Black Radish Salad with Truffle Vinaigrette

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With the black rough peel and pungent white flesh, black radish, aka black Spanish, can be grated or sliced, eaten raw or cooked. They are a good source of vitamin C and very low in calories.

  • 2 Black radishes
  • 10 Grape tomatoes, cut into half
  • 1 tbsp White balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp Spring onion, cut into thin rings
  • 2-3 tbsp Truffle oil
  • Fine sea salt and white pepper to taste
  • Rose peppercorns
  1. Rinse and dry the black radishes. Using a grater with small holes, shred one radish. Cut another radish into thin half-mooned slices.
  2. In a medium sized bowl whisk together the white balsamic and truffle oil until combined. Season lightly with salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Add the grated radishes, grape tomatoes and spring onion rings to the truffle vinaigrette. Toss so that all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
  4. Arrange the sliced radishes on a serving plate, and mound the grated radish in the center. Crumble rose peppercorns over and serve. | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


OohLookBel 2/11/12 07:05

Black radish sounds very exotic, I wish we had it over here. Love the presentation the salad in the glass, as well, it looks fabulous.

Elin Chia 2/11/12 07:39

Angie...ohhh I have never seen a black radish before. Looks good with truffle oil. Hard to get this oil too over here . You so lucky :) Have a nice day!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 2/11/12 08:04

The flavor of black radish is so interesting and your salad must taste wonderful! What a great pairing.



Mich - Piece of Cake 2/11/12 09:02

I have never come across a black radish before... the ones I see here are all white. It sure looks very fine and crunchy.

Baker Street 2/11/12 09:16

So intrigued with the flavor of black raddish, I'll be sure to bring some back home this weekend. :)

My Kitchen Stories. 2/11/12 09:21

Where do you get these Angie?. I've never seen them. Lovely fresh salad!!

Anonymous 2/11/12 09:36

Wow, I have never seen a black radish before - wish we got them here.
:-) Mandy

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes 2/11/12 10:12

Salad looks very refreshing but yet to see this black radish here. Lovley clicks!

StephenC 2/11/12 10:16

I was introduced to the black radish by an old German guy I would see regularly at the gym. He brought me one. Fascinating flavor and texture. I, too, made a slaw. Haven't seen any since moving east.

Emma @ Food, Fork and Good 2/11/12 10:28
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma @ Food, Fork and Good 2/11/12 10:29

@Emma @ Food, Fork and Good

Sorry, I spelt that last comment all wrong and it was awful. Proof reading is a must!

I've never heard of black radish, it sounds quite exotic, whats the flavour like?

Your salad looks so posh, where do you get your ideas?!


Veena Theagarajan 2/11/12 11:03

very different salad.. this is new to me.. first time seeing black radish.. Bookmarked

Guru Uru 2/11/12 11:39

This is quite a unique flavour combo my friend :)

Choc Chip Uru

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 2/11/12 11:45

How beautiful. I don't believe I've ever seen a black radish. They are gorgeous. And I love the truffle vinaigrette.

Christin@FortMillSCLiving 2/11/12 12:53

I've never seen a black radish either. Salad looks so light and refreshing!

Susan 2/11/12 12:57

I remember these on a version of "Chopped!" I love radishes; they were the first vegetable I grew myself when I was about 7 years old. Great confidence booster for the ease of growing and hooked me on gardening. I'm definitely trying this recipe if I can find them:-D

lena 2/11/12 12:57

it's also my first time knowing this black radish. always impressed with your presentation!

Priya 2/11/12 12:58

Can guess the texture of the black radish,never tried in my cooking.. Salad looks fabulous.

Angie's Recipes 2/11/12 13:46

@My Kitchen Stories.
From our farmer market...don't see them in usual grocery stores.

Suzi 2/11/12 14:02

Angie this salad looks fantastic. I haven't tasted the black radish before and now I will be on a search for it. Maybe the Asian market will have them. I so want to make this and I have all the other ingredients including the truffle oil which I haven't tried yet either , LOL. Have a wonderful weekend.

Belinda @zomppa 2/11/12 15:26

You just raised the elegance of radishes!!

Helene Dsouza 2/11/12 16:15

Oh what a pretty radish, never seen those black ones before.Your salad looks outstanding angie!

Ah Tze @ Awayofmind 2/11/12 16:32

is my first time seeing those black radish too. your salad as aways look yummy and refreshing!

Ann@Anncoo Journal 2/11/12 17:26

First time seeing this black radish. So beautiful salad.

Koko 2/11/12 18:17

You and your black rice and black radish- they make all your dishes look so cool! I have never tried a black radish, what a beautiful vegetable! I love learning about ingredients I have never used, thanks Angie!

Anonymous 2/11/12 18:29

What a beautiful dish, I wish I could get some of the ingredients you post. Unfortunately I live in a small town. I will have to live through your photos :)

Veronica Miller 2/11/12 19:35

Wow! I've never heard of a black radish before. This is such a nice salad-very gourmet and light.

vrinda 2/11/12 20:10

I have never seen black radish before,gr8 salad,will try with purple one

Jen @ The Scrumptious Pumpkin 2/11/12 20:31

Such a unique salad idea - it sounds so tasty. Love your photos too! :)

Cucina49 2/11/12 20:38

This salad sounds amazing! I have never seen black radishes, but I love the regular red ones, and the truffle vinaigrette sounds decadent.

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 2/11/12 21:09

I didn't even know black radishes existed! I totally love anything with truffle oil, though--sounds amazing!

My Italian Smorgasbord 2/11/12 22:08

never tried black radish but you do make it sounds like something to have an eye on at the market.

Jenn Kendall 2/11/12 22:11

so unique! i've never even heard of black radishes, they sound amazing!

Lizzy Do 2/11/12 22:24

Such a stunning salad! That black radish is a showstopper...hope I can find one someday so I can give this a try!

Shabitha Karthikeyan 3/11/12 00:15

Never used black radish before. Would love to try it. Stunning photos !!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 3/11/12 00:21

You find the most unusual and delightful-looking ingredients, Angie! This looks delicious. I love radishes but have never seen a black one!

Balvinder Ubi 3/11/12 00:25

Hey I like that black radish! Never seen it but looks cool in the salad.

the food dude 3/11/12 00:42

What a great salad, and beautiful photos too!

Amelia 3/11/12 05:29

Hi Angie, have not seen black radish, something new to me. Love your presentation and excellent click. Your salad look very appetizing.

Have a nice weekend.

FiSh. ohFISHiee 3/11/12 08:53

black radish? i think i havent seen it before..

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Tiffany 3/11/12 09:10

I've been kind of obsessed with radish ever since I moved south of the Mason Dixon line :D. I especially love these black radish and the watermelon radish. This salad is just stunning!

Anne Regalado 3/11/12 09:39

I've never seen a black radish before er until now ! lol And never eaten a radish salad as well ! tsk tsk Anyway , this salad looks fantastic and full of interesting flavor !

Velva 3/11/12 14:08

I have been pulling French Breakfast radishes out of the garden left and right. I had no idea that there are black radishes. What a dramatic statement a black radish can make- wow.


motherrimmy 3/11/12 15:34

This recipe is perfect for the diet my hubby and I are currently on. It's so beautifully presented that we won't feel like we're watching calories at all!

Gloria 3/11/12 22:50

This salad look really delicious!

Rebecca Subbiah 4/11/12 00:49

looks great new to me :-) must look for some

rita cooks italian 4/11/12 02:14

Black radish? Very interesting, I do not know this ingredient, but I guess that taste like a regular radish. Very crunchy salad, Angie.

The Squishy Monster 4/11/12 02:38

What a sophisticated touch to a wonderful salad, Angie! Hope you're having a great weekend!! I'm following you on Twitter now, too =)

teresa 4/11/12 03:19

this is gorgeous! great flavors.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover 4/11/12 11:57

Your family is blessed with you, everything you prepared all are heathy .

Kitcheninspirations 4/11/12 12:28

Never heard if black radish but your beautiful, fresh recipe makes me want to track one down.

Parsley Sage 4/11/12 14:16

waitaminute...they make BLACK radishes! This is awesome! Great recipe :)

Elisabeth 4/11/12 15:32

What an elegant and exquisite looking salad, Angie! First time for me; to see 'black radish'...wonder if the taste is similar to the red radish, or the Daikan radish?

Barbara 4/11/12 16:13

I've never even seen a black radish! How divine. Lovely salad, Angie. Wish I could make it here!

Beth 4/11/12 19:44

What a beautiful dish! Angie, you always come up with the loveliest and sometimes most exotic ideas. Absolutely gorgeous.

sally 4/11/12 22:25

What a gorgeous salad! I am usually not a big fan of radishes, but this salad looks very tempting.

Isabel - Frabisa 4/11/12 22:45

I love your blog and this week are the header of my blog, favorite blog, congratulations!

Ilke 4/11/12 23:46

Looks so pretty. I love radishes...especially grated in a salad with a touch of vinegar like yours.

Rosita Vargas 5/11/12 00:47

¡Qué bella propuesta me encanta se ve muy delicioso! abrazos y abrazos.

Debra Eliotseats 5/11/12 00:51

I've never seen black radishes but this salad looks delicious and healthy. I wonder if regular radishes would work. I do like a good crunchy radish salad. Thanks for sharing this.

Torviewtoronto 5/11/12 01:40

lovely combination of flavours I haven't had like this

Terra 5/11/12 01:48

You really do always teach me something new, I have never heard of a black radish. They look really interesting though, I will have to search for one, maybe in the special produce section:-) Your salad sounds gorgeous, Hugs, Terra

Reeni Pisano 5/11/12 03:23

Such a gorgeous salad Angie! Thank-you for introducing me to a new ingredient! Never saw these unusual black radishes before.

mjskit 5/11/12 04:05

One of the things I love about visiting you and some other foodie friends is that I get to learn about new ingredients. Black radish is another food I have never seen nor heard of. What a beautiful vegetable! Since I've never met a radish I didn't like, I'm sure I would absolutely love this salad!

Donna 5/11/12 12:33

Perfect antidote to Halloween candy "capers"...Light...gorgeous appealing mix of freshness, flavour and colour...Your photography is exquisite as usual...The baies roses really make the salad "pop"...and the truffle oil (easily obtained here in France) must do likewise on the palate...Question..Are the Daikon radish (perhaps elongated?)varieties found here in the local French markets a suitable substitution?...Avid follower and mega-fan of your blog.

EA-The Spicy RD 5/11/12 15:04

Never knew blAck radishes existed, but this is such a pretty salad, not to mention, I need to get my hands on some truffle oil ASAP-thanks for the reminder!

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 5/11/12 19:35

So beautiful Angie. I bought 1 a while back and it was so not what I expected I could not prepare it right. This is inspiring and elegant. I guess its better to use it like celeriac. Truffles are perfect to match.

Love from Scratch 5/11/12 21:13

Your food photography is wonderful as always, I wish I had black radishes more readily available here, but the recipe sounds amazing!

Cass @foodmyfriend 6/11/12 02:18

I have never seen a black radish. It's beautiful. I am a big fan of regular radishes so I think I would enjoy this one. My pop has been growing them and I had a few straight out of the dirt this weekend.YUM!

My Little Space 7/11/12 10:33

Oh my, thanks so much for introducing this black radish to us. It's my first time too. Super extraordinary.

Patty 8/11/12 05:23

Beautiful fresh looking salad, I've never seen a black radish and will look for it now;-)

Magic of Spice 11/11/12 04:43

I love black radishes...gorgeous salad I could enjoy everyday!


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