Buckwheat Almond Flakes

Buckwheat is loaded with nutrients and has an unique nutty earthy flavour. In addition, buckwheat flour is gluten free, leading people with gluten intolerance to seek it out as a flour alternative. Inclusion of buckwheat flour will also make a dish more nutritious, since buckwheat is high in fiber(which offers significant protection against breast cancer-according to WHFOODS), amino acids, protein, niacin, and vitamin B, among other things.

I am sending this to Carol's Gluten Free Photo Contest.

  1. Preheat the oven to 160C/320F. Line 3 baking trays with paper. Beat the egg whites and sugar in a mixing bowl until well combined and the sugar are dissolved. Stir in melted butter until combined.
  2. Sift in the buckwheat flour and then the almond slices. Fold to combine. Spoon the mixture on the prepared trays. Use the bottom of a tablespoon to spread the mixture until thin and even.
    Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes until golden crisp. Remove and cool completely.
Buckwheat Almond Flakes


Pavithra 19/6/10 16:47

They look gorgeous .. adding buckwheat is nice idea .. I have done using APF.. this is really interesting .. bookmarking it..

Gourmande 19/6/10 17:00

Wow ! I want to eat one... or more. I have to try this recipe.

Shirley @ Kokken69 19/6/10 17:11

Love this healthy treat! I am marking this for trial.

Anonymous 19/6/10 17:16

Yum-they look great. I'd totally eat these instead of chips with dips.

Priya 19/6/10 17:17

Flakes looks super flaky and cute...awesome!

Jess @ Bakericious 19/6/10 17:17

looks yummy and is a healthy treat, need to go hunt for buckwheat flour.

Ho Ho Ho 19/6/10 17:29

love anything that goes... crunch!!!! superb

Parita 19/6/10 17:34

Crispy and delicious!

nora@ffr 19/6/10 17:34

oh my angie! This iz mind blowing.. Send me over some to my place.. Sure they wil taste yum with a hot pot of coffee for sure.. Flakes look thin nd crunchy.. So cute..

Anncoo 19/6/10 17:37

Mmm...look thin and crispy! Definitely want to try this :)

Ivy 19/6/10 18:31

Mmmm, these would be a great match with my red pepper pesto.

Mary 19/6/10 18:40

These really look wonderful. I can imagine how great these thin and crisp delights would taste with a good cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Stella 19/6/10 19:35

Hey Angie, what an awesome and unique post. I'm trying to eat more gluten free foods. I don't suffer from celiac, but I just want to be less gluten dependent. I'm bookmarking this...

Krishnaveni 19/6/10 20:08

looks like indian appalam. great work

Cool Lassi(e) 19/6/10 21:02

This sounds interesting!Never did try anything with buckwheat.

Hettar7 19/6/10 22:47

These look so delicate, like snowflakes. I imagine them falling apart the minute you touch them, like snowflakes. They do sound very good though. I really want to try some of the alternative flours. Soon as I get a place to store them, I will. :)

Magic of Spice 19/6/10 23:10

Angie, these are amazing:)

pegasuslegend 19/6/10 23:44

I love almonds these look awesome~

Kitchen Butterfly 19/6/10 23:51

They look like the perfect ferry for some delicious dips. Thanks for the gluten-free lesson too. I'd forgotten!

Devaki 20/6/10 00:02

Ooo Angie! This is incredible! How simple is this that I can't believe how healthy it is too :) You had me at sliced almonds. I must play with this, this summer!

Thanks for another lovely lovely recipe.

Ciao, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

Amy @ cookbookmaniac.com 20/6/10 01:31

This is such a great alternative to the plain crackers people usually serve with dip. looks so yummy1

Taste of Beirut 20/6/10 01:45

This are it for me! They look so crunchy and I love almonds and crunchy, crispy cookies! These remind me of tuiles.

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra 20/6/10 02:40

OMG tis is soo good...healthy n a great munch...
Ur pic is sooo inviting, very good shots.
Was just wondering can it made wit sum other nut????
Tagging ur recipe - will dfntly try it out.

Dishesdone 20/6/10 02:42

They look so delicious, crispy and light!

My Little Space 20/6/10 02:56

Hmm...mmm.... the cookies are so thin and crispy light! I love it! And easy to make too! Thanks daaaahling for sharing. Love ya! Have a great day...enjoy some outdoor activities not indoor LOL!
Regards, Kristy

Diana's Cocina 20/6/10 03:33

What a wonderful treat. The nutty earthy flavor would be perfwct with a cup of hot tea.

Chef Dennis 20/6/10 03:48

Hi Angie

those look so good!! what a great treat! It so nice to see that they are gluten free too! I love crispy cookies!

Kitchen Corner 20/6/10 04:18

WOW! I made this before but with plain flour. I didn't know buckwheat flour can added in some goodness there. Thanks for sharing! I must give this a try. Cheers!

Anonymous 20/6/10 04:58

These look so perfectly crispy and yummy!

Lazaro Cooks! 20/6/10 05:25

Buckwheat is such a nutritous and fantastic ingredient to use. Wonderful job with this almond cookie.

Be Well...

☺lani☺ 20/6/10 05:38

My husband loves this so much, it's expensive here... I'll try to make this for him next time... just to surprise, thanks for sharing Angie! Have a lovely weekend!

Ann 20/6/10 06:11

Look Super delish! lovely pics.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 20/6/10 06:17

this look very similar like the almond cookies i made for CNY, but yours look crispy and good!

tigerfish 20/6/10 07:16

These razor-thin cookie flakes are so crispy looking :)

Anonymous 20/6/10 08:16

They are so thin and crisp!! Yummo!

Happy Flour 20/6/10 10:42

Oh! This sound a healthy and nutritious snack. Yum...Yum...

Fimère 20/6/10 10:56

ces tuiles sont à croquer!!!!
bonne journée

Joanne 20/6/10 13:26

These sound like they would make a great snack food! Love how healthy they are.

Jeannie 20/6/10 15:59

These crisps look delicious! I could eat a whole bunch sitting in front of the TV watching my favourite shows! Yums!

tobias kocht! 20/6/10 18:18

Schön knusprig, keine Frage.

Sophie 20/6/10 18:36

Waw!! These look paper tin & so fantastic too! they are also gluten free! I will make them tomoroow!!

thanks!! These look superb!!!!

Rachana 20/6/10 20:33

These almond flakes look so wonderful! Would taste lovely with a cup of coffee :-)

Jagruti જાગૃતિ 20/6/10 21:43

Almond flakes looks so crispy and tasty..new to me!!

Cinnamon-Girl 20/6/10 21:44

What light and crispy little treats Angie! I bet the almonds and buckwheat are nice flavors. I really must try my hand at baking with buckwheat as I've never used it before.

Erica 20/6/10 21:58

Wow! Those look crispy and delicious!Thank you for sharing, lovely pictures and a delicious recipe!

Heavenly Housewife 20/6/10 22:52

What a beautiful delicate cookie, I can tell these would taste so amazing and crispy :)

Anonymous 20/6/10 23:31

droolz..so unique..and the flakes look xactly how they shud

Christine@Christine's Recipes 21/6/10 00:18

Love flakes. These Buckwheat Almond Flakes are even better with healthy goodies in them.

OysterCulture 21/6/10 02:30

Love the sounds of these flakes perfect with a bit of fresh chevre or just by themselves by the sounds of it.

peteformation 21/6/10 04:03

He he, I love crispy food.....nice for snacks while watching TV

Cook with Madin 21/6/10 04:13

Hi Angie, as always, your recipes are wonderful, they sounds easy to make, and looks really yummy, and these almond flakes looks really crispy. I can't wait to try them. Have a great week Angie.

Jo 21/6/10 08:06

These cookies look absolutely gorgeous and so crisp. Love the pictures and I am so going to try this recipe out.

3 hungry tummies 21/6/10 09:11

They look so good! I can almost hear the crunch!

Cherine 21/6/10 14:08

A fabulous healthy treat!!

A Thought For Food 21/6/10 15:06

I love the health benefits of this! This looks wonderful. I have a number of friends who are either allergic to gluten or have cut it out of their diet. Great recipe!

Katie@Cozydelicious 21/6/10 15:11

These look fantastic! I'm always looking for that crunchy treat to nibble on, and these are perfect! Healthy and crispy - I love 'em!

Foodessa 21/6/10 15:15

I absolutely enjoy any cookie recipe that has a delicate crisp bite to it.
The fact that it even has a healthier kick to it...is pure luxury;o)
Great recipe...will certainly have to make these.
Flavourful wishes, Claudia

Sarah Naveen 21/6/10 15:53

Awesome click..looks wonderfully yummy!!!

Yasmeen 21/6/10 16:47

So crunchy ,perfect for snack time :D

Cooking with Kait 21/6/10 17:20

These look terrific Angie! What a healthy and delicious treat. I ran out of buckwheat and went to the market this weekend to restock, and they were out too. Did you buy up all the buckwheat?

Rosa's Yummy Yums 21/6/10 19:17

Buckwheat flour has a lovely flavor and is so versatile! That is one fabulous recipe!



Patty 21/6/10 20:33

Wow. This is most definitely something my children would eat. I am always looking for snack foods (that I don't have to buy from the store) that are delicious and nutritious. I think that your recipe fits the bill! Thanks for sharing!

Juliana 21/6/10 22:46

Wow, these almond crisps look so yummie, light, crunchy and so crispy...love the pictures as well :-)

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 22/6/10 08:05

These look amazingly crunchy and I do love almonds, so this one's a winner for me!

pigpigscorner 22/6/10 09:35

I don't have much experience with buckwheat, but sounds great!

Von 22/6/10 12:06

I've never heard of buckwheat flour before....
but this looks delicious! It looks so light and crispy- the type of food which I could just keep eating and eating....=]

kitchen flavours 22/6/10 15:22

Looks very crispy and light. I bet it tastes great. Anything crispy, goes with me!

Food For Tots 23/6/10 17:07

These flakes look awesome!! I love the inclusion of buckwheat. Definitely a healthier choice as snack! Got to try it out.

Nithya 23/6/10 20:28

Wow they are simply fantastic. Love your space. I am sure gonna be here often :)

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi 24/6/10 14:43

I rarely get to use buckwheat flour. But your recipe has inspired me to try the flour out. I may buy a bag of it when I swing by the grocery store soon. After all, it's nice to be gluten-free once in a while! Thanks for the inspiration!

A Canadian Foodie 24/6/10 22:13

Angie - these look lovely. Are they substantial enough to hold a dip or a spread - or do you just eat them on their own? Did you make the recipe up? I am truly amazed. Love the title, too! And they look like giant flakes.

Angie's Recipes 25/6/10 06:45

Valerie: My husband loves to eat the ice cream with these crisp cookies, while I prefer them just the way they are. The inspiration of this cookie recipe was from all the versatile Tuiles.

Umm Mymoonah 25/6/10 15:47

I simply can't take my eyes out from all your recipes, you are really a expert, very glad to follow you:-)

Sook 25/6/10 20:58

I am amazed by how thin these are! They look delicious!

Fresh Local and Best 26/6/10 16:09

These cookies are so delicate and incredibly versatile. I like that there are slices of almond in them.

May Ling Wu 9/9/10 22:01

Yum! Looks wonderful and delicious!


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