Berry Chia Pudding

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If you desire a delicious, satisfying yet healthy, nutritious dessert, this is the one for you. The chia seeds, a nature's complete superfood, provide a nice crunch and a slightly nutty flavour and are the richest known plant-based combination of omega-3, dietary fibre and protein as well. The pudding can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

  • 100 g Fresh strawberries, chopped
  • 100 g Fresh blueberries
  • 100 g Raspberries
  • 60 ml Blood orange juice or water
  • 10 Dried longan flesh or dates
  • 3 tbsp Chia seeds
  • Maple syrup for drizzling, optional
  1. Combine fresh berries, blood orange juice, and dried dragon flesh in the blender. Process until completely smooth.
  2. Transfer the pureed fruit mixture into a bowl, then stir in the chia seeds until well blended. Cover with a plastic film and refrigerate until very thick and pudding-like, at least 4 hours or overnight.
  3. Divide the pudding among 3-4 serving glasses. Drizzle with maple syrup if desired and serve chilled. | © 2013 |


Maureen 24/3/13 07:06

That dessert is the most beautiful color! love it!

Nisa Homey 24/3/13 07:11

This is what I need right now Angie, and the color is OMG!....your pictures are killing me....bookmarked!!

Ann@Anncoo Journal 24/3/13 07:14

Angie, you made the best dessert! I love the colour, looks so refreshing and yummy!!

Jeannie Tay 24/3/13 09:06

Lovely color indeed! I love how healthy your pudding is, if only berries are not so expensive here:P

Esther Lau 24/3/13 09:15

Angie, the colour of the pudding very attractive!!! it sounds healthy and refreshing!!!!

Cinnamon and Thyme 24/3/13 09:28

Oh, Angie this looks georgous :). And very healthy. Yum!

Rosa's Yummy Yums 24/3/13 10:56

A great combination! Healthy and delicious.



What's Baking?? 24/3/13 11:19

Love the deep color of the berries.. this looks really good!

Paula @ Vintage Kitchen 24/3/13 11:30

Delicious Angie to use over yogurt! I´ve been eating chia seeds lately, but never added dates or maply syrup to them. Nice!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen 24/3/13 11:58

What lovely colors and I love the dates and the crunch of the seeds. An outstanding dessert if I've ever seen one.

My Kitchen Stories. 24/3/13 12:02

Thi8s looks like my kind of dessert Angie. The photos are light and bright and it all looks delicious

Ilke 24/3/13 13:04

This looks so summer-y and love the dates addition. Is dragon flesh just another name for dates? I love the idea of no sugar, so simple.

ahu @ 24/3/13 14:19

Just repeating what everybody else is saying, this is the most amazing color! And I love the blood orange addition. I think I may have to finally try chia seeds!

Sebeena Loyd 24/3/13 14:24

angie, this looks very attractive. I'm sure it is delicious too.

Barbara 24/3/13 14:28

What a fabulous color, Angie. That combo of fruits is exactly what I prefer for breakfast with yogurt. So healthy to serve for dessert, especially after a richish dinner.

Helene Peloquin 24/3/13 14:30

I like to add chia seeds to my smoothies. What a nice, delicious dessert!

Claudia 24/3/13 14:56

Now that's spring! Loving the taste and the looks of it. It just gave me a whiff of what's to come (I hope).

dentistvschef 24/3/13 15:19

Nice tricks,pudding without agar or jelly sounds tempting to try.....
great fibers source too....

Koko 24/3/13 16:04

Awesome! I see chia used so much with chocolate, but this pure fruit variety looks so tasty.

Beth 24/3/13 16:56

What a beautiful, colorful dessert. All that fruit makes it absolutely mouth-watering!

Sweet Posy Dreams 24/3/13 17:34

That rich color -- so pretty!

StephenC 24/3/13 19:17

Chia pet seeds? How kinky is that?

Guru Uru 24/3/13 21:03

What a beautifully coloured tasty chia pudding :)

Choc Chip Uru

Kitcheninspirations 24/3/13 22:27

What an incredibly gorgeous colour! What is Dragon Flesh? Sounds intriguing!

Priya Suresh 24/3/13 22:39

very elegant dessert, looks absolutely divine.

Lynda Olsen 24/3/13 23:00

Such a beautiful pudding-I just bought some chia seeds, so now I one of the first things I'll make.

Karen (Back Road Journal) 24/3/13 23:42

What a vibrant colored dessert...I have not tried chia seeds as yet.

OohLookBel 25/3/13 00:11

This pudding looks beautiful and appetising at the same time. I've made something similar with quinoa, and it is such a healthy dessert.

Liz Berg 25/3/13 01:01

Oh, how I love berry desserts and your concoction here sounds spectacular! The color is so vibrant and I love the boost of nutrition from the chia seeds.

Anne Regalado 25/3/13 01:26

Love the vivid color ! I bet the pudding taste divine !

Cathleen 25/3/13 01:35

I love the colors of this pudding! Yum!

Daniela Grimburg 25/3/13 02:03

What a lovely dessert!
The colors are gorgeous and the recipe is healthy and light.
It's my first visit to your blog and I couldn't wish for more :)

Betty 25/3/13 02:05

This is so beautiful! The best thing is, I have everything to make it right in my kitchen. A guilt free dessert! :)

Daniela Grimburg 25/3/13 02:11

What a treat for Easter (and not only for Easter :))
Looks delicious and I'm sure it tastes great too!

Jeanette 25/3/13 02:32

I've made chia pudding but not with fresh fruit - I absolutely love this idea!

mjskit 25/3/13 03:28

This is what I call a guilt-free dessert and I love it! We're moving into the time of year when we can get some really sweet berries like this so I can't wait until I get to make this. Thanks for such a creative treat! Have a great week my friend!

Mich Piece of Cake 25/3/13 05:31

Hi Angie, what a gorgeous pudding. I have never had chia seeds but have heard so much about them. When I buy chia seeds, I shall make this pudding instantly.

Terra 25/3/13 05:37

This is so crazy, my sister and I were just talking about chia pudding. I told her I want to try a berry one, and now I am enjoying your lovely recipe!!! I am excited to enjoy your recipe:-) Hugs, Terra

Susan 25/3/13 05:39

I love the vibrant color and I can almost taste it from here. Beautiful example of a springtime dessert, XOXO

kale 25/3/13 07:26

i'm with everyone who has spoken before me: the color is stunning!!

My Little Space 25/3/13 10:11

Red is simply amazing....truly mouthwatering.
Happy Monday dear.

glutwin 25/3/13 12:49

As others have asked...just what is "Dragon Flesh?"....I so want to replicate this beautiful offering....the color and textures are stunning....Please culinary vocabulary may not be the most "current"...I'm at a loss at defining "Dragon Flesh"....Thanks from France...

Angie Schneider 25/3/13 14:19

@glutwinSorry, a typo, it should be 'longan flesh'.

Angie Schneider 25/3/13 14:20

@IlkeOops, a typo..Ilke, it's longan flesh.

Natalie G 25/3/13 15:06

Lovely pudding and full of berries and healthy chia seeds, it must taste amazing.

Angie Schneider 25/3/13 15:21

@KitcheninspirationsEva, I wanted to write 'longan', but thought about dragon fruit...

kitchen flavours 25/3/13 16:19

Oh my! What a beautiful and delicious looking dessert! I never would have thought to use dried longans!

Caroline - All That I'm Eating 25/3/13 17:15

This is beautiful, lovely idea. Never heard of longans!

GG 25/3/13 17:53

Fabulous looking dessert, great pictures. Definitely one to try. GG

Spicie Foodie 25/3/13 18:01

I've read about the health benefits of chia but haven't used them. Your pudding would be a great introduction. I love the colours and flavours Angie!

Tricia @ saving room for dessert 25/3/13 18:35

I thought I posted a comment last night but don't see it - I thought there was something up. Anyway I love this beautiful dessert. The chia seeds is a great idea - and indeed a wonderful super food. I find the dates fascinating - a must try~!

Finla 25/3/13 20:16

I am in love with those bright pics and the dessert.

Lora 25/3/13 20:21

This looks so refreshing and healthy!

Juliana 25/3/13 20:29

Beautiful color and so refreshing with the berries in this chia pudding...can you believe that I use chia almost everyday in the oatmeal, and yet have to use in pudding.
Have a wonderful week Angie :)

twodogsinthekitchen 25/3/13 22:29

Such a gorgeous, healthy dessert! The color alone is super appetizing. This has to be one of my favorites from you :)

Alida 25/3/13 22:33

I wouldn't be surprised if your photos already appear in magazines. They are just amazing (sorry if I repeat myself but I really think you have talent here). And your cooking is also excellent. Brava Angie!!

Rebecca Subbiah 25/3/13 23:00

this looks so good, excited to make in the summer with fresh local berries

Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies 25/3/13 23:12

Oh, I am so excited about this recipe! I've been having chocolate chia seed pudding a few days a week lately, and now I'll have another flavor to try. :)

Norma Chang 25/3/13 23:21

Glad to see a recipe using dried longan.

EA-The Spicy RD 25/3/13 23:26

Absolutely gorgeous dessert Angie! I have never heard of dried dragon flesh before...Can't wait to make this!

Patty 25/3/13 23:28

Unique dessert! I love the color and your photos ;-)

teresa 25/3/13 23:54

so gorgeous, i love that it's healthy too!

Julia | 26/3/13 03:18

I love the color of all the blended ingredients! So gorgeous!

Rita Bose 26/3/13 03:33

Wow!! What a delicious and colorful pudding!!

The Yum List 26/3/13 03:39

With all of that colour it must be packed with antioxidants!

tigerfish 26/3/13 04:23

OH yes, that is something good abt chia seeds apart from being superfood - it makes a good pudding just by being "soaked" overnight.

Tessa 26/3/13 04:53

Lovely recipe and gorgeous photos Angie!

Gourmet Getaways 26/3/13 05:12

Oh my, what gorgeous photos... they are just so beautiful, the colour in the berry pudding is so rich! YUM!

Abbe@This is How I Cook 26/3/13 05:14

Have yet to try chia seeds but hear great things about them! This sounds healthy and satisfying!

Cheah ~ No-Frills Recipes 26/3/13 10:29

What a nutritious dessert and such vibrant colours. Looking at your clicks will certainly chase my blues away!

Food For Tots 26/3/13 10:30

This dessert is not only high in nutrients but also looks fab! The recipe is so easy to follow, great for one like me who have never tried chia seed before.

Katerina 26/3/13 12:17

I am on a diet! I love it!

[Reply] 26/3/13 13:55

Look delicious and healthy...I cannot tell you enough how wonderful your pictures ae

Karen Harris 26/3/13 13:57

This is so beautiful! Love how healthy and colorful this dish is. Well done.

rita argentieri 26/3/13 15:29

chia seeds? it sounds really interesting (new superfood to me!!). What a great combination of bright red ideal Spring pudding.

lena 26/3/13 17:31

wow, this looks so gorgeous and attractive ! easy way to make a pudding too!

Dara Reppucci 26/3/13 19:22

What a lovely, healthy dessert Angie! Your photos are beautiful.

Cheap Ethnic Eatz 26/3/13 19:42

Great use of chia seeds, I am always looking for inspiration to use them. I love your recipe and the choice of fruits.

Geni 26/3/13 22:22

Gorgeous and so healthy! I have not tried Chia seeds yet, but I must!

Reeni Pisano 27/3/13 00:36

What a wonderful way to use up the berries that are starting to show up in my markets! This is gorgeous Angie!

Gloria Baker 27/3/13 00:58

I love berries Angie and this dessert look delicious and beautiful, always make berries dessert but never mind in put chia seeds, you are really clever LOL
Happy easter!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 27/3/13 03:01

My goodness, that is gorgeous, Angie! I can just taste all of the fruit and flavors in my mouth. What a delightful spring and summer dessert.

Cass @foodmyfriend 27/3/13 03:16

Damn girl, you make healthy look goood!

Dawn Yucuis 27/3/13 03:54

Angie, this looks wonderful. I love the color of this dessert. Also it sounds so healthy and refreshing.

Yi @ Yi Reservation 27/3/13 04:24

I've heard about health factors about chia seeds but have not personally used it. Regardless, all the fruits you put in along make this pudding a must try! Thanks for sharing it

sophiesfoodiefiles 27/3/13 09:15

I have chia seeds in my pantry but rarely use them! I can change that & make this tasty looking fruity dessert! Thanks so much, Angie! It looks berry -licious too!

Yummm! xxx

Raven Cauthon 27/3/13 14:41

What a lovely pudding! Delicious!

Amelia 27/3/13 14:59

Hi Angie, very delectable pudding. Look so refreshing and beautiful. Lovely presentation.

Have a great week ahead.

Asmita 27/3/13 16:01

What a beautiful dessert, Angie! Your photos and presentation is simply outstanding! Love it!

The Squishy Monster 27/3/13 16:48

I love how the chias match the raspberry seeds...beautiful color and consistency too, I bet!

Shan 27/3/13 17:34

looks very delicious and colourful.

Georgia | The Comfort of Cooking 27/3/13 17:40

What a fantastic idea, Angie! Love this for a light, nutritious summer dessert... which I would promptly top with scoopfuls of homemade whipped cream, haha. Thanks for sharing!

Jenn Kendall 27/3/13 17:47

this is really beautiful Angie! i keep meaning to pick up chia seeds - now I definitely know what I will do with them!

Debra Eliotseats 28/3/13 02:47

This looks delicious. I saw it pinned yesterday!

Stephanie @ henry happened 28/3/13 03:58

This looks & sounds amazing! I'll have to give it a try, thanks!

Jenn 28/3/13 13:24

What a beautiful little treat. Love the combination of flavors... and I've never used chia seeds before... must try and find them soon!!

Kiran @ 28/3/13 17:54

Fabulous way of using chia to thicken the pudding! Healthy and delicious :)

Jess 28/3/13 19:42

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog as I was exploring some of the blogs my own blog's readers follow, and I just loved this post. I can't get over how stunning the dish looks. I think my readers would really love this chia pudding recipe, too! I'd like to invite you to participate in my blog's link-up party to celebrate the end of National Nutrition Month - feel free to check it out and share one of the delicious, healthy recipes you've been enjoying this past month!

vrinda 29/3/13 22:56

Lovely n colorful pudding,haven't tried chia seeds yet...

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart 30/3/13 00:30

A very bright and pretty dessert ~ sounds really good! :)

The Café Sucré Farine 30/3/13 01:41

Wow, thanks Angie! I love the wonderful nutritional benefits of chia seeds but don't have too many recipes for their use. This sounds like something my kids will love!

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today 30/3/13 05:46

I always feel like something delicious and healthy :)

Sarah 30/3/13 10:39

That is a gorgeous dessert!

Christi Silbaugh 30/3/13 17:40

This looks like an amazing yummy healthy treat!

Rosita Vargas 31/3/13 19:28

OMG... Luce delicioso y hermoso quiero ir por un vaso adoro la chía me mantiene saludable,abrazos y abrazos.

Kelly Mulcair Registered Nutritionist. Content © 2011 Trinity Nutrition. 1/4/13 02:21

Angie, you are always introducing me to new and exciting ingredients. Today it's Dried longan flesh... I've never heard of longan now I'm very curious and will be on the hunt ;-). This is such a lovely use of chia - a gorgeous sweet fruit pudding.

Amy 1/4/13 02:50

Your berry chia pudding is gorgeous. I love that vibrant deep red color from the berries. :)

Mary 1/4/13 15:32

What a lovely pudding. It's color is magnificent and it can't help but be tasty. I hope your week is off to a great start. Blessings...Mary

Asiya @ Chocolate and Chillies 2/4/13 04:19

I've been thinking about adding Chia seeds to my diet..this looks like a great place to start!

Suja Md 3/4/13 18:06

Omg! the pudding looks too tempting!! choices of your brackdrop colors makind a drama!! love it!

Roz Corieri Paige 5/4/13 01:57

This recipe caught my eyes immediately Angie! Delicious and healthy combined! I love to include chia seeds in smoothies too! You have the most amazing photos!

Ely 5/4/13 17:03

I love this dessert! :D <3 <3 Really! Kisses, and thanks for your comment! :D I haven't understood if you liked my butterflies or not :D ahah! but thanks, a big kiss and a hug! :D

Ann@Anncoo Journal 7/4/13 07:22

This colour looks fabulous! mmm... I love berry :)

Torviewtoronto 7/4/13 19:19

beautiful pictures Angie looks delicious

Pam 8/4/13 17:22

It looks so pretty and delicious.

Emma 10/4/13 11:13

Well this just jumped out at me, it looks simply amazing. Love love LOVE the colour.


Amelia 10/4/13 16:15

Hi Angie, all the berries so delicious and gorgeous color. As usual your presentation very stunning.

Have a nice week ahead.

Catherine 10/4/13 19:41

Dear Angie, Your berry pudding looks very "berry" good!!
I know I would love it.
Thank you dear Angie for your kind visits and your comments during this recovery from Hurricane Sandy. It was very long to be away from you all and I missed this blogging world very much. It means so much to me to be cared about and thought of. It gave me much encouragement.
Blessings dearest. Catherine xoxo

grace 10/4/13 20:11

i wouldn't know the first thing about putting chia seeds in a dessert, but the way you've described this makes it seem just heavenly!

MaryMoh 12/4/13 00:28

That surely looks very healthy and delicious. I need to check out chia seeds. never heard of. Thanks very much for sharing.

Cathleen 12/4/13 22:34

My desserts definitely need to be more healthy. This looks perfect!

Aara Shaikh 14/4/13 18:10

Wow Yummy Clicks Wonderful blog and recipes :)Im your new Follower now i have a similar food blog too :) Do check it when free

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Joyti 16/4/13 05:29

So delicious! And it sounds healthy too - a win-win situation!

Marina 16/4/13 05:43

This looks so vibrant and fresh!

sangeeta 16/4/13 19:49

What a lovely color...healthy and nutritious indeed.

Mr. & Mrs. P 17/4/13 04:22

We have to admit.. We have not bought chia seeds yet. We were in wholefoods on Sunday and almost got them.. We just didnt know what to do with them.. We will pick some up and try this.. Looks delicious!

Carol @ Always Thyme to Cook 17/4/13 15:28

I love the deep color and it looks delicious! I've never had those seeds, I need to look for them.

Sandra Mihic 18/4/13 00:30

This is just gorgeous dessert, and I want this now! Beautiful color, very vibrate. Thanks for sharing this piece of delicious art!

Kathy 20/4/13 17:19

This is such a gorgeous looking dessert! I have never had chia seeds…I’m intrigued!


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