Steamed Spelt Wholewheat Twisted Carrot Rolls - Hua Juan

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Twisted Rolls or Hua Juan in Chinese are steamed buns (with scallions, sesame seeds, peanut, etc. ) twisted into a beautiful flower pattern.
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, triticum spelta and instant yeast together. Make a well in the middle and pour in the carrot juice. Mix on slow speed until you have a dough that holds together. Adjust the amount of carrot juice, adding more or less as needed. Turn the speed of the mixer to medium and knead until it is smooth and elastic.
  2. Prove the dough in a bowl covered with a plastic film until it has increased in volume distinctively, about 45 minutes. Press out the air and roll it out into a large rectangle. Brush the surface with oil and sprinkle the black pepper salt and chopped spring onions over. Roll up and divide it into 16 portions. Take each piece and, with the cut sides facing outward, use chopsticks to press down lengthwise in the middle so that the layers of both sides extend outward beautifully.
  3. Arrange the rolls in the steamer lined with cheese cloth. Cover it with a plastic film and set aside for 15 minutes. Steam the twisted rolls over a pot of boiling water on strong heat. Turn the heat off and leave the steamer covered for 2 minutes before serving.


Lavanya 16/4/09 21:59

new to me..easy to make with few ingredients naa..looking nice angie!!

Reeni♥ 17/4/09 02:06

Those are so cute, they look yummy! Honey carrot juice sounds delicious! I wonder if I can find it here in the U.S.

Anonymous 17/4/09 17:09

These carrot rolls are neat - I would love to try them! Honey carrot juice does sound awesome!

Sweta 17/4/09 23:05

Had not heard of honey carrot juice-sounds awesome. The steaming was a surprise-it looked like it was fried in the first pic!!

Angie's Recipes 18/4/09 07:01

@Lavanya, Reeni, 5 Star Foodie, Sweta

The golden colour of the buns came from the carrot juice. Twisted rolls are more or less like Mantou (Plain Steamed Bun or let's say Steamed Bread).

Adeline LEE 25/3/16 11:51

May I ask what is german flour?

Angie Schneider 25/3/16 15:30

@Adeline LEE You can use all purpose flour here.


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