Streusel Damson Plum Cake / Zwetschgendatschi

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Zwetschgenkuchen, a delectable German Plum Cake, also called Sommerkuchen-summer cake, or Zwetschgendatschi is available during the late summer during the damson plum harvest. Datschi, presumably come from a southern German dialect datschen or detschen, means to press in, is a sheet cake (could be prepared in a springform pan too) made with a yeast dough or short pastry, and very often has a streusel topping, which is similar to a crumble. Streusel comes from the German word streusen, to scatter, which is how the topping is applied to the cake. The recipe is adapted from daheim und unterwegs - wdr.

  • 400 g All purpose flour
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 160 g Cold butter, cut into small pieces
  • 90 g Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp Lemon peel, finely grated
  • 2 Small eggs
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • 1200 g Damson plums
  • 125 g Sugar
  • 150 g Butter
  • 200 g Flour
  • 3/4 tsp Cinnamon powder (optional)
  1. Place all the ingredients for the crust in a bowl, mix them well to form a dough. Chill the dough, wrapped well with a plastic film, for 1 hour.
  2. Meanwhile, wash and dry the damson plums. Cut them open and remove the stones. Grease a 28cm springform pan. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F. Remove the dough from the fridge and press it onto the bottom of prepared pan. Lightly press the damson plums into the crust.
  3. Use a fork or spoon to combine all the topping ingredients until mixture is like coarse cornmeal. Taste and adjust cinnamon to your liking. Sprinkle streusel topping over the damsons.
  4. Bake the cake in the center of hot oven for about 45-55 minutes until done and beautiful golden brown. Cool in the pan on a wire rack 10 minutes. Unmould and serve at room temperature. | © 2011 | | © 2011 | | © 2011 |


Bo 29/8/11 06:32

Angie as always this looks amazing!

OohLookBel 29/8/11 06:41

The plums arranged on the inside of the cake are almost too pretty to cover up. Struesen = to scatter - must add that word to my (small) vocabulary!

Foodness Gracious 29/8/11 06:47

Yeah I'm going to stick with the German plum cake description :) This looks well tasty and would love a slice right this second with my coffee please!
Thanks for sharing..

aipi 29/8/11 07:22

It looks sooooo good love all those gooey plums in there! Fab as always Angie!
US Masala

Sharmilee! :) 29/8/11 07:30

Perfect slice of cake...yummy looking cake

Val 29/8/11 07:32

Beautiful cake! Just the sort of thing I love to bake. The other week I made plum crumb bars and a lot of people seem surprised to use plums in baking. I couldn't think of a better fruit to bake with! It's nice to see someone else put their plums to a great use. I have to try this cake out with my next purchase of plums :-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums 29/8/11 07:36

A fabulous cake! Plums have to be my favorite end od summer fruit.



Lisa H. 29/8/11 07:57

Beautiful Zwetschgenkuchen... I am making this when plums are in season :D

Christine's Pantry 29/8/11 08:37

Looks wonderful! Another great recipe.

Honey Bee Sweets 29/8/11 09:04
This comment has been removed by the author.
Honey Bee Sweets 29/8/11 09:06

Angie this cake looks amazing! I have a question though, in your first step, you mention making of a crust and chilling it...isnt it suppose to be a cake base? Thanks

Juanita 29/8/11 09:11

That looks absolutely amazing! The plums are so artfully arranged.

Priya 29/8/11 09:27

Beautiful cake,looks absolutely marvellous..

Anonymous 29/8/11 09:44

Have a happy week.
:-) Mandy

My Little Space 29/8/11 09:48 goodness, the cake looks fantastic! Streusel simply delish.
Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous 29/8/11 09:54

another beautiful cake!!

Lora 29/8/11 10:56

A gorgeous cake that has me missing the plum tree in our yard in Germany right about now.

The Procrastobaker 29/8/11 11:08

This looks loovveellyy :) im about to post a plum torte i made recently by coincidence but we have SO many plums that i might well give your recipe a go sometime, it really sounds scrumptious :)

Peggy 29/8/11 11:24

Oh this looks stunning! And I'm sure it was pretty darn tasty too =)

Jasna's kitchen creations 29/8/11 11:48

Ooooh,...I miss European plums; they're so rare in Australia.
Cake looks mouthwatering!

Pegasuslegend 29/8/11 13:06

you make everything in the world hard to photograph look fabulous this is just another example of the beauty and your creativity! perfection!

Megan 29/8/11 13:50

oh dear....Angie - I love it.. I wouldn't have thought to use a sprinform pan... but it makes total sense - how are you? Have a fantastic week!

Reva 29/8/11 13:55

Cake looks fabulous.. I am bowled over at the very sight of it:)

Angie's Recipes 29/8/11 14:48

@Honey Bee Sweets
Many German 'Kuchen' (cake in English) actually are made with shortpastry. Like Käsekuchen, cheesecake, is also prepared with shortpastry.

lisa is cooking 29/8/11 14:54

Love the streusel topping! I can't believe I haven't baked with plums yet this summer. I need to get some before they're gone!

AK 29/8/11 15:50

Beautiful! I am sure it tastes amazing too!

FOODESSA 29/8/11 16:01

These types of plums were grown by my 'Nonno' right here in Montreal. Sadly, once his departure...they barely made it one more year. Happiness, is certainly back with not only the great memories of him...but this fabulous plum cake you've served us today.

Thanks Angie for such great talent in that kitchen of yours ;o)

Ciao for now,

Xiaolu 29/8/11 16:16

I've never eaten plum in a baked good -- looks mighty good!

Three-Cookies 29/8/11 16:34

Looks awesome. I wonder how quickly they disappeared:)

Eva 29/8/11 17:18

Such an appropriate dessert for this time of year; plums are in season in Southern Ontario too. I love that they are so tender and not too sweet.

Jeannie 29/8/11 17:58

This cake reminds me of the stonefruit cake that were a craze last year:D Using shortpastry and the struesel makes this cake different! Yummy!

Sissi 29/8/11 18:12

I love plum cakes! I have always thought damsons are only the wild plums, the ones I see on your pictures are my favourite of all the plums...

Tanvi@SinfullySpicy 29/8/11 19:37

What a fantastic looking cake with fresh fruit..Love the streusel topping!

wok with ray 29/8/11 19:39

This cake looks amazing with those gorgeous toppings. I know cake has to be eaten but I would probably stare at that beautiful slice a little longer before I cut my first bite.

Have a wonderful week, Angie!

~ ray ~

Happy Cook / Finla 29/8/11 20:46

I love cakes like this, looks so so beautifil and super delicious.

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Maris (In Good Taste) 29/8/11 22:31

Plums are so good this time of year! I love that you used a springform for this too to make it easier.

Stevie 29/8/11 23:11

This cake looks beautiful! I didn't realize that you read German. How wonderful. I especailly like anything with a streusel topping. Mmmmmm!

tigerfish 30/8/11 00:33

Thanks for some German insight into this cake :) Interesting.

Michael Toa 30/8/11 00:49

wow! that cake looks amazing! and the streusel topping... Yum!
It's not a good idea reading food blog, especially yours when I'm just about to go to bed. I am hungry now.. :)

kankana 30/8/11 01:14

I love cake with fruits and this would one such fav cake of mine. Looks so yum .. if only i could grab a piece.

Anonymous 30/8/11 01:34

Hi Angie! This is absolutely stunning! I love! What a delicious cake! My hubby would go ga-ga for this!

Anne@frommysweetheart 30/8/11 02:03

Angie...I love using plums in baking! This is such a gorgeous cake! : )

Claudia 30/8/11 02:44

Oh my Angie. I think I need this in my life.

Faith 30/8/11 03:55

What a stunning cake, Angie! The plums are gorgeous and it really is the perfect way to end the summer!

Belinda @zomppa 30/8/11 04:07

Love the lemon peel and plums! And anything with that topping....

Muskaan at A2Z Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine 30/8/11 04:41

Oh my Angie, you are so creative...loved that flower like arranged plum ...I m sure it must be tasting heavenly as well..

Anncoo 30/8/11 05:17

This is so beautiful and looks so tempting. I'm going to make this delicous cake for my family gathering for sure :)

cookingvarieties 30/8/11 05:20

hi angie,your cakes also look so delicious.. and i am sure they are :) gourmet standard..
anyway i got awards for you. do visit and hope you like them.have a nice day

Elizabeth and Jared 30/8/11 08:56

oh golly! look at how perfect that is! look at the crumble! oh well done. This is truly beautiful!

Rachana 30/8/11 10:22

I simply love Zwetschgendatschi. Wish to have a big slice of it :-)

grace 30/8/11 10:57

what a tremendous cake, angie! i love its height and all the goodies piled on top. :)

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour 30/8/11 15:29

Plums are my favorite and this cake looks divine! I love the streusel on top!

Lizzy 30/8/11 15:45

Ah, that lovely streusel and fruit combination that I find irresistible! Looks fabulous, Angie~

Stephen 30/8/11 18:42

Angie, 1st let me thank you for joining my blog. I am behind in updating but I have made it to your site and love what I see. This streusel looks delicious. We used to live in Germany and I still have a sweet tooth for these cakes. I am adding you to my blog list so that I don't miss anything new.

Rosita Vargas 30/8/11 19:09

Beautiful cake just what I love to cook, looks absolutely beautiful and delicious hugs.

Ivy 30/8/11 19:57

OMG Angie, you cake is gorgeous and it's killing me as I haven't had anything sweet for months!!!

DesperateHousewife 30/8/11 20:03

Beautiful, I really feel like eating some now!

Joy 30/8/11 20:48

That looks so so good.

Geni 30/8/11 21:18

Heaven. That's what this streusel cake is. Plums are glorious, streusel is glorious, and together they are so gorgeous and delectable.

Miriam 30/8/11 21:51

Goodness! That cake looks COMPLETELY amazing!!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

S.V. 30/8/11 22:53

The cake looks wonderful.

Tanantha 30/8/11 23:44

I know I've missed a lot of your posts. Sorry! I've been very busy. It's always nice to stop by here and see delicious baked goodies. Hey, guess what, I just made plum cake too! I got a recipe from a cookbook I borrowed from library :D

Magic of Spice 31/8/11 00:15

This is an absolutely beautiful cake! I wish I had a piece now :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 31/8/11 00:49

Just my kind of dessert! This looks so delicious and beautiful, Angie. I need to try baking with plums. I hate to admit I never have!

Kelly 31/8/11 02:38

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the look of the singular slice bursting with fruit.

Tiffany 31/8/11 02:51

I can just imagine those lovely sweet and tart plums with that streusel!

elisabeth@foodandthriftfinds 31/8/11 05:40

Amazingly enough, your plum cake recipe looks quite's just a matter of how they turn out once it comes out of the oven. The spring form pan gives it even more elegance, and the streusel topping is so incredible, and just perfect. I am drooling for this cake, to have a piece now, with a nice cold glass of milk before going to bed!
Darn it Angie, you got me wanting to make this...if only we could get Damson plums here, locally! not till September, which is actually here now!

donna 31/8/11 15:12

OMG!! How gorgeous is this!

Gloria 31/8/11 15:37

OMG!I love this Angie, look georgeous!! gloria

kitchen flavours 31/8/11 16:35

Your cake looks so beautiful and delicious! Wish to have a slice!

Priscilla - She's Cookin' 31/8/11 18:40

Beautiful end of summer cake! Looks so moist and I love the sweet crunch of struesel topping - a springform pan is the way to go!

Sanjeeta kk 31/8/11 18:45

What a delightful bake it is, Angie! Love the streusels and the fruits in it.

Joanne 31/8/11 21:37

I've been meaning to work some magic on some plums before the season is over...and this certainly looks magical!

Juliana 31/8/11 21:41

Angie, what a beautiful the plums on top and the streusel sure adds a nice top to it. Beautiful pictures as always.
Hope you are having a fantastic week :-)

Velva 1/9/11 02:56

It is not possible to eat just one slice of this plum cake......So very beautiful. No doubt just as delicious.


Rebecca from Chow and Chatter 1/9/11 04:20

looks great adore German cakes always have fond memories of attending a wedding there

Betty @ scrambled henfruit 1/9/11 05:12

Damsons are SO good and SO hard to find! This cake would be worth hunting some down. It's gorgeous! :)

Deborah 1/9/11 07:45

What a beautiful cake!!

Maria @ Scandi Foodie 1/9/11 08:40

I am convinced the streusel makes everything tasty! Beautiful cake!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 1/9/11 12:43

What a colorful streusel Angie. I could eat the pictures (smile). It reminds me of my German great grand-mother.


Oh holy heaven -- I want that!

lena 1/9/11 16:43

wow, this looks so striking!! Beautiful pictures as always!!

Erica 1/9/11 21:03

Looks absolutely fantastic,Angie!!!! Love the topping!

Barbara Bakes 2/9/11 00:29

Wow! Love how it's loaded with fruit. It's spectacular!

Barefeet In The Kitchen 2/9/11 22:38

Gorgeous cake, Angie! And that streusel topping sounds perfect.

MissA* 3/9/11 16:20

Just tried this recipe and it's so delicious! Thanks again! ;)

Junia 5/9/11 16:44

wow, this cake is packed with fruit and goodness!

Anonymous 5/9/11 21:33

I always love your pictures and this cake sounds like the perfect end of summer treat :)

Chele 12/9/11 09:05

Yum! What an amazing looking cake, love the contrast of colours too. Perfect seasonal cake.

Susan Lindquist 6/10/11 20:49

That is such a beautiful cake! Perfect for kaffeetrinken!

Sook 7/10/11 10:01

My old roommate used to bake pies using plums and I always thought it was one of the best pies ever! This looks so great!


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