkin dough into a round, fill the center with poppy paste, and then seal to enclose the filling. Lightly press it down to flatten the ball.
  3. Heat up a skillet with some corn oil and pan fry patties over the low-medium heat until golden brown.


chayacomfycook 5/9/10 15:54

These look amazing. I am a little confused about the butternut pumpkin puree. What is it? Pumpkin or butternut squash or either or both?

srividhya Ravikumar 5/9/10 15:57

wow..delicious patties angie..looks lovely dear..

Angie's Recipes 5/9/10 16:15

chayacomfycook: I call "butternut squash" as "butternut pumpkin". ;-)

lisaiscooking 5/9/10 16:17

These look delicious! The squash puree and chickpea puree combined sounds so great. This is going on my 'try this soon' list!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 5/9/10 16:17

Now I don't think I've ever tried a combination of pumpkin and chickpeas but I'm sure I'd love it. Plus, I adore anything with poppyseed.

pegasuslegend 5/9/10 16:23

Can you come cook for me, what torture great recipes no kitchen yet :( love this one!

alison 5/9/10 16:27

delicious patties,a very interesting combination,i like all the ingredients!

Betty Ray 5/9/10 16:52

These look so delicious. And healthy too!

Torviewtoronto 5/9/10 16:55

never had these delicious patties

Jeannie 5/9/10 17:01

Very summery dish! Love the colour of the tasted very delicious too!:D

aipi 5/9/10 17:11

Fantastic idea..truly a match made in heaven..added in my list of things to try out :)

US Masala

jelena 5/9/10 17:11

I must admit I have never used chickpeas before, even though They are so cheap and I can buy them in every store.They are just not a part of our cuisine. But things are changing and I am exploring the recipes. Beautiul combination of the pumpkin:)

Priya 5/9/10 18:34

Gorgeous looking patties, very tempting..

[Reply] 5/9/10 18:48

I love the bright orange color of these patties-beautiful!

Happy Cook 5/9/10 19:09

I have never had patties like this loooks so so good.

Marisa 5/9/10 19:14

Angie, this is a great idea. A match made in heaven, indeed! I love the way they look, and definitely know that I'd love the way they taste, too!

alison 5/9/10 19:36

angie,please collect the awards on my blog,they are for all my foodie friends!

MaryMoh 5/9/10 20:32

Beautiful, healthy and delicious patties. I can eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner :D I suppose I can use sweet potato, too...hehe.

Pavithra 5/9/10 20:40

This is really wonderful idea and recipe looks so so so delicious angie.

savy cook 5/9/10 20:50

Super delicious! love it :)

Belinda @zomppa 5/9/10 20:51

Great combination. Pumpkin - fall must be on its way

Terrianne, Call me Ree 5/9/10 21:50

Butternut squash and garbanzos beans are two of my favorite all-time foods. I would absolutely love this! =)

Jennifurla 5/9/10 21:52

These look absolutely wonderful

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 5/9/10 23:15

Butternut squash and chickpeas are 2 of my favorites! i don't know what Poppy paste is though? And is the glutinous rice flour essential or can regular flour be subbed? I LOVE the look of these and so want to try them! Thanks!

Fimère 5/9/10 23:41

voila des galettes bien originales!!!!!
j'aime beaucoup la façon dont elles sont préparées, elles doivent être très bonnes
bonne soirée

zurin 5/9/10 23:43

those patties look delicious Angie. I must try the match. Chiclpeas and pumpkin sounds interesting. Thanks :)

My Little Space 6/9/10 00:48

Ooo... such appertizing snack! It's like having our local deep fried sweet potato patties with spicy shredded coconut. The patties look yummier with filling, right! Enjoy your day.
Cheers, kristy

bunkycooks 6/9/10 01:57

Interesting flavors in this dish. I might have to give this a try since it is definitely squash season here now!

Ellie (Almost Bourdain) 6/9/10 02:56

Love this vegetarian patties! So delicious!

kitchen flavours 6/9/10 03:18

I have learned something new from you! Never seen poppy seed paste over here before. The patties looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Shirley @ Kokken69 6/9/10 03:18

I always have fond memories for chickpeas - it was my favourite item on the kacang putih man's cart :)... Lovely snack!


Fantastic! A perfect dish for fall!

girlichef 6/9/10 04:14

These are awesome...I really want to try them! Perfect recipe to usher in Fall! :)

busygran 6/9/10 04:58

Interesting combo of chickpeas and pumpkin. I wonder how poppy paste plays a part in terms of flavour? Can't get anything 'poppy' in singapore as it's regarded as a narcotic. Any suitable substitute to recommend?

baking.serendipity 6/9/10 05:11

Amazing patties! I never thought to combine the flavors before, but now that you've put them together I'm definitely thinking good things about it :) Thanks!

Dishesdone 6/9/10 05:33

You always come up with something different and delicious! Fantastic!

Angie's Recipes 6/9/10 06:20

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy: You can use flour instead, but the taste and texture would be very different. Poppy paste is mainly prepared with ground poppy seeds, and oil. You don't have to use poppy paste as the filling, others like red bean paste, or black sesame paste would be great too.
busygran: Yes, use any bean paste instead if you can't get poppy pasta.

Jess @ Bakericious 6/9/10 06:46

the patties looks so nice, I love the shining surface and color.

Escort Agency London 6/9/10 07:32

This Chickpea Butternut Pumpkin patties looks so delicious.This seems something different taste and new combination of ingredients.I would like to cook this recipe in weekend.

TasteHongKong 6/9/10 07:55

I love glutinous rice ball or patties, your combo here sounds intriguing.

grace 6/9/10 08:56

yep, it's time for the butternut recipes to come out in force! i love this pairing with the oh-so-nutty and toothsome chickpea. great recipe, angie!

OohLookBel 6/9/10 09:18

Oh yum! I could easily demolish a plate of those!

Ho Ho Ho 6/9/10 09:31

brilliant idea for kids' lunch box.. thank you :)

maameemoomoo 6/9/10 10:35

I wanna make this Angie!!! But must wait till my helper's back first... :(

And your mushroom pasta.. gosh.. looks absolutely scrumptious!!

Rachana 6/9/10 10:56

Chickpea and Pumpkin! Thats a very unique combination...the patties look great :-)

Honey Bee Sweets 6/9/10 15:47

Wow, very special. You are great to combine all these wonderful ingredients together to yield such a great dish. Looks yummy and nutritious. ;D

Faith 6/9/10 15:56

These are so pretty and I bet they're absolutely delicious, especially with the poppy paste inside!

Anncoo 6/9/10 16:21

Lovely combo and looks so yummilicious!!

Biren 6/9/10 16:26

I have never thought to put these two ingredients together. Those patties look delicious.

Chef E 6/9/10 16:57

Man this is a great recipe! I often want new ideas for butternut squash and you have created a very healthy and tasty treat here! I am catching up on post before we go to Spain-

sangeeta 6/9/10 17:19

Very very interesting, looks yummy.

The Comfort of Cooking 6/9/10 18:32

These look wonderful! I don't think I've ever had anything like this, but I'd love to give these a try. Thanks for sharing!

A Thought For Food 6/9/10 19:26

Nothing says fall better than butternut squash and pumpkin.... and these are the perfect little guys to get the season started.

Indonesia Eats 6/9/10 23:06

Is it a pumpkin season already? Looking so yummy

Megan 6/9/10 23:06

Angie - love these.... they are so cute! I had no idea what to expect when I saw the title for these! Delicious, I appreciate that you are continuously cooking from different cultures! xoxo megan@foodalution

Kamalika 6/9/10 23:12

Very innovative....and sounds tasty too...

Emily Z 6/9/10 23:38

OMG this sounds amazing. I love squash so much. It's one of the many things I am looking forward to with the approach of fall right now. My husband is not the biggest squash fan but I am determined that he can deal with it once in a while!

tigerfish 7/9/10 00:40

I would never thought of combining them like this...and this must be so tasty. You are so creative :)

Baking Barrister 7/9/10 01:43

These look awesome & are a great combo. Never would have thought of it. Do you think they'd bake well? I can't eat fried food but I have all of the ingredients on hand.

Reeni 7/9/10 03:08

This is a match made in heaven for me too Angie! These look dreamy! I make a stir-fry with this same combo and also a pasta dish.

OysterCulture 7/9/10 05:07

What an incredible brilliant combo, I never would have thought to have poppy seeds and butternut squash, how yummy is that!

PranisKitchen 7/9/10 05:35

thats looks really delicious patties the ingredients are really interesting yummy one

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 7/9/10 07:08

What an unusual combination in a patty! I love the colour and as I love both butternut squash and chickpeas, this is definitely a winner in my book :)

Jacklyn 7/9/10 09:00

yum! I am obsessed over your pictures as I always say haha
Great commbination, they look a little like dried apricots in color and shape to me. Very pretty!

Angie's Recipes 7/9/10 09:28

Baking Barrister: I think it should work. Just spray some olive or corn oil on them before baking.

Foodessa 7/9/10 17:02

Angie...although I might skip the poppy paste...I'll have to make these patties for sure!
I always have chickpeas and my favourite squash on hand.

Great, healthy recipe.

Flavourful wishes,

natural selection 7/9/10 17:18

These would go perfect with baby spinach cooked with pearl onions and some game! I may have to feature this on Natural Selection this fall!

Cheers Angie!

ravienomnoms 7/9/10 17:27

how gorgeous and delicious!

tobiascooks! 7/9/10 18:05

I love that they have chickpea in them.

Dee 7/9/10 18:15

Wow, as dim sum, appetizer or main dish your chickpea/butternut patties look perfect! How genius to combine these two! Wow.

Magic of Spice 8/9/10 17:14

These are fantastic Angie :)

Stella 8/9/10 17:27

These patties are a vegetarian dream, Angie! Yes, they are. Yes, they are (smile)...

Maria 8/9/10 22:29

These look absolutely delicious! I am in love with chickpeas!

Hornsfan 9/9/10 01:52

Angie, these look great - I'll look forward to trying them this fall.

Kumi 9/9/10 05:27

My favorite ingredients!! Thanks for this great recipe. I'll definitely try this. I have acorn squash.. wonder if that would work?

Angie's Recipes 9/9/10 06:44

Kumi: Acorn squash will work too!

marla {family fresh cooking} 9/9/10 14:37

These are simply genius! I love everything pumpkin & the creativity of your recipes. Great that these patties are healthy too!

CaSaundraLeigh 9/9/10 15:45

This recipe is the perfect solution to my overflowing butternut squash collection from the garden--love it!

Debbie 10/9/10 01:32

This is so different and it combines 2 of the things I have been trying to cook with more! In fact I am making butternut squash chicken right now! I love the color of these patties, thanks!

Radhika 11/9/10 02:07

Butternut Squash and Chickpea marry well in this recipe. Drool

Lori 13/9/10 23:24

Woah, this is an awesome combo! I love all of these things separately, but as a patty... I definitely need to make this! Delish!

Elizabeth and Jared 20/9/10 02:55

Wow. I'm big on colours when it comes to food and I love the colour of these. Chickpeas and pumpkin are also up there on my favourite foods list. Thanks for the recipe!

London Escorts 12/4/11 18:11

What an awesome combo!! I love this article

Tony@LED Grow Lights 12/4/11 18:11

Looks really tasty! How do you puree the Chickpeas in a blender?

Also does pumkin work instead of Butternut Squash?

Angie's Recipes 13/4/11 06:19

@Tony@LED Grow Lights
I just threw them (with a little of water if a bit dry) in the blender, and turn it on. Process until smooth. And yes, you can use other types of pumpkin instead.

London Escorts 28/4/11 16:23

I love chick peas being a vege they are high in prorien and low in fat these recepies look great

Rosita Vargas 24/5/11 05:54

las empanadas se ven muy rica,se parecen a nuestras sopaipillas(es una masa con puré de zapallo)un pan frito,tus empanadas son exquisitas,lo nuevo es mezclados con garbanzos,una delicia muy original,cariños y abrazos.

Annie Wu 26/9/12 07:42

making this for thanks giving!!

Amy Jo 6/4/13 20:56

These are a perfect little treat!


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