Chicken with Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce / 苏梅酱汁鸡

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This light brown sauce is made from preserved Chinese plums, quality ginger, and chilies. This is an excellent dipping sauce for any roasted meat dishes and for stir frying.

  • 200 g Chicken breast
  • 1/3 tsp Salt
  • 1/5 tsp Chicken bouillon
  • 60 g Cornstarch
  • 1/2 tsp Baking soda
  • 1/2 Egg
  • Some water
  • 1 tsp Minced garlic
  • 1 tsp Sesame seeds©angiesrecipes
  1. Cut the chicken breast into 2cm dices, marinate with the salt and chicken bouillon and set aside for 15 minutes. Combine the cornstarch and baking soda, add in egg and some water to make a thick batter.
  2. Heat up a wok with enough oil until hot. Dip the diced chicken into the batter. Shake off the extra batter and deep-dry the chicken for 2 minutes. Scoop out and drain. Return the chicken to the wok and deep-fry until very crispy.
  3. Fill another skillet with a little of oil, add in garlic and stir until fragrant. Combine all the sauce ingredients and add into the skillet. Return the fried chicken to the skillet and stir until the chicken are completely coated with the sauce. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle some sesame seeds over.


busygran 26/8/10 15:33

Yummy pictures, yummy looks! Tasty dish! Like the plum sauce that goes with it.

Anonymous 26/8/10 15:35

This looks amazing!

Thella @ I Love. Therefore, I Cook. 26/8/10 15:36

nice asian dish angie :) reminds me of lemon chicken, only that yours does not have lemon. but plum! brilliant :)

Puja 26/8/10 15:41

Chicken looks the sesame on top!:)

May Ling Wu 26/8/10 15:41

Looks like general chow chicken. Mmmm!

Claudia 26/8/10 15:54

Pretty, simple and I do love the use of plum sauce. Time to start stir-frying again!

ann low 26/8/10 15:55

WOW! Another delicious dish. I want to bookmark this with some chillies in it.

Cooking Gallery 26/8/10 15:56

Sometimes using ready made sauce/condiment can be so convenient! I love the look of your chicken, very well caramelised!

Vrinda 26/8/10 15:59

Nice chicken recipe..looks yum,and liked the name too...

Bakericious 26/8/10 16:04

Angie, I love plum sauce, always use it for salad too. This dish looks mouth-watering, yummy!

Satya 26/8/10 16:06

Angie,chicken looks very delicious ..


Belinda @zomppa 26/8/10 16:33

Your food always looks like it comes from some 5 star restaurant. I like their products, though never tried the plum sauce. Thanks!

Mary Bergfeld 26/8/10 16:41

I love dishes such as this one. Easy to do, fail proof and packed with flavor. I really like this recipe. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

alison 26/8/10 17:04

such a tasty recipe!i like it!

Jeannie 26/8/10 17:05

One of my favorite chicken dish, crispy, sweet and tangy at the same time....delicious!

Hearty Bakes 26/8/10 17:23

Gonna grab a bottle of that sauce to try! Looks very deli. Always inspire what to prepare after reading your post :)

Lazaro Cooks 26/8/10 17:33

My kind of dish. Great flavors.

Cook with Madin 26/8/10 17:41

The chicken looks delicious, and loving the flavors of plum sauce.

Unknown 26/8/10 17:55

This looks amazing. I want to make this at home. I just need to know is sweet plum sauce the same thing as hoisin sauce?
*kisses* HH

Angie's Recipes 26/8/10 18:00

HH, the plum sauce is different from the Hoisin tastes more like tangy lemon chicken.

Unknown 26/8/10 18:13

Wow, what a shot! Now U are making me hungry again! Seriously tempting!!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 26/8/10 18:23

I need some of this plum sauce! I've never tried it, but can't wait! I shouldn't like at your recipes in the morning, when I'm starving!
Have a fantastic day!

J e l e n a 26/8/10 18:40

Angie, this looks so finger licking gooooooooood! I donćt know is plum jam can be used instead since we don't have the sauce here?

Unknown 26/8/10 19:35

Interesting recipe!! Drooling over the first picture..

Krishnaveni 26/8/10 19:46

never tried plum sauce, looks yum yum

Namitha 26/8/10 21:02

That's making me drool..loved the sesame sprinkle on top too :-)

Priya Suresh 26/8/10 21:03

Droolworthy dish, very tempting click..

Magic of Spice 26/8/10 21:21

I so love plum sauce...This looks fantastic Angie :)

Cool Lassi(e) 26/8/10 21:59

I bet you already know this -- this recipe rocks. Love that brand of plum sauce. Heard a lot of rave reviews about Lee Kum Kee.

Su-yin 26/8/10 22:24

Oh my this looks AMAZING. I love plum sauce but have never used it as a standalone ingredient for sauce (usually add it to hoisin sauce). Will have to try this.

Carol 26/8/10 22:39

I've had that plum sauce, delicious. Your chicken looks fantastic!

Faith 26/8/10 22:47

I love plum sauce and this looks really yummy! I love the sprinkle of sesame seeds and the nutty flavor that they add!

Emily 26/8/10 23:01

Ooooh, this looks really good. My sister used to own a dry produce grocery market and she sold that brand of plum sauce. I love sesame seeds as well. I just might have to try this!

tigerfish 26/8/10 23:24

I thought of lemon chicken when I saw your pictures :) ....delicious it must be.

pigpigscorner 27/8/10 00:01

Love anything with sticky glaze! always good with rice!

MaryMoh 27/8/10 00:04

Delicious chicken! I love Lee Ku Kee sauce, too.

Baking Barrister 27/8/10 00:22

Ive actually been eying that bottle of plum sauce at the store for a bit always afraid it would end up disappointing. Plus I had no idea what to do with it. Great use of pre-made sauce (and letting me know that it's worth the buy)

Reeni 27/8/10 01:03

Can you believe I never had plum sauce Angie? I need to give it a try! This looks fantastic!

natural selection 27/8/10 02:24

You got me here Angie! I have not had this for ages, you brought back some memories my Mother would prepare this kind of recipe on Saturday nights when I was growing up! Love plum sauce delicious and addictive!

Ciao Bella! Thanks

Honey Bee Sweets 27/8/10 03:28

Woo.... I love this! The sweet and tangy taste with crispy chicken is yummy! Gonna be so good with steam rice! Thanks for the lovely recipe Angie. ;)

Kitchen Corner 27/8/10 03:59

This plum sauce make the chicken looks so appetizing! May be I shall try it too! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Ho 27/8/10 05:39

I am so hungry by looking at your Plum Sauce chicken...

Devaki 27/8/10 07:14

Do you know I have NEVER used plum sauce before? This may change my mind yet. Your chicken is absolutely delicious! :)

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

noobcook 27/8/10 07:46

I always love deep fried foods, and the plum sauce looks like a great marinade. I still have some leftover from making yu sheng (can u believe how long it is?!), hope not expired. Time to put it to good use hehe

Create. Snap. Eat. 27/8/10 07:47

Time for a midnight snack! My goodness, this looks luscious.

Unknown 27/8/10 07:49

Many a times I thought of buying a plum sauce....but never dare to as didn't have any recipe handy...this dish looks absolutely perfect and delicious to try....bookmarked.....

maameemoomoo 27/8/10 08:57

Okie, just jotted down. Cooking this on Monday - for dinner ;)

Too delicious looking already!

3 hungry tummies 27/8/10 09:52

I was given a bottle of the plum sauce and I know what to do with it now. Looks sooooo delicious!

Unknown 27/8/10 15:19

Ooooohhhh...that looks delicious! I'd like a big plate of it right now and it's only 6am!!!

A Canadian Foodie 27/8/10 16:13

That recipe sounds too easy to be true. And looks delicious.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 27/8/10 17:11

Wonderful recipe and it looks delicious. I wish I could reach into my monitor and take a bite!

Sutapa 27/8/10 17:49

Chicken looks too delicious Angie! Love the add of sweet plum sauce!

kitchen flavours 27/8/10 18:14

You are most welcome for the award. If anybody deserves it, it is definitely you! I use this Lee Kum Kee plum sauce too, the one I posted earlier, spare ribs with orange sauce. Your chicken looks absolutely delicious. Will try it your way soon!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 27/8/10 19:37

You deep fried these twice!? They must be really crispy! Sounds DELICIOUS! Thanks!

Anonymous 27/8/10 19:59

A wonderfully delicious preparation of chicken! I'm looking forward to getting a wok so I can make this!

Indonesia Eats 27/8/10 20:52

I have this plum sauce and used it for cooking duck breast. Love you shot!

Nithu 27/8/10 21:30

Looks nice and tempting.

Spoon and Chopsticks 27/8/10 23:33

I've seen plum sauce in Chinese groceries but I've never tried it. I wasn't quite aware of how to use it. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Angie. I will give it a try.

Stella 28/8/10 00:36

Hey Angie, you make the best stuff-you really do. This chicken looks perfectly fried. Plus, I always see plum sauce, but I never knew what to do with it. Now I do. Do you think it would do well on tofu. You know, tossed in corn starch, fried, and then rolled in plum sauce? Maybe...?

OysterCulture 28/8/10 00:49

Looks like you created the perfect chicken dish if you ask me.

FOODESSA 28/8/10 13:22

Angie...I had once actually attempted a homemade Asian plum sauce...which was incredibly tasty. However, I've got to admit this concoction in a jar is great for taste in a jiffy. I've got to make your rcipe soon...all my favourites are in there ;o)

Ciao for now,

Joanne 28/8/10 14:42

I've had that sauce before and it is REALLY good. This looks way better than take out!

Heather S-G 28/8/10 14:53

This looks so tasty! I just want to pile it on some rice and eat til I'm stuffed ;) !

Chef Dennis Littley 28/8/10 16:53

That chicken looks so good! I love the sesame's with it, and the plum sauce must have really pumped up the flavors!

Catherine 28/8/10 17:44

Looks wonderful Angie! I'm bet it was out of this world delish!

Cheah 28/8/10 18:13

Everything in it is just yummy! Lovely clicks!

Shirley @ Kokken69 28/8/10 18:34

I have seen the plum sauce many times but am clueless it's use. Thanks for sharing this!

fimere 28/8/10 21:46

je ne connais pas cette sauce mais elle doit être excellent ainsi que ton poulet
bonne soirée

Lisa | Authentic Suburban Gourmet 28/8/10 23:06

Looks so incredibly tasty - perfect for the weekends or week night dinners! Nice job!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 29/8/10 11:01

I like plum sauce! That is a delicious chicken dish.



Jo 29/8/10 14:23

Delicious, drool, drool. I love this plum sauce and use it also as my steamboat (hot pot) dipping sauce.

Mother Rimmy 30/8/10 05:16

Simple and sweet. Plum sauce is perfect with chicken!

Pei-Lin 30/8/10 07:50

Angie, I love 蘇梅醬! It's one of my fave ingredients in the kitchen! I like your plum sauce chicken! Simple but down-to-earth yummy home cooking!

Oh, I just wanna let you know, thank you for being so supportive. It's a shame on me that I don't get to drop by daily due to my hectic schedule. But, I really appreciate your encouraging words! Let's keep it up the both of us!

Take care! =)

Pretty. Good. Food. 1/9/10 07:22

Oh my gosh, these look delicious! And so creative!
I've recently launched my own blog, I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think :)
Thanks, and Happy Cooking!!!


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