Chocolate Glazed Tart with Pistachios

A crisp yet crumbly chocolate shortbread crust filled with a layer of rich chocolate glaze and finished off with some chopped lightly salted roasted pistachios---an unbeatable combination for an unforgettable sweet treat!

  • 120 g Butter, at room temperature
  • 60 g Golden caster sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 130 g Plain flour
  • 20 g Cocoa powder
  • 120 g Bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 1 tbsp Maple syrup
  • 20 g Butter
  • 100 ml Heavy cream
  • Some lightly salted roasted pistachios, roughly chopped
  • Caramelized walnuts, roughly chopped
  1. Preheat the oven to 160C/320F. Put the butter into a large mixing bowl, and beat with a wooden spoon until soft. Beat in the sugar and salt. Sift over the flour and cocoa powder and mix just until a dough forms.
  2. Divide the shortbread dough into four portions and press each in an even layer onto the bottom of four 12cm/4inch tart pans or one 26cm/10inch. Bake for about 20 minutes, or just until the they are firm to the touch.
  3. Meanwhile, melt the chopped chocolate, maple syrup, butter and heavy cream in a stainless steel bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Mix until smooth.
  4. Remove the shortbread from the oven and pour the warm chocolate glaze over the shortbread crusts and evenly spread the surface. Sprinkle the chopped pistachios or caramelized walnuts. They can be stored in container at room temperature for a few days.


Beth 11/4/11 13:16

That is one gorgeous tart! The photos are terrific, and showcase the texture perfectly.

Honey Bee Sweets 11/4/11 13:17

Oh my! This chocolate pistachio & walnut tartlets look super tempting! Just something I would bake up to use up my pistachios! Thanks Angie!

Angela@RecipesFromMyMom 11/4/11 13:31

So pretty and the dark chocolate is mouth watering. It's so hard to photograph chocolate but you nailed it.

My Little Space 11/4/11 13:36

Good heaven, the tart looks marvelous! Again I love your tart mould. So cute! Hope everything is fine with you.
Best regards,

Blog is the New Black 11/4/11 13:48

Sounds delicious and the pistachios make it sound even better and add some nice pops of color!

shaz 11/4/11 14:38

Wow. That really looks so sinfully good.

Ana Rita M 11/4/11 14:56


You kill me with your tarts, cakes, cookies,...
These tarts are ones to die for...


Tina 11/4/11 15:07

wow...fabulous dear...

Puja 11/4/11 15:12

That looks gorgeously fudgy- chocolaty n sinful!! YUM..

US Masala

Unknown 11/4/11 15:15

Chocolate with pistas yummy combination and beautiful clicks

Rosa's Yummy Yums 11/4/11 15:15

Your tartlets are magnificent and look so divine! *drool*



Priya Suresh 11/4/11 15:16

Omg,very addictive tart,i dont bother to have some..

Jocie's Mom 11/4/11 15:18

Very naughty tart! I love it ;)

Unknown 11/4/11 15:26

It's probably a good thing I don't know where you live... I think I would invite myself over daily just to see what you were making!!! The tart looks incredible!

Jessica | Cajunlicious 11/4/11 15:26

This is a little piece of Heaven! YUM
- Jessica

Belinda @zomppa 11/4/11 15:32

Gee, could this be any better? The colors are awesome, and the shortbread is a delight!

Awayofmind Bakery Hoiuse 11/4/11 15:34

Can imaging how delicious the combination is, the soft, sweet chocolate and the crunchy pistachios!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine 11/4/11 15:35

I am mesmerized... what a gorgeous combo and treat! wowowow~

Anonymous 11/4/11 15:46

Gorgeous, loving the contrast between the smooth silky chocolate and the bright green crunchy pistachios, nice!

lena 11/4/11 16:05

chocolate.. and chocolate! who can resist these?

chow and chatter 11/4/11 16:23

wow what a beautiful tart first class

Elisabeth 11/4/11 16:23

Your adorable little tarts are a pure perfection of goodness and beautiful treats. So mouthwatering are these amazing little tarts...just want to scoop all of them up for myself. The chocolate little tart looks so fudgy and I just love the crust, and the pistachio topping. Brilliant!!!

Unknown 11/4/11 16:48

OMG am drooling here. I am in total love with it... Looks rich and yum...

Heather S-G 11/4/11 17:02

This is so gorgeous, Angie! From the pistachios right on down to the chocolate shortbread crust...mouthwatering. The walnuts sound really good, too...but I think I'd choose the pistachios first...maybe it's just their beautiful color. Yum :)

Unknown 11/4/11 17:10

tarts are my faovrite thing ever, I love this combination and am definitely wanting to eat it.

Min {Honest Vanilla} 11/4/11 17:12

Gorgeous! Is it pistachio season? I've been seeing so much of this nut around blogs in Europe :) Nonetheless, yours look decadent! Mmmm love that bite mark you left on the tart :P

Bo 11/4/11 17:13

Angie...My mouth is watering! Just noticed you had a facebook now I'm officially a fan, but I've always been one.

Terrianne, Call me Ree 11/4/11 17:17

MAKING THESE! MAKING THESE! MAKING THESE! OH. EM. GEE. I'm making these. I wish I could reach through my computer screen and grab one (or three). That's cruel to do to a pregnant woman--Posting such gorgeous pictures of a fantastic treat! LOL. =)

ann low 11/4/11 17:45

The chocolate tart looks so perfect! I'm drooling...

RavieNomNoms 11/4/11 17:50

I am droooooling! That looks amazing Angie! Really...I love the way the green nuts contract to the chocolate. Fantastic!

Roxan 11/4/11 18:00

Angie! This tart looks amazing. I especially love that chocolatey crust that you made, it looks scrumptious. What does that rock say?

Katie@Cozydelicious 11/4/11 18:03

This tart looks like heaven! Chocolat eon chocolate plus nuts - amazing! And I bet that crust works will with a number of fillings. I love chocolate and orange and I'm thinking it could be good with a sort of orange curd filling too. Yum!

Chef E 11/4/11 18:21

What a wonderful combination, and they are gorgeous! Recently on a moment of cheating I had something similar, but not as mouth watering as your treats here!

art is in the kitchen 11/4/11 18:25

Angie, you've made the ultimate chocolate tart I must say! It looks absolutely delicious and irresistible! I am now convinced that you make the best desserts of all! This tart I have to make to impress everybody at home who are such chocoholics! Cheers!!!

MaryMoh 11/4/11 18:49

Wow...these look heavenly! I don't have heavy cream now otherwise I would dash to the kitchen to make immediately and off to chocolate heaven I go :D Thanks very much for sharing. Love it!

Unknown 11/4/11 18:55

First pic is a killer! half bitten and mouthwatering tart :)

Lora 11/4/11 19:07

Absolutely GORgeous tart. Wow.

Sue 11/4/11 20:00

Oh my gosh, you've got mad baking and photography skills! This tart is gorgeous, Angie! All that chocolate deliciousness~YUM! So beautiful! Bookmarked!

Angie's Recipes 11/4/11 20:01

@RoxanSomething like "The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach". :-))


Oh Angie, you are such a temptress! How am I supposed to be good with this staring at me?!?

briarrose 11/4/11 21:26

Lovely. The pistachio topped one....I must taste it. So appealing.

Stephanie 11/4/11 22:48

This sounds amazing and I love the way the green nuts look against the dark brown chocolate. Stunning!

Unknown 11/4/11 23:12

Your tarts look like chocolate candy with pistachios, my husband would go crazy for this combination:-) I love your photos;-)

tigerfish 11/4/11 23:24

The tart looks dense and with chunky pistachios, my jaws are in for good (delicious) exercise :p

SavoringTime in the Kitchen 12/4/11 00:12

What beautiful tartlets! I love the color of the green pistachios against the rich, dark chocolate. I'd love to try these!

Unknown 12/4/11 00:21

OH YUM! This looks so good. I adore chocolate with pistachios. My friend has been begging to me to make chocolate tart and maybe one of these days I'll make the tart for him.

Claudia 12/4/11 02:44

Shortbread, silken-chocolate and pistachios - it' a wonder, Angie and the photos sing of its goodness.

Susi's Kochen und Backen 12/4/11 03:12

Chocolate and pistachios go so well together and your tart looks decadent. Your pictures are as always simply stunning and make it hard to resist such wonderful treats :o)

Victor 12/4/11 03:43

I love these chocolate tarts, especially the gooey taste of chocolate. What a wonderful treat!

Stephanie 12/4/11 03:47

This is certainly a must try!!

[Reply] 12/4/11 06:31

Angie, you sure know how to make us all drool... you are one amazing baker. True talent!

Lisa H. 12/4/11 06:39

Beautiful tarts with beautiful colours... and wonderful temptation
First Pic is my favourite... I would have eaten them all, while clicking away ;)

Anonymous 12/4/11 07:15

Pistachios are my hubby's favourite so this is sure to be a hit.
:-) Mandy

j3ss kitch3n 12/4/11 07:33

beautiful tarts! so chocolaty yum!

TasteHongKong 12/4/11 07:42

Even though I'm not a big fan of chocolate tart, my teeth are ready to act : ).

Ivy 12/4/11 08:46

Chocolate heaven and love pistachios!

Only Fish Recipes 12/4/11 08:53

choco tart looks just perfect...I'm drooling over these pics dear !

Raks 12/4/11 09:07

looks so so sinful and delicious,perfect for chocolate lovers and the pistachio topping adds a beauty!

lubnakarim06 12/4/11 09:49

Love the new look to the this has all things of my fav....very yum....

Sprigs of Rosemary 12/4/11 10:52

I'm a nut for pistachios and, wow, have you made something that would tempt me without the chocolate doubly irresistible! Gotta try this. Need me some tartlet pans.

Cheah 12/4/11 11:00

Gosh, I'm salivating right now! Each time your pictures tell all!

Unknown 12/4/11 12:45

wow loving the texture and the colour!

A Spoonful of YUMM ! 12/4/11 13:04

that looks very tempting angie !! awesome pics....thanks fr stopping by my blog !

Christine Ho 12/4/11 13:58

The pistachios add more flavours to the choc tart, perfect match. :)

Joanne 12/4/11 13:58

Oh wow this looks amazing! Like fudge on top of a shortbread it could anything but heavenly!

Jo 12/4/11 14:42

Gorgeous and oh so sinful!

kitchen flavours 12/4/11 16:46

A perfect chocolate dessert!

Maria 12/4/11 17:11

This is a dessert I would swoon for! I adore chocolate tarts and this one looks divine!

Sanjeeta kk 12/4/11 17:50

I posted a pie recipe today, and am thinking of baking these gorgeous goodies soon, Angie.

Sarah Naveen 12/4/11 18:04

Awesome clicks..amazing recipe..a total wow!!!

ann@Apples and Twinkies 12/4/11 20:59

These tartlets look fantastic- and gorgeous! I love chocolate and love pistachios. Wonderful!

Savoring Italy 12/4/11 22:50

Be still my heart! Gorgeous tart! I can't decide which way I like better? Maybe with the caramelized walnuts...I think I need a slice to better decide;)

A little bit of everything 12/4/11 23:06

Chocolate and pistachios, oh my goodness, this sounds heavenly. the photos show it's deliciousness and smoothness.
Thanks for sharing Angie

Nithu 12/4/11 23:29

Wow! Looks absolutely delicious.

lisaiscooking 13/4/11 00:56

This looks like excellent chocolate decadence! Love the pistachios on top.

scrambledhenfruit 13/4/11 01:19

This looks divine! You've got me wanting this lovely tart now. :)

Joy 13/4/11 02:35

The tarts looks wonderful.

Lisa @ Tarte du Jour 13/4/11 03:16

Oh come on, the teeth marks aren't fair... I wish they were mine! Delectable looking tart indeed!

maameemoomoo - a ½ food blog 13/4/11 09:47

Absolutely decadent!

What do u know.. i have lotsa pistachio leftover from Chinese New Year! hehee!

purabi naha 13/4/11 10:57

hi, I am new to food blogging. I really found the photographs very interesting and colourful! Keep up the good work!

Nammi 13/4/11 12:24

yumm, looks delicious and all that chocolate

FOODESSA 13/4/11 13:54

Now, this is certainly my chocolate heavenly dessert. Wouldn't I have loved to be an imposing neighbour just as you were finishing up your photo shoot Angie ;o)

Flavourful wishes,

Mary Bergfeld 13/4/11 14:40

This looks heavenly. You can't go wrong with this combination. Your tart looks and sounds delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Cherine 13/4/11 15:45

The tart is divine!! I'm drooling!

sweetlife 13/4/11 16:50

oh chocolate heaven, love the flavor combo and the pics are amazing!!

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake 13/4/11 16:53

Gorgeous and decadent! Love this one!!!

Stevie 13/4/11 17:46

This chocolate pistachio tart looks so good. I was recently on another food blog that I like to follow (like yours) and she had a recipe for dark chocolate pistachio butter cups. Both look incredible and I wonder how it would be serving them together at a party?

Unknown 13/4/11 19:18

Oh my! This looks absolutely wonderful! My family is Greek and we eat pistachios a lot, but usually with syrups not chocolate. What were we thinking? This sounds delicious!

Gina Stanley 13/4/11 19:26

Your mean, he he. I love salted pistachios and I know you know my weakness for chocolate. How am I going to get this image out of my mind. Happy Wednesday.

ann@Apples and Twinkies 14/4/11 02:45

What a stunning piece of pastry. truly beautiful!

Sense of Home Kitchen 14/4/11 05:27

Oh, that looks rich and impossible to resist.


Lyndsey ~The Tiny Skillet~ 14/4/11 12:24

Nothing like a chocolate tart! Mmmm mmmm good (sorry I couldn't resist stealing the jingle) :d The different textures sound amazing here, I would love the crispy, and crunchy, and smooth and creamy.

Anonymous 14/4/11 22:56

Wow! This looks incredible, I was just thinking of what to do with pistachios yesterday, I'm trying this recipe, thanks so much for sharing =]

Magic of Spice 14/4/11 23:12

Angie, this is chocolate heaven!

Biren @ Roti n Rice 15/4/11 03:27

I wish I can have this for my dessert right now. It looks so good! Lovely sweet and salty combination!

Joanna 15/4/11 06:21

Hi there! This recipe sounds delish and I was hoping that you might add it to my Easter and Spring Linking Party to share with my readers. If you are interested, you can go here to enter. Thanks!

Unknown 15/4/11 10:23

Wow, that pistachio tart is just soooooooo beautiful, you know how I love pistachios daaahling!
*kisses* HH

Sweet And Crumby 15/4/11 16:31

Those look crazy delicious! I love chocolate and pistachio together.

Maria 16/4/11 11:06

Oh Angie these look so incredibly scrumptious!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets 17/4/11 19:22

I love both the look and flavor of the green pistachios against chocolate. This looks like a decadent and delicious treat.

29999 18/4/11 18:01

Un délice ! Je mets dans mes recettes à tester ! Bisous et bonne fin d'après-midi !

Bridgett ~ La Bella Cook 19/4/11 00:21

Pistachios are such a rich nut that I always love them with a lovely chocolate confection. What a lovely recipe!

29999 20/4/11 11:56

Extra comme recette ! Bisous et bonne journée !

Angela 22/4/11 04:39

That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! The list of ingredients is rich and enticing. This is definitely on my list to try.

tinytearoom 26/4/11 08:51

this looks divine! the filling looks so luscious and inviting. I love the bite you took out of it!

megi 26/4/11 22:05

What a decadent and gorgeous looking dessert! The photos are amazing too.

Hannah 30/4/11 16:26

Pistachios are my favorite nut, and what's not to love about anything chocolate? Sounds like a winner to me!

Anna C 1/5/11 21:27

Oh my gosh! Could you ask for more delicious ingredients? The pie looks so divine!

Alicia Foodycat 17/5/11 17:11

I think I need some individual tart tins - this looks so amazing!

Janet Rudolph 17/6/11 16:11

Love your chocolate shortbread crust, and the pistachios on top are brilliant! Definitely will try this. thanks.

apaler1 17/6/11 17:39

This tart looks amazing. There is nothing like a smooth rich ganache tart and I love how you added cocoa powder to the crust. Delicious!

Brian Samuels Photography 17/6/11 17:52

Some of my favorite things in one fabulous, decadent dessert! Beautiful!

Michelle Benoit (Chocolate Central) 25/6/11 05:37

These chocolate tarts look so decadent. I just read through your recipe. The tarts are so easy to make. I love that!

GastroStu 17/8/11 15:47

Looks devilishly delicious! You've just made me seriously hungry. *sneaks into kitchen in search of chocolate*

Arty Amy 30/8/11 12:10

This looks so amazing! I was looking for chocolate recipes for small tartlets, so I'm wondering whether to create this large one or try to separate it into 12 small tartlets. I'm terrible at cooking times, but I'm guessing 12 small ones would only take about 10 - 12 minutes..
Thank you for posting this :)


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