Pear Financier Tea Cake

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These delicious, moist tea cakes were named long ago by a pâtisserie near the Bourse, the Parisian stock exchange, who cleverly baked them in the shape of gold ingots to please their wealthy clientele. The basis of the cake butter, egg whites, powdered sugar and almond meal. While delicious on its own, the Financier can also be flavoured with seasonal fruits such as raspberries, peaches or pears. Financiers are often baked in the rectangular mould.

  • 2 Pears, peeled and cut into 1cm dices
  • 100 g Butter, melted
  • 80 g Almond meal©angiesrecipes
  • 40 g All-purpose flour
  • 80 g Icing sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/2 tsp Almond extract
  • 3 Egg whites, lightly beaten
  • 1 tbsp Pistachio, chopped
  1. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F. Thoroughly butter the financier moulds and place them in the freezer to resolidify the butter and make the financiers easier to unmould.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the almond meal, flour, icing sugar and salt. Mix to blend. Fold in the lightly beaten egg whites, almond extract and melted butter.
  3. Fill each mold almost to the rim and place some diced pears on top. Bake for 12 minutes or until the financiers have become light brown on top and are springy to the touch. Remove from oven and let cool on a wire rack. Sprinkle the top with some chopped pistachio.


alison 24/8/10 21:20

yummmy!delicious this cake!

Jacklyn 24/8/10 21:50

this looks beautiful and delicious

pigpigscorner 24/8/10 21:52

Looks so elegant and yumy! I wish someone would please me with this too =P

Joy 24/8/10 22:09

Those look so good. I just learned to make financiers. I can't wait to try this one.

Satya 24/8/10 22:13

simply awesome ...i love tea cakes ..will surely give it a try


Belinda @zomppa 24/8/10 22:17

These are worth more than gold.

Cook with Madin 24/8/10 22:17

Hi Angie these tea cakes looks beautiful, I'm sure they're delicious too. Great photos and presentation you got there.

MaryMoh 24/8/10 22:20

Very interesting name and beautiful in tiny loaves. Looks delicious. I'm trying to figure out how many I can eat :D

Anonymous 24/8/10 22:27

Good Afternoon Angie! You are so good at what you do! Beautiful post.... I wish I had a nibble of one right now to go with my tea! The added touch of pistachios is elegant!

aipi 24/8/10 22:40

Tea cakes look mouthwatering and simply divine!!

Faith 24/8/10 22:48

What elegant little cakes! I bet the flavors of the almonds and pear go perfectly!

Cristina 24/8/10 22:59

Angie - lovely portion-controlled tea cakes. Like those pistachios sprinkled on top!

[Reply] 24/8/10 23:02

oooh!!! tea cake looks sooooo delicious!!!
Wanna grab it now and can finish off within seconds..:)

Shriya 24/8/10 23:15

Very interesting recipe and it looks soo perfect and crisp. Love to have it with some tea !!!!

Dishesdone 24/8/10 23:15

Delicious cakes! Very elegant looking!

Jennifurla 24/8/10 23:21

stunning cakes, little pieces of edible art

Susi 24/8/10 23:23

Gorgeous little cakes. I bet they would be delicious with a cup of coffee!

Ingrid 24/8/10 23:59

Looks yummy! I doubt mine would look that perfect though! :)

pegasuslegend 25/8/10 00:26

gourmet tea cakes how yummy~

ICook4Fun 25/8/10 00:59

Such a beautiful dainty look cakes. Great with a cup of tea.

Erica 25/8/10 01:22

I adore pears!!!These cakes look and sound amazing, Angie!

My Little Space 25/8/10 01:41 I can almost smell it here! What a lovely bake. I'm sure the two of you are unable to finish these. So, send me the leftover huh! hehe.... Enjoy your day.
Cheers, kristy

Emily 25/8/10 02:21

These look like fun little cakes! I have not ventured to make anything like this yet. I am intrigued by the combo of pears and almonds. I bet it's delicious!

Reeni 25/8/10 02:28

Can you believe I've never had a financier Angie? These are positively divine with the pear and pistachio combo! Would love one with my tea.

Tanvi 25/8/10 02:44

Thats a new combo to me..pear & pistachios! I bet its delish!
Gorgeous clicks!

Jeannie 25/8/10 03:02

So cute and gorgeous! No baking powder? Lovely photos:D

wenn 25/8/10 03:03

something new here! yummy! btw, do visit Scrumptious. Thx.

Happy Flour 25/8/10 03:43

Delicious cake for an afternoon tea. :)

scrambledhenfruit 25/8/10 03:44

Gorgeous little tea cakes! I love the pistachio on top!

Chef Dennis 25/8/10 04:06

what a great little cake Angie! The pears look so good, I bet they were delicious, and then the know I love pistachio's!

Anonymous 25/8/10 04:33

This looks delicious! I love the pear flavor...I've eaten baked goods with pear in them, but never made my own. This is a great recipe to start with...thank! :)

Anncoo 25/8/10 04:40

Angie, I really want to bake this beautiful Financier Tea Cake. First of all I'm going to get the mold.

Heavenly Housewife 25/8/10 04:54

I am loving these. Pear and pistachio, how divine! Got any of these left for your favourite housewife daaaahling?
*kisses* HH

Pavithra 25/8/10 05:32

Wow Angie I have done the plain financier but this pear one sounds interesting .. will try adding pear when i make financier next time.. Looks super good and tempting

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra 25/8/10 05:58

Beautiful looking pics as always...
Angie tis is my fav too n I bake it using peaches. Liked ur recipe, bookmarking it.

Hearty Bakes 25/8/10 06:35

I love the look of those financier! Using pear is such a fabulous idea!Bookmarked the recipe. Thanks Angie, for your sharing!

busygran 25/8/10 06:45

These 'ingots' looks lovely to eat. Time to invest in a financier mould!

Devaki 25/8/10 07:14

Thanks!!! Angie - You don't know for HOW LONG I have been looking for a good recipe for financiers so I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw yours! AMAZING! Will make these soon :)

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

HoHoHo 25/8/10 07:31

It looks moist and marvellous... :)

TasteHongKong 25/8/10 07:35

The name and presentation do bring some fantasies.
I'm fancying having them for my afternoon tea.

jelena 25/8/10 07:48

I love bite size sweets. These are perfection!

Elin 25/8/10 09:22

This must be delicious tea cake. Love your photos....make me salivates :p I want a piece , Angie..can? :)

Dajana 25/8/10 09:46

I've seen similar recipes before, but never got to make them myself. They really look delicious.

Cheah 25/8/10 09:50

Angie, the name is interesting! Financiers? So those who eat them will be able to make money from stocks and shares or make money from investing in gold? Nonethless, yours look very dainty and cute and as always, the pictures are testamony of how good they are!

Maria 25/8/10 10:22

These look so heavenly! I adore pear desserts so will have to try this sometime! Thanks for sharing!

Cheap Crystal Jewelry 25/8/10 11:48

This Pear Financier Tea Cake seems so delicious.I like to eat tea cakes very much and I will make this for me so I can enjoy it with my morning tea.This tea cake has such good ingredients.

lisaiscooking 25/8/10 14:48

They look fantastic! Pears and pistachios sound great in them too. I wish I had the rectangular molds!

marla {family fresh cooking} 25/8/10 14:49

I love using almond meal in my recipes. These Financier Tea Cakes look amazing. The pistachios are so pretty on top :)

Claudia 25/8/10 15:22

Angie - these are so lovely. I have never had. I am loving it with the fruit. Pears are just appearing in the stores. And the dessert looks fairly light.

Jess @ Bakericious 25/8/10 15:37

the cakelets look fantastic, simply to hard to resist!

Lynda 25/8/10 16:13

I love tea cakes and this looks so moist and delicious. The pears will make it wonderful!

Mika 25/8/10 17:05

I like the idea of using pear and pistachios for financier, I think they have such a boring flavor if you don't add something to them...

Priya 25/8/10 17:59

Scrumptious cake, looks fantastic..

Carolyn Jung 25/8/10 18:17

Lovely little cakes. And I especially like that sprinkling of pistachios over the top.

Krishnaveni 25/8/10 20:00

beautiful tea cake looks yum

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 25/8/10 20:02

What lovely little cakes these are. Thanks for the recipe and the background information.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 25/8/10 20:31

Positively delicious!! LOVE the pistachio with the pear!!

Yummy Team 25/8/10 20:34

This looks fabulous!! Great recipe..

Evan @swEEts 25/8/10 21:13

Do you think you could substitute a different fruit for the center?? These look divine!

Joudie's Mood Food 25/8/10 21:24

Ok so i am allergic to nuts but, i want to have a bite of this. YummY!

pegasuslegend 25/8/10 22:33

amazing looking cake you are a great baker!~

tigerfish 25/8/10 23:38

I always wonder where this name Financier came from. Hahha, now I know :)

mysimplefood 26/8/10 00:04

This must be yummylicious. I can almost smell it!!

grace 26/8/10 00:06

these are just the epitome of moist, angie! so delicate and dainty and delicious--well done!

Anonymous 26/8/10 02:58

These cakes sound amazing! So good with pear & almond flavor and I love the pistachios on top!

OysterCulture 26/8/10 03:56

I"ll take these in any shape as I know how tasty they are, thanks for sharing such a yummy sounding recipe.


Dr.Sameena Prathap
26/8/10 04:05


Been waning to visit your website cos you are always chosen for food buzz top 9!!!Congrats my dear!!!no words to describe your talent!!!so happy to follow visit by mine when you find time...


Angie's Recipes 26/8/10 06:32

Evan @swEEts: yes, other seasonal fruits, like raspberry, peach, etc. can be used too. You could also try caramelizing the fruit before adding to the batter.
Thank you so much, my friends, for all of your kind reviews and encouragement!

Kamalika 26/8/10 07:28

Lovely click...the cake looks too tempting...

♥peachkins♥ 26/8/10 08:55

the cake looks really moist and the filling looks delicious!

Joanne 26/8/10 13:44

I want these with a large cup of tea! Delicious.

Jo 26/8/10 14:11

Angie, how on earth do you come up with such delicious recipes! These mini cakes are a delight to the senses! Gorgeous.

Katie@Cozydelicious 26/8/10 14:40

How beautiful! I love tea cakes - instant portion control! And these are almost too cute to eat. The pistachio is a great addition.

Biren 26/8/10 15:11

Angie, these look so delicious. Will be great with some tea.

A Canadian Foodie 26/8/10 18:54

These look GORGEOUS! ANd - it is pear season - AND I just bought some financier (largish) pans at Dehilleren in Paris. YEAH! I AM ON IT!

Bridgett 26/8/10 22:30

Oh my, I love pear cake so this is definitely going on my list. Your photos are stunning.

A Thought For Food 26/8/10 23:54

These are just adorable! And I bet they are incredibly moist too!

Indie.Tea 27/8/10 00:43

Wow, I'm stunned. This recipe looks and sounds divine. I love pears, and I love financiers, the combination must be out of this world.

Anonymous 27/8/10 02:35

its so unique...I so want to grab one

maameemoomoo 27/8/10 08:52


I've not seen pear financier before, Angie.. my very first! Thanks for sharing :)

Stella 28/8/10 00:34

Delicious, Angie! I love stuff like this-I'm sure you know that by now though (smile). Oh, and, you know, I keep meaning to get some almond meal. Thanks for the reminder...

Anonymous 28/8/10 16:26

These were so easy to make and absolutely delicious! Soft and delicate, crunchy on top with a hint of almond. Loved it. Thank your for the recipe! Grace

The Duo Dishes 31/8/10 07:52

The pistachios on top are great for color and crunch. Cute little cakes!

tasteofbeirut 31/8/10 17:17

What a great idea Angie; I have some almond meal left over and of course, I love pears in a cake; these financiers look delightful.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 2/9/10 09:35

I love the texture of baked pears and these financiers are perfect for me, with a cup of tea :)

Shirley 3/9/10 05:51

Yum... I've made raspberry financiers before but never thought to do pear.

Goldy 8/9/10 12:30

I love the texture of baked pears and these financiers are perfect for my family

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Rosy 9/9/10 14:39

These are great ideas for Christmas presents. Thanks for the recipe.


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