Twisted Wienerwurst Buns

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There is absolutely nothing better than fresh, warm homemade bread! The smell that fills your kitchen and the taste makes all the effort worthwhile. These savory, satisfying soft bread are just wonderful for a potluck, a picnic, or even your lunch box! God knows how many times I have baked this twisted buns!

  • 60-80 g Spring onions, chopped
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbsp Olive oil
  • 1 tsp Black pepper powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Sesame seeds
  1. Add flour, yeast, sugar and salt in the mixing bowl fitted with a dough hook. Add in egg, milk, and water roux. Mix at slow speed for 1 minute until combined. Increase the speed to medium, and continue to mix for 3 minutes until the dough forms.
  2. Add in butter mix at slow speed until incorporated. Then increase speed and knead until gluten is fully developed, i. e. elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from the sides of your mixing bowl, about 5 minutes.
  3. Remove and form the dough into a smooth ball. Place it in a lightly greased bowl, covered with a plastic wrap, and leave in a warm place until dough is double in volume, about an hour. Press the dough down to release gases produced in the fermenting process. Divide dough into 9 portions, each is about 60-62 grams and round up and rest for 10 minutes at the room temperature.
  4. Flatten each dough ball, with seam side down, and roll into a rectangle. The length of the dough should be the same as the sausage you are going to use. Now turn the seam side up, and place a sausage on the dough. Roll it up and cut into 5 equal portions, but DO NOT cut them through, leaving a thin joint between portions. Cross the first and the last joints, turn the cutting edges of 3 portions over to obtain a flower pattern. Place on a baking tray lined with a baking sheet and cover with a plastic wrapper. Leave to rise for 45-60 minutes.
  5. To prepare the topping, mix spring onions, egg (reserve 1 tablespoon for brushing the tops) , olive oil, and black pepper in a bowl. Add the salt in just when you are ready to use it. When the buns have doubled in size, brush them with reserved egg mixture, then place some onion mixture atop. Finally sprinkle with some sesame seeds.
  6. Bake in preheated oven at 175C/350F for 15 minutes or until golden brown. When done, turn the buns onto a wire rack and let cool completely.
Twisted Wienerwurst Buns


Belinda @zomppa 10/6/10 13:52

I'm DROOLING. You are so amazing - love the step by step. I'm hungry, very very hungry.

Honey Bee Sweets 10/6/10 13:53

These buns look like flowers! So pretty...I bet it taste really good too! :) Using water roux technique, the buns must be real soft. :) Will give this recipe a try when I'm craving for sausage buns. :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 10/6/10 14:09

These are so well made - just like the ones sold at the bakery.

Velva 10/6/10 14:13

These look perfect-This would make such a great appetizer recipe to serve up with cocktails. I am saving this one. I am not sure I can get them to look as nice as yours but, I am willing to try. In the U.S. we call wieners that are wrapped in dough-Pigs in a blanket.

Priya 10/6/10 14:13

Woww buns looks soo cute and beautiful..

wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... 10/6/10 14:15

I've always done 4 and not 5 cuts. Oh, next time I'll do it 5, so that it'll look like yours, a pretty flower.

Foodessa 10/6/10 14:16

Angie, I just got to know your creative mind.
These are absolutly unique.
You just gave me a great recipe to bring next time I'm invited to a St. Patrick's Day party. You'll make me look like a chef star;o)
Fantastic baking!
Flavourful wishes,

Dishesdone 10/6/10 14:22

I've never seen these before. They are really cool! Very creative! Love these!

Happy Cook 10/6/10 14:41

Wowow i am sure gonna make this onece when i have a bit more time in hand, looks so so yumm. Wish i could pick up one.

Joy 10/6/10 14:44

I have never seen these and they are so beautiful! I want to eat one on a picnic!

Elin 10/6/10 14:50

Angie...applaud for these twisted well twisted that they looked like flowers. Great job ! Thanks for sharing and how did you twist it so nicely that it looked like a flower :p I want to try this out :)

zurin 10/6/10 15:02

you have outdone urself n everyone...those are simply beautifully made! n utterly tempting!

Claudia 10/6/10 15:02

These are amazing - they draw me in and I crave a bite. I love the step-by-step which does not overhelm. Kudos.

kitchen flavours 10/6/10 15:34

Wow! what beautiful buns! Looks delicious too. Wish I could bite into one now!

Cristina 10/6/10 16:24

These are perfect as appetizers or meals themselves! I luv the way they look and you made it look so doable and easy.

My Little Space 10/6/10 16:55

You know how much I love breads! These look so delicious. Yummmm..... Hope you're having a wonderful day!
Cheers, Kristy

Cooking with Kait 10/6/10 16:58

I just ate breakfast, but I am hungry again looking at these buns. Terrific photos and a great recipe Angie!

Anncoo 10/6/10 17:08

WOW! Very nice bread, I love it! Thanks for sharing this Angie :) I want to bookmark this ;D

MaryMoh 10/6/10 17:32

Wow...these are just so flowers!! I love them. Thanks for sharing.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 10/6/10 18:06

Oh how my boys love these buns!!! Asians really go mad for these intricate looking soft, filled buns! What a treat to be given a step by step on how to make them!! Thanks for sharing Angie :)

Jeannie 10/6/10 18:32

WOw! such beautiful buns! I am going to give this a try! Hope I can get them to be as neat!:D Thanks for sharing!

Stella 10/6/10 20:20

Hey Angie, I just had organic hot dogs and really delicious buns for lunch-so good. These buns sound wonderful. They're really pretty too...

Cook with Madin 10/6/10 20:48

Hi Angie, these are amazing, they are presented beautifully. I hope when I tried making these, I can twist the bread the way you twisted them, just beautiful, I'm sure yummy too.

tasteofbeirut 10/6/10 21:28

These are so so beautiful and appetizing too! I give them a 7 star rating and order every bakery to start making them following your recipe immediately!

Rachana Kothari 10/6/10 22:03

I just dropped in to say that these buns look absolutely gorgeous... Great work Angie!

Heavenly Housewife 10/6/10 22:42

Twisted wienerwurst buns sounds funny :D LOL but they look amazing. How delicous and very original. I'd love to have one.
*kisses* HH

Krishnaveni 10/6/10 23:30

wow......those buns are really great...excellent photos

Magic of Spice 11/6/10 00:30

Wow...these look so beautiful!

Nisrine@Dinners and Dreams 11/6/10 01:37

So cute. They look like a flower :)

The Housewife 11/6/10 02:13

These look amazing! So pretty and tempting! Bookmarked this for a future baking project...

Cinnamon-Girl 11/6/10 02:24

These are mouth-watering Angie! You have no idea how badly I wish I had one! Thanks for showing us how to make them. They look like flowers.

Chow and Chatter 11/6/10 02:53

oh wow these are just too cool love it

pegasuslegend 11/6/10 03:38

this is a work of art~ amazing

Anonymous 11/6/10 06:04

These look amazing, so pretty! And wonderfully delicious with sausages and spring onions!

Sook 11/6/10 07:06

Angie! You are an angel! I love these! I used to eat these when I lived in Korea! One of favorite things to get at their bakeries.. :) I saved the recipe so I can make them next week. I just need to find a good converter for cups. :)

TasteHongKong 11/6/10 07:41

They are so adorable! Those buns with sausages here only appear as a roll, yours definitely beat them : ).

tigerfish 11/6/10 10:16

How I agree with warm fresh homemade bread! You bake and cook so well :)
These breads look better than those I get from bakery shops...definitely.

Cheah 11/6/10 11:19

They look so nice, I would like them for dinner, right now!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 11/6/10 12:37

ya,nothing to beat with homemade bun, fresh and good. you have nicely done the shape.

M D 11/6/10 12:38

Ur creations are amazingly good! They look so good!

Anisheetu 11/6/10 14:11

those are looking really wonderful... really a lot of effort and patience... great work

Joanne 11/6/10 15:39

I have never seen hot dogs or sausage look so good before. This is such an innovative idea! Like pigs in a blanket but WAY classier!

Catherine 11/6/10 16:44

Wow this looks wonderful Angie! I love the presentation too!

Hettar7 11/6/10 17:12

Those look so cute! Thanks for the pictures, it really helps you figure out how to roll the dough. I'm not a fan of hot dogs in unless they're heavily charred from a grill, but i'm thinking replacing the hot dog with string cheese would be nice. :)

Angie 11/6/10 21:39

This is the CUTEST thing ever. This would be such a huge hit at a potluck. So CUTE and TASTY too!

Ivy 11/6/10 21:58

These are really very beautiful and can imagine how wonderful they taste.

Nithu 11/6/10 23:31

wow! such a wonderful recipe and nice click. I am starving...

Rosa's Yummy Yums 12/6/10 02:19

A great shape! Those buns must be so scrumptious. Now I'm hungry!



Anonymous 12/6/10 03:37

I had to stop by and comment esp for the pic..Usually I donot comment on posts that are not vegetarian cos I donno abt them..but this one is an xception

Devaki 12/6/10 03:40

Dear Angie - PLEASE don't ban me from your website but when I first saw these I went ...daamn....they look so good I couldn't help but cuss a little :)

Woman, you have some maad cooking skills!!!! How you get the shape is so kewl! Looks just like the stuff at our local bakery. WOW!

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Xiao Yen Recipes 12/6/10 04:14

I buy these often for my kids as they really love this pastry. Hmmm, maybe I should make them fresh...

A Canadian Foodie 12/6/10 07:37

THANK YOU for the photographs. What an excellent idea for a picnic or potluck - as you say... and Vanja is about to make some homemade sausage - that would be great, too - in this recipe, I think. I LVOV how they look and cannot wait to try this. Thank you, Angie!!!

Sophie 12/6/10 10:24

Waw!!! You are so talented, dera Angie!! You could open your own bakery!! These flower shaped wienerwurst buns look truly amazing!!

This must taste so special & wonderful at the same time!!

Cherine 12/6/10 12:55

Oh my!! those buns are gorgeous. I bet they're scrumptious!!!

Mary 12/6/10 16:09

I really love the way you've shaped these rolls. I've never seen this done before and I''m really intrigued. The rolls are gorgeous to look at and I'm sure they are delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

natural selection 12/6/10 16:47

I'm beginning to fear what your going to come out with next...seriously. what is the next brilliant recipe! I love this recipe amazing! I will add this to my recipe box and create some for the world cup finale!

beautiful Angie you have outdone yourself again!

Carla and Michael 12/6/10 18:07

AMAZING! That's all I can say.Thanks for the recipe.

Joudie's Mood Food 12/6/10 21:43

This looks amazing! Sausage, bread, amazing! I cant wait to make this. EVeryone is going to love this! What a beautiful way to present this....

~Dana 12/6/10 23:59

You are truly an artist!

Anonymous 13/6/10 00:57

I know these won't be as easy as you make them look, but I am making them anyway. They are adorable, and look delicious.

Fimère 13/6/10 01:23

ils sont très beaux et bien réussis, j'aime beaucoup
bonne soirée

3 hungry tummies 13/6/10 09:19

They are so cute! I can imagine how great they are fresh from the oven!

grace 13/6/10 11:53

ADORABLE! these are fun, pretty, and oh-so-tasty. truly, angie, this is a creation that deserves a round of applause!

Peanutts 13/6/10 15:24

Yumm, I think you should change your name to the queen of bread making or something, you make gorgeous looking breads here.

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi 13/6/10 16:33

Angie, these flower buns are gorgeous! I've tried this way to shape my sausage rolls before ... They turned out to be ugly, I think. Will try again! Thanks for the inspiration! ;) Have a lovely week ahead! 端午節快樂!

Parita 13/6/10 17:47

Gorgeous looking buns!

Jo 14/6/10 07:37

Oh wow Angie, the buns look absolutely gorgeous. I've tried the longish version but next time round, I'll give this shape a try. Lovely pics .. so good that I want to grab one right now.

Tasty Eats At Home 15/6/10 23:00

I once had buns like this from a Chinese bakery, sans herbs, and they were delicious! Slightly sweet, soft, yum! I'm hungry now!

theUngourmet 16/6/10 05:25

These are way cool! My kids would love it if I made these. Thanks for the step by step photos! ;)

Patty 17/6/10 14:58

Whoa! These are absolutely incredible!!!! I cannot believe how creative you are?! I have a birthday party to host this weekend for my soon-to-be 2 year old and 4 year old. These little buns would be perfect as an appetizer for both young and old. As always, thanks for sharing AND the inspiration!

My Asian Kitchen 18/6/10 05:31

beautiful baked bun!! wish I have your skill!

Anonymous 23/6/10 08:58

Hi, the recipe call for 75 g of tangzhong starter. so how much bread flour do i need? 75 g of bread flour to 375ml of water?

Angie's Recipes 23/6/10 11:54

Anonymous: 75 g of flour and 375 ml of water would make a 430-450 g of starter. I usually made one batch of starter using 50 grams of flour with 250 ml of water, then used it up in 2-3 times.

lishapisa 23/6/10 23:47

Oh My Angie, there are perfect! I use to have these few days a week growing up and especially for breakfast! I know that sweet aroma you are talking about...heaven....sweet and salty pleasure :)
Thank you!

Trissa 28/6/10 12:39

Angie you are so talented! I see these buns in the Chinese Bakeries and I think I can NEVER EVER make them and here you are making them so often! I'm so inspired.

Lena 4/7/10 08:09

looks fantastic, i should try this... thanks for sharing :D

Nabia 5/7/10 00:11

I am so making these at the next game night...! Cute little guys... Thanks for sharing! Can you please recommend a dipping sauce for these??

Angie's Recipes 5/7/10 07:27

Nabia: trust me, you don't need any sauce for these savoury treat. If you really want one, I would say some mustard sauce.

Anonymous 9/7/10 03:43

Thank you for the step by step. But I did not achieve to it. My dough sticky that I could not twist . I just simply wrap the sausages and baked them. They are tasty.

Angie's Recipes 9/7/10 06:35

Anonymous: Grease your hands with a bit of olive oil while twisting the dough.

floridafoodies 9/7/10 18:04

Great recipe and it looks wonderful...everything a good recipe should be! This recipe is featured as a link on our Featured Blogger page at: . Thanks for sharing!

Spoon and Chopsticks 19/9/10 08:56

Wow wow wow.... These look so perfect. Can't wait to try these myself.

Jo Romero 25/11/10 15:22

I love these, next time I make bread I'm going to make some of these - great for lunchboxes too!

Loretta 30/4/11 22:42

Thank you for posting this recipe! I just made a batch and they came out so pretty and taste so yummy!

tsinoyingermany 6/10/11 13:11

Thank you for sharing the recipe. Baked the buns and they were so pretty and soft :) After twisting the dough to form the flower pattern, should the dough cover the bottom of the bun? The wursts stuck out at the bottom without dough and I found myself pulling the dough to cover the wursts. Thanks in advance for your insights.

Angie's Recipes 10/10/11 18:37

@tsinoyingermanyI am not quite sure about your question...don't cut the log through, and when you twist the pattern, the top and bottom are the same. If the sausage piece stuck might want to use a smaller sausage.

lilianatimofte64 29/1/12 08:22

Hi, Angie. Thank you for your beautiful recipe.
I would like to ask you in what stage and if the dough/bun can be refrigerated to be continued/baked the next day.

Angie's Recipes 30/1/12 07:20

@lilianatimofte64You can refrigerate them after shaping, but finish the topping before baking and use less yeast for the dough or they might be over-proved.

Anonymous 3/8/12 15:30

Can you use regular hotdogs found in grocery stores?

Anonymous 23/5/17 21:33

I've made this So many times. It's excellent. Hints: dry the hot dog off with a paper towel before wrapping in dough. No rolling pin necessary.


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