Peach Nougat Spelt Cake

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A slightly dense, moist butter cake with ripe, fresh, and juicy peaches and rich, gooey nougat atop makes a truly succulent late-summer delight with a glass of sparkling wine.

  1. Peel and halve the peaches. Gently fan out the top of halves whilst still keeping them all together. Line a 30x.33cm baking tray with paper. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F. Place the nougat in a bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir until it is melted and smooth.
  2. Whisk the spelt flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl. Add in sugar, eggs, butter and milk. Beat briefly with a hand mixer on slow speed, then increase the speed to high and beat for 2 minutes until a smooth dough forms.
  3. Press the dough evenly onto the prepared tray. Arrange the peach halves, fanned-out side up, in 4 lines, setting them 1 inch apart and pressing each gently into the dough. Spoon the melted nougat to fill the gaps between lines.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Strain the raspberry jam through a fine sieve into a bowl. Remove the cake and cool on the wire rack. Brush the peach halves with the jam while it’s still warm, and scatter the chopped pistachio on the nougat. Slice the cake and serve.

Thank you, kitchen flavours and alwayswinner786, for passing the awards to me.

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Anncoo 29/8/10 12:42

WOW! This cake looks so classic. Very beautiful with all that peaches and nuts on top.

srividhya Ravikumar 29/8/10 13:05

wow...cake looks awesome dear....really mouth watering..

Happy Cook 29/8/10 13:34

Love cakes like this. Looks so so good.

Belinda @zomppa 29/8/10 13:48

I've never used spelt flour before. How gorgeous are these. When are you going to start selling them?

wenn 29/8/10 13:50

yummy! can I hv some?

Jess @ Bakericious 29/8/10 14:06

Angie, the cake looks so so eye-catching! May I know what is Spelt #630 flour? Thanks in advance.

Faith 29/8/10 14:15

Oh wow, I bet the nougat is amazing on this cake! It's a very pretty cake too, I love the peaches on top!

Jo 29/8/10 14:24

This cake looks so gorgeous and the flavours, wow! I'm lost for words right now!

Honey Bee Sweets 29/8/10 14:25

It must taste heavenly! Juicy, buttery, nutty and sweet... What more yummies can we ask for? Thanks for this lovely recipe. ;)

Angie's Recipes 29/8/10 14:30

Jess: Spelt is similar to wheat, but somewhat nuttier and slightly sweeter flavor than whole wheat flour. Spelt contains more protein than wheat, and the protein in spelt is easier to digest. In Germany, flour is graded by the content of mineral content (or ash; very different from the states) hence the value of #630 would be 63%, which is equivalent to AP flour.
Thanks, guys, for stopping by!

Fimère 29/8/10 14:35

il est sublime ce gâteau aux pêches et très goûteux aussi
bravo pour la présentation
bonne journée

aipi 29/8/10 15:33

This cake looks wonderful and I love the way you laid out the peach on top
..Perfection Angie!

alison 29/8/10 15:55

gorgeous!this cake looks so delicious with the peaches and nuts top!

Sharmilee! :) 29/8/10 16:04

Tempting cake, just luv it!

Torviewtoronto 29/8/10 16:10

delicious flavours and beautiful pictures

jelena 29/8/10 16:31

Nougat delight! Very elegant squares!

Cheah 29/8/10 16:36

It's beyond words, Angie, just yummy!

Jeannie 29/8/10 16:50

I love orgling at all your bakes, they are so tempting! This one included.

dana 29/8/10 17:06

that looks incredible! as it happens i have peaches, but spelt flour is prohibitively expensive at the markets i regularly shop. do you happen to know of a good online source? thank you!

Brad Theodore 29/8/10 17:36

Looks delicious. I could lick the screen. I'll have to try and use spelt flour soon.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 29/8/10 18:30

You know after years of having it in candy bars, I still am not quite sure what nougat is. But I am in love with the pretty sliced peaches and pistachio, and I'm sure this is very tasty :).

Kumi 29/8/10 18:33

Looks so good! I'm learning so much from your blog. :-) Never knew that about spelt flour!

scrambledhenfruit 29/8/10 18:40

Lovely! I haven't used spelt flour in a while but I really like it. I feel inspired to find some now!

Priya 29/8/10 19:10

Scrumptious cake, very tempting..

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more 29/8/10 20:58

I've tried cakes with spelt, and I'm sure it taste fabulous, especially with peaches.

Brenda 29/8/10 21:14

What a gorgeous cake, it looks wonderful! I could enjoy a piece right now along with that sparkling wine. :o) Thank you for visiting my blog today, I hope you're having a fantastic day!

Jennifurla 29/8/10 21:51

Wow, that is art. I have never seen a cake like it - beautiful

The Urban Baker 29/8/10 22:16

I love the idea of using Spelt! I am going to try this as I have spelt flour at home!

Fresh Local and Best 29/8/10 22:35

This is such a beautiful dessert! I love the autumn colors of the glazed peaches and the brown nougat. Simply elegant!

Cooking Gallery 30/8/10 00:47

Looks very pretty, Angie :)!

Rachana 30/8/10 01:09

OMG! This cake looks divine! I wish to have a slice :-)

My Little Space 30/8/10 01:26

Angie, another yummy goodies! I bet I can take at least a few slices. Well, if Germany still in summer? Then this should be light & juicy treat for the day. Thanks & enjoy your day.
Cheers, kristy

busygran 30/8/10 03:14

I like the way you made those slits on the peaches. And what a cake!

petite nyonya 30/8/10 03:27

Slices like these are just perfect to life up one's day!

Dishesdone 30/8/10 03:44

The cake looks delicious, and so pretty with the sliced peaches! YUM!

Claudia 30/8/10 04:07

With nougat? Oh yes. I've never made cake with spelt - that has to be good and the juicy, ripe peaches can stand up to the spelt. Plus - it's just so pretty...

Joanne 30/8/10 04:12

Anything with nougat kinda sorta makes my head spin. delicious!

Kitchen Corner 30/8/10 04:16

WOW! Very special cake here! My first time know about this cake. Nice one!

Emily 30/8/10 05:40

These look utterly mouthwatering. The photos are amazing. I so want to try this!!!

brooke 30/8/10 05:45

Tasty beyond reason


kitchen flavours 30/8/10 08:44

Wow, Looks absolutely delicious and gorgeous! Nougats! Yum....

Rumana Rawat 30/8/10 08:52

Awesome Cake, i wish i was there to have a bite:)

Elin 30/8/10 09:10

What an awesome cake ! Thanks a lot for the recipe :)

OohLookBel 30/8/10 09:13

Gosh, I'm amazed that I'm drooling at this cake (please look away!). The peaches and nougat make a lovely topping. I'd like a BIG slice, please!

Beachlover's Kitchen 30/8/10 09:38

what is spelt flour? it's sound interesting!! anyway I like how the peach deco on the cake.

Jacklyn 30/8/10 09:54

beautiful as always! peaches for desserts sounds perfect right now with the many peaches i see available at the market.

Home Based Business 30/8/10 12:41

I came to know this recipe Peach Nougat Spelt cake first time.I like the combination of ingredients in this recipe with peach.I will make this for dessert.

Radhika 30/8/10 15:23

I love those peaches on top. Looks yumm.

Pete 30/8/10 16:18

Wow, I really like the presentation.....nice!

maameemoomoo 30/8/10 16:31

This looks like my kinda cake, Angie ;)

However, apart from peaches (it's very expensive here!) do u think apples will do? If so, do u think i need any other 'adjustments'?


Mary 30/8/10 16:31

Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved. I especially admire this cake. It is not easy to work with spelt but you did a wonderful job. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Angie's Recipes 30/8/10 16:47

Beachlover's Kitchen: Spelt is similar to wheat, but somewhat nuttier and slightly sweeter flavor than whole wheat flour. Spelt contains more protein than wheat, and the protein in spelt is easier to digest.
Sherie: Yes, apples are perfectly fine for the cake....quarter the apples, one for each line, so you probably just need 4 for the recipe. Or use the canned peaches or apricots instead.

[Reply] 30/8/10 17:26

Awesome Cake...very tempting!! feel lika having a bite..:)

Prerna@IndianSimmer 30/8/10 17:30

Ok, I see that there are like a million comments above of mine so I just hope that you read mine 'cos I loved your recipe so much. Photographs r awesome as always!

pigpigscorner 30/8/10 18:20

So beautiful! I like how you arranged the peaches on top, so pretty!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 30/8/10 18:50

Yumm, that's one amazing looking cake! I love the peach on top!

Kamalika 30/8/10 19:02

Drooling here....lovely looking tasy cake.....bookmarked....

Anonymous 30/8/10 19:32

That must be what heaven tastes like.

Joy 30/8/10 20:25

That looks great. I have yet to use spelt flour.

sweetlife 30/8/10 20:46

congrats on your awards...truly well deserved, girl you amaze me you post so much, I am totally envious, I could never take so many great pics...lovely cake, once again your awesome!!


Pavithra 30/8/10 20:46

Wow that looks so so tempting and perfectly done.. I am bookmarking it and I am going to try this soon by substituting with AP flour.

Krishnaveni 30/8/10 22:40

beautiful cake, looks yum

Megan 30/8/10 23:26

Hi Angie.... I always love stopping by your blog! As always a beautiful post....gorgeous recipe - We are huge spelt fans at our house! Would love to try this!

Foodessa 30/8/10 23:26

Angie...I've gained half an inch just drooling over your indulgent dessert...too sweet for words!

Flavourful wishes,

Shirley @ Kokken69 31/8/10 00:53

I have never made anything with spelt before... this is unique!

Juliana 31/8/10 03:25

Wow, this cake look so the way you decorated it...perfect cake ;-)

Anonymous 31/8/10 04:44

It is so gorgeous! And sounds incredibly delicious with the nougat and peach topping!

OysterCulture 31/8/10 05:13

I am so intrigued by this cake, I've not used much spelt, and certainly never thought to pair it with nougat - I need to change that immediately.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 31/8/10 05:31

This looks gorgeous! I would have no idea where to find nougat though? LOVE the spelt flour in it! Thanks!

baby crib 31/8/10 08:36

I still can't believe how this Peach Nougat Spelt Cake is made. I wish I can make a home made version of this delicious cake. I know that kids will enjoy eating this very yummy cake. Thank you for sharing this.

Heavenly Housewife 31/8/10 12:14

Put this on a counter and I know of a certain housewife who would probably gobble it all up. It looks simply beautiful!
*kisses* HH

Vrinda 31/8/10 15:32

Delicious cake ,Congrats on being Top 9....

Anna 31/8/10 17:46

Wow... it looks amazing, I never baked with spelt flour, I have to give it a try for sure.

tigerfish 31/8/10 17:54

This and some sparkling wine...oh oh oh oh oh....what a treat :)

Gulmohar 31/8/10 19:50

Awesome cake...drooling over your pics Angie

Elin 31/8/10 20:04

Congrats Angie for making it to Foodbuzz Top 9 :)

Terrianne, Call me Ree 31/8/10 20:11

You make the most gorgeous food! This looks delicious. =)

Thella @ I Love. Therefore, I Cook. 1/9/10 02:04

this looks really special. nougats have this way of reminding me of my childhood (i've always loved milk nougats as a kid) and it's a brilliant idea being paired with peaches for your dessert :)


Wow-I've never thought to try spelt in cake!!! What a great idea! This looks fantastic!

Emily 1/9/10 02:57

I'd never heard of spelt before - I saw your explanation in the comments to someone else. Very interesting! And beautiful cakes, they're almost too pretty to eat!

marla {family fresh cooking} 1/9/10 05:21

Such a great combo of ingredients. The use of spelt flour is interesting. I love experimenting with different flours. The nougat topping is sinful & perfect.

Kim (Liv Life) 1/9/10 06:40

Gorgeous pictures!! Spelt has become one of my favorite flours... Nicely done!! Congrats on the Top 9!!

Stella 1/9/10 22:42

Wow, Angie! I remember the other day I saw something that I though was like the best thing you ever posted, but now I have to take that back (smile). This nougat cake is now the best thing for sure;) Ooh, and your peach is so esthetically beautiful. I like that...

grace 2/9/10 08:58

what an attractive and unique cake! i'm unfamiliar with baking with spelt, and nougat is new (ha!) to me too, but come on--how could this not be good? i love the look of the cooked peaches too--so wrinkly and inviting. :)

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 2/9/10 09:34

Wow! I think this is fancy and beautiful enough to serve as dessert at a garden wedding! Scrumptious, and so pretty too!!

natural selection 3/9/10 15:48

You are spot on! perfect with a Cava or Prosecco! presentation is marvelous! and I can taste how the nuts perfectly compliment the peaches. Did you place the peaches on top in halves then "score" them? just curious..

Just beautiful Angie

Rick 3/9/10 17:20

This looks amazing! To die for! Or a reason to live.

Janet@Gourmet Traveller 88 4/9/10 20:20

Hi Angie, I love peaches, your cake looks so divine. Whatsmore peach cake with champagne are wonderful matches.

Cristina @ Teenie Cakes 6/9/10 08:26

Yum! What a gorgeous looking cake and luv that image of the stacked slices. Peaches and chopped pistachios...dangerous combination for me. I'd probably eat the whole cake to myself. Nicely done, Angie!

Kaitlin 9/9/10 04:34

What a beautiful cake! This should be on the cover of a magazine!

dining table 1/4/11 04:50

This is quite tempting. It might ruin my diet but I think this is worth a try.


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