Peach Rucola Salad with Mozzarella

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With all the healthy and fresh summer fruits and veggies available in local supermarkets, it's easy to brighten up a bowl of tedious lettuce salad. I used peach (now in full season), cherry tomatoes, strawberries, rucola (simply the best, well, for me) and finally a little of Mozzarella di Bufala. Sprinkle some croutons over if desired and serve with Champagne dressing or any of your favourite vinaigrette. A perfect light lunch. I had them 3 days in a row. The possibilities for a sensational salad are endless, so be creative!

Recently I have received a set of Girard’s Salad Dressing, which was the prize that I won at the Summer Salad Challenge- Girard's Salad Dressing Giveaway hosted by Catherine at Living The Gourmet. The package contains 3 new Girard's salad dressing flavours: Apple Poppyseed, Creamy Balsamic, Peach Mimosa as well as their signature Champagne Dressing.

  • 2 Ripe peaches
  • 80 g Rucola
  • 150 g Mozzarella, cut into smaller pieces
  • Strawberries, optional
  • Cherry tomatoes, optional
  • Girard’s salad dressings
  1. Wash peaches, rubbing to remove fuzz. Cut in half and remove pits. Thinly slice peaches. Place peach slices in a serving plate. Add rucola and Mozzarella to plate with peaches. Add dressing and toss.


Terrianne, Call me Ree 22/8/10 14:10

What a delicious summer salad! And you're right, the possibilities are endless.

Congratulations on winning those delicious looking dressings. =)

Terrianne, Call me Ree 22/8/10 14:29

(I couldn't find an email address to contact you, so I'll respond here if that's okay?)

Hi Angie,

The homemade feta did work without cultured buttermilk or yogurt. I made my own buttermilk with whole milk and vinegar, so no cultures, and I was truly surprised that it worked. I think this recipe is actually a lot more flexible than people give it credit for.

To answer your question, Yes, I do think it would work out fine without calcium chloride, but in that case I would definitely use a culture source, like cultured buttermilk or plain yogurt.

I would not use these directions: I did use them initially and had to throw an entire batch away, but his recipe doesn't call for calcium chloride. So, I'm sure it would be fine.

Belinda @zomppa 22/8/10 14:45

An easy summer salad. I'm used to melon and mozzarella but not usually peach!

Terrianne, Call me Ree 22/8/10 14:45

Hi Angie,

I'm sure homemade yogurt would work out just fine. Sounds awesome! Did you refrigerate your rennet? I read several places that it lasts up to 5 years refrigerated. Either way, feta is a great use for it. I'm sure you'll love it as much as everyone in my house did. Happy cheese making! =)

☺lani☺ 22/8/10 15:03

I love this one! Refreshing treat! Have a great week ahead Angie!

OysterCulture 22/8/10 15:20

I so love the sound of this peach salad, it sounds simply incredible. I will be making this soon!

alison 22/8/10 15:34

wonderful and delicious combo!

Emily 22/8/10 16:00

This salad looks absolutely fantastic. I love peaches. My mother in law gave me a recipe for a peach and tomato salad. I think you've inspired me to try it soon!

Jo 22/8/10 16:42

Good for you on receiving those salad dressing. The names on the bottles sound so exotic as well and it makes a great looking salad.

Heavenly Housewife 22/8/10 16:43

How I love peaches, especially those delicious and hard to find white peaches. This makes an awesome summer salad.
*kisses* HH
p.s. those dressings sound great!

Cookin' Canuck 22/8/10 16:52

Very pretty summer salad! This would make a lovely light lunch.

Faith 22/8/10 16:56

Girard's salad dressings are incredible! I bet the dressing was the perfect way to accentuate your lovely salad!

Debbie 22/8/10 17:40

what a beautiful and delicious salad!

Dishesdone 22/8/10 17:41

We've enjoyed Girard's! but I love what you put in your salad! Looks so fresh and so delicious!

Cheah 22/8/10 17:54

Your salad is so nutritious and healthy! Colourful too!

Susi 22/8/10 17:58

Amazing flavor combination! Love it :o)

Kamalika 22/8/10 18:28

Congrats ...tempting salad.....

Anonymous 22/8/10 18:31

I love those salad dressing flavors! And fruit on a salad is perfect. Peaches make a great choice for sure.

Cristina 22/8/10 18:48

I could have this salad right now! Lovely with the peaches and buffalo mozzarella. I'm going to check out some of the newer dressings from Girard's - they sound so good!

aipi 22/8/10 19:25

Wow!! Peaches n mozzarella..I really love the idea of putting them together
Congrats on winning so many delish looking salad dressings:)

Anonymous 22/8/10 20:18

A perfect summer salad, beautiful with peaches!

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet } 22/8/10 21:44

What a simple summer salad! Love Girard dressings - will have to check out these new flavors.

Jennifurla 22/8/10 22:34

What a gorgeous salad, I love the champagne dressing too

My Asian Kitchen 22/8/10 22:55

your peach salad look interesting☺!!

Joy 22/8/10 23:01

ohhhhh I like the combo of mozzarella and peaches.

Cook with Madin 23/8/10 00:15

The salad looks gorgeous, and refreshing. I may have these for 3 days in a row also. I have to check out those new flavors of Girard's Salad Dressings.
Congratulations on your winning.

Satya 23/8/10 00:23

salad looks super fantastic n refreshing ...thanks for sharing

Raina 23/8/10 01:01

This salad looks wonderful. I love the sweetness of the peaches with the savory flavors of the arugula and cheese..yum:) That salad dressing sounds great. It comes in such interesting flavors

Nesrine 23/8/10 01:49

Absolutely love it !!!!!!

elra 23/8/10 02:29

Such a pretty and delicious salad Angie. I really like this.

3 hungry tummies 23/8/10 02:49

A beautiful summery salad. Our weather is turning warmer and I can't wait to start eating light meals like this!

Prerna@IndianSimmer 23/8/10 03:08

Oh wow, You have such an awesome space here! I'm so glad I clicked on the link and just ignored my daughter screaming on top of her voice behind me :-)
Can't wait to explore more and learn something from you!
Keep up the good work!

Biren 23/8/10 03:46

That's a lovely salad with peaches. The addition of fruits makes it look so yummy!

The Cilantropist 23/8/10 03:55

I am LOVING peaches right now and this salad sounds just like something I have made for myself recently, although not with the rucola, I should definitely give that a try! :)

Magic of Spice 23/8/10 04:31

Gorgeous salad...I have tried their dressings before and they are great for a go to. However I do love these new flavors that you have mentioned :)

Anonymous 23/8/10 04:48

Can't wait for our peach season to make this salad!!

scrambledhenfruit 23/8/10 05:41

Beautiful salad! I love the addition of peaches. I should be receiving some of these same dressings from another giveaway, and I'll definitely keep this salad in mind! Thanks!


A great salad! I keep hearing about that dressing--will have to try it!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 23/8/10 06:31

Haha I've never heard arugula called rucola and had to look it up! This looks fabulous and I bet I'd love the mild sweetness from the peaches.

[Reply] 23/8/10 06:39

wonderful and colorful salad.Love it.

kitchen flavours 23/8/10 06:56

Congratulations for winning the salad dressing. I'm sure they are fabulous!
Peaches with salad, this is very refreshing!

The Duo Dishes 23/8/10 06:58

So light and fresh! We used the Girard's peach mimosa dressing to make a pasta salad, and it was perfect. Their dressings are pretty tasty.

Anncoo 23/8/10 09:21

Angie, have you consider to open a salad shop? It is very popular here and I want to be your first customer ;))

Elin 23/8/10 09:25

Angie..beautiful salad. Peaches are so expensive over here. About RM4.80 per piece. Can you believe it ? I will want to try this out with other fruits instead :)

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) 23/8/10 09:37

you always prepared very nice and healthy salad, this is good one.

dining table 23/8/10 11:06

I am looking for recipes that I can keep. I want to be a vegetarian that is why I am looking for this kind of healthy recipes. This Peach Rucola Salad with Mozzarella recipe is a good start for me.

Cheap SEO 23/8/10 13:09

I always like to taste various salads.This Peach Rucola salad with Mozzarella seems very tasty.I will make this salad with dinner and it is really new salad for me.It also seems easy.

Angie 23/8/10 13:54

That looks so simple and delicious, I love new salad ideas, thanks!

Joudie's Mood Food 23/8/10 14:14

Angie, i make sooooo many salads for my clients during the summer months, and let me tell you, this one is top of the list. Fresh fruity and crunchy. Looks bursting with sunshine!

petite nyonya 23/8/10 14:31

Although I'm not one who can have salad alone for lunch (unless there are eggs or chicken or tuna inside) but I simply am attracted to the creativity and color of this lovely salad!! Gorgeous!

Sanjeeta kk 23/8/10 14:47

Wow! What colors, looks refreshing.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy 23/8/10 16:00

I'm jealous that you have these dressings! I've been looking for them at the store but I can't find them, I found one kind but not the ones I'm looking for!! This salad sounds wonderful!

sweetlife 23/8/10 16:51

beautiful salad , look super refreshing and perfect for this summer heat!!


Tanvi 23/8/10 17:44

What a fresh colorful salad!
Such yummy looking salads can make you hungry even when one is not in a mood to eat!
I can eat salads with fruits all day!

Krishnaveni 23/8/10 18:21

looks so fresh and yummy

Velva 23/8/10 18:34

As always, very nice. I really enjoy salads and this would be a good one.

Joanne 23/8/10 18:35

These are my favorite kinds of summer salads! Fruit and veggies rolled into one.

The Diva on a Diet 23/8/10 19:13

The local peaches are just terrific right now, so I am loving the recipe for this beautiful, summery salad! Funny, I recently won a Girard's Dressing give-away too - so I will definitely be trying this. Thanks!

Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog. I love your design too, so visually stunning. Very nice to "meet" you and happy cooking!

Juliana 23/8/10 21:45

Beautiful Summer look, love the peaches and mozzarella in it...lovely pictures!

Simply Life 23/8/10 23:13

wow, that salad looks so fresh and delicious!

Priscilla - She's Cookin' 24/8/10 00:15

What a beautiful and refreshing (and healthy) summer salad. Girard's new Peach Mimosa dressing sounds fantastic!

Gulmohar 24/8/10 00:17

Beautiful summer salad...Loved the colors and fruits in it :-)

The Comfort of Cooking 24/8/10 01:53

This looks wonderful! Great job, Angie, and thanks for sharing this!

Reeni 24/8/10 03:24

What a lovely summery salad Angie! I am really loving peaches right now!

Christine@Christine's Recipes 24/8/10 03:40

Love your presentation and combination of this summer salad. Going to supermarkets to get some fresh fruit and veggies now.

theUngourmet 24/8/10 04:18

I had a chance to try these as well. We really enjoyed the Peach Mimosa dressing. Your salad is beautiful with the fresh peaches. Yum!

Jess @ Bakericious 24/8/10 05:17

Angie, I love all your salad, so refreshing and yummy and nice presentation!

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines 24/8/10 06:13

Angie, another beautiful recipe! I have some nectarines on my counter, I think I will sub for the peaches! Have a wonderful evening!

Kumi 24/8/10 06:58

I love this salad, Angie! So pretty AND refreshing compared to regular leafy salad that I'm used to.

denise @ quickies on the dinner table 24/8/10 07:11

Congrats on a well deserved win Angie :) I like all 3 presentations of this very pretty salad! Rocket is also my absolute favourite salad green and I won't have any problem eating this for days on end either!

Sophie 24/8/10 09:02

A delight ful & very flavourful summer's salad!! I also love that dressing!


Hornsfan 24/8/10 12:17

Beautiful summer salad! The colors are stunning and I'm sure it's bursting with flavor!

tasteofbeirut 24/8/10 14:14

Wonderful salad! I wish I had seen this recipe when we were inundated with peaches!

Dajana 24/8/10 15:14

I absolutely agree with you on summer fruit and vegetable salads. They are gorgeous, delishious, and only colors are inviting enough. Those dressings must be delicious, congratulations

Shriya 24/8/10 20:42

Colorful and inviting salad. Look soo yummy and inviting!!!

Foodessa 24/8/10 21:27's funny how once and a while someone brings up an ingredient we would otherwise never have thought of pairing. In my case...I've never added peaches to salad...go figure.
Your plates are always do delightful ;o)

Ciao for now,

Claudia 25/8/10 16:18

I just found lunch. I love how you had this 3 times. Maybe I'll have it three times... today.

cheap SEO 29/7/11 08:41

The salad looks beautiful i will try to make it today lets hope it goes well

SEO Services 1/10/17 20:09

I could have this salad right now! Lovely with the peaches and mozzarella. I'm going to check out some of the newer dressings...


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