Scrap Cake

I bake foam cakes very often, as I prefer the fluffy, light chiffon cake to other baked goods. Whenever I baked a chiffon cake, I would reserve one or two layers well-wrapped in the freezer just in case I don't feel like to bake, but happen to have an itch to eat something light and sweet.

  1. Remove the cake layers from the freezer and defrost them at room temperature, about 1 hour. Slice the peeled bananas and figs and have a round cake board ready.

  2. Place the matcha chiffon cake layer on the prepared cake board, spread a thin layer nutella on the cake, and then top with babana slices. Arrange another two layers of cake in the same way. (There’s still some nutella left after placing the 3rd layer of cake, so I decided to top the cake with last layer of matcha chiffon cake, which resulted in a mismatched colour appearance to the cut.)
  3. Arrange the fourth layer of cake on the top and spread the nutella. Arrange the sliced figs and bananas in a decorative pattern on top and the chocolate praline in the center. Spread the strips with whipped cream and surround the sides of the cake. Use a mousse ring or a ribbon to stabilize the strips.


Anonymous 2/4/09 19:55

It's a great idea to keep the extra layers and put them together! I love the different flavor layers here!

Lavanya 2/4/09 23:11

oh my god..lovely cake angie..want to have right away..very nice..want to try it..but i dont know most of the ingredients :)

Donna-FFW 3/4/09 03:00

What a super wonderful unique idea to save all these layers and use in such a way!! Very NICE!! Looks super! Nice to meet you!

Sara 3/4/09 03:53

Wow, this is one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen! You are quite talented.

Sweta 3/4/09 05:15

This is tantalizing :-)The sliced figs and banana decoration looks great!!
Have you got "Black Forest Cake" recipe?Used to be my favourite cake back in India-haven't found anyone selling it here in Oregon:-(

Angie's Recipes 3/4/09 07:36

@5 Star Foodie, Sara, Donna-FFW, I was happy to use up all the stored stuff, finally my freezer is free from the crammed food.
@Lavanya, I used the leftover to make this cake, therefore it's not necessary to use the exact ingredients I used.
@sweta, I have baked the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte/Black Forest Cake5 or 6 times, and everytime slightly different and all without using alcohol (the experts here in Germany would tell you the cake made without brushing with Kirschwasser/cherry liqueur is not a traditional and not a real Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, comments about that. )
The links followed would direct you to two recipes.
I have also left you the related information about the recipes on your page, hope they help.

Sweta 3/4/09 17:22

Thanks a ton Angie-both the cakes look like a dream.Wish they were easily available here as it was back in India.It's easier to eat that way;-)I'm not big into baking-but will make an inventory and get all the ingredients mentioned this weekend.

Jessica604 18/5/09 05:17

This looks great! I love that all you had to do was assemble it when the cake craving hit. Now, the question is, did you freeze any of *this* cake?

Angie's Recipes 18/5/09 05:53

Yes, whenever I baked a chiffon, I sliced one layer off and froze it in the fridge... until either the fridge finally was too full or the cake layers were about to expire. Then it's time for a scrap cake.

nora@ffr 29/5/09 14:30

This recipe is really going to keep me busy in the kitchen with all its glamor. This is another must for the weekend!this cake look fabulous angie.. keep it up.. m sure my kids gonna hug me for this :) thank you for sharing

wendyywy 26/1/10 17:36

The scrap layers don't look like scrap. If u never tell, I'd tot this is just a multilayer mutlticolour cake.
So pretty.


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