Plum Einkorn Streusel Muffins | © 2017 |

A mildly sweet streusel topping with hazelnut meal adds a sweet crunch and extra flavour to this plum muffin. It is quick and easy to toss together and a winner for an afternoon coffee or tea break. If you like, dress up these muffins with a drizzle of a sweet glaze, like basic powdered sugar icing or white chocolate glaze for extra richness and sweetness.

StreuselMuffin Batter
  • 80 g Einkorn flour
  • 40 g Hazelnut meal
  • 15 g Coconut sugar
  • 50 g Butter, chilled and cubed
  • 170 g Butter, softened
  • 50 g Coconut sugar
  • 2 Eggs, medium
  • 1 tsp Vanilla powder
  • 250 g Einkorn flour
  • 3/4 tsp Baking soda
  • 250 ml Kefir
  • 350 g Plums, stoned and diced
  1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F. Line a 12-cup muffin pan or ramekins with paper liners.
  2. Combine all the ingredients for the streusel in a bowl. Using fingertips, rub together until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Set aside while you make the muffin batter.
  3. Cream the softened butter and coconut sugar in a bowl. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla powder. Whisk together the einkorn flour and baking soda. Add half of the flour mixture to the butter mixture and fold until just incorporated, then add in kefir and finally the rest of the flour mixture. Fold until well combined. It is very important not to overmix the batter or muffins won't be tender and soft.
  4. Spoon the mixture into the muffin cups and top with a few pieces of diced plums. Sprinkle the crumble topping over the plums. Bake for 25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Set aside in the pan for 5 minutes to cool before transferring to a wire rack to cool slightly. | © 2017 | | © 2017 | | © 2017 |


Evelyne CulturEatz 15/6/17 03:45

Oh I want these muffin, plums are under used in baking and it is a call to summer :-) Lovely hazelnut topping too.

Chris Scheuer 15/6/17 03:56

Yum! These look wonderful Angie!

Mindy Boyd 15/6/17 05:54

I love plums and these muffins look amazing!

Rosa 15/6/17 07:54

They look mighty delicious!



Shashi at SavorySpin 15/6/17 08:21

That mildly sweet streusel topping with hazelnut meal sounds wonderful! Angie - I wish I had two or three of these for breakfast in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

Veronica Ng 15/6/17 11:01

Thanks Angie for sharing these smashing muffins. They look so tempting. Wish I could grab one ;)

Liz Berg 15/6/17 12:48

Your muffins look divine, Angie! I can't wait to get home and see what fruits are at our produce stand---I'll nab some plums if they look good :)

Tania|MyKitchenstories. 15/6/17 14:25

Get outta town these are gorgeous.

Ashley@CookNourishBliss 15/6/17 15:13

I just love a good streusel topped muffin! These look perfect Angie!

Tricia Buice 15/6/17 15:30

I bet these delicious muffins don't need the extra sweetness from an icing - I wouldn't want to cover up the wonderful flavors. Plums are a fantastic fruit!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies 15/6/17 17:07

I wish I could enjoy one of these right now with my morning coffee, they look so good!

Cheri Savory Spoon 15/6/17 17:29

Hi Angie, there is nothing better than plums in baked goods, the streusel topping looks amazing. I would love one or two of these right now for breakfast;)

Koko 15/6/17 20:08

The perfect use for summer plums straight from the tree! I love your cute little cupcake wrappers!

Jean | 15/6/17 21:07

Plums, hazelnuts? Oh, Angie, I'd love to have one of these (no, let's get real - two of these!) right now.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 15/6/17 21:49

How delicious! I love the season of stone fruit and the hazelnuts in the streusel is calling my name :)

Pam 16/6/17 00:14

Wow! They look gorgeous & delicious.

Gloria Baker 16/6/17 00:17

Love these muffins Angie, look wonderful and delicious!!

Monica 16/6/17 00:35

Love the hazelnut meal in the streusel topping! I'd love to try that.

Kelly 16/6/17 01:40

I wish I had these yummy muffins for breakfast this morning! That streusel topping is definitely calling my name! Love the hazelnut meal and plums!

Adina 16/6/17 10:48

I love anything made with plums! These muffins would be particularly good to take on a picnic.

Harriet Emily 16/6/17 12:44

These look delicious Angie! I love the streusel muffin combination, and the plum flavour sounds amazing!

Amy (Savory Moments) 16/6/17 13:27

I love the use of plums in these muffins, Angie. I feel like plums don't get used very much in baked goods!

Balvinder Ubi 16/6/17 17:35

I love baking with plums and these muffins sound like my ideal summer breakfast!!

Susan 17/6/17 17:07

What a great way to begin the day! These muffins look so good and I actually have that flour:-)

Evolve With Mary 18/6/17 00:28

Aren’t these some beautiful muffins Angie :) I’ve never had plum muffins but I’m totally willing to try them and I’m pretty sure I will enjoy them, they look so tasty

Jessica Hylton 18/6/17 08:28

What a BEAUTIFUL use of plums Angie!!! These streusel muffins look incredible!!

Nancy Chan 18/6/17 17:24

I know these plum muffins will taste delicious!

Eva Taylor 19/6/17 00:03

I just love a streusel muffin and I also adore plums, such an underused fruit in North America. In Europe there are so many dishes that incorporate plums, savory and sweet. I love how you incorporate einkorn into the recipe, so healthy.

mjskit 19/6/17 02:27

If I ate muffins, these would be the kind I would want to eat.

Katerina 19/6/17 10:28

Plums are in season here! These muffins look incredibly irresistible!

Jeanette | Jeanette's Healthy Living 19/6/17 17:32

I love the idea of plums in muffins and that streusel topping looks so good!

No Spoon Necessary 19/6/17 18:19

Ohhh! I have a bag of hazelnut meal in my pantry just waiting to be used for these muffins!! These look absolutely delicious, Angie!! I love the plums in here and that sweet streusel topping! Perfect for breakfast AND dessert!! Cheers, friend!

Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen 19/6/17 19:20

They look scrumptious, Angie. I love the combo of hazelnut meal and coconut flour.

Abbe@This is How I Cook 19/6/17 23:40

I love to bake with plums! These look like something I'd love to bake!

Linda 20/6/17 03:05

They look scrumptious! Would be wonderful with a lovely cup of tea! :)

Jeff 20/6/17 13:30

Plums are so refresjing. You must have many wonderful breakfasts at your house if these muffins are any indication.

Choclette Blogger 20/6/17 18:37

My perfect bake Angie. The plums and hazelnuts are a lovely combination and I'm so pleased to see someone else baking with kefir :D

GiGi Eats Celebrities 20/6/17 18:49

Hazelnuts just give everything they're added to a little SOMETHING SOMETHING. I know I would plow through a few dozen of these if I had my way! ;)

Kitchen Riffs 21/6/17 02:42

Haven't seen any good looking plums in our markets yet, but I know what I'm making when I find some! Really terrific recipe -- thanks.

Easyfoodsmith 21/6/17 10:58

Lovely combination Angie, these muffins look so healthy and delicious.

Sharmila- The Happie Friends Potpourri corner 21/6/17 12:48

Always love streusel topped bakes..simply love this muffins!!

Alida 21/6/17 15:59

Lovely muffins with seasonal fruit Angie! Very nice recipe. Have a good summer!

kankana 21/6/17 18:37

Now that is what I could call healthy muffins. won't even mind for breakfast.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen 21/6/17 23:43

Oh wow! I'm loving everything about this muffin!

Sharon D 22/6/17 06:58

I love streusel toppings. Gives muffins so much 'character'. This is beautiful, Angie!

My Little Space 24/6/17 09:29

These muffins look absolutely divine. Wish I can have some too.
Blessings, Kristy

nadia 25/6/17 01:59

They sound absolutely delicious! Haven't baked with plums in ages. Must give these a go :)

grace 25/6/17 21:08

i think all muffins should have streusel, and this one's extra special! you're the only person i ever see using einkorn flour, angie, and it makes me want to try it too!

The Reader's Tales 26/6/17 18:32

Hello Angie ! Your muffins are gorgeous. I would love to have one - love the sound of these beauties :)

[Reply] 26/6/17 23:22

thing you bake
looks FAAABULOUS)))!!! x

Dawn Yucuis 27/6/17 01:20

These muffins look wonderful. I have not baked with plums, but this sound like a delicious addition to these muffins.

Frosting. Recipes 28/6/17 09:45

Never heard about this before, will surely try it soon.

Emma @ Bake Then Eat 1/7/17 20:37

Those plums look so juicy I bet they make these muffins heavenly!


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