Cabbage Relish / 酸椰菜

厦门吃的泡菜大都是这样的,简单,开胃,小摊子上卖土笋冻,八爪鱼都有类似的泡菜,更多的是黄瓜和白萝卜。不爱吃辣可以省去辣椒一类。 1 head / 700 g Cabbage 200 g Cucumber 50 g Carrot 4 tbsp Sea salt 3-4 stalk Pickled chilli chunks 1 stalk Fresh chilli chunks 15 g Ginger, shredded 6-8 tbsp White rice vinegar 2 tbsp White sugar 4 tbsp Honey 1颗/700克 花椰菜/高丽菜 200克 黄瓜 50克 胡萝卜 4大勺 粗盐 3-4支 泡椒段 1支 辣椒片 15克 姜丝 6-8大勺 白米醋 2大勺 白糖 4大勺 蜂蜜 1. Remove outer leaves from cabbage and cut out core. Rinse and tear them into chunks. Prepare carrot and cucumber into thick slices. Place the vegetables in a large ceramic bowl. Sprinkle in salt and combine thoroughly. Weigh it down with rock or heavy cans and let stand overnight. The idea is to put pressure on the vegetables to get the liquid out. 高丽菜剥去外叶,切去中心不用,洗净后掰成块状。胡萝卜和黄瓜也处理成粗片状。将材料放入大瓷碗,加盐拌匀,盖上重物压一整夜,待软化脱水。 2. Rinse the vegetables in potable. Drain thoroughly. Place in the bowl and add in pickled chilli, fresh chilli and ginger shreds. Season it with white rice vinegar, sugar and honey. Toss to combine. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in fridge for 2-3 days. 用凉白开洗去脱水后蔬菜盐分,挤去多余水份放入大碗里,加入泡椒段,辣椒片和姜丝,加入米醋,糖和蜂蜜调拌均匀后用保鲜膜包好冷藏2-3天即可食用。


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