Chinese Sweet Roasted Chestnuts

Chestnuts offer high fiber, mineral and cholesterol-free benefits of tree nuts, without the calories and fat content. And they are gluten free! They also are the only nut that contains a significant amount of vitamin C. Like all plant foods, chestnuts contain no cholesterol. So why not "go nuts"?

And I also want to thank PEARLYN @ A Full-Timed Housefly sharing a wonderful Friendship Award with me!
500 g Chestnuts
500 g Salt (or coarse sand)
1 tbsp Sugar syrup

  1. Using a small sharp knife, carefully score chestnuts by making a single, 1/8-inch deep slit across the center on the rounded side of the nut, to keep them from exploding during cooking. Rinse and soak in the water for 10 minutes. Drain.

  2. Place the pan filled with salt and drained chestnuts on medium heat. Stir fry the chestnuts until the salt has turn lightly browned, drizzle the sugar syrup over while keep stirring. Continue stirring until the shells open up and look dark brown.
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Abhilash 26/11/09 08:28

This was useful information. I hope now this was a healthy post. :)

I like the blogs who also mention the benifits of what they share.

Chef E 26/11/09 08:57

Oh my gosh, I was just looking for a recipe, since they scare me every time I see them in the store...Thanks Angie for making this so simple with your instructions...Blessings to you and your family...

My Little Space 26/11/09 09:36

Who can ever resist this kind of expensive nuts! I love eating it when it's still hot.

Priya 26/11/09 09:57

I can munch these roasted beauties anytime...feel like grabbing few rite now..

The Little Teochew 26/11/09 10:29

Hawkers are selling these everywhere I go!!! Singaporeans are very lucky.

Joy 26/11/09 10:32

I am so pleased to know this method! It is lovely. And wouldn't they be yum!

♥peachkins♥ 26/11/09 11:05

Oh this gives the chestnuts more flavor.What a great idea!Happy Thanksgiving!

A Full-Timed Housefly 26/11/09 12:05

Ohhhhhhh these are my favourite , I toast and fry them with coffee beans and salt

Tina 26/11/09 14:26

Nice idea...Happy thanksgiving...

TasteHongKong 26/11/09 16:17

As the winter comes, i start seeing hawkers appear on streets stir-frying these chestnuts with huge turners in big woks. Thanks for sharing us a home-made recipe.

Mother Rimmy 26/11/09 17:00

These look delicious. I'll have to give this a try.

doggybloggy 26/11/09 17:24

well as usual you take a normal roast chestnut and make it exceptional - I will try this since I get tired of plain old roasted!

the ungourmet 26/11/09 19:40

I'm not sure if I've ever had a chestnut. They look yummy! Thanks for the info on them!

nora@ffr 26/11/09 19:57

happy thanx giving angiiieee!! :D:D:D this is
simply delicious and comforting!

tasteofbeirut 27/11/09 00:29

How interesting! I have just had chestnuts but I was not aware of the Chinese way of eating them!

Angie's Recipes 27/11/09 06:44

Happy Thanksgiving! And Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments! :-)

Anonymous 27/11/09 07:43

I love ur blog- esp cos u have a variety of unique recipes..and with those detailed xplaination and all..awesome

Anncoo 27/11/09 08:30

Never try to make this before. How long its take you to do complete this cooking. Looks so good to eat :)

Selba 27/11/09 11:52

I can eat a lot of chestnut but too bad, not very easy to find it here and it's very expensive :)

zurin 27/11/09 12:20

I love chestnuts esp roasted ones! These looks absolutely delicious. What a useful recipe. Now I know how to roast chestnuts. I usually always buy them from the hawker.Thanks Angie! :))

pigpigscorner 27/11/09 17:47

I love this! so this is how you roast them...

Chow and Chatter 28/11/09 00:45

these look awesome my sis in law made chesnuts for me in the UK, yummy, congrats on your award

Andrea@WellnessNotes 28/11/09 01:18

Congratulations on the award! :)

I haven't had chestnuts in such a long time. I'll have to make some soon!

tracieMoo 28/11/09 04:36

I love chestnuts. I've never tried making them though. Congratulations on the award!

Gulmohar 28/11/09 05:16

That looks irresistible...would be delicious !!

petite nyonya 28/11/09 06:27

In my hometown, I used to see the chestnut hawkers frying them with a certain type of black grainy sand. Useful to know that we can use salt instead!

Fresh Local and Best 28/11/09 16:25

This looks fabulous! I've been eying chestnuts at the store and haven't brought any home because I wasn't sure how to prepare them. I will try this method!

Heavenly Housewife 28/11/09 17:40

HOw delicious looking :D, got any for me???

Anonymous 28/11/09 22:14

Hi angie, Thank you so much for the detailed instructions on is something my husband loves very much although i did'nt know how to prep them before...THANK YOU !

Anonymous 28/11/09 23:34

Awesome post!! I am thinking how much I love these during my childhood.

Lavanya Siva 29/11/09 00:27

Great recipe, you have really given a useful and detailed instruction.

Donna-FFW 29/11/09 02:54

I'd love a handful of those. I bet they're wonderful.

Claudia 29/11/09 03:01

Adore chestnuts. Was a mainstay in my home over the holidays. I was thinking of doing a step-by-step for the Examiner. But yours is so much better!

Sophie 29/11/09 10:36

Congrats on the awards! Well deserved!!

Your roasted chestnuts look excellent ot me!! Very festive!

Angie's Recipes 29/11/09 10:50

I am really glad that you guys love this simple Chinese snacks! Thanks!!
@Anncoo: about 20-25 minutes.

Katy ~ 29/11/09 12:10

Anncoo,I LOVE LOVE this simple straightforward recipe. I am going to have to give it a try. Love the aroma of chestnuts!!! YUM YUM YUM

blessings to you my dear.

carmenpiva 29/11/09 13:43

It is very typical in my town to buy roasted chestnuts in the street all winter long. They taste great!!
Thank you for your compliments on my zebra cake. I'm so pleased,'cause I consider you a superb cook.

Jo 29/11/09 14:59

I love fresh, hot roasted chestnuts. Now I can try this out at home.

Anonymous 29/11/09 15:03

Oh, i've never made chestnuts myself yet! Thanks so much for the recipe! I'm looking forward to making them soon!

girlichef 29/11/09 16:12

These look awesome! I have always wanted to roast my own chestnuts...they sound so silky and delicious :D

Bob 29/11/09 16:40

Ooo, those look awesome. Great pictures too!

Sarah 29/11/09 21:04

I love chestnuts and would love an excuse to experiment with them more often! These look absolutely delicious and I nedd to make them soon!

Erica 29/11/09 23:53

Thank you for sharing all that wonderful info! They look delicious.

Sarah Naveen 30/11/09 04:53

excellent pic..Looks so gorgeous and yummy..

Cheah 30/11/09 06:03

I love them, luckily we can get them from hawker stalls at the pasar malam.

Rylan at Art and Appetite 30/11/09 13:27

Angie, belated Happy Thanksgiving!!

I was off the world of blogging for a while.

Anyways, it's 4:24 AM and I just had to go to my desktop only to check your blog--remember your blog won't load on my laptop.

Thanks for the neat info about chesnuts. I truly truly love them! Sooooo good speacially when there are roasted. I sooo wish I can find some in my area.

MaryMoh 21/12/09 11:51

Beautiful, mouth-watering roasted chestnuts. I always boil them. I'll try to roast them next time. Thanks for sharing.

backyana 25/12/09 22:34

Looks delicious! Can you tell me how long do I have to stir the chestnuts in the salt until they are ready?

Angie's Recipes 26/12/09 10:27

@backyana: about 20-25 minutes.

pjspin20 27/9/12 04:56

Congratulations on the award. Thanks for the information for roasting chestnuts. I have a beautiful chestnut tree (I was told they would not grow in FL ) This year it is loaded with with very large fruit. Now I know how to roast them.


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