Chocolate Rose Petal Cookies

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Rose baking is nothing new, however. The practice of using roses in cooking dates back centuries. Roses, in fact, have been used extensively in Middle Eastern cuisines to enhance the taste of foods and beverages. Using edible flowers for culinary endeavors is gaining a wider audience, and roses, with their subtle, sweet taste, make a pleasing recipe ingredient. Correspondingly, rose recipes have become popular. Suite101: How to Cook With Roses

  • 110 g Butter at room temperature
  • 60 g Icing sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 Egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 tsp Baking powder
  • 200 g Cake flour
  • 1 tbsp Rose petals
  • Chocolate glaze
  1. Stir together flour and baking powder. Beat together the butter and sugar until light and creamy. Gradually add in the egg and beat until well-combined.
  2. Add in the sifted flour mixture and rose petals. Cover the batter in greaseproof wrapper and chill for 1 hour.
  3. Shape dough into 1-inch balls and place 2 inch apart on the tray lined with a baking paper. Lightly flatten them with a spoon.
  4. Bake in the middle part of the preheated 175C/350F oven for about 18-20 minutes. Remove to wire racks and cool completely. Dip with the chocolate glaze.


Biren 17/2/10 20:59

These cookies sound and look beautiful! It should go very well with some rose congou tea.

Jagruti 17/2/10 21:35

Delectable cookies!!!looks awesome and yummy..

Priya 17/2/10 22:46

Woww such a gorgeous rose petals cookies...will go around for this rose petals..

Snooky doodle 17/2/10 22:50

these cookies look so romantic and yummy :)

3 hungry tummies 17/2/10 22:58

Wow that combination must be amazing! are these your valentines' cookies?

Bob 17/2/10 23:25

Interesting, I never would have thought to do that. Bet they're tasty!

A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine 17/2/10 23:40

Wow...such gorgeous cookies..with this amazing combination.

Pavithra 18/2/10 00:42

Oh wow wow that looks awesome and fantastic combo... wish i could have some...

Anncoo 18/2/10 01:11

Oh...this is new to me. I have dried roses for making tea and never thought this can be made into cookies.

Gulmohar 18/2/10 01:50

Interesting recipe.Never tried rose petals in cookies...must be great

5 Star Foodie 18/2/10 02:18

So elegant and perfectly scrumptious! Such a unique cookie creation!

Sarah 18/2/10 02:46

beautiful and scrumptious looking cookies!

Cinnamon-Girl♥ 18/2/10 02:52

These look crazy good Angie! Perfect for teatime!

Ho Ho Ho 18/2/10 03:07

Interesting... shall go round my garden collecting rose petals :)

tasteofbeirut 18/2/10 05:00

I have cooked with rose water ( a lot!) but never with rose petals. You are inspiring me to try! The cookies look delightful.

Happy Homebaker 18/2/10 05:42

I have tried baking chiffon cake with rose petals, but I have not tried using them for cookies, thanks for sharing :)

Amanda aka Hannahbanana 18/2/10 06:18

Super creative and absolutely delicious sounding! Great post!

zurin 18/2/10 06:48

OH OH OH !!!!!!!! they are perfectly my knid of cookies...gorgeous and so elegant and so exotic!!!!! OMG I SO LOVE THEM!! first time ive seen cookies nn rose petals combined...OH mY Angie...what a brilliant brilliant idea!!!

Cheah 18/2/10 06:59

Gosh, lovely pics and great recipe. You're very innovative, Angie! A must try!

cartes r4i gold 18/2/10 08:24

Looks amazing. What a nice combination! I love this cookies and I would like to make it at my birth day.

Bo 18/2/10 08:24

Not the usual cookie...I sure would like to taste one...I've never tried cooking with rose petals.

MaryMoh 18/2/10 09:47

That's utterly romantic and sexy! :D Got to try these.

Heavenly Housewife 18/2/10 10:21

How beautiful! I have a Jamie Oliver recipe stashed away for rose and pistachio cookies. I am tempted to try it after i see how lovely yours look.
*kisses* HH

wendyywy 18/2/10 10:42

Wonder how do they taste like...

pigpigscorner 18/2/10 12:30

oo I can smell the rose from here! Very creative! Happy CNY!

fferns 18/2/10 14:06

wow great pics angie, and beautiful cookies..

Tina 18/2/10 14:39

Woww....Looks tempting and yummy....

Vrinda 18/2/10 14:58

So cute cookies..wanna grab some,yummmmm

♥peachkins♥ 18/2/10 15:47

they looks so pretty! I've never had rose petals in cookies before..

Fearless Kitchen 18/2/10 15:51

Oh, wow, these look amazing! I wish I could find edible roses around here - the ones I can find are all covered in toxic pesticides.

Rachel J aka Tha Pizza Cutta 18/2/10 16:15

These look almost too lovey to eat! ...Almost ^_^

Bridgett 18/2/10 17:45

Oh wow, I am definitely trying these. What an elegant cookie.

nora@ffr 18/2/10 18:34

wow!! thanx for the idea angiee!! chocolate and rose is a great combo!! definitely gonna give a try!!

Judy 18/2/10 19:23

these are so beautiful!! i just recently purchased a bottle of rosewater that i'm planning on trying out! =)

Velva 18/2/10 23:30

This is special! Very elegant.
Edible non-herbicide rose petals would be difficult to find but, oh what a special treats that could be made!

Jo 19/2/10 01:46

Hope you had a great CNY. These cookies sure look delicious and would be just right with a cup of tea.

Tuty @ 19/2/10 02:54

Romantic looking cookies :-) and great for tea party too.

My Little Space 19/2/10 06:33

I've seen those shops selling these tiny rose petals for tea but had never tried them before. Wonder how was it taste like? I'm sure the cookies smell awesome with these rose petals.

alwayswinner786 19/2/10 07:23

Wow! what a lovely and delicious cookies.
I am falling in love!

noobcook 19/2/10 10:05

I never knew rose petals can be used in this way. I only know it can be brewed into tea. Your cookies are so pretty!

Christine 19/2/10 13:50

wow, I like to add rose petals in some Chinese desserts, but never thought of using them in baking cookies. Very romantic!

Trissa 19/2/10 16:12

Hi Angie - thanks for the information on the rose cookies! I didn't realize this had been going on for centuries! A pity edible and dried roses are so expensive here - would love to use them more often and maybe one day make cookies like yours.

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi 19/2/10 18:26

Oh, I'd love to bake with rose petals!! Rose petals in cookies sounds divine!! Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna try hunt for rose petals ... would love to use them in my baking! ;)


Lynda 19/2/10 19:29

What gorgeous cookies! These tempting treats wouldn't last long in my house.

Angie's Recipes 19/2/10 19:42

Thank you, guys, for all the kind words and encouragement! I really appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

theUngourmet 19/2/10 20:43

I've never used roses in my baking. These look wonderful! I will definitely put these on my Must Make list!! :)

Shri 19/2/10 20:43

Such a lovely bunch of cookies...Love the rose petals in them!

Erica 20/2/10 01:12

Delicious cookies, Angie!The rose petals are a special touch!

lisa 20/2/10 06:23

These are so pretty with the rose petals and chocolate glaze! I've never baked with rose petals--I've only made rose petal sugar. I want to try this now!

Katy ~ 20/2/10 12:09

Chocolate and roses! Oh my gosh, could there be anything more romantic!

Divina Pe 23/2/10 14:27

Gorgeous as always. Beautiful!!

Arlette 24/2/10 03:35

Oh my God...
we use rose petal in lots of Lebanese Recipes, in our cookies.. and even in the seven spices we make at home...
Love your cookies.. you brought me back to my mom's kitchen

lululu 25/2/10 15:49

oh, wow, those beautiful and elegant looking cookies. great as high tea premium dessert!

Judy 26/2/10 15:27

Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Can't wait to try it.

Duchess of Tea 28/2/10 09:09

Angie darling, how are you? Sorry I have been a bit absent lately! I am finally getting to catch up. Luv, how interesting. A few days ago, I prepared a rose scone post for next week, you see, great minds think alike. Have a blessed day darling.

Love & Hugs

Duchess of Tea 9/3/10 00:54

Angie darling, I popped in to let you know I did try this delicious recipe this weekend, actually my daughter did. The dough was a little sticky at first, but other then that it turned out great. We loved it, thanks darling.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous 15/3/10 11:16

Hi angie, love to try yr cookies. May i know where can i buy the edible rose petal.
Thank you. siti

Angie's Recipes 17/3/10 06:42

siti: I think they can be found either in Asian stores or local drug stores. Sometimes you can even get them in the tea shops.


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